When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal

The FBI’s Darkest Hour.

It’s the greatest scandal in U.S. legal history. Most chilling of all is that the current FBI chief, Christopher Wray, recently shrugged-off FBI agents lying to the FISA court. He said of the damning Horowitz report that, in his mind, what was “important that the inspector general found that, in this particular instance, the investigation was opened with appropriate predication and authorization.”
If that’s what he believes and thinks is important, then the FBI is truly constitutionally bankrupt. Russia is ruled by an alumnus of the FBI’s Russian counterpart. Our Constitution won’t protect us unless our own cops with guns respect it. After 2016, one wonders whether the FBI looks upon Vladimir Putin with fear—or envy.

I’m perplexed that no one has stolen my post title by now.

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    1. I was going to say that as well.
      I would also add that judging by the past behaviour why would anyone be surprised that the current narrative of the media bubble even remotely resemble anything considered truth.
      It’s all about feelings.

      1. yep.
        propaganda, migawd how powerful it is.
        herr goebbels proved it and the power-system boyz been following the script successfully ever since.
        eg: along comes the long shot Trump, grabs the brass ring and the propaganda kicks in
        *right from the start*. aaaaaand the sheeple so accustomed via the edjukaySHUN cystem, subliminal ads, a pounding pounding pounding process of spoon feeding, incessant, *precisely* according to the proven methods yielding the desired result every time.

        the beaten body of the truth somewhere in the rubble.
        (meanwhile, ‘cops are tops’)

    2. “If the FBI does it, that means that it’s not illegal”.

      Kate: give the liberals time. Your headline will become famous.

    1. – and the saying goes, “the Second Amendment is for when the government forgets the First…”

      If I was President of Canada, I’d pass an Executive Order enshrining individual property rights in our Constitution – and explicitly including guns therein as individual property. A fella’ can dream, can’t he?

      1. You can bet that WHEN the West leaves, it will bring into being a constitution based on the US model fully replete with 1st & 2nd Amendments…as well as CASTLE LAW.

        ….and the 3rd Amendent would be to make PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS Illegal.
        The Root of all the Leftist Evil & BS to be found on the planet. They are nothing but Marxist inspired orgs desiring the death of individual rights and an end to Capitalism.


    2. But their participation soon became intentional . . . and criminal

      If “the system” … and our “institutions” fail to properly adjudicate the conspiratorial criminal activities by the FBI and CIA … and … Obama’s Cabinet (including the Dear Leader himself) … well? Then I believe the full meaning of the 2nd Amendment must be invoked.

      I’m quite concerned about ballot stuffing and election FRAUD in the 2020 Presidential election. I can’t put anything past the Resistors. After all … By Any Means Necessary. The Desperados are getting desperate … election FRAUD and Assassination. Those appear to be the only cards they can play.

      Hopefully, there will be many Top FBI Officials … really top people … top … people … frog-marched out of the FBI offices and/or have their homes invaded by SWAT teams with search warrants. That may be the ONLY thing which will forestall the bloodshed.

      1. you need to go after the likes of Weisman, Rosenstein, Farnadler, lernertstain, shumer, schitt, lerner, et tel

        and every one of those is NOT one of us gypies!!!!!

    3. Your comment about fear was I believe entirely right. The Left was utterly appalled November 2016 when Trump blew apart all of the border states, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin which the Left had counted at least some of which going to HRC. They were in and remain in complete disbelief that their narrative spouted by NYT and CNN is so resoundingly rejected by middle America.

      This is their real terror. They have perhaps a dim understanding of how truly, deeply so much of what was their audience 40 years ago now truly hates and despises them. They are still in one of the seven stages of grief. The media have trouble understanding that the glory days of Watergate are now entirely gone and that the shine of investigative reporting dressed up as anti-right wing hate literature has had all the high gloss beaten off it.

  1. The FBI needs to be destroyed. Razed to the ground. Including the Brutalist monstrosity headquarters it resides in. There’s no salvaging this utterly corrupt Stalinist institution. And I don’t care how many so-called “good guys” supposedly still work there. Too. Bad.

    1. Totally agree with what you say. WRAY is just as bad as COMEY, he just doesn’t get it. He is not at all serious about getting rid of the swamp inside the FBI cause he would have to FIRE HIMSELF!!!!!!

