26 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Frozen Sparky Cars”

    1. Josh, why the hell are you driving such a stupid vehicle, are you stupid? WHAT A SILLY QUESTION, YOU REALLY ARE STUPID.

  1. You just need a switch to overload the Tesla battery, it will burst into flames. Voila! HEAT.
    No more motion, but that cold wind works pretty quickly out on the prairies, so you can freeze to death quickly.

  2. You are a dumb brainless shit. It looks good on you. And guess what dumb shit when you plug that garbage you over paid for into the grid you are back using FOSSIL FUEL. You bought an over priced Golf Cart. Where is an asteroid when you need one.

  3. Seems to me Joshua, what you’re missing is critical thinking capability.
    May be that your man bun is on too tight..?
    Stupid is as stupid does.
    (buying a Tesla, IMO, is well within the realm of STOOPID)

  4. Joshua confused?
    The attempted utilization of electrical propulsion in a cold unforgiving climate is utterly confused in every conceivable way.

  5. Also, why would a virtue-signaling lefty who has enough money to buy a Tesla be commuting such long distances in the first place? Move closer to your work and sell the car. Walk to work and be a hero to the world.

  6. The best part of these articles! Reading the fanboi comments. Lots of happy, perfect, user anecdotes from fanboi’s and fangyrl’s. “My Tesla doesn’t lose ANY power whatsoever in cold weather” … “My 8-year old Tesla with 200k on the odometer still has a 80% battery strength” (hint: my 3-year old iphone has 32% remaining battery). “My Tesla doesn’t need a block warmer, because it’s motors drive by MAGIC!”. “I never have to stand in the cold, freezing, weather to pump gasoline into my Tesla, it recharges by just ‘thinking about it’”

    Yeah … every koolaid drinker will tell you how tasty the flavor is … yum, yum, drink it all up! “OK Boomer … ignore the 21st Century Eco-Auto”. mo mo-ronic mo-rons

    1. As said by others, no critical thinking skills.

      They will buy a Tesla at premium prices, paying a thousand bucks a month to save 200 in gas, where their normal car payment would have been 500 or 600. They all underestimate the amount of power these cars consume, Ive read where some virtue signallers here in Victoria claim their cars only use 20 bucks in electricity a month. Fact is, they really don’t know.

      Despite being quoted facts and test results from Consumer Reports and AAA, pro-EV orgs, as Spiegal points out, EVs lose significant battery efficiency in cold weather. The Law of Entropy on display. But apparently the Laws of Virtue Signalling trump science,

      Facts don’t count for the virtuous, only feelings matter. Let their cars burn up. My biggest objection is seeing tax dollars wasted on luxury car purchases by socialist governments in Ottawa and BC

      1. The big oversell IMO is the gas savings. I drive about 25,000 km per year and spend about $3,000 on premium gas. I own my brand new car for about 10 years. I would save $30,000 in fuel over the life of the car, assuming electricity is free. Problem is the Tesla X is about $120,000 (show room price) or twice my BMW X3 (on the road price). Even with the $16,300 incentives I’m down over $43,000 before I even leave the show room and it would take me 12 years just to break even on the gas savings – assuming free electricity and no taxes on the purchase price of the Tesla. Plus my father would laugh at me every time I would phone him up for a ride after my Tesla wouldn’t start. “So your fancy pancy car won’t start” as he emerges from his aging pickup truck. “So you have to phone the old man for some sensible transportation”. He even makes fun of my BMW. “So you need new brakes? Since when did you get a second job? Bring my wallet!”. No thanks. I’ll stick to the BMW and the occasional borrowing of the old man’s reliable pickup truck.

        1. Surely … your virtue signaling is “worth” $43k? At least a permanent self-satisfied smug look on your face as you close the gull-wing doors is worth $43k?

          PS … I do my own brake jobs on my BMW’s … I suppose THAT’s my “second job” … the best pads and brand new rotors with every change … $500.00 in parts. Done RIGHT … not by some illegal Mexican “trainee” at the Stealership.

        2. Absolutely Steve, the Virtue Signallers, only ever mention their “gas savings”, while never touching the extreme cost of these vehicles
          Here on the Wet Coast, the ongoing propaganda from BCHydro, and news stories, is always about how much gas they save, while NEVER mentioning the cost of the vehicle itself, which far outweighs any savings realized from not using gas.
          When will the populace realize that the media lies, lies, and lies, either directly, or by omission?

    1. From your link…

      What We Found

      “The Nissan Leaf … has an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 151-mile range. At the end of our 64-mile drive, the predicted range left was only 10 miles. Using the advertised range, the car should have traveled 141 miles before it was left with only 10. That’s more than double the anticipated loss in range. ”

      “The Tesla Model 3 has an EPA-estimated 310-mile range. At the end of that same 64 mile drive, it indicated there were 189 miles of predicted range. Put another way, the Model 3 used 121 miles worth of range in only 64 miles. That’s almost double the anticipated loss.”

      So about double the battery losses in cold weather. Not unexpected.

      1. Any differential in the cold -vs- warm mileage of my ICE cars is negligible.

        The EPA range and mileage estimates for EV’s are criminally DISHONEST, and should NEVER be given as some nonsensical, idealized, operating conditions which NEVER exist in the REAL WORLD. Only the government can get-away with such bald-faced lying.

  7. What the BEV buyers will regret is when provinces and cities slap an extra tax on them to make up for all the revenue that is being lost from those not buying gasoline. This is the same revenue that is used to repair the roads that these heavier than average vehicles are enjoying for no cost at the moment.

  8. I wonder if he’s aware that the battery control unit attempts to keep it within a normal operating range, which may require heating them out of the ambient temperature range?

  9. “what am I missing?”

    An internal combustion engine?
    Functioning brain cells?
    A serious smack at the back of your empty head?

  10. One thing that made me chuckle a week or so ago was the rolling blackouts in CA that at one point left 2 million people without power for I think it was over a week. In the heart of the EV movement. All of those Teslas whose owners probably wholeheartedly supported the crippling of PG&E and the preventing of brush clearing of power lines were now left with 4500 lb. bricks in their garages…

    I think they call it “schadenfreude”

  11. whut a dumbfcuk.
    I learned the effect of cold on a battery waaaaaaay back in my early teens when some of us went out to fly some gas(p!!!) powered model planes. (remember those? pre-dated the intro of the cumpuker chip)
    anyways, I put that huge 6 V carbon zinc baby on the cold snow aaaaaaaaand . . . . . . . . .
    fill in the blanks eh?

    I suppose the explanation for all this wuz the eco-leaguers were counting on glow-bull warming to
    help out with the battery power thing.
    oopsie !!!

    1. Anyone with a cell phone will realize, when its COLD, that phone loses its charge quickly.

      Musk has stated that his batteries arent affected by cold…………………..and the fanbois buy his lies