Tommy Douglas, Not Dead Enough

Neil Macdonald, of all people;

It has been six years since doctors first accurately diagnosed what was making it so painfully difficult for Bagyan to urinate. What they’d thought was an enlarged prostate was in fact a buildup of scar tissue blocking his urethra.
For the first few years, his urologist repeatedly tried to clear it out, inserting catheters and scopes and even a scope with miniature scissors into his penis, working up to his bladder. Each time, the scar tissue would just thicken.
“He was making it worse,” says Bagyan, in the deliberate, fatigued cadence of someone for whom pain and discomfort never abates.
He needed surgery. But only a few surgeons in Canada had the training necessary to operate.
So patient Bill Bagyan entered the twilight world of the Canadian waiting list – a place of voicemails and messages and sitting on hold for an hour at a time.

Finally, in the spring of 2016, he was told that his name had somehow been misplaced, that he was not in fact on the waiting list, but that it had been corrected and he’d hear back by Christmas. Or maybe by early 2017.

A year later, in April of 2017, he contacted the Ottawa Hospital’s patient relations staff. When they got back to him a few weeks later, it was to tell him that unfortunately, he’d been misplaced again.

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  1. The thing that bothers me now that I’m old is that the go-to treatment of geriatrics is soon to be euthanasia. They will ensure we are in so much pain, we will beg the doctor to kill us.

    1. Dementia offing will be all the rage.

      As usual Quebec is leading edge.

      In a recent poll from Quebec—where lethal-injection euthanasia is legal—a chilling 72 percent of caregivers favor permitting Alzheimer’s patients to be euthanized, even if the afflicted person never requested euthanasia.

      Personally, I feel Liberal supporters are very, very mentally challenged.

      1. Its the new and improved LIEberal Nazis aided and abetted by the Supreme Court geniuses. And the vipers are just getting started…

        But Don Cherry gets fired for encouraging people to wear poppies.

        “Lest we forget”…yes well that has already happened.

        In the Nazi regime, it wasn’t the SS or Wehrmacht who were the first killers…no IT WAS THE DOCTORS.
        Enjoy the REAL new fascists!


        Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
        Army Group “True North”
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    2. Scar, you and Steve from Rockwood have made legitimate observations, at least from my experiences. Now in our late seventies, my wife and I cannot find a GP. We are described by the medical industry as “orphans”; too bad, so sad. Other than walk-in clinics or the local Emergency room (sounds pretty inefficient to me) , and due to relocating a considerable distance, I have not, in over six years, been able to see my former and now retired physician. I have a condition that requires surgery but cannot get a referral to a specialist.
      My wife found a GP a few years ago. Never once was she given a medical examination of even a cursory nature, and was only prescribed Tylenol for any medical complaint. That doctor was from the Far East.
      We are, as expected, feeling the limitations of old age and only want some assurance that our deteriorating conditions are treatable…or not. This sort of situation is at this time apparently quite commonplace.
      We are in a medical waiting-list Limbo. The politicians and medical profession are beating us down, for sure.

      1. Years ago, in my late 20s, i was looking for a doctor in Toronto. Every door had a sign “Not accepting new patients”. So I didnt even bother trying.

        My boss recommended someone, and he also had the same sign. I went in anyway. The doctor saw me. Huh ???

        I asked about the sign, and he told me that doctors were paid, at that time, per patient. If one patient takes 2 hours, and one takes 10 mins… he explained he got the same payment either way.

        Of course any free marketer could see the results. Doctors accepted the young and relatively healthy. Elderly people would take all their time. Why would he want to pick up the slack no-one else wanted to?

        And I think that was my first glimpse of free market economics versus state control.

    3. scar, unfortunately you are correct. In many areas of Canada medical care/government care is woeful and inadequate. As one who is rapidly running out of his allotted time I hope that illness does not overtake me before time does. Government as usual has been and continues to be the problem, that and the fact that everyone cannot have everything.

