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  1. This is actually an important issue — both in the current time, but also in the somewhat recent/distant past.

    It’s how I know Jason Kenney, actually, and it had a certain amount to do with the amalgamation of the PC Party of Canada and the Reform Party of Canada.

    The facts of the matter, as I know them, are these:

    – I was called to an emergency meeting, in very early 2004 (to the best of my recollection), at Massey College (Vincent Massey, in whose honour the institution is named, was the first Canadian-born Governor-General, at least since Confederation), University of Toronto, of elements of the Monarchist League of Canada, among other entities, to discuss the perceived self-aggrandizing behaviour of one Adrienne Clarkson, Governor-General, and her assistant, whose name escapes me at the moment;

    – Jason Kenney, M.P., Opposition Deputy House Leader [Reform Party], Member of Parliament — Calgary SE (I’m reading from his business card), was also in attendance;

    – Apparently, the immediate issues pertained to the revision of the Letters Patent, granted by His Majesty King George VI, Her Majesty’s father, in 1947, with respect to the transfer of certain Crown prerogative powers to Canada, along with the usual abuse of expense accounts by self-aggrandizing people.

    – Government House (Rideau Hall) had apparently bullied, or so it was claimed, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Jr. into accepting such changes, among others, as having Canadian ambassadors, High Commissioners, Judges, etc. appointed in the name of the sitting Governor-General, rather than in the name of the reigning monarch.

    – Fortunately, Mr. Kenney was there to save the day, wherein he used the usual Wednesday morning privilege of the Opposition to “call for papers” — government records — on the subject, which sunk the entire thing (Martin’s government couldn’t defend said actions in public, and didn’t risk it; John Nater, my local MP, also used the same tactic on an unrelated matter in the last Session, which also sunk a Trudeau plan).

    Expect this to be the new normal. Our country is under enormous stress, at the moment: without adherence to strict constitutionalism, it has no chance, even if it has one at all.

    1. “…Our country is under enormous stress, at the moment”

      Indeed, David. And with a population largely oblivious to, or uncaring about, the tremors and rifts.

  2. It was the Liberals who proclaimed that famous sentence, we are entitled to our entitlements. And Blackie is doing his thing for global warming, by having the Governor General burn jet fuel to Europe on a government jet within the next few days, on some sort of public relations time waster.

  3. Your headline says it all. Typical liberal bafflegab and they really do not have to follow any rules, ever.

  4. They also lie about their lies, are shameless about the shameful and disdainful of deplorables who would dare to discuss.

