22 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. I think Trump just won another recruit in the fake news war.

    The funny part is there is no point suing; NYT got no value. They got no cash.

      1. Yes Carlos has the majority in the common shares.
        The family has the absolute majority in ownership in the superior shares.
        Carlos is just keeping them afloat.

        “Since 1967, the company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYT. Of the two categories of stock, Class A and Class B, the former is publicly traded and the latter is held privately—largely (nearly 90%) by the descendants of Adolph Ochs, who purchased The New York Times newspaper in 1896.”

  2. Also something you never see oil companies do, gun manufacturers, those farmer groups you paid to join, Andrew Scheer in defense of …. anything.

  3. The Gay Lady longs for the good old days of its Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin. Just as their remaining tribe subscribers do.

  4. What passes for financial literacy in both the USA and Canada is atrocious. It should not surprise anyone considering the progressives run the education system and they certainly do not want citizens who can actually crunch numbers and make informed decisions.

    What is truly depressing, contrary to the FedEx rebuttal is the the abject failure by fiscal conservatives to effectively counter progressive/communist successes. In actual fact the demand for financial literacy being taught in the school system should be apolitical. Anyone who argues otherwise is in affect arguing for citizen servitude and a serious lack of investment in the economy. Informed people make better decisions plain and simple. A population well grounded in financial affairs would be more likely to call BS to any politician left or right who was attempting their usual round of questionable decision making.

    As we edge ever closer to a very serious financial crisis I had thought it would led to a fundamental shift back to fiscal responsibility. I am not so sure about that as the more likely scenario appears to be civil unrest and violence.

    1. Yup same old cycles.
      Human nature has not changed and the School of Hard Knocks is always open.
      The wilful blindness of our “comrades” has already broken Canada.
      Can-Ahh-Duh will be remembered by the Western Republic as a cautionary tale.
      Never permit central control of human needs.
      Big Government =crushed citizen=no production=Ottawa.
      The belief,magical thinking, that 2 citizens working can support their own families and 5 high priced dependents is where we are.
      Weirdly the assumption is,that people who are being taxed at 50% of their income,will continue what they were doing.
      This is the country of “Sin Taxes” to discourage “Bad Behaviour”.
      I have to conclude “Being Productive” is a sin.
      Canada has more dependents than producers,yet pretends they can import more dependents to populate their way out of their spending hole.
      But what can you expect from people who accepted the criminalization of employing people?
      In the fallout from the Westray Mine,Bill C45 came to be.
      Now you can get jail time for hiring a screw up and failing to protect it from the work environment.
      Criminalizing being an employer, which is sure to encourage job creation.

  5. This is so funny! It reminds me of the last company for which I worked before retirement. It was a co-operative run by a lot of NDP supporters. In the year before I left, it had made so much money that it had to pay corporate tax of $ 57,000. The NDP General Manager had a major “hissy fit” in the kitchen, saying that only rich people should pay tax. As I did a lot of the book-keeping, I reminded him that the co-operative had an exceptionally good year, was able to pay off a lot of outstanding debt and thus was a good candidate for corporate tax. He thought that the co-operative’s outstanding debt should be factored in to the equation. Sadly, the federal government did not look at the books in the same way. Along with his “hissy fit”, he yelled – “We are cancelling Christmas!” Which I thought was funny, as he was Jewish and he should have said “We are cancelling the Winter Solstice Celebration!” I still get tears in my eyes when I remember that 5 minute rant.

  6. Also in 2018 the New York Times cut their capital investments nearly in half to $57 million, which equates to a rounding error when compared to the $6 billion of capital that FedEx invested in the U.S. economy during that same year.

    A “rounding error”!!!! An accountants way of punching someone on the eye.

  7. Holly Jeez! The rarest of finds! A corporate CEO with balls!

    No ron-macleanish-cringing-and-pissing-on-the-floor-like-a-puppydog for this guy!

    1. Fred Smith was an Marine aviation observer. He learn about military logistics and thought to replicate it in civilian market. He literally have to go to Las Vegas with his last $5000 in order to win enough money to pay for the company’s jet fuel cost (for one week) in the early day.

    1. Anyone who “talks back” to the NYT is termed a publicity stunt. They don’t actually BELIEVE in speaking truth to power … their power.

  8. Weirdly, I’ve been a fan of FedEx for a couple of days now since this story first made the news.

    Certain that President Donald J. Trump laughed out loud when he read of this morning news.

  9. NYT been around since September 18th 1851.
    New York Times Co
    NYSE: NYT · November 20, 11:44 AM EST, 31.21 ▼ 0.57 (1.79%)
    New York Times annual revenue for 2018 was $1.749B, a 4.35% increase from 2017.

    FedEx been around since October 2, 1997.
    FedEx Corp
    NYSE: FDX · November 20, 11:45 AM EST, 153.94 ▼ 1.57 (1.01%)
    FedEx annual revenue for 2018 was $65.45B, an 8.51% increase from 2017.

    Read the memo to see who is doing better as a business proposition.
    One does not have to favor one or the other, just compare the socialists to the free enterprisers.
    The numbers are talking bigly.

    1. lol !!!
      fyi SDA, torstar stock is half a buck right now.
      LOL !!!!!
      penny stock it is !!!! ha ha ha !!!!

      I totally agree with anyone pointing the finger (or punching them in the face) at the edjukashun cystem.
      based on personal experience as well.
      I HATED grade school.

  10. Good for Fred Smith. He has learned to punch back twice as hard, to quote the light worker Barry Hussein Obama.