Jean qui?

Jean Charest looks set to run for leader of the federal Conservatives:

Former Quebec premier Jean Charest is keeping his powder dry but those who have spoken to him are under no illusions – he is in as a contender for the federal Conservative leadership, with his official announcement expected later this month.

Former political adversaries are already using their bully pulpits to take a pop at him. Former Parti Québécois cabinet minister Joseph Facal wrote a barbed attack Tuesday in Le Journal de Montréal that suggested Charest is addicted to the political jousting, the exercise of power, the limelight and the adrenaline but has little to offer beyond personal ambition.

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    1. Surely the CPC brain trust cannot be THAT f***ing stupid! Charest!?

      The media lately has been lauding McKay,Ambrose and now Charest, as they know none of them have a hope in hell against Butts.

      Many commenters here have called the Conservatives ,”the Party of stupid” and given their leadership choices it’s almost impossible to argue the point. Some have even called for Harper to return,so the CPC could go to third place in the House. Ffs. It looks like we are going to be enjoying the rule of Gerald for many years to come.

      1. As a die hard liberal Don you continually put your stupidity on display. Tell me are you proud of the idiot you helped become P.M, if so you are even dumber than you appear.

    2. Look CC … the Stupid Party got it’s name for being … stupid.

      Charest, if he wins will deliver what’s left of Canada to Quebec and mostly to China which is who he works for at this time.

      Why oh why don’t these assholes know when their 15 minutes is up and go home and retire.

      Canada is gonzo. There is little hope because the immigrant tilt in Ontario along with the big leftist community which is even stupider than the Stupid Party. Liberals have the lock and only a brilliant guy like Harper would have any hope of getting into power … not that he would bother, but then … who else is there beside that burned-out Frog.

    3. The CPC called me Monday looking for a donation. I told him I was driving. He didn’t take the hint…
      CPC: Well thank God for hands-free.. sales pitch (Liberals historically only last 12 – 18 months with a minority government, time is of the essence etc).
      Me: You didn’t do a great job picking Scheer last convention.
      CPC; He won more votes than the Liberals…more sales pitch.
      Me: He couldn’t beat the weakest incumbent PM in Canadian history…
      CPC: We need to be ready for a snap election…more sales gibberish.
      Me: Phone me back when you’ve picked a candidate.
      CPC: That might not be until June. We need the money right away…more talking.
      Me: I interrupt…The leadership of the (CPC) needs to do some serious reflection before I donate to them again. They need to select a serious candidate.
      CPC: More talking…
      Me: I interrupt… call me in June. Click.

      1. …the Chinese deep state candidate. Charest could not possibly, possibly become Conserative leader. It boggles the mind and soul.

  1. He appeals to nobody. I don’t even think any conservative inc types want him. The only people I’ve seen push this are liberal media types. I wonder why they would push this nobody on the conservatives?

    1. The libscumparty/press think he is a natural!!.. So we should too.. Fkn Mutts.. Let them waste their money.

    2. Because Charest is, in reality, a liberal (and an opportunist).
      He was Quebec premier under the Liberal party. He pushed liberal policies while an MP under Mulroney.
      The UNIFOR MSM would push for him knowing the Lieberals would get a majority next election.

    1. I had 2 letters publish in Frank. worded similar to the coy ‘backhanded compliment’ and
      play-on-words manner they were noted for.

  2. Another lackey of the Chinese Communist Party. Go away, Jean. We already have enough politicians kowtowing to Beijing, the current PM included.

  3. Perhaps Jean’s name is being thrown in to make the eventual winner seem palatable by comparison. Pierre Poilievre is about the only one in the running who would be at risk for being thought a conservative. As such, lipstick-wearing socialists might be thrown in to make the masses accept another Liberal occupying the mushy middle.

    Like Peter McKay.

    1. Watto – I’ve been listening to Pierre Pollievere; he seems to be the only potential Conservative candidate who makes sense.

      1. Pollievre is the only leadership contender that I would even consider voting for… Pollievre knows how to deal with the partisan Liberal leftist hacks and gay activists disguised as “journalists” in the PPG… Until the Cons get a leader that understands the Corporate and State Media are the enemy of the people then nothing with change. The mere mention of Charest as “leader” is a sick joke, he’s a LIberal FFS… Huwai would love Charest and so would the Mafia, he’s their boy. Terminally stupid to mention Charest name.

  4. It would appear that there are some within the Conservative party who’d be happy with the party sitting in the wilderness for a decade or more. Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. I hope Charest wins as it will expose the CPC for what they have become. It would certainly speed up Wexit.
    Go Jean go!

