45 Replies to “Hockey Night In Wokestan”

  1. I often don’t watch the Maple Leaf pregame fellatio but had it on and watched Ron jump the shark. He’s clearly in manopause with zero testosterone. I never liked him but now he’s become a pathetic, fearful twerp. With a lot of money.

    1. Ron MacLean represents the very best of CBC.

      Yeah, the truth can hurt, and be funny at the same time.
      Speaking of clownshows, what’s Justin doing these days? Looking for another photo-op?

  2. Ronnie needs to realize he was not the reason people tuned in to Coaches Corner. He should shut up and quit shovelling, he’s over his head. I also don’t believe he and Don will still be friends, Don has principles.

  3. You go woke
    You go broke

    That’s where ron maclean is headed. There’s nothing more pathetic than a woke boomer. charles adler is another.
    You’d think they’d know better.

  4. C’mon Ron. Be a real man and invite Kaepernick on your show. That’ll show the racist Canadians for what they really are.

  5. It’s all part of breaking down existing Canadian culture, or the remnants of it.

    Rush predicted well ahead of it, that the Obama progressives would “come after the NFL”.

    The same dynamic at play here.

    McLean did not become a progressive overnight. He always has been. A sleeper, just waiting for the call to action.

    Cherrys firing was a planned event as will be the destruction of hockey culture in Canada.

    1. McLean isn’t an anything, except maybe a department store mannequin. He has no self, no soul, no principles, no original thoughts, no nothing. He’s the quintessential NPC, and he’s ALWAYS been that way.

      But I think you’re right that Cherry has had a “progressive” target on him for a long time now. Frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did.

      BTW not that anyone ought to care, but I finally earned myself a perma-ban from CBC comments.

    2. Ward, part of the reason Mr. McLean went progressive, after the Don Cherry firing, is that that is a good tactic to do when any type of woke-attack takes place. Or any type of attack in the media for that matter.

      A good example is billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. The movie 2010 “The Social Network” depicted Zuckerberg in a very bad light — as a dishonest jerk. The movie in no way is right wing — it is set in young-educated-people-cool Harvard university and high-tech California — so the film was well received by corporate Hollywood and its apologists. And despite the young-people-cool approach, it still is a good movie. Note that corporate television refuses to broadcast this movie, since doing so would re-tarnish fat-cat Zuckerberg. He is one of the corporate-social elite now.

      But what did billionaire Zuckerberg do to re-make his bad name? He tilted left, setting up a social progressive charity and saying a whole host of woke things in the establishment media to curry their favour. Facebook operations follow this approach to this day. And it has worked. And Ron McLean is following the exact same approach: apologize profusely and tilt far left. He and his bloated salary are safe with Rogers and the CBC.

      p.s. Note that Ron McLean is slagging Canadian hockey with a Huawei logo shown prominently at the front of his desk. China has mass concentration camps, and is holding two Canadians hostage, with McLean babbling on like this. An utter disgrace.

  6. Maclean has been nauseating for years, are people just getting “woke”, at the tipping point?

    and make belief fans? ha, just keep believe’in

  7. Hear that sound? That’s the sound of Maclean’s name being punched out on his Order Of Canada medal. It’s inevitable and he’s hitting all the right notes with his grovelling to make sure it happens.
    I had to turn it off…too much sap.

    That said, it pleases me to no end that getting a strip tore off of him by the great Bobby Orr had to be the deepest cut of all for that goof.

  8. I sure hope the conversation gets around to climate change, transgender issues, colonialism, patriarchy and feminism.

    Because that’s why I watch hockey.

  9. I stopped watching NHL games a few years ago. The game evolved into a shit show in which injuries abound, stupid money is thrown around and most players are princesses nowadays. The whole NHL business model is doomed. Not one player is loyal to his team.
    To add SJW garbage in the mix and to call everything racist begs HNIC, McLean, Sportsnet Roger’s, Bettman et al a slow and painful death.
    OHL or QHL are still entertaining and the kids have better work ethics.

    1. ray: I agree we all need to stop watching NHL games and Sportnet period. Like you said OHL, MJHL, CJHL or CHL lots to watch and see live mind you great sport.