  2. Ah, the Canadian waiting list. My wife tore her ACL last March. Her operation is this Friday. She went into the hospital for a pre-operation run-down (standard procedure apparently to make sure you don’t die on the operating table). She explained to the nurse her knee injury. The nurse replied that her son had the same injury a week ago and had already been operated on – doctor’s visit, MRI, operation – all in a week. The nurse quickly added “but he plays high school basketball”. My wife asked if being a nurse gave her an advantage on the waiting list. She nodded. “The system is broken” she said. “But what are you going to do. He’s my son”. My wife was furious. I told her to keep calm until well after the operation.

    Stay healthy. Don’t be poor. You live in Canada.

    1. “Stay healthy. Don’t be poor. You live in Canada.”

      Befriend a veterinarian. I am serious. They’ll stitch you up faster than at the emergency room and can prescribe drugs. They also tend to be much better doctors than you average family doctor.

      1. Wasn’t that an epsiode of the Trailer Park Boys? Conky, if I recall.

        Really, that epsiode is Canadian Health Care in a nutshell. And yes, you are right about the veterinarians.

      2. True but only up to a moot point.

        Veterinarians do not study human physiology. They have access to drugs, antibiotics etc but I wouldn’t trust one to accurately diagnose a medical condition. They’d be a step up from a naturopath or chiropractor tho.

        1. Yes of course but if you’re injured and need help right away, in many parts of the country it may be easier and faster to call your vet.

        2. Abtrapper: it may interest you to know that – in times of emergency – vets can be “conscripted” as medics. Mentioned that to a sib once and got a horrified response. But it makes sense; most vets would be more qualified to do basic surgery than the average family MD and their knowledge of various different animal physiologies would make them aware of differences.

          Back in the day, when an offspring achieved an MVDr, it was my comment that aged Mum’s primary physician was a vet. Wasn’t kidding, either; when didn’t like what I saw with Mum, would haul in the vet to help determine the next steps. And, trust me, if I need stitching up I’ll go to the vet rather the MD in the family who deals in anaesthetics.

        3. A year ago I would have agreed with this, but now have reservations. (Not about vets, mine is great. She is welcome to stitch me up anytime)!
          Around 12 years ago my brother became debilitated by a dizziness that defied diagnosis. He made 3 trips to the Mayo Clinic along with countless visits to various doctors and sundry quacks. The consensus seemed to be he was suffering the effects of being a HS quarterback behind a historically bad line…i.e. many concussions.
          Anyway, long story short, an acquaintance took him to see a chiropractor here in Montana. The improvement in my brother, to me, is nothing less than miraculous.
          I call this chiropractor the voodoo doc because the methods he uses don’t make sense to me, but I will not argue with results. I won’t shill for the guy-or his methods, but if anyone is desperate I give permission to Kate to give my e-mail address.

      3. Colonialista:

        “They also tend to be much better doctors than you average family doctor.”

        That’s because their actual patients can’t talk. (One woof for yes, two woofs for no, notwithstanding). So, EVERYTHING has to be discovered and understood by the Vet.

        And the patient is unlikely to “gild the lily” in the examination discussions.

    2. My wife worked in health care. When her grandmother need a hip replacement she was told she would wait two years. My wife played the system. She fussed. She asked for favours. She gave favours in return. She was on the telephone at least once a week talking about the old woman’s pain with receptionists. She accessed every other surgeon she could find other than the one her grandmother had been referred to in order to try to jump the que. A lot of this is playing the system the right way and poor Mr. Bagyan clearly did not know how to do that. My grandmother-in-law got her hip replacement in four weeks, slipped in with a different surgeon when another patient died right before her scheduled procedure. (We didn’t ask how long that poor woman had been waiting.) If my wife had not intervened, her grandmother would have died first after years of being treated like Mr. Bagyan. She was a very sweet, polite, make-no-fuss, trust authority, wonderful old woman, the kind who gets killed off by our system after years of pain.

  3. Sounds like the Veterans’ Administration in the USA, except that the VA doesn’t communicate at all.

    “Thank you for your service,” and so on.

    1. The VA issue – 60 day wait – was a major scandal for the (so called) scandal-less Obama administration.
      In Canada, a 60 day wait is cue jumping.

  4. Canada’s 4 – tier health care system according to a physician:

    1. Politicians, rich, powerful people
    2. Medical workers and their families
    3. RCMP, Military, government employees
    4. Herd that pays for it all…

    1. In Saskatchewan, people with an ‘R’ on their health card get the worst treatment of all, so on your list, they would be a 5.