  5. History Lesson. When the Statute of Westminster 1931 was signed into law by the UK and all her Colonies, including Canada, Australia, SA. India, NZ, Ireland etc. In 1931.
    The Power To Grant Letters Patent by the UK Sovereign ended. You can read this if you like in the history books. From that date no UK Sovereign ever again signed a Letters Patent.
    Canada does not really have a true Constitution. All it has is the BNA, which was merely the instructions of a Foreign Power to an appointed Governor General on how a Colony was to be administered.
    It never was intended to be a Constitution. The BNA is an Act of a Foreign Government. It never was a Canadian Act of a Canadian Parliament.
    Which is why the BNA Act itself is still in the UK.
    All the talk of Ottawa and others that PET Repatriated it and it was now a Canadian Constitution was just that talk. PET tried to bring it to Canada and was refused by the UK Parliament.
    Think about it, how ridiculous this would be, if we demanded that the USA take their Declaration of Independence and give it to us.
    Britain said NO. So Trudeau was in a bind.
    The Original BNA is still in the UK. So he made a copy and added his Marxist program on the top of the BNA and said here is your damn Constitution. A joke. A cruel joke.
    Wisely Quebec refused to sign. This scam is now entrenched by the courts and it is in a lock box and is virtually impossible to amend because of Quebec’s veto over the whole country pretty much.
    Back to the Letters Patent. I did a fair bit of research on the history of the Letters Patent a few years back for a Separatist Group I belonged too at the time.
    Here is what I found. Previous to the signing of the Statute of Westminster 1931. The Crown, the King/Queen signed all Letters Patent. After 1931 not legally possible.
    So here we were in a dilemma. Canada from 1931 has had an impostor has a Gov. Gen.
    Because under the BNA only the Sovereign could appoint a G.G.
    This was overcome by the Liberal PM usurping the powers of the Sovereign and illegally appointing his own Head of State. And forging his own Letters Patent. What should have happened at that time, was that Canada should have began electing our own Head of State.
    Ottawa did not want this, they wanted to keep control in the PMO.
    So we have had a fake appointed Head of State ever since.
    In my research I found a copy of pre 1931 Letters Patent, all beautiful hand written in the old way on Parchment. You can go to a website and see this on an Australian website, a history site.
    The instructions to the GG appointed by the Sovereign is that the newly appointed GG must publicly post The Letters Patent for all to see. This was never done again in Canada.
    Because from 1931 and the last GG appointed by the King of England the Sovereign could no longer do this, it is and was illegal for this to happen from that date.
    The Statute of Westminster ended this practice.
    So the PM began authoring his own. But because it was illegal he did not do this until 1947 because it is a fraud.
    I wrote to the GG some years back asking for a copy of his Letters Patent authorizing and giving the Office of GG its authority and they refused.
    The whole thing is a typical Canadian scam and a sham.
    The Premiers need to demand that the position of GG be an elected position not an appointed position, and begin holding direct one man one vote elections. In this way the power of the PM would be weakened and some control give back to the people.
    Because the newly elected Head of State could veto many of the PMO’s Bills using the residual power of the sovereign.
    If this is done, the people in the Provinces such as Alberta should demand that the position of Lt. Gov. is also an elected position by direct popular vote.
    And this would also bring an end to the power of the Premier over the citizens of each Province. Don’t believe me go read some history. It is legal under the laws of Canada, as they signed the Statute of Westminster 1931. Quebec would definitely try to stop this as it weakens their control. A directly elected Head of State threatens the Eastern Elites power to treat us as a Colony.
    Go back and read the minutes of the two Imperial Conferences leading up to the enactment of the Statute of Westminster 1931.
    The position was supposed to be elected from that date. But in typical Canadian fashion.
    Democracy for Canadian Men and Women was denied. In Ottawa’s opinion there are no Adult Men or Women in Canada who are Mature enough to pick their own Head of State in a Free and Democratic Election. We are all children. Canada The Fake Country, Fake Democracy, with a Fake Negro Prime Minister elected by a Fake Democratic Vote. Who then appoints a Fake Head of State for us all.
    Feeling Ridiculous Yet. Come on chant “I Am Canadian” once more Ha Ha Ha.
    Go UDI ALBERTA get off the Damnable Slave Ship Canada. Demand your Rights. Give Up The Voluntary Servitude. Go UDI.

    1. Here is another Canadian Disgrace. The Privy Council. The Privy Council is like a 4th Order of Government all unelected. If Canadians want to keep this fine. But at least remove their power of Orders in Council. Right now they can raise or levy fees and duties. Amend acts of Parliament through changes by Order In Council. None of this is reviewed by elected Representatives. Look up all the Orders in Council. This is how they change law. They have made quite a few changes to Canada’s gun laws for example, by a simple Order in Council. Many of those appointed are business connections to politicians. For many years for example Power Corp was on the Privy Council which makes Cabinet Business available to any people. In my mind a clear Conflict of Interest. Canada the Fake Country.

      1. Western Canadian farmers are familiar with orders in council. Throughout the forties the government of the day gradually used orders in council to bring grain marketing in Western Canada under government control.
        Long story short the property rights of farmers were extinguished by members of a Privy Council who didn’t know shit from shinola but were required to do the bidding of their political masters.

    2. Better have a look at this:


      The controversy in which I was tangentially involved is even described in the excerpt, with Ms. Clarkson specifically named. Ms. Clarkson’s behaviour became completely untenable, when, at the 60th anniversary of D-Day (I’m pretty sure), she showed up on Juno Beach at precisely the same moment as the Queen did, as if Canada had two heads of state (a condition that Conrad Black, despite his wisdom in almost all matters, seems to be advocating even now, for some reason). Rest assured, Letters Patent can still be issued in the areas indicated.