  10. A couple of things I can’t stand about MacLean. When CBC wanted to let MacLean go Cherry stepped in and said no Ron no, no Don. Cherry stepped up to the plate for his supposed friend and then the friend threw him under the bus on a quick calculation of what it meant to his pocket book. Not a character building moment.

    The biggest deal breaker for me was how Maclean tried to run Alex Burrows out of the NHL during the scandal over NHL ref Auger telling Burrows he was going to get him over embarassing Auger over a non-call. MacLean got up on his podium at HNIC and bad mouthed Burrows on repeated segments. The fact that Burrows was right and that Auger was eventually let go meant little to MacLean. Burrows showed courage and resolve and MacLean showed himself for what he was a progressive SJW. He has a values code that is subject to whatever is popular at the time.

    I am still hoping that Don Cherry gets his opportunity to say goodbye. A show with Orr, Gretzky, Hull etc. All the NHL’ers who know him can sit around and tell stories. The same as what they did for Howe in Saskatoon a few years ago. HNIC, Labatts, Rogers and especially MacLean should not be invited.

  11. And to think the CBC has been promoting this racist, homophobic, islamophobic, climate denying, fascist (did I miss anything?) poison for years — time to shut down the CBC. And now that they’re “woke” can we change the name to, “Hockey Morning in Canada”?

  12. Screw it. Time to cut the cord.

    Replacing Don with some black baboon or other affirmative action flunky is a raised middle finger at the fans. I get it. Go sell the NHL to the hordes of exotic weirdos from over the rainbow that you’re importing, guys. You don’t need me and I sure as hell don’t need you.

  13. Ron’s a weenie and always has been. As for Peters, I don’t know him and maybe he is a raging racist but I wonder if it’s possible that he just didn’t like the kid’s “music”. Maybe he’d heard enough of the N-word/Ho/b*tch/n-word/ho etc. and told the kid to shut it off using the words he was tired of hearing. Just a thought. On second thought, nah, except for Ron, we’re all a bunch of white supremacists.

  14. Well, let us not forget Preston Manning. ‘The West wants in’ morphed into Preston wants in…the Progressive left’s enclave that is.
    Its truly sad but fitting to watch people like Preston or MacLean sit there with these pathetic grins on their faces all the while being peripherally excluded by their ‘betters’ who only look down on them with triumphant distain.
    Lost treacherous puppies looking for affirmation and a pat on the head and a milk bone for their having crossed over.

    Ron, enjoy your thirty seconds of glamour followed by a lifetime of obscurity…you’ve earned it.

    1. manning is a superb example of the deplorably pathetic wishfull thinking rampant amongst CONservatists.
      that stunt he tried in the HoC, sitting 1 row back from the front row. I asked the TA (teacher’s assistant) from my
      poli sci studies @ McMaster about it.
      nobody but NOBODY had ever seen such a childish meaningless ‘display’ of ‘Ise bes a man(ning) of the pee-pull’.

      and that CONdescending fingernails-on-the-blackboard smirk he ALWAYS had was enough to keep me OFF the
      list of CONservatist supporters.
      at which point I only had to wait until he shot himself in the nuts which he did a couple times.

  15. Yup, the thoroughly humiliated and totally emasculated Ron “Stone Free” Maclean is the fresh face of new Canadian values.


  16. The institutional left doesn’t see viewers as customers the way an old fashion business would see them. They don’t give a f..k what you want. They see everyone as a receptacle for woke propaganda. Look at the “thriving” Newspaper business. Don Cherry was their final obstacle on Hockey Night in Canada. Anyone can still mute out everything but the actual game if they still want to watch NHL hockey.

    1. I generally take the opportunity between the periods to do or watch other things. I mean how many sports cliches does anyone really need to hear? The exception was when Cherry was on. Love him or hate him he was always entertaining. Now, I treat the first intermission exactly like any other.

  17. There was a pretty funny bit that a couple of DJs in Vancouver (Larry and Willy) did years ago, about Mclean – “He’s a crotch watcher”!