    1. Free Health Care is worth every cent you pay for it.

      In the United States we have the Indian Health Service and the VA, although the Trump Administration is supposed to be cleaning up the VA.

      1. My free healthcare costs be roughly 30 thousand dollars a year. I pay half my income in taxes and roughly half of that goes to the healthcare industry.

  5. The solution: Get on the Internet and find out the nearest American specialist who will perform the surgery. Start with larger cities that have great medical centers like Pittsburgh or Cleveland. Negotiate a cash price. Sell whatever you need to pay for it, and get it done.

    This man was treated worse than an animal. What a disgrace.

  6. This is the dr I got stuck with. Can’t find another. Absolutely useless. It’s an entertaining read if you aren’t relying on her for your healthcare. I booked a physical because I am getting old and hadn’t had one in years. She had the nurse weigh me and measure me, then ordered blood tests. That was it. No BP, no stethoscope, no “do you have any issues that are concerning you”. Nothing. I never even heard back what the results of the blood tests were. I could be dying of something for all I know and I would never find out.

    1. What do you call the person who graduates last in their medical class? You still call them “Doctor”.
      I almost died in April 2018 because my iron count in my blood had steadily been going down for 6 months. My former doctor told me that I was “obese” – I wear a women’s size 16 and am 5′-7″ tall. I demanded he order the right test as I could barely walk the 10 feet from my kitchen to the bathroom. My heart was pounding like crazy.
      Turns out my CBC was 50 – a normal adult women should have a count between 120 and 140. I had to drive myself to the hospital (on back roads in case I passed out). Emergency immediately admitted me when they read the results of the correct blood test. I was in the hospital for 4 days, had 2 blood transfusions and 2 transfusions of Iron. Also had to return to out-patient clinics every month for another transfusion of Iron. I watch that count very closely now and take super-duper Iron pills,
      I changed doctors and am much more pleased with the one I have now.

  7. No sympathy. Everyone in Canada signed up for government run single payer “healthcare”. Everyone votes against anyone who voices support for changing anything. They deserve what they ended up with.

    Rich people always have the option of flying on their government jet down to the Mayo Clinic. Prisoners, politicians, a long list of people are on the priority care short list ahead of all of us.

    1. Everyone in Canada signed up for government run single payer “healthcare”???

      Bullshit. Lefty politicians, the media and activists worked to frighten enough of the citizens to vote for a party that bans private health care. But MILLIONS of us want a dual private/public system.

      1. Dirtman, correct. I lived and worked in this country long before medicare and people were not dying in the streets. Large plants, manufacturing plants that is even had a medical staff on site. There were no one year plus waits for surgeries and we paid insurance that was one heck of a lot cheaper than the massive tax bite needed to support a bureaucracy that delivers nothing except useless piles of paper and regulations.

    2. ‘ …Everyone in Canada signed up for government run single payer “healthcare.” …’

      Medicare was born in Saskatchewan on July 1, 1962, around the time of my conception. I was born into this system and indoctrinated to believe in it. It had almost two decades to entrench itself before I was eligible to vote for or against it. I stopped believing in it a long time ago (when Margaret Thatcher was my Prime Minister, because I had moved to the U.K. when she was in government,) and I don’t vote “against anyone who voices support for changing anything.” The NHS over there has the same mental disease, often with worse symptoms and always on a larger scale. But they allow doctors to practise privately and they have private hospitals. It’s not perfect, but that part is an improvement and I’d vote for that here.

  8. OK Boomers … DIE already!!!

    We’ve extracted all the taxes possible from you … and now you no longer work …and require “heroic” care. Sorry, you voted for total government control of your healthcare … and now “they” have deemed you’ve outlived your usefulness. So the “medical” bureaucrats will simply … let you go. Don’t call us … we’ll call you.

  9. Note that there are no rights when it comes to quality or access to care.

    And when the thing most heard in a NB doctor’s office is, “find another doctor if you don’t like it”, “right” number 3 was obviously added for comedic flavour.

    I recently waited 2 years for a specialist so arrogant, I came very close to asking him if he took the bridge home or just walked across the bay.

