Ginning up Canadian NPCs

The NY Times is now promoting a narrative whereby Canadians should assign President Trump some blame for . . . wait for it . . . Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner:

If it is determined that it was an Iranian missile, Mr. Trudeau will have to grapple with the question of whether the United States, Canada’s most important ally, played a role in provoking the events that ultimately resulted in the loss of Canadians’ lives.

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      1. Exactly. I was involved with a crash investigation many years ago. Everything had to be left undisturbed until a survey of the site was made and all sorts of pictures were taken. The location and orientation of each piece was important in determining what happened at impact as well as possibly before.

  1. I don’t see where anyone should be surprised at this effort to demonize Trump once more. Am I the only Canadian that saw the pictures of young Omar assembling IED’s and was incensed at the way that the Canadian media then portrayed Omar as an innocent to the point that he received the compensation package from the Canadian government. When the media were successful in that endeavour you can bet that all the rules are thrown out to assist the media and the Democrats in America to get rid of Trump. Trudeau’s little speech last night did nothing but throw more gas on the impeachment fire. We have become a nation of wimps and sheep who are being led around by the nose, God help us!

    1. I watched the group of uglies on Tass/cbc last evening.. The french “chick”? who looks like she sleeps in a dumpster, the Coyne dude and the obligatory dark chick.. Trump/Trump?Trump.. Sure gets tiresome/embarrassing to live in this country with state controlled media.

    2. You’re not the only one. What I find most sickening in recent history is how CBC is promoting this idea tat somehow Canada should turn this tragedy into a chance to reestablish diplomatic relations with Iran. WTF?????

  2. There is a guy in Vancouver that talks on in the evening into the night.
    While I make it a point not to listen to the self admiring bloviator, he comes up every morning on CHQR radio to spred around his brain fart. And while I set my wake up time to miss it, at times it comes minute later so I have to suffer listening to it.
    Anyway, this morning the wake up on came just before he was finished. The last part of his comment was, not exact words though exact meaning was, Trump was the cause of Iran shooting down Ukrainian plane.

  3. Tokyo Rose CNN was using footage of journalists from Blackie the Pirate’s CBC, questioning stupid on whether its Trump’s fault.

    1. Blackie thinks he is the Pirate in chief, but he is just the cabin boy. Captain Crispia is in charge, along with first mate Mr. Butts.

  4. We are extremely fortunate that we have a (now bearded, P.M.) who is going to get to the bottom of this incident.
    He has already demanded that Iran come forth with info regarding this matter. It’s so comforting to know that we have such a strong individual at the helm of our country. (POOR CANADA).

    1. Im delighted the TURDoo 2.0 sprouted the facial hair.
      hopefully sumbuddy can get close enough to set IT on fire.

  5. Nah. “Real” Canadians know that Harper was responsible. Prinz Dummkopf will remind us of that the next time he’s in the House…. and Freeland happens to be suffering from laryngitis.

    1. I thought it was Ford’s fault?
      Maybe Harper was driving a Ford?
      Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln, a Ford product, Lincoln was killed in Ford’s Theatre!!!
      See, it is Ford’s fault!
      Left wing journalism is easier than it looks………….

  6. It’s sometimes easy to lapse into a semiconscious state and mistake normal looking talking heads in the mainstream media for relatively rational, critical thinking and objective pundits. One should never do so as they will soon remind you that no, they are the lock-step arm of the institutional left simply masquerading as media. They are slavishly and shamelessly devoted to their political parties and narratives whether by choice or dictate. They have been highly successful in Canada as they have managed to keep the mindless mushy middle of the electorate in that state in order to supply votes to their leftist brethren but also to pull “conservatives” in a direction that continuously moves the centre to the left.

    The other day a talking head on BNN introduced the story of the Ukranian airline crash saying it was engine failure and then went to a Bloomberg talking head in New York who clarified that no, it looked like it was shot down. One would think that Bloomberg would be as in the tank as BNN but, no, Canada is thoroughly and uniquely blessed with the Spawn’s people. Now their news board repeats the Spawn saying that it appeared to be shot down as if the Spawn had discovered it.

    1. And when you let one rip the methane contributes to glowball warming and kills Australians.
      You’re in a lot of trouble, mister.

