Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

Thread. Some of the replies are insane.

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    1. I played in a band with Jenny Jones back in the mid 60s She was about 20 years old. I recall that TV event which was much later on in her career. Everyone signed a waiver, She was not at fault. No hate crime. It was a mentally disturbed pair of friends. One was secretly gay and in love with other. The other flipped and killed his friend for being gay and in love with him. Two sickos happened onto a TV show. What could go wrong, went wrong.

      FYI … since you brought it up ….. Jenny was ambitious. She wanted to ‘make it’ in show biz. She started out as a drummer, moved on to stand up comedy, then onto host a TV talk show for about 10 years in Chicago …. She did many other things as well. She was quite a going concern back in the day. She was very good drummer … played like a guy, She understood what was funk and what was jive.

      Jenny turned into quite the philanthropist. She supports Canadian volunteer fire fire departments for one thing.

  1. So a man hating dyke and a mentally disturbed man with a thing for self mutilation walk into a bar…

  2. Just learned yet another new stupid lefty label thanks to that thread: “TERF”:

    “TERF (/ˈtɜːrf/, also written terf) is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. The term was coined in 2008.[1] It was originally applied to a minority of radical feminists espousing sentiments that other feminists consider transphobic, such as the rejection of the assertion that trans women are women, the exclusion of trans women from women’s spaces, and opposition to transgender rights legislation. The sense has since expanded to refer more broadly to people with trans-exclusive views who may have no involvement with radical feminism.[2][3] Those referred to with the word TERF typically reject the term or consider it a slur. Some identify themselves as gender critical.[4] Critics of the word TERF point to its use in insults and violent rhetoric.[5][6][7][8] In academic discourse there is no consensus on whether TERF constitutes a slur.[9][7][10]”

    1. Nah. I ain’t gonna wade into that Twatter chit storm. I predicted this clown act 20 years ago when social conservatives first cucked to the hysterical progressive left when they were trying to let the queers out of the closet. Not to slag our esteemed blog hostess, but it was mostly women driving that lunacy too. Y’all punched your ticket – enjoy your clown world in all its splendour!

      My question is this: is this the bottom of the barrel yet? Or the bottom of that slippery slope? I’m asking because I don’t know. I see a moral and authority vacuum setting up… and I don’t see perversion or degeneracy filling that void. This may be funny and entertaining at first glance to those smitten with lower forms of humour… but in the real world, social decay can’t end well.

  3. This ain’t cutting edge reporting…I saw a lesbo and a tranny together once before.

    Yeah…it was Pornhub…and maybe one of them was a midget. The point is…this shit’s been done.

  4. A same-sex attracted person meets a same-gender-presentation attracted person in a bar… this is getting complicated.

    1. “And that is why a hound dog will leave a juicy bone to sniff another’s asshole to see if it’s his own.”
      That is what will be next, they will all run around sniffing each others ass’s like dogs to figure out who is who.

    1. A Greek and a Newfoundlander were sitting in a Starbucks one day comparing their two cultures.
      Over a double latte, the Greek mentions “We built the Pantheon, you may recall, along with the Temple of Apollo.”
      “Well, it was the Newfies that discovered the Summer and Winter Solstices.”
      “But it was the Greeks who gave birth to advanced mathematics.”
      “Granted, but it was the Newfies who built the first timepieces.”
      Knowing that he’s about to deliver the coup de grace, the son of Athens points out with a note of finality: …
      “Keep in mind that it was the ancient Greeks who invented the notion of sex as a pleasurable activity!”
      “True enough, but it was the Newfies who got women involved.”

      1. A greek, jew, and italian were walking down the sidewalk…
        A bus came over the hill, jumped the curb, and took them out
        They begged St Peter….please let us go back…we will do anything to go back
        St Peter says fine…but you each have to give up your favorite thing
        …..they agree….and poof they are back walking on the sidewalk

        As they go down….they walk past a pizza parlor….the Italian starts to shake, sweats…runs in and gabs a bite
        ….instantly disappears

        That got the Greek and Jews attention big time!