    1. “I hope Charest wins as it will expose the CPC for what they have become.”

      Geez…and here I was, thinking that scheer-the-steer had done that….

  6. Going left will not get you votes in Ontario, it only pisses off your base, as they move to the Peoples Party. Ontario will Not Vote for a Quebec-er, and Quebec will never vote conservative. Time to Forget about Quebec, you don’t need them to win.

    1. Exactly.
      K-becers are the least travelled “Canadians” within the confederation.
      They don’t even consider Canada a country or should I write nation. That’s what Blackie Two Jets was getting at. Canada is a post-nation or non-nation, but he wasn’t including K-bec.

  7. The CPC is dead, it died awhile ago. Same as the NDP, it is dead as well. I used to be a conservative party member, thought under Harper there was a chance. But he screwed that up. Now nothing I can do, I will vote as I want to or not, not supporting the CPC anymore. Done with that.

  8. Brace your selves for some senior conservative to state that it is a Quebecers turn to become leader! Good luck with that!

  9. Before that batter swung there were three strikes:
    I’m long since done with the hapless Cons but any of you Cons who think its okay to vote for a K-bec leader, it ain’t, and it hasn’t been for decades. They’re tribalists, no different than Somalian factions without the bad teeth.
    Ironically the future will surely see the right dissolve into smaller factions.
    The majority of Canadians are neo-Marxist twats anyway.

  10. Groan- too many frogs ruin the Cuisses de Grenouille à la Provençale! Or is it the Egg Foo Flied Lice?

    Old man had his turn, too late now.
    Ribbit ribbit!

    1. Don’t forget Stanfield, the best Prime Minister Canada never had, as the Liberals like to gloat.

      Enough with the losers who play the game. Go with the real McBernier and see growth every election until we form government.

  11. Conservative party members surely cannot be stupid enough to select Charest or MacKay. If these are the fake conservatives running for leadership, Pierre Poilievre or Erin O’Toole will end up winning. One of those two is acceptable to me,, though I fear neither will beat Trudeau and the media.

  12. Its hard to treat this seriously as a possibility, other than he does check the boxes, but for all the wrong reasons.

    He would be a serious mistake, that would leave voters like me, sitting at home on election day. The west would be horrified at an old, over the hill, Quebecer retread being leader. His time has come and gone, but no one has told him, or it seems the CPC.

    The Stupid Party indeed!

  13. Have Kim Campbell or Joe Clark expressed interest yet?

    Retreads and Scheers is all the “put a fork in it, they’re done” party of Canada has left.

    Mulroney’s children? Mulroney himself?

    1. Fortunately, he is lacking mental floss, if you know what I mean 😉 A spool short of a dentist, as it were.

  14. Jean Charest.


    Dear Conservative Party of Canada wonks. I know you boys read this blog. Hear me now:

    I will vote Rhino Party before I vote for a CPC with Jean Charest running it.

    1. Amen, if they choose another Kebecer, this one especially, Rhino will get my vote, my financial support and a place on my lawn. Hell I may even join. Enough is enough.

      1. A literal stuffed rhinoceros sitting on the PMs chair in the Commons, gathering dust for 5 years, would be doing a better job than Charest ever will, merely by doing nothing.

      2. Back in the day, phoned the Rhinos to purchase a “membership” for my father. it was two-for-one that go-round, so got one for myself. It’s a long time ago, but do think was more than just mere “membership”, was a vice-presidency or near offer. Good fun, anyway.

  15. Jean Charest? How far has the “conservative” party fallen (not sure whether to use a question mark or an exclaimation point here.

  16. I will once again vote for my PPC Candidate. I am done with the Lib-Lite, so called CPC party, regardless of who gets the nod for the leadership.

    1. Yes the Harlem Globetrotters/Washington Generals match is over for me too. Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum – what’s the diff?

    2. Stay on the lookout. You know the long march has already started through the new party. You know eventually, Jean Charest (Joe Clark,…) will be a member on good standing.

      Don’t know if anyone has yet figured out how to keep the party about principle, and keep the people who are not out of any positions of control

      Reform started well. But, over time, it succumbed. And it’s just another dead political movement. Another red tory casualty.

    3. Does anyone have any idea to stop the iron law of bureaucracy? Don’t know if it’s actually possible.

      Political parties and diapers both need to be changed often, and for the same reasons, I suspect. Once that socialist digs in, it is never dislodged. And it never stops climbing…

      1. Kevin…exactly. First get rid of the entrenched govt lefties. I’ve been saying this forever. Whenever a conservative is in power we need to install far right bureaucrats wherever feasible in the top positions of all govt departments with explicit instructions and bonus structure that rewards cuts.