  7. I doubt it was an accident. I think the Iranians did this intentionally.

    The jet took off from a known civil airport, it’s not like it was headed towards the city.
    Everyone would know that it’s a jet full of people.

    1. I believe there are electronic warfare tactics whereby an air defense radar can be tricked by a synthetic echo from a standing off drone/aircraft into “seeing” a nonexistant incoming threat. The tactic could be used to make the defenders waste missiles, demoralize the confidence of the air defenders in their equipment, and generally create confusion and delayed response for a real attack. Very hard to prove if the Americans were engaging in such tactics, but it would be extremely reckless if they were doing so in the vicinity of civilian air traffic.

    2. marc, they have two separate videos of the missiles hitting the plane
      ..and US military says they shot two missiles at it

    3. I too think they did it on purpose. They didn’t dare kill Americans after Trump’s threat so they settled on the next best thing, Canadians.

  8. Iran takes a Russian SAM, points it at a Ukranian aircraft leaving Tehran, blows it out of the sky and this is Trump’s fault!?!?
    I can see the CBC story: An unprovoked joint Canadian/Ukranian attack on an Iranian Russian-made missile over Iranian airspace resulted in complete destruction of the missile. There are no reports of injuries to people on the ground in Tehran from the resulting debris. Iranian authorities moved bulldozers to the site to quickly repair the resulting environmental damage.

  9. Iran was determined to demonstrate their resolve, but they didn’t want to kill Americans because they are terrified of Trump. So, which western nations are available to victimize..?

  10. Liberal journalists need to be asked how many dead Americans are enough for them to justify an equally violent response?

    600 dead Americans is not enough for liberals, so how many dead do liberals want?

    Liberal journalists are now talking tough and urging our idiot prime minister to take action because 63 Iranians with Canadian passports were killed, so some deaths mean something to liberals apparently, but like sociopaths, they seem to have no empathy for their neighbours.

    1. “Liberal journalists need to be asked how many dead Americans are enough for them to justify an equally violent response?
      600 dead Americans is not enough for liberals, so how many dead do liberals want?”

      EXACTLY. Idiot Lib journalists (oops, redundant!) and the lemmings who read their trash and take it as gospel need to take a very hard look at their moral compass.

  11. All followers of islam are liars, from Iran to Saudia Arabia, freaking liars. if you have an Islamic neighbour, he/she is a liar. We are fools in the west, total and complete fools.

  12. Go ahead PM SocksinPussy … blame President Trump. I will await your explanation of how Iran fires TWO rockets at a commercial airliner which had JUST taken off. That’s some shitty Russian radar system they’re running … or some Shia Terrorist rocketeer was jerking off and bumped the switch.

    I suspect PM SocksinPussy will understand the latter explanation by way of personal experience.

  13. A quick review: Trump has been in power for a short 3 years.
    He sees Iran fighting proxy wars because Obummer & Kerry & Euro scarrity-cats empowered and emboldened the Islamists. Losing Iraq to Iran may eventually happen, but it would be hard to take after all the fighting & killing (and it would take a lot more fighting to accomplish) so Trump is told that if you kill the head of the snake it may make the Islamists ease off on their murder & mayhem adventures especially with regards to American people and property.
    Lets not forget that there is some big time factions fighting for power within the Iranian hierarchy and if you need somebody really bad murdered you call a Reaper. And if it changes power dynamics and makes the world safer, you have got to try.
    Boom. Boom.
    After shitting themselves profusely and to save face, the Islamists fire off a bunch of missiles (while repeatedly calling the Americans and telling them that they were intentionally missing) and then Achmed & Rezi at Inshallah SAM Site #2 are told to get ready…after the Islamists delay the targeted plane over an hour so they can read the manifest just to make sure…

    Anyone who blames Trump should seek help.
    I’m just surprised the Islamists didn’t try to blame Trump for the airliner downing.

  14. I think that the Iranians deliberately shot down the plane knowing there were NO Americans on board-mostly Canadian. In this way they wouldn’t further aggravate the Americans and suffer more attacks but in the hope that Canadians and Americans (and other countries) would blame it on Trump.

