I Bring You Art

The organisers of the event, titled Performance Is Alive, tell us that in order to avoid being “vapid,” they curate only “the best projects based on the merits of the work.” They are, we learn, presenting “art that’s critical and progressive and transgressive.” Gathered talents will “investigate a wide range of social and political topics” while engaging in “durational performance actions” that “allow artists… to employ repetition and endurance.”

Because if there’s one thing art should be, it’s a test of one’s endurance.

15 Replies to “I Bring You Art”

  1. Well, that was something I did not need to see this early in the day. I now what is art and that ain’t it.

  2. And this is supposedly superior to dead white men art. Burn Van Gogh and hang one of those on the wall of your home. It will help you lose weight through loss of appetite and induced vomiting.

  3. Why is it that people that like to show off their naked bodies are always people you donot really want to see naked.

  4. More evidence of madness on the left. This is why we have Trump. I wish Canada had a Trump. O’Leary was the closest thing we had, but he wouldn’t learn French and who can blame him.

    And … any young woman who has an obese body like the one in the clip … deserves to have that body. it’s called Gluttony.

  5. Pity the goose was stuffed: I was hoping to see it grab her nipple. That wouldn’t have been art, but it would be entertaining.

  6. Probably a proponent of Basic Income because fat, stupid and ugly art doesn’t pay the rent or buy groceries.

  7. It’s poseur bait. Think of all the nonsense that will be spewed about this to some committee of poseurs with access to your tax dollars that will write grants while feeling good about subsidizing “art” and incentivising more of it. As I said about the Hockey posting, “The institutional left doesn’t see viewers as customers the way an old fashion business would see them. They don’t give a f..k what you want. They see everyone as a receptacle for woke propaganda”. In this case, they also see you as a toilet.

  8. Well setting aside the fact that David Thompson Has Lost His Mind…
    I must admit “durational performance actions” had me fooled.