  17. Pretty soon, Peter Mackay will be described by the CBC as the Right-Wing-Candidate (RWC) for the leadership of the Washington Generals.

  18. This a great move by the deep state and media party. This will fracture the CPC and libs govern forever. The real conservative base moves after a Charest win to make Reform 2.0 and liberal wins again. I bet he is being supported by Liberals. I know many here will say Wexit but they will never ever let you leave . And don’t tell me we have guns or some such thing. It will never ever happen. Think about it why have they dropped a million new comers in the West in the last few years!

    1. Right on Greg Spencer… Peeair the Turd and his buddy Rene the murderer Leveseque and other fwench yakkers destroyed Canada along time ago, Harper and gang did nothing to curb the Turdholian commie State and neither will anyone else… the revolution is over and fwench talking Queerbekers won. The so called “English speaking ” Provinces are nothing but aimless post nation fiefdoms of the Queerbek Mafia.

  19. Blackie’s CTV political panel explained that Charest being in the pocket of the commies is not a problem. Why they even had the ex director of CSIS on saying that it isn’t a problem. In fact we should be looking for ways to improve relations with China. China is wonderful.

    1. And to say we laugh at WW2 French “surrender monkeys” who dropped their “barely used weapons” on the ground instead of fighting the Germans.
      Canadastan is redefining that all over again.

      “Hold my Molson Canadian, hey”?

  20. Based on my experience before I quit them in disgust, this would be in keeping with the CPC brain trust. They believe that the Conservatives just need to be positioned slightly to the right of Karl Marx or the Liberals, ignore any policy input from the rank and file, and favour Eastern leadership particularly from Quebec over anyone else, unless they lean libertarian. There is likely a few graduating classes worth of zit-faced sophomoric poly-sci grads paid as policy wonks and advisors spinning this for the CPC.

    The only thing scarier then defeat at the polls to the CPC is being associated with the Rebel or a libertarian.

    Anyone but McKay and now Charest unless Clark or Campbell decide to recycle themselves as losers.

  21. Charest? That’s all they got?
    Liberal in Quebec
    “Conservative” in Ottawa

    #LibCons CINOs make me laugh. #Centrists

    Vote PPC

  22. Great real you guys. All that is, is the payed for Liberal media smearing the conservatives. Don’t get sucked in on fake news.

  23. The only hope is for a leader amenable to unity talks with Bernier followed by an honest convention to see if the combined party wants Bernier or that other leader. Otherwise they are going down the ’93 road to ’97 and ’00 (diminishing returns) with the inevitable swing of two thirds or more of their base towards a less compromised alternative, the PPC. We went through this for 12 years 1993 to 2004 and all it got us was guaranteed Liberal-NDP rule and accelerated globalism.

    Time to park the party elites where they can do no harm and find a better alternative. And if there is nobody, then the base should desert en masse to the PPC and finish the job. We don’t need a faux-con party in a country with three or four leftist options and one actual conservative party.

      1. Yep, and nobody becomes Premier of Queerbek without the Mafia saying so… Charest admitted as much during the Charboneau Commission.

      2. Not just that. Recall that he is a true Vichy Frenchman. This guy led Progressive Conservatives in the 93 and 97 federal elections, lost spectacularly and only then become a Librano Kebec premier.

  24. Chomiak v Charest. Shining examples of canadian values.

    Please let there be a credible federal separatist party with a credible leader start up soon on the prairies.

  25. If they pick this corrupt ASShat….I’m done with the lot of them.

    Stephen Harper my first choice,
    Then Max Bernier,
    Then Rona.

  26. Charest? McKay? No and no. No way in hell, and I’m a donating, party member. If the party leadership installs one of these losers, I am done. Bernier and/or Wexit are all that is left for me.

  27. Geez, for a minute there I thought you were joking.
    Charest? NO…GOD, NO!!!!!!
    Enough!!! He’s about as Conservative as Joe Clark, Mulroney and that skank Campbell.
    We need someone fresh…vibrant… a take no prisoners, smash mouth, GFY candidate.
    The time is ripe. The time is now.
    I really like Rempel …but I’m told she doesn’t know a lick of French. *sigh* so that disqualifies her right there. More Canadian idiocracy
    If Pierre Poilievre is going to throw his hat in the ring I’ll give him a hard look…he might very well be Canada’s answer to Britain’s Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage. Quick on his feet and can go toe to toe with anyone.

    Jean Charest…too funny. Tell me you’re joking.

