Because Pleasing Your Enemies Does Not Turn Them Into Friends

There is nothing so dangerous as speaking the truth.

Cherry stands by his remarks. “That’s the way I feel and I’m not changing it and I don’t regret a thing,” he said on Newstalk 1010.
“I still feel that everybody in this country that likes our way of life — these beautiful people gave their lives in their 20s and in their teens for our way of life — they should wear a poppy. If that’s offensive, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”
Cherry said nobody said anything about the comments to him before he left the studio Saturday night, and it wasn’t until Sunday that he caught wind of any dissatisfaction from Sportsnet heads. “Sunday I knew they were unhappy, but today was the day they lowered the boom,” he said Monday.

I didn’t think it was possible to despise the multi-cult agenda more, but I was wrong.
This is what it’s come to: a cynical political strategy devised to create permanent Liberal voting blocks through the wholesale importation of immigrants is now undermining one of the few truly Canadian traditions we all share: the wearing of a poppy — and you’re a hater if you say it out loud.


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    1. Vote with your wallet that is the language they understand. Do not let them get away with it. And phone your Liberal MP everyday and demand no more refugees give it to them straight just like Cherry did and take your lumps. Up their kilts with a big wire brush.

    2. T D, there is not one Canadian alive who even understands what truth is. Canadians think their version of “truth” is actually truth. Now if only one single one of them were able to think critically they might understand that they really have no idea just what truth is. I have asked people if they think the Ten Commandments are the truth. They are so freaking stupid they will actually agree with me that, other than God being included they are are ok with not stealing and murdering their fellow humans that this just might be absolute truth. Now if you ask them if there is such a thing as absolute truth they will say no. Then ask them if that is absolute truth. Right, the stupid gene pops up. Intelligence is waning.

    3. rogers pyssed me off so bad at one point I refused to allow tenants to use their services.
      *they* told me I had to pay for the delinquent acct of a tenant I booted for drug use.
      uh, NO there ted baby, and because you have locked down THAT phone line rendering it unavailable to any *other* tenant, thus MY rule about NO ONE gets to use your ‘services’
      and regarding the now unavailable phone line?
      had Bell run a 2nd cable to the house (std Bell cable allows TWO separate phone lines)
      I then discovered the local rogers depot and ‘paid’ them a visit and ummm, ‘castigated’ them rather severely.

      this was all *after* their techie showed up and proceeded to chop the ends off the carefully number TEN coaxes I had run hither and thither thru the building.
      cocky little snot he was. fit right in the ‘Rogers’ fambly.

  1. Diversity is toxic. Someone remind me why we need refugees? Diversity doesn’t work. The mere thought we need to say “multi” as in multi culturalism is a fake concept. They mostly don’t integrate to their host country. Many also live off benefit programs while taxes go up.
    Muslims come here to carry out Jihad as in their life mission.

    Canada is f$cked big time.

    Long live diversity. Just make sure you don’t talk against it.

    1. “Diversity is toxic.”

      You want to know where there is little diversity? Canada’s war dead. They are almost all white.

      1. “Canada’s war dead. They are almost all white.”

        No shit. My Battle Group in Kandahar (TF-K 0701) lost 25 guys & 1 woman. All white & old stock.
        On my following & third deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, my BG lost 3 guys. All white & old stock.

        I did most ramp ceremonies at night, three times we had 6 caskets. That’s 18 guys in 3 ceremonies. 2007.
        Cherry was right however he should have mentioned those Millenials. As useless.
        Canada is dead to me since last elections 3 weeks ago.

    2. Our countries used to celebrate the “melting pot” of our uniquely “new” and “independent” cultures. The term “melting pot” is now treated with derision and contempt. Our newest immigrants don’t really want to become Canadians or become Americans. They want our goodies (as Cherry accurately pointed out), but don’t want anything to do with our culture.

      Now, we’re told that our nation’s need to become “tossed salads”, not “melting pots” … where each ingredient remains distinctly different. Where the oil and water dressing never emulsify and mix, but remain separate and bitter.

      The melting pot is what made our countries wildly successful. Now, we are witnessing the deliberate breaking-down of our unity. E pluribus unum is next to go. Who’s divisive? The Neo-leftists, The Neo-fascist racists are the divisive ones, not Don Cherry. Their stated goal (the tossed salad) is fundamentally DIVISIVE. Shame on everyone who “apologized” for what Cherry said. Shame they don’t acknowledge their own divisiveness.

      1. The official term is “quilt patch” culture here in Canada.

        Just like making a shirt out of different types of fabrics. Works well brand new off the shelf. But get it dirty and have to wash it. The competing fabrics with different values pull in their own direction, ripping and tearing away from the next fabric.