      Never in my life seen anything like this corruption and IT KEEPS GOING TODAY with PELOSI, Shifty SCHIFF, SCHUMER………..I hope there is a lot of these CRIMINALS GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL AND DO NOT COLLECT $200


    2. Evidently, the “good guys” FIRST responsibility is to their pensions and promotions. Whistleblowing is not a choice for any of em. Therefore … BURN the whole thing down. Cancel ALL the pensions, if they don’t ALL come clean.

      1. If they go where they should they will have no need for the pensions..
        There is a special place in HELL for all of them.

  2. aaaaaand doan fergit, *today’s* fbi is the bastard child of j edgar the cross-dresser.
    he of the multitudinous dossiers. starting any time ya get appointed dog catcher.

    but, BUT ‘cops are tops!!’

  3. The Second Amendment is under attack in the US. Look at Virginia. When that goes, the State will move to control everything. Looking at Canada, this has already started with more attempts to remove the right of the people to defend themselves under the auspices of gun control. Also, without property rights the stage is set for confiscation of property and the means of production under the Socialist mantra of “fair share” and “equality”. Seems that Canadians mostly believe that the government works in their best interest. The deep state and the media will pursue that lie. In truth, there is really no reason for Canada to exist as an entity and its breakup is inevitable.

  4. What and rip off the fig leaf? Where would it stop? When Hillary does it, it’s not illegal, when Biden does it…when the CIA does it…when sanctuary cities do it…when localities ignore the 2nd amendment of the constitution?

  5. Today’s deep state is probably correct in it’s smugness that it can protect the Clinton/Obama dynasties from being exposed as the viciously corrupt entities that we know them to be. We have already witnessed that when they are partnered with the DNC’s powerful media machine, they can claim ALMOST ANYTHING as the truth…. and pretty much get away with it. Hell, we just watched the leftist cabal ‘impeach’ a president for no justifiable reason.

    The media are supposed to be there to keep politicians and bureaucracies HONEST, instead they are now full partners in their crimes and subsequent cover-ups.

  6. Fire them all and contract justice out to Mexico. This will reduce corruption somewhat as old fashion bribery is less partisan than thoroughly politicized bureaucracies.

  7. A solid article, but it misses one key and important piece. US Attorney Jessie Liu. She was (and remains) the gatekeeper. As US Attorney of DC she decides who is indicted, which witnesses to chase down, what cases to build. As a result, the perpetrators had no fear and as the article points out, “doubled down” even though they knew what they were doing was immoral and in some cases, illegal.

    Bill Barr tried to remove Liu from the position early on by nominating her for a promotion. Initially, she allowed this, then at the last minute removed her name from consideration to remain in her gatekeeper position.

    As an example, think about Reality Winner. She released classified information that originated from the NSA. She could have been handled by the US Attorney’s office in DC as a result. But, remarkably, they moved her case to the Southeast (Georgia US Attorney’s office) and she got the single most severe sentence ever handed down in such a case. Had it been handled by Liu, I have no doubt she would have received a sweet plea deal. A plea deal like James Wolfe, or the Awans did. Liu refused to indict, much less investigate, McCabe. Who did she go after? Mannafort, Page, Stone, Cohen, Flynn.

    So, how do you remove Liu from her tyrannical chair? Well, one of the things she did was get included on the Trump Transition team. As a result of the illegalities of pursuing the Class 1 FISA Warrant, the two hop rule had a significant number of the President-elect’s workers under surveillance. I’d argue that there is a good chance that Liu was included in that mess and therefore would hold a significant conflict of interest in deciding any issues relative to that (issues of which she has already made her mark).

    Those are the big items. But, keep in mind that the little items are just as important if not more. She refused to prosecute on a significant number of FBI leaks. She refused to involve the office on those FBI agents who were accepting gifts from the media in exchange for information. She continuously refuses to prosecute people like James Wolfe who (based on the IG report) appears to have released the full un-redacted FISA application directly to the media (likely under direction from the SIC).

    My take away from this article is “yes, the FBI is severely broken.” But, the more apt takeaway would be that the DOJ allows them to be.