    1. I used to think a lot of Rempel too, until it was disclosed that she is BFF with Kantsmellya’s current Ex, she’s a hardcore Liberal.

      For the last year, Rempel has appeared and sounded like a Squish. Lost respect for her, she’s a lightweight.

      Agreed on Poilievre, he appears to be a pitbull and fast on his feet. He should be the preferred candidate.

  28. I like both Peter and Jean (it’s actually John James), both of whom we know pretty well, and my wife, Luella, ran with the latter in Elgin-Middlesex-London in 1997, a seat now held (two elections in a row) by my wife’s first cousin, Karen Vecchio, M.P. Pierre I do not know personally, at all.

    My criteria for leader include the following:

    1. Who will be able to keep the country together?

    2. Who will be able to ensure that our pipelines are built (including through Quebec), and that the carbon tax is repealed?

    3. Who will be able to rebuild our armed forces, including the purchase of the F-35s?

    4. Who will be best able to lead or facilitate a mature discussion on “right-to-life” matters?

    5. Who will be best able to turn 40-70 seats in central Canada, thereby creating a majority situation?

    6. Who will be best able to restore a reasonable foreign policy, including:

    – Elimination of illegal immigration;
    – Completion of FTAs with like-minded countries

    1. Might be an idea for the eastern brain trust to remember how Laurentian Liberals in the PC party managed to kick start a political movement out west. Our next movement will not be so accommodating of eastern interests.

      Spare us talk of the Mulroneyite leftovers and Joke Lark conservalibs.

      What we really need is capital punishment, Ottawa should be made to suffer layoffs like the oilfields, and the federal government should be subjected to a real constitution limiting power, not this Trudeau crap that is nothing but excuses to hand power over to the government.

  29. Dear Stupid Party.

    This is one of your most loyal, yet reluctant, supporters speaking, so kindly for once, pay attention.

    If you are really thinking about it, then stop right now. Not just no, fuck no, never, not in a million years. What is your malfunction to even consider it? Do you really want to prove right all those cretins from the “LibCon” asylum?

    You’re on thin ice already. You know it, don’t piss on us again. We’re tired. We held our noses and held the line one more time. Choose that Vichy frog and we’re done. Even those like I who tried to help you (against yourselves) because we wanted to get rid of our greatest enemy will not play along. No more. Enough is enough.

    Because you see, THE MOMENT YOU CHOSE THAT VICHY FROG YOU BECOME ENEMIES EQUAL TO LIBRANOS. Literately that. Let that sink in. You don’t want that. Trust me, you don’t.

    The moment you choose him, we will no longer have our last reason to vote for you. It really is that simple. If you posses a lightest bit of self preservation don’t do it. No because we like each other. We don’t, but because you need us to survive.

    Choose wisely. This is likely to be your last chance.

      1. Who to vote for in the primaries? Not sure yet. Anyone but Charest will be the first qualification.
        Who to vote for in the federal election if Charest wins the primary? Will not matter anymore. Rhinos probably.

        I was not willing to vote for Patrick Brown in the last provincial election. Thankfully I did not have to make that choice. Charest is worse. On the other hand I would support someone like Rona over Aladdin in a heartbeat. Not enthusiastically but pragmatically, yes in a heartbeat.

  30. Huawei Johnnie is the librano candidate.
    He’s there to meddle. He no more is a conservative than I’m a communist.

    The list of candidates is uninspired. I’m no fan of red rona if she should decide to go for it.

  31. As far as I care,as an X supporter of the Conservative/ Communist Party of Canada, Jean Baby is about perfect to lead the CPC.
    An aging drama queen with no principles,a full history of supporting every progressive stupidity that came his way.
    And from Quebec as well.absolutely a shoe in to lead the Liberal Lite Party.
    Western Exit is getting better every day.

  32. Note to the Conservative Party of Canada. You will have my vote if you do not select a leader from Quebec. Frankly, have a party platform that includes the following and don’t even run candidates there so they get the message:
    One current demand from Quebec that should be enthusiastically endorsed is to give them as much abortion funding as possible especially in pur laine districts.
    If Quebec doesn’t want immigrants as is permitted in the constitution, fine.
    Get rid of supply management.
    Future federal government contracts will take into account whether the company bidding has a majority of its business operations in a province that has currently invoked the notwithstanding clause, so that it gets the hint.
    Play the long game, and break the power of the one province that has held the rest of the country hostage for the past 50 years.

  33. Big fan of Kellie Lietch . Smart , articulate and straight-up . How did Bernier treat her during leadership race ?