        They walk a little further….and a quarter rolls out on the sidewalk
        …the Jew starts to sweat…..starts trembling so bad he can barely stand

        The Jew bends over to pick it up
        ………and the Greek disappears

  5. I always remember the case of the Shoe Shine Boy in Toronto years ago. Young immigrant boy who was taken to a hotel room by a couple of homo’s. Raped and drowned in the hotel room sink then his body discarded in a dumpster. I always will remember my old Fathers response. I was much younger then, and had come home for a weekend. He talked about the young boy, and he wept for him. He could not understand what had gone wrong with the world. He felt that the murderers should be put to death. I agreed. Well Dad it has gotten worse. Much worse. The governments promote homosexuality and all forms of perversion. The PM wears Blackface and prances in Homosexual parades were nude men play with themselves publicly, parents bring their children to watch. The Government is ok with pedophilia, being taught in schools, all forms of perversion is ok now. The latest push is euthanasia an now child euthanasia and child sex reassignment without even parental consent. Civilization as you knew it is gone. The people are lost and spiritually very sick. This Lady Kate prays for asteroids and earthquakes to wipe them out. I must say I agree. Can’t come soon enough. Not worth saving. RIP Dad glad you did not have to see these black days. We have entered a new Dark Age.

    1. Even 40 years ago when that happened there was some question about why the boy was out late. It was too shocking for the media to ask if the parents used the kid as their money maker. No, no said the authorities and the media. How could you think that ? Well all these years later I’d say nothing is impossible.

      1. Yah ok it was the kids fault he was raped and murdered, or his parents fault he was raped and murdered. Yah Right.

    2. I guess you haven’t heard of CBC Kids? On top of using your tax $$ to brainwash kids to become globo-socialists they now also added a drag kid TV show.

      Also pedos want inclusion within the LGBTQWERTY world.


      I am all for a reset via some nuclear holocaust at this point. However I also turned my back on society and moved with wife & GSD on a very isolated lake surrounded by crown land where we live 80% self sufficient with all tools & toys.
      Big cities can burn along with the retards who live in them.

  6. hahahahahahahaha, yah it’s damn funny, and will open some eyes to the stupidity going on. Mental illness asserts it’s self one more time

  7. The latest University student protest in Toronto, that I know of, was a call for more Mental Health services. In a world gone crazy there is no way to know who needs treatment. Narcissism reigns supreme.

  8. And I’m supposed to care? The trannies and dykes deserve each other.

    Me, I’m mostly glad that there will be no sex at all (much less storms in a teacup from a university cafeteria over who qualifies to be lesbian) in the kingdom of heaven.

  9. Terf boys, terf boys,
    whatcha gonna do?
    whatcha gonna do when they ‘Crying Game’ you?

    You know it’s coming; you are going to be required by law to engage in intercourse with anyone who demands it.

    An amoral, immoral, Godless cesspit. That is the Canada, the USA, the UK, the world we live in. Sodom and Gomorrah were pikers compared to us.

    1. “..You know it’s coming; you are going to be required by law to engage in intercourse with anyone who demands it…”

      Yep, right alongside the Drugs you are going to be required to take.
      All designed to make you the “model” compliant citizen.
      Your Betters who benefit from your compliance have decreed as much.

  10. I also thinks this marks the official end of Internet dating. Now that there is simply no way to ascertain before hand, whether it is a dude, post op dude, an actual unaltered biological female, a post op female, … and no way to avoid the inevitable Woke Inquisition at the end …

    1. This is fantastic stuff. The BEST argument in support of teaching our kids to remain chaste until marriage, and marry for life. The modern sexually perverse and depraved West has become a walking commercial for traditional biblical values on sex and marriage. God DOES indeed have an awesome sense of humour! I mean with the proliferation of decent sex robots, and the total shitshow that is modern Western sexuality, why one earth would any young person want to risk it? The vetting process to get into someone’s pants is about to get deadly rigorous. Good!

  11. ha ha ha !!!!

    on the 2nd link, the ‘hate crime’ thing?
    this is close enough for me to claim I said it FIRST about some schmuck getting dragged into court
    and FORCED to submit to gay ass raping based on a ‘verbal agreement’.

    *here it is*, a friggin COURT CASE related to gay intercourse.

    also as I like to point out, another: ‘life imitating art’.