27 Replies to “November 15, 2019: Reader Tips”

  1. Blackie’s Toronto Star reports that Groper has retweeted two of his MPs comments denouncing Cherry, including his Somali migration minister.

  2. I see some of the Humbolt Broncos parents have condemned the social tv show and the squealing piece of blubber that hates hockey players Good on them for stepping up

    1. “many non-black people of color”…

      That’s a new one. I agree Buddy, totally bat-shit crazy.

  3. Moron of the day goes to Rylan Higgins of Nova Scotia who wants Alberta to close down its evil oil industry because it made him unsuccessful in his younger days. Now he teaches his moronic ways to the kids at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.


    “In short, we’d be better off without oil and gas, and I’d bet there are plenty of workers and families who’d love an economy based on more stable, just and environmentally friendly industries.”

    Like living off the teat of government, no doubt. And driving an SUV to work I would wager.

    1. I guess he wasn’t accepted to sing with” The Men Of The Deeps.” After the collapse of the coal industry in Nova Scotia many found jobs in Alberta but this mustn’t be spoken of.

    2. He clearly doesn’t understand that resource extraction is a pillar of a strong economy or that its a fundamental requirement for infrastructure like schools. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia in a while, but don’t they pave their roads with asphalt? Maybe the lithium batteries he uses come from the bums of Cape Breton fairies.
      Moron? He might be a full retard.

      1. Resource extraction is the only thing Canada has going for it. We are a small population of a vast resource wealthy country, we should all be Arab wealthy, but we are all too stupid to take advantage of this fact.
        No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

    1. I’ll pitch in for a set of fake antlers for Ralphie the Nazi Hunter. Any other takers ?

  4. Crazy Cat Lady Lizzie May just finished her photo op with Blackie. They both agree that the most important issue facing Canadians is global warming. Just look at the heat wave we are going through right now. They will discuss how the Green Party and Groper’s government can increase global warming scams. Lizzie also will be discussing abortion services in New Brunswick with him. He nodded his head in agreement because as we know, he was very upset during the election of the Nazi premier there denying women services to kill their babies. They will also be working together to bring Canada under UN control regarding whiny indians, because the evil Conservative senators are holding it up. Get ready Canada, parliament is going full socialist this year. Thank you Toronto.

  5. Here is an excellent piece by Nico Johnson, of the Post Millenial, where he attacks the Canadian Anti-Hate Network CAN):

    for supporting Antifa and other leftist groups.

    What I like about it is that midway through the article Johnson weighs in heavily against Bernie Farber, the CEO of CAN. From this write-up, it seems that Farber has drifted further and further to the left. Recall years ago, when he was in charge of the main Canadian Jewish group, he remained silent during the time Jewish students were under attack at Canadian universities. He didn’t lift a finger. Good article, and more should be done to investigate Farber’s extremism.

  6. National Post website has interesting graphs on how Alberta provides money to Quebec etc. through equalization.

  7. Breaking news from the Globe and Mail: CN Rail just announced a layoff of 1,200 workers, given softness in the Canadian and U.S. economy.

    1. David

      Hmm…I’m sure there’ll be some celebrating in Ottawa with that little tidbit of News. Certain members of the Open Society – PMO – Cabinet will be uncorking Champagne and or Apple juice…After all that is the plan is it not.?

      Destroying Canada’s Industrial Capability as per the Dead Guru of Agenda 21 Maurice Strong..?

  8. BREAKING: Jury rules against Daleiden, pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts

    Pete Baklinski / LifeSiteNews.com
    Lianne Laurence
    Fri Nov 15, 2019 – 3:26 pm EST

    SAN FRANCISCO, California, November 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress undercover investigators have been found guilty of multiple crimes and must pay millions in damages to Planned Parenthood for the work they did in exposing organ harvesting on aborted babies.

    The jury of nine men and one woman released its verdict Friday afternoon after deliberating less than two days, even though the landmark civil trial took six weeks.

    Verdict is in: Jury finds David Daleiden and CMP liable in their undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood for millions of dollars in damages for the work they did to expose organ harvesting on live babies:


    More here