    What are my rights as a patient in New Brunswick?

    With some exceptions, you have the right to:

    -be informed by health care professionals about the health care treatment
    – be informed about the usual risks, side effects and benefits of the health care treatment;
    -a second opinion
    – refuse health care treatment
    – provide informed and voluntary consent to health care treatment

    In other words, no real rights at all.

    Canada, the facade country.

    Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

  10. Why would any thinking human being turn over control of their health care to the State?
    Look at the UK where they can deny you health care if they decide that you are racist.

    What is their criteria for deeming you to be a racist and therefore denying you health care?
    You missed the gay pride parade this year?
    “No health care for you!” says the Health Care Nazi.

    1. You refused to wear the Rainbow Poppy

      … as a high schooler. The State has a record of it. Stored in their Google database.

    2. “Control healthcare and you control the people” ~ Saul Alinsky

      Their playbook was published decades ago.

      “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” ~ John Adams
      “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

      In Canada, we have no healthcare; only access to waiting lists.

  11. The closing paragraph has to be a demonstration of the depths of obtuse the CBC has in its DNA.

    “the time to press for change is during election campaigns. But in our wisdom, we spent the last one talking about blackface and hypothetical abortions and tax cuts and Doug Ford.

    I wish that at every single campaign stop, Justin Trudeau and the other leaders had been asked instead about Bill Bagyan.”

    Really Neil?
    You wish? Like there was some immovable obstruction preventing the news department covering the election to do such a random act of journalism? That 21 days after the election you “wish” you had reported on this instead of what the CBC reported on instead.
    What Neil was stopping you?
    Was it a directive from above?
    Or was it some liberal war room rep meeting to discuss the correct talking points?

    At this point the only one surprised that anyone at the CBC is seeing how the Canada Health Insurance ACT works would be the employees at the CBC.

    1. Excellent comment, Joseph. Given the nature of the CBC beast, actual acts of journalism, when they occur, are most likely to be random. I would say you should send your comment along to Neil and his employers, but I am sure that they are thick enough to ignore it.

  12. If you’re on a waiting list and need urgent care, commit a crime. There is no such thing as a waiting list in jail. Two weeks tops is the standard wait time. This applies to holding cells, and remand.

  13. This poor bastard should have had a heart attack instead of a chronic urinary condition. They would have taken him straight from the ambulance into emergency care and he would have had his stent within an hour. Unless they think you could die right in front of them, you will get shifted to the back of the pack every time.

    This is the state of Canadian health care for most conditions that are not real emergencies. It doesn’t matter that you have paid handsomely for decades into the system. Government health care will always be rationed and part of the rationing process is you, the taxpayer, living in disability and/or pain for many months or years. This in spite of the fact that your province’s budget is probably 40% or more devoted to health care.

    There’s no panacea, and illness or misfortune can strike any of us at any time, but we can all improve our odds by keeping as fit as we can and living as well as we can while we enjoy the gift of good health. It also helps, if you can manage it, to lay up treasure on earth in case you ever need to travel abroad for health care you simply can’t wait for at home.

  14. karma takes care of my medical needs.
    I suffered ocd really bad, I mean *really* bad.
    had a hicupp once, told the shrink expecting assurances and a presc refill.

    instead he admonished me and cut me off the one thing that really helped.
    fast forward about 15-20 years, I look up ol’ doc alvarez.
    nowhere to be found.
    call up the collage (note the spelling) of physicians and surgeons of ontariowe.
    came the answer: ‘oh, he got his licensed yanked’
    far out. how often dat happen? heh heh heh.

    1. Good point, I can’t find a family doctor but you better believe the most powerful grievance mongers have access to specialized clinics.

  15. My brother’s been sick with flue like symptoms for a year, he had no family doctor and ER sent him home-numerous times- with the usual prescriptions for antibiotics. Well sounds good right, not -he had/has cancer, it has spread and now it’s terminal and it’s everywhere. He’s dying because he didn’t have access to a family doctor, he’s 56 years old. It took the system two weeks to find him a family doctor after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer- a pallative care doctor. He can’t work and can’t afford his drugs so I cashed in some investments to pay for his drugs. Yea liberals you keep cheering on free healthcare, not free- a lifetime of being robbed financially, when your brothers/love ones start dying from cancer you’ll feel a little different about our rationed third world healthcare. Oh sure once you are pronounced terminal they can’t do enough for you, our healthcare sickens me but the scary part is I don’t have a doctor either and haven’t had a GP for twenty years. Keep cheering liberals, the elites have absolute access but their voters aren’t elites. Oh abortion, abortion abortion, won’t do you much good when you are diagnosed with stage four cancer liberal lefties.

