All the spin that fits their hate!

Leftists across America are on the rampage to stop Trump at ANY cost!

Our American friend, Marc, offers some commentary on two recent videos: Nancy Pelosi and Kyle Kulinski.

If you’ve been around SDA long enough then you know that one of the reasons Kate created this website was to provide a place for ordinary folks to talk back against the lies. Expect many opportunities in 2020 to do so!

4 Replies to “All the spin that fits their hate!”

  1. Hate and rage are all they have. If they let go of that, they cease to exist.

    Think Smeagol with the precious. They would rather posses it while they fall into the lava, than live without it.

  2. Heh.

    I was reading the latest issue of “Hustler” yesterday …yeah, there are actually articles in it. Took me years to figure that out.

    Anyway, if you didn’t know, Larry Flynt (publisher) acts as the de facto official unofficial intelligence gathering source for the Democrats (the FBI, NSA and CIA being the UNofficial OFFICIAL source), as well as the less gross propaganda arm (compared to MSNBC, etc.).

    Apparently, some “comedian” named Stephanie Miller and other unfunny walking and talking sacks of neuroses are “leading the resistance” to Trump.

    You have to see the check-marks to believe them:

    1) dyke (a given)
    2) daddy issues natch (dad was a Reagan Republican)
    3) unlearned although highly educated
    4) seriously unoriginal

    They are hilarious, but probably not how they think they are…

  3. There is no such thing as an honest socialist, communist, muslim, democrat, liberal, NDP, green party, just about anyone who wants to take your freedom is a freaking liar, all of them.

  4. Marc’s level of gratuitous insults detract from the rational analysis, double or more the length of the commentary, diluting the value.
    It becomes like having to listen to commercial radio where ads comprise half the program. 1/3 was all I could listen to.

    The Speaker of the House is so inarticulate, so past her best before date. It’s easy to see why anti-American, anti-West. Civilization zealots like A.O.C., Talib and ill-han Omar are able to successfully infiltrate the Democrats and pose themselves as Pelosi’s heir apparent.