21 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. Well, I only watched a few minutes, but when you listen to what happened to this woman, there’s one thing that’s absolutely clear: Britain is a completely and terminally stupid little country.

    1. A quick scroll through The Daily Mail is all you need to come to the same conclusion. “…nasty, defamatory, horrible, typical leftist behaviour…” No shit, Sherlock!

    2. Yea… Think Jessica Yaniv and his no parents swimming party sanctioned by a voted in City Council no less. Seems to me we are following their lead in Every Disgusting Perverted manner.

      Posie..?? Love her.!!
      And I agree with her 100%.

  2. Stand on principle, even if you stand alone; people actually willing to fight, are fairly rare. I wonder if this person is simply rich enough, that being cancelled simply isn’t a consideration? Or have they decided to accept the pain?

    Or possibly, simply an opportunity to ascend to an elite position within one of the feminist factions?

  3. It’s all about power and control BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, even if it means cutting off one’s private bits, injecting oneself with chemicals, and declaring oneself a woman to prove one’s being a victim of one’s body.

    And don’t forget, too. Victimhood is extremely powerful in Western society and has enormous influence on people’s thinking.

    1. I think you are confusing Posie Parker with Parker Posey. But, you are correct; “Best in Show” is hilarious.

  4. BEST Comment of the many that Posie made…yea, I actually watched/listened to the whole interview. It was excellent..! I like her..!!

    “Trans Women (men), demand not only to be accepted as to who they are, they also demand that we SEE them as they see themselves (women).
    Well, Fat fkn chance of that – evah.

    The Enforced gender bending of children is CRIMINAL.

    As an aside, l, Like Posie, was also banned for life from Twatter – for questioning the actual # of Trans folks out there in the wild.

    1. The published number is something like half of one percent have a diagnosed case of gender dysphoria. 500 cases per 100,000 population.

      I think that number is something somebody pulled out of their @$$, and the actual number is far less, more like 0.001%. But that is an opinion, not a fact, just like the 0.5% number.

      But for the sake of the argument, lets pretend that 500 people out of 100,000 think they’re a woman in a man’s body or a man in a woman’s body.

      If a woman thinks she’s Napoleon Bonaparte, is it the opinion of the mental health establishment that we should all play along and encourage this belief?

      1. If someone identifies as a helicopter, can they use food stamps to buy jet fuel, and insist on their right to drink it in public?

        Should a contract killer identify as a vampire (so the victim is food, not human)? Does it matter if they really, really believe that they think they are a vampire, or does the crime of murder trump their beliefs?

        Why can our beliefs be compelled, but not theirs? “take off that dress, put on a sensible shirt and some pants, grow up, learn to use the pair that God gave you.” is probably better life advice than “this week I identify as a Xit, and it’s a hate crime if you don’t squeeze me!”

    2. See my comment below on Andy Ngo picking up a twitter suspension on making fact based statements.

      I agree, she held her own. The interviewers had their own bias which coloured the interview. Gotta hand it to Posie, standing in there.

  5. This interview is worth watching in its entirety. Not because this lady is some kind of world-beater, because I’ve seen Kate McMillan and Kathy Shaidle say all the same stuff as this ten years ago. (Go Kathy go!)

    What makes it worth it is this lady is a Red Pill Lefty. She’s finally gotten to the place with the Left where she said “No!” and has now had to deal with the outcome. She deals with it by never giving an inch. She does not back up. Its worth watching her not back up so you can see how to do it yourself later.

    I said NO! waaaay back in 1991 when Kim Campbell decided gun control would be a real vote getter and brought in C-17. That’s because unlike most Canadians at the time, I knew all the facts about what they were doing. Most people wouldn’t know an FN-FAL from a Red Ryder cap gun… but I did. And that’s why I said NO!

    Trans “rights” is the same thing as gun control or global warming. Same -exact- process too. Take a subject nobody knows anything about, spend a few million bucks on propaganda for five years, and now you’ve got yourself a nice shiny issue you can win a federal election with or construct a whole new government ministry around.

    Watching the interview, I realized how it works. This is the most ridiculous thing I could come up with to illustrate it. Some Lefty academic tells you that the way to make a good impression on a first date is to wear your underwear on your head. When you laugh and tell them to f- off, they ask you “don’t you think its possible there is some woman out there who would think that was great?” Then instead of telling them to f- off again, you think about it. And because we have all been told since we were tiny babies that “anything is possible” you have to agree. Maybe, somewhere, that might be true. Then the Leftist academic says “don’t you think that woman deserves a nice first date?” And because we are all required to be nice to others, you say yes.

    And in five years, after a massive propaganda campaign, people are going out on first dates with underwear on their heads. Which is less idiotic and insane than men in dresses invading women’s bathrooms.

    And that’s how we got here. We’re not going to get out of it by merely standing firm, we’re going to have to go on the attack and start taking back ground. That’s going to be hard, because the sons of bitches run the government. Note Posie Parker’s “interview” with the cops.

  6. God keep me far from any “redpilled feminist” who’s just figured out that she’s outlived her usefulness to the globalist leadership (who are almost all men, and of whom very few have much interest in women over 21 except as useful idiots and cheap labour—for fun in the bedroom, they invariably prefer children).

    When I am king, I will make a point of giving each leader of the feminist sisterhood a “hungry” tranny cellmate while awaiting whatever fate I (on the advice of my subjects) judge most fitting for women who betrayed her father, husband and brothers so horribly as they. The sisterhood and the trannies deserve each other.

  7. A breath of fresh air. I especially liked her comment that it seems to be mostly men wanting to transition to become women, but not so many women wanting to be men. I don’t see any women who have transitioned to become men wanting to compete in typical men sports. Hmmm? I don’t have a problem with a trans person using whichever public bathroom they choose, as long as they do it privately and discreetly.

  8. I seem to recall many of these feminists shrieking about men-only clubs, or the non-existent pay gap, or agitating to let woman reporters into men’s dressing rooms. So pardon me while I go find my tiny violin…

  9. Watched and listened to the whole lot and first thing that struck me was something that I noticed returning last year to the UK for a few months and thats the casual use of the F word.

    It’s now seemingly part of everyday conversation and while I’m no prude it has proved that it has lost its impact and shock factor but also as my father used to say talking about far lesser shock words like heck, hell and bloody, it proves those using them are not only educationally lacking but mental and intellectual midgets limiting themselves to a handful of vulgarities when they have been blessed to be born speaking one of the most expressive and complex languages in mans history.
    Having said that I’m old enough to remember being banned from pubs for using the F word and our local certainly had a swear box on the bar that was not particularly full nor emptied that often. And for those wondering I’m talking about the 70’s.

    I forwarded the link to my niece who is a practicing and devote Christian and still trying to teach in the state education system. She is constantly challenged trying to do her job with the dictates from the “Education Authority” conflicting with her life and beliefs. Many many teachers have given up trying to balance their beliefs with the crazies that run the UK. She is just hanging in there right now but I don’t see that lasting and then the crazies will have won another small victory, at least they will think so.

    The west is dying just as Rome, Greece Babylon and Egypt and its just like bankruptcy, ever ever so slowly and then all of a sudden.