65 Replies to “Hockey Night In Wokestan”

  1. Oh yea, hockey needs more transsexuals, muslims, and of course black people to win a game – you go girl!

    The fights will be awesome.

  2. The NBA has more than enough diversity to offset hockey. NBA 74.4 percent black players, 23.3 percent white players

      1. Well, it does, to be honest.

        I can’t quite understand why Mr. Trudeau, Jr. has called Parliament back into Session on December 5, 2019.

        After all, there is a very good IPA named “Old Tomorrow” (Sir John A.’s nickname) by a craft brewery in Toronto, I think. Also, Mackenzie King is known to have said, “The CCF [predecessor of the NDP] are Liberals in a hurry.”

        Would it have killed Trudeau, Jr. to wait until January 6, 2020, say?

        So, as I see it, the Grits are going to take a pummelling from the Tories in the two weeks just ahead of the Christmas break (even Andrew Scheer — champion of the popular vote though he is — must see the opportunities). Does one really want people talking about this over the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy? After all, the polls in 2005 didn’t swing to Mr. Harper’s advantage until very early 2006.

        Maybe there’s some Gerry Butts strategy in this, but I feel that the Liberals are panicked for some reason or other, and that they need to be seen, in their minds, as responding to public sentiment; otherwise, why not wait until the Conservative s***-show begins over the winter?

        This development strengthens Mr. Scheer’s hand enormously, in my view.

  3. Where do they find these weasels… Hockey is not a childish game of diversity, it is a completion of talent on the ice….. NOT the Ice Capades figure skating… The Canadian Women’s team is/was exceptional, they don’t need help in playing the game either….

    I thought that Ballard was the worst owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs because he didn’t dress the best players, he let the stupid sports writers pick the team…Losers always…..

    1. Speaking of metrosexual, effeminate, weasel GM’s …. how about more d-I-v-e-r-s-i-t-y in the GM offices!? No more poindexters with MBA’s. How bout some H1-b visa-holding Punjabi’s take this pukes job? Hey! Diversity STARTS in the GM’s office, eh? Maybe some “fresh blood” from Mumbai will make Hockey more Cricket-like?

      Gawd I have NO USE for FAKE woke virtue-masturbators. Go sit in a corner and rub one out in private. We’re not interested in watching you spew such nonsense all over your dropped trousers.

  4. NFL 68% black 28% white
    MLB 6.7% Black 63.7% white 27.4% Hispanic
    NBA 74.4 % black 23.3% white
    NHL 93% white 7% others

    1. Brilliant!


      And let me add … that “white” families are NOT ALLOWING their children to play football because of FEAR of CTE. The ratio of white people in Football is going to crater by 50% in the next 10 years.

  5. “If [Elena] Kagan [President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court] is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats. Is this Democrats’ idea of diversity?” Patrick Buchanan

  6. Diversity drives hockey out. Wexford Minor Hockey Association used to be the biggest in Canada. Wexford is part of Scarborough (part of Toronto for those from a long way away). Wexford is so diverse there are very few white people there any more, and as a result the WMHA folded about a decade ago.

    1. … and that’s the trend the NHL is terrified to confront; that their days in Bananada, are numbered. Fools all.

      1. Not surprising that ALL forms of competition are “boring” in your mind. Let me guess … you work for the government? You’re like a Democrap “witness” at Adam Schiff-for-brains “Impeachment” shows.

  7. Imagine this happening when James Watt invented the steam engine or Edison, Darwin, Einstein, Wright brothers, Salk, Banting etc. and the SJWs tell them that is pretty neat but we have enough inventions from white males.

  8. Bring in the Little People ! Seriously, if winning a competition between athletes isn’t the priority anymore, where do they draw the line? Maybe NHL players that need emotional support lama’s is a bridge too far for them?

  9. Dubas is right we need more kids playing hockey in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Iran… all those skating rinks sitting empty… oh wait.

