The Children Are Our Future

And that’s why I’m filling Christmas stockings with Peak Refuel variety 6 packs. Plus, ammo.

On Nov. 5, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke on campus at a Northwestern University College Republicans event. The Daily sent a reporter to cover that talk and another to cover the students protesting his invitation to campus, along with a photographer. We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced, and we wanted to apologize for and address the mistakes that we made that night — along with how we plan to move forward.


21 Replies to “The Children Are Our Future”

  1. “Last week, The Daily was not the paper that Northwestern students deserve.”

    To read the newspaper those students did deserve would be a treat.

    “Below, the Daily reports:

    “1. the full names, addresses and phone numbers of the leftist troublemakers who showed up uninvited to the lecture of former Attorney General Sessions to the Northwestern College Republicans.

    “2. The full names, addresses and phone numbers of their parents.

    “Readers are cordially invited to let the troublemakers and their parents know exactly what they think of them.

    “Just before press time, Northwestern administrators offered a written apology to Mr. Sessions and confirmed than none of the people involved in making trouble were still students at Northwestern.”

  2. Wait! What!? The students were “re-traumatized” when the paper snapped and published their photos whist THEY were traumatizing and terrorizing Sessions and his guests?

    For the love of God!? Our “Free Press” is removing documentary PUBLIC photos that accurately depict the lunacy of these losers!? Sheesh.

    There can be no Democracy without a FREE PRESS … not a leftist State Apparatchik propaganda outlet.

  3. I’ll make a bold prediction: all this is mostly laughable history in 2035. I mean, peak stupid has been reached, it can only get better after this.

    1. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Plus, as Einstein allegedly observed, stupid is possibly infinite in its depths.

  4. Hell, I would be out protesting Jeff Sessions, the guy slept through two years of an important job and accomplished butkus.

    I still haven’t decided if Trump is fighting the deep state or planned-ignoring them. I think planned ignoring was Neville Chamberlain’s approach to Adolf Hitler, so that doesn’t seem like the best choice somehow.

    1. Yeah … I really wish SHE were POTUS. Or that slow-motion Bush. Or that FAKE bible-thumping Texan. THEY would be cleaning up the Deep State Bureaucrats!! /dripping sarc.

      BTW … the little I saw of the *ahem* *cough* *cough* … “impeachment” Hearing yesterday “taught” me only ONE thing, err two … the two witnesses are THE EXACT kind of lifelong Deep State dufus slimeballs that the MAJORITY of Americans loathe and detest. These men are NOT “public servants” … but arrogant, self-important, out-of-touch, functionaries. These two men are the EXACT kind of Deep State Bureaucrats who need to be pushed OUT of our government by retirement or firing for insubordination.

    2. actually, neville chambermaid didnt completely ignore adolph.
      rumour has it he sucked the nazis dick during one of his visits to express a stern warning and do another signing.
      oh ya, the brit pm:”PEACE in our . . . . .”
      adolph: “hey fellas, I got another PIECE of europe in our time”

  5. Wow, everyday I read something that is most disheartening. The future is indeed bleak when fools have control and they do in every aspect of life. Look at the treason in the US, the democrats should be arrested and jailed. The liberal socialists in Canada are destroy freedom and the economy at the same time. Students are now dumb as a bag of rocks. The legal system is multi tiered and justice is just another meaningless seven letter word. Future, well, there will be one on matter what, will it sane, rational and liveable? I doubt it.

  6. I am trying to imagine how we Westerners(Canadian, British, Americans) could ever again mount an audacious endeavour such as ‘D’ Day.

  7. Sheesh, what the hell is wrong with those people, heh, what are they gonna do when there is rain and they get wet, or worse, a snowflake lands on them?

    Something is not going well.

    1. bullying.
      on a precedent setting scale and increasing.
      bullying, and they dont even completely *realize* it.
      purest leftism, ALL based on bullying.

  8. The students are “passionate, thoughtful and just” but no adults were involved.

    What would Sessions say that was worth listening to?

  9. A little off topic I understand. But are you like me? Do you find it difficult to connect the dots with all the events happening around the world and why are things happening the way they do… regime changes, endless wars America ends up fighting, violence, etc.?

    I implore you to give Beck a listen here. He has it all, audio, video, documents, emails and all things in between – Never a big fan of his but he lays it all out from beginning to end and explains why the dems have a certain fixation on the Ukraine and why they’re pulling out all the stops to get at Trump with this idiocy.

    Give it a listen. I promise you, you won’t be dissapointed. It all makes sense to me now.