    1. in all honesty Rose, if at any time I wind up in your brother’s situation, suffice to say my overall strategy in fending off aggressors
      will apply there: *take as many of them with me as I can*.
      this is ALL a ‘symptom’ of LIBERALISM.
      I think part of LIBERALISM is some whacked out deep held private belief *they* are exempt from any of the downside stuff of LIBERALISM. kinda like somehow the gods shine on their LIBERALISM goody-2-shoes attitude and extend some protective hand.

      pure LIBERALISM.

      terribly sorry about your brother. 56 is way too young in this day and age. or so we are told.

      to the rest of you, I *strongly* suggest you do something I did in my mid-teens:
      read a medical encyclopedia cover-to-cover and get some insight into medicine and various symptoms.
      it served as a very timely and very convincing caution about various ummm, ‘unwise’ behaviour involving my body and health.
      and when various symptoms came up, well sho ’nuff I had some idea what it was.

      and DONT take any CRAP from any of them in charge of the medical profession.
      I still plan on taking as many of them with me as I can when the time comes. I made that promise some 10 +/- years ago.
      at the very least, hopefully it will serve as a stark warning to anyone left behind as to the hazards of
      crapping all over others with less $ and powah.

  16. The sad part is, the people in the Canadian monopoly medical business will still get paid.
    With the American style, no operation, no payday for the workers, kind of moves things along.
    Two tier would help move things along.

  17. Pffft. Canada is a corrupt country. Think Blackie would be put to the back of the queue if the idiot needed an operation?

  18. What I’d like to know is why someone who lives in Newmarket, a few kilometres from the Regional Cancer Centre, has to go to Buffalo for treatment. That happened to a neighbour and I just don’t get it. What the hell are we paying for?

    1. What are we paying for, well it’s not access to family doctors, cheap drugs or adequate healthcare. Fifty years of working and I haven’t had a doctor in twenty years, hubby is a disabled vet and they provide no services to him either. I wish I could of paid into private insurance for the past fifty years.

    2. We are paying simply to enrich the healthcare unions.
      That is, the union executive. The drones are either there to do what they can or the union’s dirty work.
      Hopefully you get to deal with the former and not the latter; attitude wise.

  19. “In Canada, unique among Western nations, it is a purely political matter, given government’s complete and exclusive control of medicine.” … 4th last line at the link.

    If gov’t has exclusive control of medicine, there isn’t anyone else to blame.

    If gov’t has exclusive control of medicine, there isn’t anyone else to blame.

    Provinces (by the Constitutional dictates) should have exclusive control, in Canada the federal gov’t has had a hand in this since the agreement – passage of the National Health Act.

    Blame the province, blame the federal gov’t. Call them every day if you must, call them a million times a day. It’s on their plate.

    1. there. right there marc, local calls dont cost a PENNY more.
      lotsa phones got speed dial.
      charge yer number periodically and
      call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call.

      and save stuff up to call about.
      and claim you are just confirming what was said.
      and make a log book of all calls and promises they make.
      and call and call and call and call and call and call and call and call.

      and talk in some exaggerated polite tone, and call again and claim the line disconnected and call and call and call and

  20. Health Care waiting lists are only going to get worse, much worse… bringing in 300 thousand immigrants every 12 months isn’t going to help much either… the system of course will collapse, as planned. Remember when our corrupt Liberal Party POOtine Media breathlessly explained how that old gangster Jean Cretchin and that old commie Roy Romanow would solve the
    health care Crisis” by creating a dog and pony show that cost 100 million taxpayer dollars…? I guess that ruse didn’t solve the health care crisis after all. Open borders should really help collapse the system, but of course PM Butts already knows that.

