23 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. So Dana had a Bash, and Chris Cuomo had a “Crash”.
    The overreaching effort to appear important…

    This looks all very “Schultzy” to me…”Achtung…I hear nuzzing!”


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  2. opinion opinion opinion commentary commentary.
    yo, CNN, how’s about IMPARTIAL reporting related to FACTUAL information
    instead of the ‘buzz inducing’ spin spin spin spin ??????

    that is the state of current ‘news’ reporting.

  3. …translation…..Trump didn’t care about what Sondland cared about….and what Sondland cared about were things that benefited Sondland

  4. I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

  5. The simple fact is that the News Media have destroyed Biden’s Chance.. It is 24/7 that Trump wanted the Ukraine to investigate Biden, but Trump got exactly what he wanted and Ukraine can forget about that part….Biden done in by the MSM

    What is left is the CIA connection in the Ukraine (The Crowd Guys) that got the Whistleblower all upset… The Senate & DOJ are the right folks to investigate these illegal boys….Heads up Brennan

    JMPV: The Brookings Institute sure provides some strange folks to the foreign service, that is why it has been fucked up for >50 years…Stupid crap recycled without any conscience.

  6. Too funny, Fredo beckoning another disaster, if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit. The DeMarxist gang is a bad joke.

    For the remaining DeMarxists who think they have evidence based on their illegitimate belief Trump’s election was illegitimate:

    Evidence: “one or more reasons for believing that something is or is not true.” Some think believing is the same as truth.

    Examples of evidence: scientific, forensic, documentary, forensic, relevant, unambiguous, as opposed to:

    presuming, assuming, impugning, fabricating, parodying, body language, overheard phone calls, presupposition, conjecture, framing, disregarding actual evidence, imagining, hypothesizing, suspicion, lying, concluding facts not in evidence.

    And so much more. No matter the Dems, now trapped between their incompetent and co-opted old guard wedded to the establishment, lobbying, payoffs and pressure groups and the new squad of equally nefarious and incompetent socialists.

    Obviously it’s no surprise socialists and statists have no respect for the rule of law and voter will, only their power and perks.

    So they have the House votes and will try to impeach Trump there. Too bad for many of them, about thirty I understand, won in districts Trump won. Too bad for them they have to stand for re-election every two years, who lied last time that they would legislate not investigate. The only legislating they’ve done is sending unacceptable leftist legislation to the GOP held Senate.

    The voters will punish them, as they did GOP did when their House majority impeached Clinton, but didn’t railroad.

    Unfortunately it started all the present, ridiculous partisan impeachments and nonsense about vast right wing conspiracies.

  7. What an idiot, but then most of the media are lying idiots. thankfully we can get the truth other places, these media losers lie so much their own dogs won’t come to them.

  8. This whole Impeachment Drama is merely the “Revenge of the State Department Cookie Pushers.”

    What a bunch of weaselly backstabbing little prima donna Bureaucrats.

  9. Wait! What are you CRAZY, anti-Semite, conservatives mocking here!? Dana Bash said she could hear Grandma Cuomo! She SAID IT!! So … Orange Man Bad, OK Boomers!? Gee you’re all so dull witted /Unmeness

  10. Who watches CNN except at airports drinking at the bar while trying to get the barkeep to change the channel? I sure don’t. Though CTV and CBC are just as bad. The three are a big reason I don’t own a TV anymore and haven’t for ten years. I only know who these folks are because of sites like this one. Thanks Kate. I think.

    1. A good reason to own a TV is so one can watch political analysis by independent creators on YouTube or BitChute or one of the other more honest streamers. More comfortable than watching the Fredo clip on a computer or iPad.

  11. I think Fredo’s thought process went something like this:
    “Wha? Mom, Mom… You’re killing me! I coulda been a hero! Why do you keep embarrassing me? You always loved him best!!”

  12. The Presstitutes are mind boggling.
    Da Press: “There is no deep state,stupids conspiracy theory”
    Da Press:’You must believe these permanent civil servants know what the President must have meant when he said..impeach 45″
    “These are the experts and they have been obstructing Trump,for the good of the nation,from day one”.
    Seems to me these Media twits are as smart as Schiffy.
    Who does not know who his whistleblower is,but says you cannot use that name,it will out the whistle blower.
    Now it is possible they all know how stupid the average Demon Rat supporter is,but it is also possible they really no longer know when they are lying.

  13. Like the term “Fredo”, as applied to CNN’s Como. Its usage has increased sharply recently, from his spat when someone called him that months ago. A fitting name for this clown.

  14. When this moves to the Senate and the Chief Justice conducts the Trial, 99.9% of this testimony won’t be allowed. The “someone who overheard a phone conversation told me”, won’t cut it. Coincidentally he was the first person in recorded history to overhear a phone conversation not on speaker phone. The big plus is that in the Senate Joe and Hunter Biden get to perjure themselves. Who even gets to present the case to the Senate? The Republicans?