        Competing nationalities all bringing their own values, customs and religions will, as we are now experiencing in real time, starting to tear the country apart.

        People unable to integrate and assimilate to the Christian value system which is written into our Canadian constitution are the foreign fabric tearing us apart.

        Enjoy the decline, CBC and SportsNet. You will feel the shrink and tear first.

        1. The problem with the idea of a cultural quilt patch is someone has to sew the pieces together. That is the problem.

          The people holding the needle have contempt for any contrary views, but make us pay for the thread.

          Another example of the cancel culture of those who wish to fire people because they’re too lazy to change channels.

          It is a TV show after all, it’s not like Don showed up in blackface or called millions of western Canadians rednecks who deserve to lose their jobs because they dare to rely on fossil fuels for their welfare, while the triggered ones hypocritically take advantage of all the hard work of Canadians, including immigrants, that allow their stupidity.

          Rant over. How many people who criticized Cherry’s remarks bothered to watch and listen to what was actually said?

          If they did they might recognize the double standard of others who made much worse comments, though acceptable and agreeable to the triggered bigots who dominate our news cycle. Ron McLean’s apology is ridiculous. Boycotted.

        2. The very best quilts are works of art.

          No, not the “crazy quilts” of random size, color, shape, and texture of fabrics haphazardly sewn together. But quilts that create a distinctive pattern, with a purpose and theme. Those … are the best quilts … where the pattern is more important than the patches. Where the patches are joined together in an overall unified design and purpose

          Sadly, the leftist version of a quilt is the haphazard, crazy-quilt, version. Where the patches … not the pattern … dominate. The left doesn’t WANT to create a coherent pattern … they want visual chaos. They want radically different materials juxtaposed against one another without common purpose.

          The left’s quilts are as awful as an UGLY Christmas sweater. A mockery of its intent.

        3. “Competing nationalities all bringing their own values, customs and religions will, as we are now experiencing in real time, starting to tear the country apart.”

          No they’re not. There’s no evidence that Vancouver is being torn from the rest of the country or any other ethnically diverse area is. None of this bullshit is actually happening. The only tear Canada has is Quebec which has nothing to do with immigration.

          1. Agreed on that, but it’s advantageous to the ruling class to exploit perceived divisions for their political benefit.

            Our differences strengthen, not weaken us, but you’d never know that listening to Trudeau peddling his diversity by division schtick, which ensures his power base, which very much includes Quebec, but not elsewhere.

            But please don’t pretend there’s no such thing as western alienation, with AB separation support at 1/3 already.

          2. “you’d never know that listening to Trudeau peddling his diversity by division schtick, which ensures his power base, which very much includes Quebec, but not elsewhere.”

            This works largely because Kate and the rest of the Totally Not Racist Why Can’t Brown People Just Stop Ruining Canada Crowd provide the perfect foil. Hey you know what would have gone some ways to helping little and big C Conservatives last election? Standing up for the minorities oppressed by Quebec’s Bill 21. That would mean bombing the Quebec bridge but the Cons would have been the only guys around actually standing up for the rights of minorities. Wouldn’t that have been something. Instead, they went chasing after the Quebec vote, forever at the end of the Rainbow.

      1. Diversity is NOT a strength … however UNITY is.

        Example A: Fed up Americans UNITED to elect REAL hope and change … Donald J. Trump.

    3. Immigrants used to have to integrate because they were too far away from their home country in terms of time and distance. Not so much any more; modern travel and the internet has changed all that. It’s way past time to give up the nostalgia associated with historical immigration.

    4. I know I’m going to get smoked for a reply on refugees but here goes.

      Only a few nations allow significant migration of any numbers. Canada is the leader (per-capita). Within equal and educated societies, like ours, women take control of their bodies and have fewer babies.

      Because we stopped having broods, our replacement rate dropped below breakeven, (2.1 babies per woman). I think we are at around 1.8.

      We have to have immigration. Most of your health care dollars are spent at the end of your life, someone has to pay for it. Your single grand kid from your successful daughter and your lovely gay son and his partner won’t be adding numbers of tax payers to pay for these services.

      Closed to immigration, Japan ceases to exist in a couple of hundred years. China gets old before they get rich — 1 child and no immigration puts them at 1/2 their population in 4 or 5 generations.

      I was at a well publicized and well attended event last week with my wwII veteran uncle and the audience was very old and white. It was striking.

      Cherry stumbled out his frustration but this if it is a “you people” thing then is really our fault as a nation.