    1. They need an effing vision/plan for health care across Canada.

      I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m against the morons in government doing nothing to plan for the consequences of opening the the flood gates. You know like planning for explosive growth in health care needs from both aging and migration.

      Feds put It on the provinces. Too bad for them.

  21. also, methinks this entire gawdforsaken NATION gonna resemble Mr Bagyan soon enough.
    and will *still* be voting for the ‘free stuff’ and failing to make the connection . . . . . . .

    1. Apparently the majority have been brainwashed into thinking that a waitlist is not just health care, but world class, better than all the rest, enlightened healthcare.

      A clever but diabolical manipulation of the people of Canada for the benefit of the ruling class.

  22. I have/had my own health care hassles even before we had the great squeeze on medical care in Ontario. However they pale in comparison to what I am reading here.

    These are nightmare stories and they don’t get heard enough. Watching my sister-in-law, who gets a remarkable access to medical treatment, it helps if you are extremely aggressive. She’s a real estate agent in a very competitive area. Mr. Bagyan appears to be the sort of person who never makes a fuss. My SIL would learn and pull every legal trick in the book plus be on the phone constantly to get her way.

    I’m not excusing that deadly combination of the Government and the Press who sweep everything under the rug. They are arrogant, out of touch, and know what’s best for YOU. I only know what high quality health care is like from talking to friends in the U.S.
    Their health insurance premiums are very high, but they can and do save lives as well as deliver a better quality of health care. If Blackie needed surgery, he would do what our political elites do already. Get the best U.S. health care immediately.

    1. Absolutely right, if I remember correctly didn t Paul Martin when he was either Finance Minister or Prime Minister get treated in the US practically the next day for some ailment that the public was never made aware of. Of course Paul can afford it since he owns a shipping company, but the rest of us have to settle for whats known in Ontario as hallway medicine.

  23. At Thanksgiving dinner I heard an interesting story. Two of the guests were RN’s. One suggested that the sex change crowd is getting fast tracked in some cases and their ‘operations’ are deliberately being ‘coded’ incorrectly into the system.

    She is personally opposed to this crowd but I didn’t get the impression that she would make something up. Are docs afraid of the tranny crowd and are fudging?

    I have no idea if any of this is accurate but it might be plausible?

  24. With a monopoly single payer system like Canada, Cuba , and North Korea, waiting lists are a feature not an aberration. As a patient you are not a customer, you are a bother. Your GP maximizes his billings with 10 minutes per widget, oops I mean patient. Bureaucrats mange their budgets by limiting access to procedures. Increasing budgets does little to shorten queues as one would expect with the typical efficiency and morale of a public and heavily politicized and unionized monopoly bureaucracy.

    Canadian health care cannot be reformed. It must be duplicated with freely operating private systems in direct competition. Currently that means having to spend your own money in an other country.

  25. This is also a much better reason for Alberta to separate than either pipelines or equalization. This needs to be played up more.

    Also thank God we let in so many doctors or there’d be no survivors of Canadian healthcare.

    1. Where are these doctors?

      I keep asking you.

      My mother was an obstetrical nurse trained in the Commonwealth. Canada had no use for her because Canadians are jingoistic chauvinists who are proud of their failing institutions and will not be told by anyone trained in North America, Europe or any part of the Commonwealth how things are done.

      You had better hope that you don’t get ill because there are no doctors, domestically trained or otherwise, who can help you.

      And Canada wants it that way.

  26. We used to have the same issue in rural Manitoba, impossible to get a family doctor, impossible to get to see a specialist. I recently went through a life changing health crisis and I was delighted to find not only has that changed but I got a family doctor immediately because of some rule changes brought in by the new Conservative government and stripping away the jobs of a bunch of local bureaucrats. I’ve seen two specialist within two weeks. Good thing they got in when they did or I would probably be dead now.