    Sure enough while Don was talking McLean would often be gazing down at Dons crotch. Not just a little. Alot. The bit was so popular, Mclean stopped doing it.

    I guess he was trying to figure out what the bulge in Dons pants was.

  18. Wait!? What!? Now I have “white privilege” exactly BECAUSE I learned the lesson of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!? Because I learned to NOT see color, but to see character? So, now what’s my lesson supposed to be? Hate myself for an immutable characteristic of my being … oh … and give up all of My stuff to some person ovvvvvvv culllller because of it?

    Please. Just go away.

  19. A hockey player in Canada listening to Rap should be called out by his Coach for listening to degrading to women Misogynistic noise.

  20. The whole Don thing has been in the works for a very long time . I like a lot of others have wondered how he was able to stay on air as long as he has . The Don and Ron shtick was great and entertaining for many years but the time had come to kick Don down the road and weasel mclean was only too glad to oblige . I enjoyed listening to Don and feel bad that the woke bastards got their way .

  21. Blackface Turdhole the Cult Leader of Turdholeland was unavailable for comment… The regressive war on Hockey and sports in general has been going on for quite some time now, the difference now is that Huawei and the Chinese Communist Regime (who are ally’s with our own Communist Broadcaster) are simply ramping up their anti Canada rhetoric. The desire of all commies to feminize the west is under way and their using our own people to spread their message. Why anyone would want to watch what passes for NHL Hockey these days is anybody”s guess, its awful. Huewai has spoken through their agent Ron MacLean and they will continue to speak through other well paid spineless anti Canadian turds.

  22. Huwaei and the Communist Regime have spoken… Ron and his globalist Pals agree with their bosses in China, just like the Blackface actor in the PMO and his money laundering Turdhole Foundation… China takes over Turdholeland without a shot being fired… Peeair would be soooo proud. #WEXIT.

  23. Don Cherry- coached Boston Bruins to Cup final twice
    Jacques Demers-coached last Cdn team to Cup. Could not read or write.
    I’d listen to these two about hockey, thank you very much.

  24. He shoots, he overcomes gender bias and makes a sustainable contribution to a green future. And he’s also got a massive concussion for his troubles.

  25. Remember the GIs reading forced confessions on North Korean TV?
    Weasel boy is acting just like those poor prisoners and the Huawei logo fits right into the narrative.
    Way too funny “Eastern Ways”,almost a boon to western separation,where hockey is still a sport,rather than a group hug fiasco.

  26. I commented on a SportNet article by Jeff Blair, who feels this is the NHL #METOO movement. I copied this from their site. They deleted the following.

    I have spent my early life in hockey rinks as a player, then a coach. What I’m hearing now is odd but not surprising. As a bi-racial player, I received racial slurs and was also spat on by opposing players while doing it. Just in case you are confused, this happened in the WCHL and the SJHL. It came from some coaches as well.

    These experiences were never the norm and few and far between. They did have a lasting impression. What I’m hearing here from Ron McLean, Jeff Blair et all, is that hockey is a racist, abusive sport which has allowed a culture that is driven by Toxic White Male Privilege. Sorry guys…you are all wrong. Hockey, for the most part, is very inclusive. Colour doesn’t matter, what matters is the team and life long friendships.

    Hockey is no more racist, abusive and filled with the so called toxic white male privilige than the rest of society. I was subjected to more racism in life in general than in hockey.

    Let’s try this shall we…call out racism and abusive behavior when it occurs rather than, as Ron McLean and Jeff Blair did, paint everyone with the same brush. Stop playing the victim because someone hurt your feelings. Hockey has some great people in it and you are bringing them all down.

    One last thing, calling out Babcock because he asked Marner for a list isn’t abuse in any way. Yikes grow up.

    I have had polite comments on here removed with no explanation. So I leave you with this.

    I paraphrase…

    First they came for the Trade Unionist, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one.
    Then they came for the socialists, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one.
    Then they came for the Jews, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak up for me.

    Careful what you wish for…….

    With that I have cancelled my SportNet TV package…feel free to join me #NOMORESPORTSNET