33 Replies to “A Futuristic Blend Of Ugly And Useless”

    1. Nor any comment about what happens to the EPA range ESTIMATES … when you actually drive the “amazing” pickup truck at 0-60 in 2.4 Sec. beating a Porsche in the 1/4 mile. Nevermind that the Porsche will then go on to beat the Tesla from SF to LA by about 8-hours.

  1. Cardboard trucks haul nothing, not even their own weight. Electric vehicles, other than fork lifts and golf carts are useless. They are not green in the idiotic sense that the stupid environmentalist idiots think of green. I see the President just released a turkey that will be killed another day. what stupid custom.

    1. Same..!! Phantom….and i want to see that Done via its self Driving ability.

      What a pile of Hyped up SSteel scrap.
      Love to see it hooked up my 03 28′ Citation @ just under 14k (after they install a 450 lb 5th wheel hitch first – good for 16k), to it and lets see how far and at what speed it goes before it croaks. I’m betting it wouldnt get to Morely from Calgary city limits, let alone climb Scotch Lake hill…which is as far as hills go..?, a relatively short @ 2 km & benign @ 6% little hill.

      Damn that thing is FUGLY…no.??

        1. Oh … and here’s a hint: if the Model S looked like this when first unveiled? Tesla would have been completely out of business 8-years ago.

    2. Anyone towing 14,000 pounds with that (truck?) will find their 0-60 MPH Porsche transmission lying on the sidewalk.

  2. Quote from the article: “at a rated towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, it can out tow the mighty Ford F-150 and that’s all it really needs to be capable of doing.”
    But for how long and how far?

  3. Train locomotives are diesel – electrics for a reason = low speed torque.
    So I don’t doubt this thing can tow heavy things better than my F150.
    But unlike the locomotives with 1000GAL diesel tanks , those Tesla batteries aren’t going to last long . . .
    I haven’t seen any Tesla charging stations set up to work while towing long loads. Might need some new infrastructure investments.

    1. I think the only thing it should be towing is a BATTERY Tender Trailer with an emergency Diesel Back up genny….LMAO..!!

    2. electric motors have max torque at 0 rpm, my f-150 has max torque at 2500 rpm, and it can and did tow a car last week for a 1.3 hour haul, which would out perform that piece of musk scrap

    3. ‘some new infrastructure investments.’

      The original 1930s plan was to pave long distance roads beside railroad tracks.
      It would be a great idea now to infrastructure railway paved roads,
      If your elec. tractor trailer truck runs out of battery power they can hook it to a train and pull you to another charging station.

      The only problem, it will take three weeks to reach your cross country destination instead of 4 days.
      Fruit will be much softer and ripe, Fish will smell like fish.

  4. First, a vehicle without a flatbed is a passenger car that can be outfitted to do some towing. It is not a truck and useless to people who buy trucks because they want the flatbed.
    Second, no one says the F-150 is the “mighty F-150”, it is the light truck in the Ford F series. It is popular because it meets most people’s requirements and starts at under thirty thousand dollars. If you need heavier duty towing, the F-250 starts with 24,000 pounds. That beats the heck out of that Tesla car that can tow 14,000 pounds. Although, of course, it can’t touch the 300,000 pounds promised by Tesla (what a laugh.)
    The base price of the Tesla car that can do some towing starts at just under forty thousand dollars. Compare apples to apples. The F-250 starts at $33,700. That’s the truck Ford should put up against the Tesla car that can do some towing in a tug of war.

    1. Not sure if you read the whole article, but the single motor and dual motor Teslas tow 7,500 and 10,000 respectively. That’s in the ballpark of the F150 with a V6 or 5 liter V8. The 14,000 claim is for their 3 motor model, for which they aren’t releasing specs, which suggests to me that it’s their as yet not ready for prime time Plaid drivetrain, which they can’t even keep running on a test track.

      I don’t think Ford could have bought better advertising if they tried. Stop by our showroom and test drive our entry level Super Duty that can crush the theoretical performance of Elon Musk’s vaporware.

  5. If you want an actual electric truck, the Bollinger actually looks like it was designed by someone with a brain, and who has used a truck for truck things.

    No promises of 5000 mile ranges, no zero to 60 in 2 seconds, but there are actual photos of the prototype with 27 sheets of plywood in the back.

    Very utilitarian, more tool carrier than truck. No self driving, no touch screens, etc.

    If I had a spare $200k, I might actually try one out.

  6. If it comes with that new battery pack that is touted to last a million miles of driving that should really help sales. I wonder if it will burn brighter, hotter, and longer than the current battery packs?

  7. The Rivian thing also looks like it would be useful, but a different niche market. You are never going to see a Rivian pulling a gooseneck and 15 bales of straw, but definitely useful by campers, hunters, people who go to locations, overnight there, and need gear with them.

  8. Electric vehicles, of any description, will always be a niche market; basically, the market will always be people who already have the vehicle(s) they need, but can indulge in all they want.

    Take that Rivian thing. If I already had a million dollar camper bus, that would be a respectable run about that I could tow on a trialer behind me, with the dirtbikes/snow mobiles.

  9. It does have potential as an off road vehicle. Low speed torque and, if equipped with a motor at each wheel, it would be fun to try.

  10. Just found a very interesting quote… “EVs are really EEVs– ‘Elsewhere-Emission Vehicles” — Amory Lovins

    “Consumer verdicts for more than a century offer insight for today. Just as proponents of wind and solar to generate electricity want to believe their world is new and futuristic, electric-vehicle interests pretend theirs is new, just needing a little more subsidy and time.

    But far from an infant industry, electric vehicles are a mature, deficient alternative to conventional vehicles as judged by consumers. Extended subsidies will simply prolong the uneconomic and require future extensions. It’s time to level the playing field and let the market decide.” https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/regulation/electric-vehicle-subsidies-on-the-road-to-nowhere/

    Remember, electric vehicles been available since 1832. They actually predate ICE vehicles.

  11. One more time:

    Mr. Musk is the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum, but with more money and less ethics.

    Why do you still pretend to be surprised???

  12. When does the creator of the ‘DeLorean of trucks’ (copyright me, 2019) get into cocaine smuggling too?

    1. nah, its fentanyl nowadays.
      coming soon to your high school.
      there’s a reason its called ‘high’.

      anybody know if these teslas are part of a ponzi scheme?

  13. with an acceleration of 2.9 seconds for 0 to 60 mph, a lot of idiots who can not handle a fast car will crash and die with that truck…a car that fast requires skills, most people are bad drivers.

    I predict lots of crashes, injuries and deaths

    1. CF, there is a U-tube of a VW golf Boba doing the quarter mile, that WV has 1235HP, and a skilled driver almost looses it taking the run filmed