5 Replies to “She Reeks Of Class”

  1. I clicked on “it is damaged”, I have never used this ever in my life, but OMG, what the heck is that?

  2. No, Anna, you are on the right side of that gap. Which is sad, when we consider what that implies about the future of our people.

    Of course there have always been freaks, failures, misfits, and damaged individuals among us, and sometimes their condition drove some of them individually to rise above it and achieve things that made a positive contribution. But now they are praised and emulated simply for what is wrong with them and encouraged to be a problem, and that isn’t good for them or for the rest of us.

  3. ha ha !!!
    regarding the feminist geography emails, an observation:
    phone messages were *supposed* to be about NOT ‘missing’ calls.
    quickly evolved into a means of SCREENING calls eh?
    same as caller ID.
    likewise email . . . . . .

    aint technology wunnerful !!!!