41 Replies to “Experts Are Baffled”

  1. “It was prevented from examining taxes, environmental regulations or other B.C. government actions that may contribute to higher prices”

    So now we need to call Justin Trudeau, maybe he can help. Good grief. This is nuttier than a fruitcake.

  2. Anyone expecting the GreeNDP to understand basic business, accounting, depreciation, and the impact of regulations, land taxes and higher minimum wages on product cost, is smoking dope.

    The majority of people living south of the Fraser, cross the border to fill up on cheaper American gas, on a regular basis. That fact also seems lost on the ENDP. In fact, a lot of basic accounting and financial acumen is totally lost on the ENDP.

    The results of the last federal election was bad news for the ENDP in BC, these jokers are grasping at paper straws

  3. L-Why does B.C. pay 13 cents/litre more than Alberta ?

    It’s a tax on stupid !

    Neither Horgan, nor Trudeau have enough sense to ever figure that out.

  4. $1.40/litre in Surrey, you say?

    Huh.   Here in Edmonton, that same litre can be reliably had for approx. $0.83.   But taxes and regulations and strangling of the market has nothing to do with the price differential, oh no!

  5. Hm,yep,it’s a mystery why we pay so much more than Alberta. Of course,the cursed carbon tax implemented by the Liberals and Gordon Campbell is one reason,about 8.5 cents worth,then the rest is just “paradise tax”, I guess as this place is allegedly “super,natural”.

    Fortunately, we are all very wealthy so we don’t mind paying higher prices for everything. Btw, you can still golf here in Kelowna if you don’t mind freezing your nuts off, no snow on the fairways yet.

  6. Doofus can’t even comprehend that you need diluted bitumen, or another form of crude, to produce gasoline, too bad the pipeline is at capacity, no matter how many, or how big the refineries are.
    Strange you don’t see the drool running out of the side of his mouth…..

  7. Hey you are talking Canadians here folks. Canadian Family’s pay more in taxes than they do for the necessities of life. Food, Clothing and Shelter. And they still demand more taxes and more government. Canadians will take food from their children’s mouths and hand that money to government anytime they are told too.
    They are a special brand of SUPER SHEEP that chant “I AM CANADIAN”

    1. Watcher, yes Canadians are a special brand of stupid, they have never fought a tax in their miserable lives.

  8. Perfect time to throttle in the pipeline from Alberta and force the BC assholes to pay world price for oil, gasoline and diesel. Let them use Unicorn Farts. It is a teachable moment Prime Minister Kenney.

    1. NOT allowed to look at taxes, government policies, as contributing factors. With the NDP, everything wrong in the world is the fault of corporations.

      1. Just like the U.N. I.P.C.C. was specifically forbidden from evaluating any other cause of global warming but human-emitted CO2. You’d almost get the impression that they wrote their study conclusions-first, and then tailored the evidence so it would only point to where they wanted.


    2. “It was prevented from examining taxes, environmental regulations or other B.C. government actions that may contribute to higher prices.” So we’ve jacked up the costs and the taxes and now we can’t figure out why it’s more expensive!?!? “… Yep, Its an effing mystery alright… hey if you think these moronic gangsters of the GreenDP are bad wait till the Turdhole/Bloc Party start “governing” Turdholeland… that should be a laugh riot… “why is the country so divided” says the PM of the Bloc Quebeky… hilarious.

  9. The key statement:

    “Horgan said the utilities commission was the appropriate first step in seeking answers. It was prevented from examining taxes, environmental regulations or other B.C. government actions that may contribute to higher prices”.

    In other words, according to Horgan, it couldn’t possibly be the fault of government so don’t take time to look. Like Frank Burns saying that gambling was banned at the 4077, therefore the claim of missing funds couldn’t possibly be due to gambling so look elsewhere. Yes, it is just as self serving and dumb as it sounds. Of course, government action messes up prices. If you want to know what caused a problem, you have to be willing to examine all potential causes, not just ones that you no hand in.

  10. This is no different than politicians bemoaning “unaffordable housing” as almost everything that makes housing more expensive than it would otherwise be is caused by government. A short list would include: overly restrictive zoning, zealous adoption of green building codes, high property taxes and development cost fees, planning delays, permitting delays, permit costs, protective land use mandates decreasing supply of land for development, etc. The worst part is that none of these hypocrites would ever consider backing off on such factors.

