Black Like Me

The possibilities are endless;

The Universities and Colleges Union has set out its stance in a report on the ongoing row about whether men should be able to self-identify as women and be treated as female regardless of their anatomy.
The UCU’s ‘position statement’ did not just stand by its support for self-identification of gender, but also insisted people can choose their own race, saying: ‘Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry and stereotyping. UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.’

Faster, please.

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  1. “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis‬ ‭1:27‬ ‭

    When society leaves the foundational premise of God creating and being Supreme there is then no longer order. Every man does what’s right in his own eyes. The depth of the depravity of man is only beginning to show its ugly head.

  2. I said once that I was a 6ft tall black lesbian to try to make a point. It now seems that I was right all along

      1. I’m self-identifying as 80, so I’m in great shape, considering. For 20, I’d be so decrepit. Now, who do I see about a couple decades of back pay from CPP?

  3. I hope this sort of madness continues, at least that way the ideology can collapse in on itself faster, that and anyone being attacked for their skin color can just declare themselves part of another race and end the ridiculous accusations

  4. Brave prediction: the next challenge that comes from all this will be when people want to switch back and forth constantly, to best advantage. Car insurance premiums due? Hey, I’m female this week. Opening for a spot in an all-male college dormitory? Oh, yeah, I’m male again as of Thursday. Great debate will ensue on how often these leopards can change their spots.

    If any good could come from that insanity, it might make discrimination impossible in some areas. You want to give preference to, say, black applicants to your law faculty? Good luck when all applicants are now black.

    1. So the entire world is going apoplectic because some hundred-millionaire Hollywooden actresses $Paid$ hundreds of thousands $$$ to swindle her daughter into college …

      However … if I instruct my son to “identify” as a “Brown skinned, female, illegal immigrant Dreamer” … then not only will “she” be admitted to the college of “her” choice … but tuition, books, and board will be FREE!!!

    1. As I saw on
      “Men are from Mars,
      Women are from Venus,
      All those other genders come from Uranus.”

  5. I don’t think my Scandinavian backside could pass for black, but Hispanic or Native American may be possible. Maybe instead I should claim to be a really butch lesbian instead?

    1. Oh please, you’re just a black lesbian trapped in a Scandinavian body. There, wasn’t that easy? Now you get to demand preferential treatment and free shit from patriarchy and whitey at the same time.

  6. This is what happens when insanity is accepted as normal. There are male and female, black and white and shades of skin in between. There are different races and a mixing of them at times. All else is just plain insanity.

    1. @Old White Guy:
      Exactly. Simply put. What is so f’ing wrong with society to put up with this BS? The kids are being brainwashed by politically correct leftist retards.

  7. My son recently completed an apprenticeship and was in the process of applying for an apprenticeship grant. While at the office, he noticed a poster which stated that women get 3x the grant money. So, my son decided at that moment to identify as a female on his grant application.

    Later, when he told me about what he’d done to my raised eyebrow he said, “Dad, for two grand I’ll show up in a dress to pick up the cheque. Trudeau and bill C-16 made everyone afraid call anyone on it so eff those idiots.”

    Boys will be boys…

  8. That is the thing. The oaradoxes, the obvious contradictions, they aren’t going to cause it to collapse.

    The contradictions and flight from rational have always been there. The whole time these cults have been growing, they have been there.

    What makes you think illogic, criminality, whatever, suddenly matter now?

    1. They used to have the paradoxes compartmentalized before intersectionality. Feminists were separate from minorities, who were separate from gays and lesbians, while trans was such a rarity that it made the news every time one transitioned. Each group could at least be internally consistent in their beliefs even if detached from reality. Since intersectionality however, they have to abide by each others definitions and rules even when it conflicts with their own, and they are being forced to go out into the world and try to live by their collective ideologies and push it onto everyone all at once.

      They started slowly on their destruction of society with the boiling the frog theory, not understanding that there is no “society”, just an ever changing group of individuals coming and going as they are born and die. Pepe was just the first frog to show up and say “Hey, this water is kinda hot.”

  9. It is a little known fact that in his student days, Yanis Varoufakis, the son of a Greek oligarch who later became Greece’s financial mountebank, talked his way into the leadership of his English university’s Black Student Union, on the grounds that “black” was a political label with no genetic component whatever and that he was as oppressed as they.

    Who are the oppressed? Anybody who is willing to collaborate with the globalists in helping destroy western civilization is allowed to make a claim of oppression, no matter how obviously pampered they are.

    Hence we have oligarchs who claim Jewish ancestry, and call any criticism of their treachery anti-Semitic—none of whom would dream of going to Israel, picking up an Uzi and fighting against real anti-Semitism. That job is for frightened Russian boys who are called racists for doing their job even by many of Israel’s own liberal elite (the one currently plotting the overthrow of Netanyahu).

  10. For decades in Nova Scotia, African Nova Scotian students were given money for regular school attendance (and this still may be the case). But who qualifies? Black Africans and Afro-Caribbean Nova Scotians as well as descendents of Black Loyalists, etc.? The Department of Education applied no test, and, presumably, any student who had the nerve could have received the subsidy.

  11. Heh …

    There are many of those that identify as Napoleon, not the least, one Trudeau.

    The western education is in tailspin.

  12. My boss told me I had to change my race to African/ Arab / Jewish / Aboriginal / Asian so he could meet his diversity quota.