  27. Whats wrong with you people.
    We have the best healthcare system in the world.
    Free healthcare for all.
    Every Bureaucrat and politician tells us so,as they dash across the border to have their ailments attended to.
    Best System long as you survive the wait and the subsequent health effects of extended periods of non care.Best system ever if you are embedded in that bureaucracy..
    What a great system, everybody pays and a few get medical care..well maybe,if qualified personnel can be found.
    And it is Free,assuming free means paying over half your income in taxation and seeing half the provincial budget consumed by a massive bureaucracy.
    The Canadian kind of Free.
    And Oh so compassionate,just what you need when sick bewildered and way below your fighting best..Oh right it is a bureaucracy.The absolute opposite of compassionate,careful or caring.
    What was that number for Canadians killed by medical blunders again?..Way more than all gun deaths,murders ect..
    I shudder to hear the Statists now moving in on Dental Care, where the hell is that money going to come from?
    We cannot afford the government healthcare, but they are going to take over dental?
    Yup free healthcare where all are equal.In a country as fundamentally corrupt as Can-Ahh-Duh?.
    Between professing ones belief in the key lies of this kleptocracy,you too can maintain your status as a good little sheeple.
    We have as much “free Healthcare” as we have “free speech”.

  28. Bill Bagyan is a white male therefore according to the electoral replacement authorities (for whom Canadian healthcare is just one of the enforcers) the sooner he dies the better. It is much more important that resources go towards penis removal procedures for mentally disabled, and care of for flea-ridden cultural enrichers whose diseases come as part of the imported package. Bill’s job is to pay not to receive.

  29. I live in Saskatchewan. We’ve had a complete overhaul of how staff handles surgical waiting lists in hospitals in this province, thanks to Premier Brad Wall and the Sask Party, and now Scott Moe. One surgical screw up in Ottawa does NOT make the rest of the health care system in Canada a failure. And all of you known that any provincial and/or federal government that would dare make attempts to discontinue our medicare system would be voted out and sent to oblivion after the election.
    I had a friend who had a stroke in Phoenix a few years ago. He was fully insured by Blue Cross. They kept him in the hospital for a day or so, charged his insurance $27,000 USD and sent him home to Sask. . He did recover eventually, thanks to Saskatoon University Hospital. I can imagine the BS if a Saskatchewan Hospital would have treated an American paying customer the same way.

    I would take a lot of that ”waiting time” propaganda the same as ”global warming.”

    1. “I would take a lot of that ”waiting time” propaganda the same as ”global warming.””

      Yes I am sure Bill Bagyan made it all up.

  30. “What I’d like to know is why someone who lives in Newmarket, a few kilometres from the Regional Cancer Centre, has to go to Buffalo for treatment. What the hell are we paying for?”

    My wife was diagnosed a year ago with NSCL lung cancer, despite never having smoked. They missed it on a CAT scan three years ago. She needed a PET scan stat, but we were told she’d have to wait six weeks – however, she could go to Bellingham, Washington and have it in four weeks and the ‘system’ would pay for it. Or we could pay $3,200 and have it done privately in Burnaby, immediately, which of course we did.

    So the provincial gov’t will pay an American private clinic, put won’t pay a Canadian private clinic, because that would be …. two tier healthcare. Bad optics, you know.

    1. No Guff, I hope your wife is doing well. And, you’re right: two-tier healthcare, BAD. What I would like is to have the choice, but I don’t.

  31. Grim.

    I know most people who live in Great Britain and Canada are happy with their medical care (according to news reports). But I think we in the U.S. went down the wrong road with ObamaCare. I see nationalized, collectivized medical care as comparable to Stalin’s takeover, or collectivization, of agriculture. Stalin’s collectivization wrecked the Soviet food supply for generations, and our collectivization of medicine will likewise wreck medical care, insurance, research and development, education, etc.

  32. It’s the Doctors. So obvious. Doctors are responsible for training new doctors. They intentionally keep the supply of new doctors low to keep their own wages high. Internship (that they spend the rest of their lives bragging about enduring) and university tuition keeps the riffraff out. How much can a 25yo actually learn in a 1yr internship? Train lots and lots and lots of new doctors. All the professions. Veterinarians. Why couldn’t every animal farmer be an actual accredited vet after 10, 15 years, pick up the courses along the way? Existing vets wouldn’t like that pay cut.
    Not every nurse or farmer has the desire or ability to be a doctor or vet, but every doctor or vet should be required to spend years nursing or farming. As it is, what intelligent nurse or farmer is able to forego their prime earning years to get the degrees? The system allows the rich to get richer and keep their hands clean. Cleaning up shit is for the little people