12 Replies to “Proof positive why mainstream news is going extinct”

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  2. It isn’t going extinct. It is simply transferring power to fewer institutions – the tech giants with global reach who will grant them their message – if it comports with the accepted message.

  3. I had little time, and was on my phone, when I scheduled this post. To elaborate on why I posted it, this is a FANTASTIC discussion that gets at the heart of what has been wrong with political discourse in America and Canada for soooooooo long now.

    I realize that some prefer idiotic, packaged interviews but longer discussions like this are where the future is at … even if they’re only most suitable while taking a long drive or walk.

  4. I never listen to podcasts on my phone, (or music ect..) but do tend to leave interviews on the computer / YouTube to listen to, even while not watching the entire show.
    Just finished listening to this, and then read that Kamal Harris has bowed out, unable to raise money, unable to counter some of the attacks upon her.

    Tulsi and Jocko cover some important issues here, and even mad ffwd through some moments would give listeners a more certain foundation as to where she stands, and perhaps some of the other candidates failings, instead of just reading through her points.

  5. The MSM isn’t dying…its audience is just becoming more selective…

    And, apparently firing all those gender study grads the Star hired last year to “write” for their crappy commuter giveaway that they just scrapped is good news for the revised Atkinson Principles (i.e, more bow-ties for Lurch)

    Market Summary > TORSTAR CORPORATION Common Stock
    TSE: TS.B
    0.50 CAD +0.0100 (2.04%)

    I.e, a good lesson for those who don’t know anything about math: a fraction of a cent rise on a 50 cent stock looks better as a per centage than the actual…well, you can’t even call it a dollar amount, can you?

  6. I watched the whole thing. I still wouldn’t vote for her, mostly because DemocRat, but she’s very solid.

    After seeing it I can’t imagine the Shiny Pony surviving the whole 2 1/2 hour interview with those two guys. They’d eat his lunch.

  7. Listened to this while doing work at home on Sunday. Any enemy of Hillary can’t be all bad. They all seem to agree there are a lot of dead bodies around the Clintons. It appears that the MSM takes the body count seriously as well.

  8. “Bless your heart” … in Hawaiian!

    “Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s conciliatory Tuesday tweet to Kamala Harris following the California Democratic senator’s early exit from the 2020 presidential race provoked a tidal wave of responses from Twitter users quick to recall recent campaign trail conflict between the two.”

    “The fireworks between the two began during the July Democratic debate, when Harris called Gabbard an “apologist” for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after Gabbard criticized Harris’ record prosecuting minor drug offenders in California. After the debate, Harris famously described herself as a “top-tier candidate.” Last month during MSNBC’s Democratic debate, the two clashed again over foreign policy.”


    “Which predictably provoked a firestorm of reactions:
    Journalist Tim Pool called the tweet “one of the most epic burns in internet history.”


    “Anyone who understands women knows there’s nothing more savage than what Tulsi just did.

    “Sorry about your boyfriend. We’re just different and he chose me over you. Doesn’t mean you’re bad or ugly or anything. Kisses.”


  9. The M.S. Medsia have been heading streight for the brink of extinction for quite a long time even before Reagan was elected and with Trump their just stepping closer to the edge