The Greta Effect

We have a successor!

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  1. All due to global warmin….er, make that climate chan….uhm, no climate disrupt….climate weirding, yeah that’s it. Climate weirding.

  2. The madness intensifies, since what Greta was basically complaining about was the absence of cold air.

    To keep the scam going, they have to affect to believe that this type of cold is wrong and we need the other type (whatever that is) that used to prevail before it became too warm.

    You can’t make this stuff up, but they did.

  3. The biggest problem I can see, is that people actually believe all of the contradictory claims made by the Global Communists, OOPS, I mean Global Climate Change Activists. Usually, in science, when you see contradictory evidence, you adjust your theory to fit the observations. Global Communists ALWAYS destroy the evidence, or at the very least, adjust the data to fit their theory. That is not science, THAT IS RELIGION.

    1. That’s not religion…

      That’s a Cult

      And their new name that they have chosen for themselves
      (because they think Climate Change sounds to boring)


      They crack me up

      MSG Grumpy

  4. Yes here in rural Ontario we are under an extreme cold alert and getting buried in snow. Meanwhile Blackie’s media is excited that we are not doing enough about global warming. The Liberal Party morons in Toronto will be outraged and demand more carbon taxes.

  5. Al Gore Effect still lives!

    Everytime I discuss this cold snap, I try to bring up the lack of sunspots, the Maunder Minimum, and the Little Ice Age. Convert people away from the lies of Global Warmening one and two at a time. You have to start somewhere. If these methods worked for my Lord and Savior 2000 years ago, this truth can work for our civilization too.

  6. Post Millennial website reports that a candidate for leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party wants all public transit to be free to combat global warming. We don’t worry about stinking deficits here in Ontario. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE! I think I heard that in the last provincial election.

      1. “… rampant fare hopping (avoidance).”

        The term you were looking for is “stealing.” It’s what thieves do.

  7. A few years ago winter came late and golf season went really long and people sure as shyte didn’t complain.
    The blanket of snow on the ground today will have the Winter Weather Whiners – which is just about every Canadian there is – bellyackin in full force.
    Its called the dead of winter for a reason – animals hibernate, birds flock off, rivers and lakes freeze, the frozen earth is as hard as stone and the sun barely shows. Its not a place to live, but exist. Its not hospitable and it kills. (I love, but respect winter.)
    In this climate, anyone against heating homes with natural gas is your mortal enemy and needs to be made aware that they are viewed as such.

    1. the “dead” of winter will be much more than a saying when trudeau taxes us into freezing to death. why are Canadians so stupid?

      1. OWG, I say Teachers’ Unions, socialist school boards, and NDP governments.
        An uninformed populace is easier to control.

      2. Canadians are so stupid because they have had life too good, too easily , for too long. Like Prince Justin of Trudeaupia.

    2. If I recall correctly, that was 2015. I was living in Newmarket, Ontario at the time and my home backed onto a golf course. The golfers were out in force that Christmas Eve day.

  8. I get the distinct impression that worldwide, almost everybody is skeptic anymore – especially in the face of patent absurdities like “global warming is making it really really cold!” Only the true believers and those who refuse to think about it, are still in there believing.

    So more and more, the Climate Catastrophe effort is upheld and maintained for the benefit of:

    1) ‘Scientists’ who refuse to admit they were wrong and sucked-up hundred$ of thousand$ each worth of grant money on such absurdity – because they know they’ll be out of work and facing a monstrous repayment demand, and

    2) Governments and their captive Presses, deep in debt and needing more social spending to stave-off defeat in the next election, who are backing the warmists to win in hope of having an excuse for massive tax increases. And growing increasingly desperate as the Chileans and the gilets jaunes take to the streets, chanting “We’re mad as he11 and we we’re not going to take it anymore!”

    Flee the country while you still can, Saint Greta…

  9. quite cold here today with enough snow and ice to require plowing and salt and sand. yep global warming/climate change requiring that we crank up the furnace to keep from freezing and pay billions more in taxes to keep from freezing. is there anyone out there who would like to take trudeau and throw him in the ottawa river along with every other “green” freak and moron in Canada?