    1. I’ve always wondered why politicians feel the need to build affordable housing within the most expensive real estate markets. Families move out of Toronto to buy a house. Why can’t the homeless be relocated to very inexpensive towns?

  11. The big question is: “Why is gas ONLY 13 cents a liter more in BC?” I want to see people in Canadacouver paying 113 cents a liter more. Come on Kenney, let’s help them get their prices up over at least 2 bucks a liter…you know…for the kids.

  12. To John Horgan

    Why do your citizens need gasoline? Shouldn’t they be walking, riding bicycles, taking transit?

  13. I’m always amazed about all the bitching about the higher prices here in BC by the same people who don’t want pipelines. It’s a complete disconnect. The only solution, Alberta is to shut. it. down. It’ll suck for me in the short run but please please please please do it. DO. IT. Remember this is what they want. No pipelines. So DO IT.

    1. Better still, just fill all the lines with diluted bitumen and export it in Tankers, leaving the lower mainland and Islanders to rely on exclusively Washington State refined products entirely brought in by tankers from Alaska and Russia. The reality is that 60% of British Columbians are in favour of the pipeline expansion. We are currently enjoying a penalty box regime as a reaction to Christy Clark’s one term too many. It’s also reality that Victoria, the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, West Kootenays, and about half of the lower mainland are brain-dead NDP or Green political wastelands.

  14. Of course, the “leader” of the NON-Democratic Party does not want to publicly show the amount of taxes on gas, that would show the peasants why gas is so expensive in the lower mainland of BC. After all, BC really means Bring Cash.

    The gas stations just across the border, in Blaine, Ferndale, and Bellingham Washington absolutely love all the taxes on gas in BC. They provide a large number customers to them. And, many of the peasants wait between one and two hours to cross the border into Washington.

  15. “B.C. gasoline prices are still higher than other parts of the country, Premier John Horgan says, and he intends to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help find out why.”
    Yes, I can hear the question. “Hey Justin, why are you letting the rest of the country have such cheap gasoline? C’mon man, jack them up!

    1. Anyone who thinks that $5.40 a gallon for gas is cheap is a fool. That is what a $1.20 is, $5.40 a gallon, and that is the current price in eastern Ontario. $2.59/gal across the border.

      1. For you kids, OWG is referring to real gallons. Not US gallons.

        A few years back, an engineer (born & raised Canadian) gave me a stupid look when I had commented there are 4.5 litres to a gallon.

      2. Approximately 200 litres in a barrel of crude, worth $55 on the world markets, +/-. That same drum, filled with gasoline is worth about $250 (about 5 times as much as crude). And they say there is no money in refining.

        Also, of that $250 drum of gasoline, about $75 is government tax. What will happen to electricity prices when we’re all driving EVs?

      3. I didn’t say $1.20/liter is cheap, but it is cheaper than Vancouver prices, and I was just illustrating Horgan’s viewpoint, that the solution to Vancouver’s higher gas prices is to raise the rest of the country to the same price.

  16. BC like canada has the same problem. The only parties running for gov are progressive green scammers so we are guaranteed progressive green scammer governments.

  17. Your job, Coroner Quincy, is to find out how Colonel Mustard died. You must not, however, pay any attention to the knife buried in his back.

  18. What they weren’t allowed to investigate was the reason for the need for the investigation.
    That makes sense, just like not investigating the sun’s influence in climate change which is the reason for climate change.
    They could have done nothing and saved a lot of time and money.
    Then again this bunch thinks they’re geniuses by taxing air, throwing money at “problems” and uniting by dividing.

  19. At the Co-op in Mill Bay BC the price just went down to 131.9 a litre and at the Co-op in Mill Woods AB the price is currently 81.9 per litre. The main difference is the federal/provincial/carbon taxes which is what Horgan doesn’t want examined. Most of our gas out here is refined in Washington State and imported since the Shell refinery can only produce 40% of BC’s requirement. To the south of us in the land of the free it is selling for around $3.00 per US Gallon which is around .77 per litre or $1.00 in Canadian micro bucks. In Montana south of Alberta its selling for around $2.50 a US Gallon which is still higher than the $2.09 in Louisiana.

  20. It will be “investigated” by lib-lefties so we already know the causes: colonialism, racism and lack of gender equity. There, I just saved Horgan endless amounts of time and the BC taxpayer millions of dollars.