19 Replies to “Iran Protests”

  1. Having traversed Iran when the Shah was in power, I freely admit to having little or no sympathy for those who ousted him in favor of the current regime(s).

    Likewise, when I observe the direction that Canadian voters are taking this country, (albeit, (as yet), not so extreme), I feel no sympathy either.

    You get what you order up.

  2. Gas prices are just a symptom. The Islamic Republic, brought to power by the KGB, is running out of other people’s money—about on schedule. The life expectancy of a socialist republic is 30 to 40 years.

    1. Nice to know that Obama (Valerie Jarrett) propped up the Regime with pallets of US cash. And now … with Iraq descending into bloody chaos … Bush’s Mission is finally Accomplished.

      Trump … the absolutely right President at the right time. Putting an end to the USA Taxpayers propping up of Evil Regimes throughout the world.

        1. So, when Hillary has her tongue up the rectum of a Leftist Saudi Prince who feeds her “Foundation” pallets of cash … the Saudi government ceased to be an “evil regime”. How soon you Leftists forget.

          Saudi $$$ to Democrats – a noble, historic, Islamic paradise
          Saudi $$$ to Republicans – an evil Regime

          Good to know. Schmuck.

  3. Some one must pay for those centrifuges. Just imagine the lives lost in war, the culture demeaned, the society brainwashed for 40 years and ask who benefits.

      1. it’s a cousin religion to kristianity and Judaism, based on the old testament, and all are Abrahamic religions , and that is what you thumpers always ignore

  4. It’s not just Iran either. The Iraq protesters rage against Iran’s intervention in their country they just burned own their Najaf consulate. There’s a misconception that Iraqi Shi’ites are brothers in arms of some kind to their Iranian counterparts. This is not the case Moqtada al-Sadr himself might be the strongest bulwark against Iranian influence in Iraq right now.