    1. Throw them in the Rideau Canal….?? only when the ice is 2 ft thick and from a very high bridge.

      ALL those that inhabit the PMO
      The Entire Cabinet
      Gerald Butts (in case he hid away from the PMo)
      David Suzuki
      Tzeporah Bermam
      Naomi Klein
      Michael Mann (extradite that Goof here)
      Horgan & his buddy from the Greens
      Notley and her Commie cabal of Che Guevara acolytes
      Likkered Lizzy
      Neil Young.
      Anyone from the Pembina Institute – The Entire CBC

      ….just to name a few of the more prominent Canadian Communists.

  10. Still going with the “Scientists used to call it ‘global warming’, so no changes allowed, ever. And since the words ‘global warming’ sound like perpetual heatwaves to me, if it’s not getting hotter every single day, then that’s proof that this whole thing is a five decade-long scam perpetrated by left-wing globalists, and the Chinese, and that Soros guy, and tens of thousands of science nerds with PhDs” theory, huh?

    1. I’m guessing you haven’t been introduced to the scientists who believe the sun has “little to no effect” on climate or the PhD’s who have zero knowledge of cloud physics because they’re not physicists.
      I guess you haven’t seen the constant and tremendous change/improvement of energy systems over the last 100 years and so you want to garnish people’s wealth and remove their security.
      I guess the Chicoms and the Indians can pollute freely.
      I guess the Medieval Warm Period was a hoax and trees under glaciers are a hoax.
      I guess there never used to be 3 kilometers thick of ice over Canada.

    2. And yet every time there’s a heat wave it’s proof that the world is going to end. Discount cold winters though comrade, those don’t count.

    3. Thousands of PhD’s which can only be monetized by fabricating and fomenting a climate state of FEAR in the science-illiterate minds of the University-educated* eco-left, and a whole lot of uneducated socialist enthusiasts.

      * if you consider a dozen courses about the racist, homophobic, misogynistic patriarchy … an “education”.

    4. Bill Nye “SCIENCE” guy.

      Yes, you are Correct.
      It is indeed a 5 DECADE SCAM.
      Started by Maurice Strong.. But then of course you have done countless hours of research and knew ALL about that right..??

      So tell me “Science guy”….if the sun went dark tomorrow AM, as in Zero radiation, just how long will your Vaunted CO2 Keep us warm hmmm.??

    5. I spend a chunck of my life in Florida and I will until I no longer can The freaking sea level is as it always has been. The state has mandated that anything built close to tide water, my personal statement, has to be on stilts, yep, another personal statement. There are 10 million dollar homes around the corner from where I stay and all are built to withstand the most sever weather I can imagine. I watched a place being built last year and they drove telephone pole sized piles 23 feet into the sand until they hit bedrock. I could spend a lot of time describing what was done but no one really gives damn. I am so sick of stupid that if I could I would remove all the stupid people from the planet.

  11. Got 15cm of global warming overnight. I’m looking for a 16 year old Swedish retard to shovel my drive…

    1. “I’m looking for a 16 year old Swedish retard to shovel my drive…”
      It won’t be happening because that is the kind of work ‘old stock Canadians’ won’t perform and why we need such high levels of immigration in order to secure workers who will do those jobs.

  12. Here in south-central Iowa (same latitude as Rome, Italy), it’s 1 F / -17 C. Probably a record low for November 12.
    I shudder to think how cold it would be if not for global warming.

  13. Clearly the paris accord is working and efforts like scowling at the UN have made a huge impact as well. All we have to do is eat bugs while the elites continue to enjoy their lavish lifestyles and we might save the planet!

  14. Those murals of Greta have only been up three days and we’re already freezing our butts off.
    Greta, you magnificent bastard!

    “Greta Thunberg Mural Equipped With Laser Eyes That Shoot At SUVs”

    ““We want the mural to really make a positive impact in the fight against climate change,” a spokesperson told sources. “Greta’s pouty glare is certain to generate guilt and shame in many motorists, but that didn’t seem like enough. By adding the lasers, we can begin taking out the worst offenders in their Hummers and Land Rovers.”

    When the lasers were first activated, they immediately targeted the carbon-emitting hydraulic cranes and aerosol paint sprayers used to create the mural. The glitch has since been fixed.”

  15. Seems to me the only people that believe in climate change are those that are making money off of it. That and the lower segment of the IQ range finally have a PM in their group.