  15. I’m with DrD…
    Really? If the dog hadna’ stopped for a shit in the middle of the road, it wouldna’ got runned over…
    You wanna start fake news? The alleged rocket attack on the Ukrainian flight happened well after the Iranian missile launch on US Armed Forces targets…what, reportedly 2 hours after? This launch near the (civilian) international airport… with Russian missiles? Gee. Blame Russia! Maybe they ordered the hit on the Ukrainians….

    Frack the NY Times and their leftist propaganda sowing the seeds of…. bullshit.

  16. Two points. (1) Iran should identify the incompetents who launched the missiles and publicly hang them and/or
    (2) Iran should be completely shut off from the rest of the world. No travel in and out of Iran period. No family reunions. No immigrants from Iran. No trade with Iran. Perhaps then the Iranians will revolt and depose the mullahs.

  17. Really?
    And I thought those Russian made missile hit that plane because Putin was upset that Canada won the world junior hockey tournament or something something.

  18. You see, Iran was all sweetness and light before Trump became President. No barracks bombing or otherwise promoting terror.
    Then Iran attacked Iraq and in the process shot down a civilian airliner. How is that Trump’s “fault?”
    Easy, everything is Trump’s fault where good news must be turned into bad in order to stain Trump. If he bleeds, it leads.
    If they have to cut him first to accomplish this. If Americans get killed by lunatics it’s AOK as long as DeMarxists are in power.
    In doing so they’re showing the American people they’re incapable of leadership, everything benefits them to hell with the US.
    This is not lost on voters as they look after themselves first, like AOC refusing to share her political contributions with DNC.
    Rookie radical squad gone soon, a bad memory, with fellow statists refusing to perform their democratic and legislative function.
    The DeMarxists attempts to be a mendactic, megalomaniacal, malevolent, maladroit Machiavellians has failed miserably.
    The Prince would laugh at their ineptitude.

  19. So Boeing is going to be on the hook for billions over the 737 MAX disasters. How many pallets of Obama’s cash can we expect Iran to cough up for this little indiscretion?

  20. You think this is stupid, on the day after the crash I happened to tune into the CBC (by mistake) and heard a call in show featuring a retired CSIS analyst and some woman phoned in and asked if he thought the Ukraine faked the missile shoot down to help Trump. Who screened that call? Anyway the CSIS guy treated her as if she was sane and said well I doubt it since Trump is closer to Poutine (his pronounciation). Other callers were basically parroting the idea that this is Trump’s fault and others were saying that we shouldn’t trust US investigators and should trust what the Iranians say.

    1. Well that is how more and more Canadians think and feel. When you import masses of turd world, low IQ enrichers, they do not bring with them a capacity for critical and logical thought. They bring with them their primitive superstitions and never ending lists of demands.

  21. Basically this is all -“Trump TRIGGERED Me!”- thinking writ large by snowflake western Progs and their Media TRIGGER Amplifiers.
    This is where the Prog battle against individual personal responsibility for individual acts has led to.

    Oh NOES, it wasn’t the shooters fault, it was the GUN! should become Oh NOES it wasn’t Iran’s fault, it was the MISSILE!
    Really, that SHOULD be the mantra if the Progs want to be consistent with their gun control issue.
    MISSILE Control NOW!/

    consistency and integrity ain’t Prog strong suits.

  22. Iran fires on US bases as a retaliation, so you would assume that they would expect a all out incoming and would ground all flights. So why were flights not grounded and passengers off planes?
    I think that there plan was for trump to bite and retaliate, if he does then iran allies are brought into the fray. But he didn’t so plan b let the flights go shoot one down and use the excuse they are, thought they were us planes.
    Iran knows they cannot get into a lone wolf war with the u.s they need to somehow draw Russia, China into it. Just look who iran was having naval war games with.

  23. Trump made a mistake, a huge one.

    He should have leveled entire map squares of Iran after those subhumans dared to fire their missiles. At the minimum he should have ordered massive strikes on any military targets close to the launchers and any identified government building in Teheran. As the maximum parts of Iran should be glassed. They only understand force so force needs to be applied, the more excessive the better. No letting them save face, make them east feces on live TV begging their betters to ease off with the napalm and cluster bombs.