  8. When a government legislates away the right to self defence the citizens that created, formulated, and elected that government are no longer citizens but subjects. They no longer have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but are subjugated to the service of the state. The turning point that everyone missed in America was when a certain FBI director stood before the American public and declared that in committing her crimes she had no ‘intent’, that was the moment that the finest document ever written by mankind was torn asunder and shredded. The American people to reclaim their Constitution will have a bloody battle ahead and if they fail then to quote the greatest statesman of the Twentieth Century, mankind will “sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister … by the lights of perverted science,”. The science has been perverted and now our system of government is being perverted before our eyes. Across the globe some have come to realize what is happening, but in the scheme of things they are few and far between and the forces aligned against them are indeed monstrous and widespread.

  9. Obama cleaned house and put like minded people in the place of those swept out. They remained and became the resistance.
    Trump should have done the same thing; he probably knows that now. It’s not too late to do so. Especially after re-election.
    News that John McCain was part of the illegal conspiracy to unseat Trump must surely convince POTUS to drain all the swamps.
    Meanwhile Dems, beholden to rookie radicals ’cause they’re cute and cool, bluff all in with voters, but everyone can see their cards.
    How can the Dems think they can wriggle their way out of this, somehow back to the centre, with their loony leadership?
    I’m sure they’ll think of something, the cunning cravens they be. It just seems this partisan putsch is getting old.
    Trump is the symptom, not the disease; that’s what they are – the overbearing, overarching administrative state and ruling class.

  10. Christopher Wray was a terrible choice. He is deep state all the way. After re-election, Trump has to seriously identify people who share his values and appoint them. The Senate took forever to approve the assorted asswipe statist Republicans. Trump had just fired the traitor Comey so the Senate was not about appoint a Trump pet so he went with Wray thinking competence would overcome deep state treason. It didn’t..

  11. “If the FBI does it, that means that it’s not illegal”.

    Kate: give the liberals time. Your headline will become famous.

  12. Nobody has stolen it because it is not even REMOTELY true. Their evil extends back to AT LEAST Whitey Bulger, and continues on through Ruby Ridge, Hutaree militia, Senator Stevens, Waco I, Waco II, Fast and Furious (yes, they took part in that as well), Bundy Ranch, Malheur, and Garland, Texas. And it is NOT just a “few bad apples at the top”.

  13. The FBI/DOJ should never have been given complete Control of Intelligence, thank GW Bush for that stupidity..The FBI was the perfect Storm for Obama. The CIA had become political (Valerie Plain) but that could have been corrected, they were @ least Professional before Obama & Brennan..

    The FBI have always been Butt Holes and National Law enforcement attracts their type…Putting them back to their role before GW Bush would Work…. Jailing OBAMA & ALL those who did his bidding may prevent a Civil War, but there are serious folks out there and it’s always a single straw that breaks the camels back…..

    If I was from CA or NY, NJ (Blue States) I would stay in my State


  14. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were handled appropriately with both getting the electric chair.

    FBI agents should receive similar punishment, a few years ago they would have.

    But, when our political leaders like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau sell out their fellow citizens, along with corporations, entertainment and the media, then perhaps FBI agents are just getting on the gravy train, though I doubt their masters will share too much gravy with them.

  15. all this attention to happenings south of the 49th and nary a peep on reforming the police services up here. See the great High River gun grab, the fiasco of Caledonia, police forces all over the land way over priced and under supervised. I guess if I wanted to do something positive I could try to get on a police services review board

  16. Just read the article. How could any self-respecting American possibly read this and keep voting Democrat. I could understand anyone refusing to vote for Trump but there is another option: just don’t vote in 2020.

    Sadly, few on the Left will ever read this.

  17. What Canadians need (to start) is a 1st and 2nd Constitutional amendment, enshrining our God given right to free speech and to bear arms to protect ourselves from Trudeau, his Globalist handlers, and his snowflake SJW, PC crowd & the Trudeau Caliphate.The rest will fall into place nicely, including property rights.

    1. The rights you mention are in Magna Carta. No need for new laws. Just enforce the old ones.
      All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

  18. FBI has become NKVD, the predecessor of KGB.

    There was this guy Khrushchev.
    He mentioned in passing that the communists won’t need to do anything, the soviet political academics came to the conclusion that the west will fall on their own sword and become socialist/communist.

    So far, it appears that they knew whereof the were talking about.