      The point I was making was about the added complication of having a governor-general-gone-rogue is that it adds another layer of uncertainty to the national predicament and further undermines the country’s institutions. I can certainly understand Western Canada’s frustration — many in Ontario feel the same way; we get absolutely no benefit from paying more than market prices for fossil fuels and all things derived therefrom. I hope the country can find its way, but if it doesn’t, so be it.

      The situation with Ms. Payette mirrors that of Ms. Clarkson and Ms. Jean in many respects. All three were nominated by weak Liberal prime ministers who didn’t know what they were doing, but who followed “woke” orthodoxy, such as it is, only to find themselves with a significant political irritant of their own making. The entire point about Mr. Harper’s appointment of Dr. Johnson was that it was intended to de-program the “over-excitedness”, to put it politely, that had been pushed into the office of Governor-General. And it worked (and I ain’t sayin’ that women are worse than men or that women are stupid, blah, blah, blah — our host here would make a great Governor-General, for example — but if you get “woke”, as Glenn Reynolds likes to say, prepare to go broke).

      1. No more appointed Heads of State David. There are surely enough adult men and women to directly elect our own Head of State, who will represent the citizens of every Province and be a check on the PM. Much faster than a Triple EEE Senate. And elected so that the term over laps Federal Elections by 1 year. A True Head of State with the support of a Free and Democratic Election. And because an elected Head of State is not inside the BNA can be done with 70% support of Canadian Voters. And no special deals for any area of Canada. Direct Popular Vote No Strings. Enough of Fake Canadian Appointments.

        1. Believe me, I hate disagreeing with you, as I happen to agree with the overwhelming number of your positions. Nevertheless, I have to demur on this one, for the following reasons:

          1. We don’t need more politicians;


          2. The 1982 Constitution provides:

          (a) a general amending clause, wherein changes must be agreed by 7 provinces (meaning provincial parliaments), representing at least 50% of the Canadian public, along with the Parliament of Canada, and

          (b) a specific amending clause, wherein changes to the status of the Monarchy, Governor-General and provincial Lieutenants-Governor must be agreed by unanimous consent of all provincial parliaments, along with the Parliament of Canada;


          (c) If we went over to a direct popular election for head of state, it’d be Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces (and 60% of B.C.) determining the outcome. Which would be different from what we have now how?

          Personally, I’d be happy with the pipelines being built, the carbon tax coming off, a re-negotiation of the transfer payment scheme to reward economic growth and penalize profligacy, and a foreign policy that goes after the big polluters, rather than our people.

          Surely to God we can cobble that one together, without a big Conservative melt-down in the process — the latter of which would surely result in a non-Western Canadian leader (and I like Peter MacKay; he’s been to my house and briefly dated my sister-in-law, just as surely as John A. Macdonald danced on the dining room table at the house next door — all true).

          1. Yes I agree with your quote as to rules for GOV. Gen. But seeing as the whole position is illegitimate it can and should be brought into the Modern world. Go read the Statute of Westminister 1931, and the minutes of both Imperial Conferences leading up to the adoption of the Statute and the signatories to the Statute. All of which makes what you are discussing Ultra Vires. If you want to go to a fine point of law. Because you break 2 laws does not make it any better. I disagree with you on that point. Any law Ottawa made after 1931 to do with the GG is actually fraud.

          2. DS here is how NZ fixed their predicament, they were under the same restrictions as Canada as to altering their Constitution. An interesting read. Just to help dispel the myth that Canada is bound forever to the rules laid down. As many of you know, this is why I also say the fasted, cleanest way to untie nay slice through the Gordinian Knot of Canada’s terrible constitution is for each Province To Declare a UDI. Making themselves internationally a Free and Independent Country. Then after this if they wish to Federate on Equal terms with a Ratified Constitution they can do as equals Not the cobbled up mess that we now have. UDI Alberta. Throw the Undemocratic Fake Constitution directly on the manure pile. And create a real Constitution.

      2. David, don’t forget to include Jeanne Sauve in your list of vice-regal harpies. Had she not fallen deathly ill shortly after her appointment as GG, she would have been another self-aggrandising faux-monarch.