  16. Scott Adams suggests we are all living in a simulation. Every time the Gore Effect (now the Greta Effect) kicks in, I suspect he’s right.

  17. Start shouting the idiots down. Every village and town in Canada is infested with the brainwashed freaks.
    Throw a shovel at them and tell them to clean up the global warming mess. Anyway record cold in lower Latitudes all around the globe in both hemispheres. NASA saying that our next solar cycle 25 will be even colder. The coldest winter this year is projected in the last 100 years, Next year NASA is saying it will be the coldest in 200 years.
    The weather patterns change like they have for thousands and millions of years every time the sun goes into a low or no sunspot cycle. It is called Solar Minimum.
    The IPCC idiots do not allow lack of solar input into their fraudulent calculations. The only one who is taking a stand is President Trump and he removed the USA from the Paris Climate Accord.
    All the Climate Emergency and AWG is, is Global Green Communism. A great redistribution of wealth from the rich Western countries to the 3rd world.
    But the 3rd world will see very little of the money. By the time all the 120T tax dollars that the UN is demanding is paid out, to the UN and its organizations it will be milked down and creamed off into many hands.
    Fraud and Theft on a scale not seen since the Great Mania’s throughout history. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church sold Indulgences for the sinners. In the Brave New World we live in the idiots no longer pay Indulgences to the Catholic Church.
    But they are forcing us all through the ballot box and brain washing to pay Carbon Taxes, to the State for the New State Religion of Global Warming.
    Carbon Tax, the new Indulgences for the sheep and idiots. Get a damn back bone and start shouting down these idiots in every way possible start at the local level show up at every local council meeting and demand an end to all green programs and lower taxes. Back in the day this kind of fraud and they would have been horsewhipped in public. Anyway the EU is freezing. And the sheep lift their heads and then go back eating.

  18. Is there something wrong with my screen? This weather map is illustrating 20 deg. F temps in pink and red? Seriously? Traditionally WARM colors used to illustrate FREEZING temps?

    Is this some kind of subliminal mind-fkcu by the weathergirls at NOAA? I’d prefer they show us their, uh, bosoms when illustrating how cold it is … how , uh, certain parts of their bodies respond to EXTREME cold

    1. Unless they’re using a standard colour palette consistently, their modelling software probably does the colour fill by the data range. Or it could be malice. 😉

  19. Just came back from a week golfing in Florida and it was steamy hot though a change in humidity on Saturday made it a nice day. So glad to be back in the cold and snow of Toronto as my snow bird friends are just arriving in Florida….mommmyyy

  20. Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” will be reworked to make climate change audible. The project relating one of the most widely recognised classical works is entitled “For Seasons” and will be performed in Hamburg Germany on Saturday.

  21. St Greta of the ICY Stare?
    Brain death so cold it affects the weather?

    Well seems CAGW causes everything in the minds of the Cult.
    So why not.Every religion needs a few Saints and martyrs, so poor Greta comes preselected by “Margret The Wise” for the ritual burning?
    Once her propaganda service is done.

    Cold? Freezing in your powerless home?
    Offer up a prayer to Great Gaia,throw another Greta on the fire and pay your indulgences …electronicly of course.
    Every day Can-Ahh-Duh more closely resembles France 1788, even Premiers Moe and Kenny are getting nervous.
    Did Moe really think Justine could discuss Western Anger?
    Let alone “solutions”.
    First he would have to know where Alberta and Saskatchewan are.
    Instead of being those empty land mass between him and surfing with his BC lovies.

  22. I believe in ________ change.
    I have seen it with my own eyes.

    change illustrated

    If there were no ________ change, then there would be no layers, just a uniform monochromatic huge rock.
    But there are multitudes of layers and multitudes of colours in the rock formed over millions of years caused by a multitude of effects including climate. The transitions between layers tell us about massive changes of some sort that has happened here many times in the past.

  23. jeez, my last post just went to the ether. Kate my computer went for crap. I am using an old laptop. Why has captcha lost it’s freaking mind.

  24. This Ryan character obviously doesn’t know that the data needs to be adjusted by experts first. You can’t take thermometer readings at face value. So let the experts just round all the readings up a few degrees and we will once again have the warmest year on record and everywhere will be warming faster than everywhere else.