  10. Great.
    More unqualified people in jobs that the only job qualification that they have is the colour of their skin, or what’s in their pants.

  11. You can tell just by looking at the guy can’t ya? In fact has anyone seen Leafs GM Kyle Dubas in the same room as Eric Ciaramella? Maybe they share the same pajamas.
    BTW, didn’t the Leafs trade away Nazem Kadri? The only player of Muslim faith and the forth of Lebanese decent to make the NHL?

    1. Just to add to this…
      Kadri DEFENDED Don Cherry today. I’m sure when they asked him the thought was “this guy is a ‘You People’ looking guy, he’ll say the RIGHT thing. Nope. He didn’t play along. The writer of this column called his opinion a “…unique perspective…”


  12. CBC News just laid off 35 employees in Toronto because of declining ad revenues. Rogers fired Don Cherry on Monday and by the end of the week their stock was down 5%. Just wait because it’s going to get much worse for both of them. Go woke go broke. Don Cherry was the last conservative voice in Canadian media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1WIHEJwYqE

    1. Maybe related – My Rogers cell phone service sucked so much I got rid of my cable TV completely and got phone service from Telus instead. I was so impressed with Telus I bought stock in it, and the stock is up 6 percent – and pays about a 5% dividend – since I bought it about two months ago.

  13. The cultural Marxists have targeted hockey because:

    1. It’s predominately, a male sport. (the sexist rant on the CTV program has joined the Holy War against “toxic masculinity”.

    2. The use of an ice surface playing field means only that those who learned to adapt and thrive in winter… read pale skinned people, could develop and value it. To the virtue signaler’s mind; any people, whose ancestors learned to adapt and thrive in winter, instead of freezing to death, inherited “white” privilege.

    3. Justin Trudeau statement that “Canada has no core identity, no mainstream Canada.” was not an observation but a goal to be achieved by those who share his contempt for the very idea of a self-governed nation-state. As the nation state is the political vehicle best suited for a self-governing people whose shared values enable a cohesive social and political structure.

    “Politics is downstream from culture.(Andrew Breitbart), and there is no more unifying expression of a shared culture in Canada, than hockey. Destroying it’s status is a therefore a requirement for weakening social and political cohesiveness, in order to further the Cult. Marxists avowed end goal, so forthrightly opined by the vandal re-elected as Prime Minister.

    Totalitarians of the sort, the globalist/Marxist/Ummah(Islamists) are united by their nihilist view of humanity and proving it by sowing chaos.

    (As for Sportsnet, CTV, the Tor. Maple Leafs G.M. and in-Justin, “He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the wind.”-Proverbs)

    4. Their real target for destruction is the British/European development of the nation-state as the political expression of the religious/philosophical belief in individual Rights(+Responsibilities e.i. free will).

    The political campaign for the destruction of Canada, as a nation-state of self-governing individuals, continues apace.

  14. From the linked article:
    “On Tuesday, Jessica Allen, a correspondent on CTV’s The Social, was debating Cherry’s firing with her co-hosts when said she doesn’t “worship at the altar of hockey” and found in her experience that those who did “all tended to be white boys who weren’t, let’s say, very nice.”

    That was not a debate. There was one side agreeing on most things, and the other side that “almost” agreed with everything. There wasn’t enough dissent to be remotely near 50:50 and for one side to be declared a winner in the charade.
    I watched the entire 9-10 minutes in all its glory.

    Scroll down to “Girls bully in packs”

    I think it’s terrific that the Toronto Maple Leaves are going metric with diversity.
    52 years? Chances are good that all the other NHL teams will have a winner before the Leaves win the cup again.

    Good on them I say, good on them. Only 48 more years until Canada’s bi-centennial, and at the current rate of political strife, that day’s never going to come.