          1. You are right. I ought to have said she deserved a (dis)honourable mention only.

            On your point about Letters Patent. I learned about them during Clarkson’s vice-reign. I had noticed that her website described her as the Commander-in-Chief of Canada’s armed forces. I remembered from reading the old British North America Act that such a title belonged to the UK’s Sovereign.

            I wrote the Globe and Mail and the National Post, asserting that Queen Adrienne had usurped authority over the military. Ken Whyte wrote me back immediately, excitedly wanting to run with it. Michael Valpy, on the other hand, blandly replied that the title had been “transferred to the GG in a Letter Patent”. Valpy also said that an LP in King’s day, and another in St. Laurent’s, were grab-bags of residual powers of the monarch given to, essentially, the (Liberal) PMO and/or Clerk of the PC of the day. Valpy was quite knowledgeable, and he educated me that day about the existence of such extra-constitutional, supra-legal articles of governance.

            When I wrote back Whyte to explain what I learned, he was quite disappointed we couldn’t accuse Clarkson of yet another malfeasance of office. My overall point is that very few people in this country really understand much about the basis upon which authority is claimed and executed.

          2. Since the Provinces must enjoy the condition of sovereignty and independence before they can federate, it was necessary that the British government relinquish its authority over them. This was done through the enactment of the Statute of Westminster on December 11, 1931. By section 7, paragraph 2, of this statute, the Provinces of Canada were made sovereign, free and independent in order that they might consummate the federal union which they wished to create in 1867, but were not permitted to do so.
            Since December 11, 1931, the Provinces of Canada have not acted on their newly acquired status; they have not signed any agreement, they have not adopted a constitution, and the people of Canada have not ratified a constitution. Such action should have been taken immediately upon the enactment of the Statute of Westminster. It is by reason of the failure of the Provinces and of the people of Canada to take this action that all the anomalies in our present position exist. We have been trying since 1931 to govern ourselves federally, under an instrument, which was nothing more than an act of the Imperial Parliament for the purpose of governing a colonial possession.
            Not only has this anomalous condition obtained since 1931, but it has done so without any reference whatsoever having been made to the Canadian people. They have not been consulted on anything pertaining to constitutional matters. Before there can be a federal union in Canada and a federal government, the Provinces of Canada must be free and independent to consummate such a union. They have been free to do so since December 11, 1931, but they have not done so.

      3. As a woman, it pains me to say this, but when I look at the records of all the GG’s Canada has had, comparing the men and the women, the latter are by far the biggest spendthrifts (on the taxpayers’ dime, of course) and those with the biggest sense of self-importance.

    3. Watcher – A lot of words. Not sure any of it is true. The Governor General is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. That is a fact. If your looking for greater truths in the British North America Act you will be disappointed. It doesn’t even mention the office of prime minister or the cabinet. Our system runs perfectly as intended despite your screaming fire in the theatre.

      1. Doctor Olivier, joint law clerk of the House of Commons, on page 85 of the report of the special committee on the British North America Act, said:
        “A confederation is a union of independent and sovereign states bound together by a pact or a treaty for the observance of certain conditions dependent upon the unanimous consent of the contracting parties, who are free to withdraw from the union.”

    1. I wish CT that I could post some of my files but they are mostly PDF’s I have kept and don’t know how to do that, but you can read the Minutes of the Imperial Conferences on line. Read the 2 before the Signing of The Statute of Westminister 1931. I found over the years you will get no answers from anyone in Canadian Government. For example the Bank of Canada up until the shyster PET held over 1,000 Metric tonnes of physical gold in the name of the people of Canada. The ground work was laid by PET and began under Mulroney and finished off by Chretien and Martin to dump this gold. Well by the time Harper came along, the Gold was sold off. Most of it at 250/oz. I wrote the Finance Minister, Paul Martin. I wrote the Gov. of the Bank of Canada.
      Because NONE of the money from the sales of all that gold showed up on the books of the Government of Canada or the Books of the Bank of Canada. You can guess the responses I got.
      Canada’s Gold still a mystery. Canada the Fake Country.

  6. All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
    Not All Those That Wander Are Lost
    The Old That Is Strong Does Not Wither
    Deep Roots Are Not Reached By The Frost
    From The Ashes A Fire Shall Be Woken
    A Light From The Shadows Shall Spring
    Renewed Shall Be The Blade That Was Broken
    The Crownless Again Shall Be King

    1. OJ surely it is amply apparent to any adult in Canada especially in the Colony of Alberta, that Eastern Canadians support Criminality.
      They elected a Fake Negro under a cloud of Criminality, who Appointed a woman who was herself a Criminal in the USA as our Head of State.
      He has all the levers of Criminality at his disposal to carry on Plundering the hapless citizens of Alberta as he sees fit and proper. Even the Free Press in Canada really no longer exists. So we are bound and gagged until such day as we remove the scales from our eyes and decide enough. Voluntary Serfs in Voluntary Servitude. We can demand our rights but we have to stand up and fight.
      “A Slave Is A Man Who Waits On Another To Set Him Free”
      The only sure way to break the hold of the Criminal Cabal running Canada is for Albertans to Declare a UDI.
      Which removes all Ottawa Jurisdiction. In this way the Sovereign Citizens of Alberta can live under true rule of law, create their own Nation under the International Rules of Self Determination and live as Free Men and Women. Canada is a blight and a Disgrace in the annals of history upon all those who seek Freedom and Liberty. In True Freedom and Liberty.
      May My Heart Be Brave
      May My Mind Be Clear For Battle
      And My Spirit Be Free (Watcher)

  7. Reflecting on the female GG’s we’ve had I’ve come to the conclusion they didn’t have a grasp on who they were representing. The governments of the the day turned a blind eye. It is the same today. There are rules but it appears they are made to be broken at the whim of the appointed but not anointed one.

    1. That’s because the wrong ones were appointed; all Easterners and too many in the media. I would have loved to have seen the Rev. Margaret Waterchief appointed as the GG; she would have done honour to the position.

    1. If Quebec had Orange Trees and the Orange Juice was a Monopoly Like Milk, it would be OK. As it would support the French Wing of the Canadian Mafia burrowed into the HQ of the Fake Country called Canada. The Extortion would be approved.

  8. Watcher, Canada has been broken for a long time now. Rational thought, critical analysis skills, free speech are all things of the past. As your history lesson points out it was the same then, corruption and manipulation.

  9. $65,000.00 is not chump change, many people live on less for a whole year. This is an outrage with no legitimate excuse. They know they can get away with it, the media are not interested, too busy with Donald Trump and fake news.

  10. remember the signing ceremony on parliament hill?
    a BIIIIIIG raindrop spoiled the 1st copy.
    so out came the backup and duly signed .
    by ‘er majesty.
    or some variation of that story:
    some quiet whispering at the time *which one is the actual official authentic one?*
    Im gonna be a true canaduhian and voice and *have* no opinion on this issue.


  11. note to watcher:
    re pdfs, go to this web site and do a ‘search’ (top rt corner) on ‘document conversion’:

    or whatever.
    I find these people a really good starting point for all manner of utility, but as usual ‘wit a grain of NaCl’

    1. Thanks HB I will save that link. Had to go to the city yesterday so could not carry on with discussion.
      This whole page is an example of why I, after 40 years of partaking and listening to all these arguments by some very smart people. David Southam being but one of many.
      I always go back to the UDI point of view. PET who tho a bastard was a smart man and he had roomfuls of shyster lawyers at his beck and call could not change the messed up Canadian so called Constitution.
      And believe me they fought like a gunny sack full of ferrets and we just ended up in a deeper mess. Because Canadians were fooled into thinking he solved the issue, and he could not.
      All you have to do to understand the mess we are in is look at our present status. We have big problems that we can not solve. But it will come to a head whether we like it or not.
      Canadians and very smart ones have argued and fought back and forth over this issue since before 1867 and never been able to make headway. All finally making their points and nothing changing.
      Which is why I always say start all over again with a blank slate. If each Province wipes the slate clean with a UDI. The citizens of each Province can then democratically decide what they want. The consent of the Governed.
      And yes there will be mistakes. But they will be the citizens mistakes. And if it is structured in such a way that it can realistically be amended we will survive. Go UDI ALBERTA.