    I’d told my dad that the Montreal Canadians named the country after themselves, knowing they’d be the greatest hockey club OF ALL TIME and their front office had decided that with the previous 2 dynasties in the NHL having belonged to the Habs, the decent thing to do would be to allow the hapless Maple Leaves to win the cup in Canada’s centenary year. A gift to the Maple Leaves, from Canada’s founding hockey club … My dad could hardly speak, apoplectic again, while my mom said, “Bruce can’t you see he’s baiting you” …

    I swear, every word of this is true.

        1. I channel-surfed onto the show, for about 60 seconds, and I was horrified to know shows like this existed.

    1. Just the right age to be the new General Manager of the Toronto Maple Laughs. Where do I sign a petition demanding they diversify and hire her?

  15. This Dumbass doesn’t even have moss on his stones. Who gives a shit what people look like in pro sports. Its about winning. What a maroon.

  16. Dubas isn’t going to get the diversity he desires until the children of the people he wants start playing hockey. Until the game becomes comprehensible and then enjoyable to them, they’re not interested in working in the front office of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The sport his targeted group pays attention to is soccer. They’re familiar with it, knowledgeable about it, fans. Soccer can be played nearly anywhere you can find a space and you have a ball. That’s most anywhere in the world. No problem getting “diversity” in the front office of Toronto FC.
    Even then, if you asked the “diverse” people working for Toronto FC why they are there you might find that no matter what they look like or where they may have originated they share a commonality of purpose — participate in a successful enterprise and win a championship.

  17. Dubas has screwed this team up beyond repair.If MLSE had any sense they’d fire the schmuck and let him run for the LPC in the next byelection. Dubas traded away any character or toughness the team had, believes the Nylander type can win a Stanley Cup. Diversity is for talk shows and federal Cabinets. Tough bastards like Brad Marchand win hockey games. Can’t wait to see the next Boston shitkicking of Dubas diverse bunch.

    Allah almighty I’m glad I’m old.

  18. Might I suggest he try recruiting at the libraries that run those fr77k-I mean stories by transvestites etc. Dude you can’t get more diverse than that. Liberals poison all they touch, and now hockey has become one of their targets. We’re boycotting CTV and we will never watch hockey night in Canada again.

  19. Shanahan and Dubas have done such a lousy job I don’t doubt Michelle Obama could do better. This team is as gutless as their reaction to Don Cherry’s firing. Not one member of this team will ever win a playoff round as a Toronto Maple Leaf. Mark my words.

    I have been alive to see Toronto Maple Leafs win four Stanley cups. I will never see another.

  20. Canada…the dead stinking albatross around Alberta’s neck.

    I’ll believe the leafs care about diversity when half their team is female. It’s what Trudy would do,

  21. Wait a minute.

    The Canadian Woman’s Hockey Team and the “Goat” Hayley Wickenheiser practice against a midget boys team before they play in the World Championships because they play at that level.

    Yet it’s all Wick all the time in the Media Hall of Fame coverage. Forget Carbs and Zubie. Vaclav who? Midget hockey players lauded over NHL Legends. Joke.

    Last year even more pathetic. You wouldn’t know that maybe the greatest goalie of all time, Brodeur, was being inducted, let alone St. Louis as Jayna Hedfford got all the Canadian Soyboy/Feminazi press.

    It’s hilarious enough that they induct these female “hockey players” at the same time as the real players, it’s a disgrace when the real players are overshadowed by the “fake”.

    Fake, phony Canada.

  22. Toronto Maple Leafs, 52 years of failures and still looking for more incompetents. There are never enough ‘don’t give a damn just give me the money’ team members.

  23. Went to the Bruin’s game last night in trana…Bos 4 Leafs 2 . Go suck a lemon . Maybe time to look at whats on the ice and not whats sucking up the oxygen in the front office .

  24. Watched the Oil gas one against Dallas.
    The pissant ron mcLean is back in his old chair. Prideless backstabber.

  25. Hey Dubas, here’s a free business idea for you: throw a challenge out to potential fans by simply proposing that your team’s diversity will reflect the diversity of the fan base.