      This speaks to our failure to help Canadians understand our history… but across this land we’ve done an exceptionally sh!tty job educating all Canadians, new and old, on our shared past.

      1. “Someone has to pay for it.” How about something has to pay for it, as in exports of natural resources. Canada has wealth in its resources that can pay for what it needs in the future. Better fiscal management is all it needs. Besides, all the low skill tasks are already being replaced by automation, no need to bring in low skilled immigrants. So Canada can be more selective on immigration if it wants.

    5. “diversity is toxic”… and thats exactly why “diversity” is being imposed… “Diversity is a form of Entropy”- Justine the Turdhole, blackface asshole and lead actor of the first Post Nation State.

  2. I’m reserving my disgust for Maclean. Not exactly a profiles in courage moment for him.

    Manny has tagged him with the “Fredo” pejorative.
    I like it.

    1. I chuckle thinking that Ron believes he has a job without the sidekick that made him relevant. How long will his “let’s all awww at the adorable minor hockey kids (with appropriate gender balancing)” survive? Has anyone ever watched one of his small town visits?
      Maybe they will keep him on as the general apologist for anything that goes awry while live coverage takes place.

    2. burton, I live on occasion, where Don lived. I know his brother, who was the principle at the school my kids went to. Don is a far better man than those who criticize him. I was on the ferry to wolf island years ago when he and Ron made the last spot on the boat. It was a summer weekend and both Ron and Don, really good friends, signed autographs for every kid and adult on the damn boat. I hate every ass hole who hates Don Cherry. Kiss my freaking old ass all the politically correct ass holes.

  3. The miracle is that Don has lasted nearly forty years in broadcasting telling it like it is. Jesus was crucified after three.

    1. The Media is the Enemy.

      -Donald J. Trump

      Nothing will change in Canada, nothing, nada, not a thing, nooooooottthhinnngggg will ever change in Canada for the better, until and unless the Media is addressed.

      How is another question which I’m not prepared to answer in a country where Free Speech isn’t Free and is, in fact, dangerous.
      That would be Canada.

      Home of the defeated.

        1. Canucked is a contraction that agrees with you.

          Although I believe, that when it comes to Canadians, stupid is a little too generous a description.

    2. I followed the link in the article, citing Cherry’s decades-long string of controversial comments … I wasn’t “offended” or “outraged” by any of them. So he cited his disdain for Russian and Euro players in the NHL? Meh. What’s wrong with citing his love for the Canadian style of play?

      Why is saying anything “nationalistic” or “conservative” is labeled “controversial” by the soyboys writing these articles … but nothing the EXTREMIST hypocrite leftists say is EVER … controversial? We get it … you’re all leftist HATER’S … but don’t you have enough integrity to treat your subjects with journalistic neutrality?

    3. A Canadian: Don has saved Ron’s job several times but then Ron stabs Don in the back. I bet Ron has trouble sleeping at night knowing he lied about what Don said….his interpretation is way off NO RACIST comments. Ron should be fired for his lies!!

  4. Done with Rogers and the NHL. All the players threw Don under the bus as hard as Ron did.

    “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.” – Aristotle

    1. What took you so long?
      The NHL has sucked super hard since the last lockout LOL
      I always hated that Saturday night HNIC Sportsnet panel with all those fags around the table, especially Friedman.
      Rogers fucked up with that 5.2 Bn $ contract. Now they can burn in hell too.

  5. Disgutsing.

    Ron Mclean
    SportsNet & anyone who agrees with them.
    The Entire MSM (Rebel excused)
    The Entire Eastern Half of this country
    Diseased, the lot.

    May they ALL rot for eternity in their Politically Correct Social Justice smugness …. Long long overdue for the West to say adios MoFo’s. And Don…you know you’re welcome out here – time to move maybe..??


    1. May they see the error of their ways and repent. Would be more Christian and you can pray it just as if it might happen. LOL.

    2. Steakman, you beat me to it.
      Note to all of those who are on the fence about western separation.
      Forget about the Left Coast.
      Why would you allow these morons control of your lives??
      Don Cherry has given a wake up call showing how Central Canadians will fall all over each other showing how woke they are.
      Some memes write themselves.
      CTV interviews Jagdeesh Mann, an uber woke person of color who is insulted by Don Cherrys racist comments who GOES ON NATIONAL TV WITHOUT A POPPY
      Mobile version

      1. One only wishes these paragons of future Western dominance didn’t make such sweeping generalizations.

        One worries that Western Separation may not be attracting those who will be bringing the tuna fish salad to the Mensa picnic.

        1. CBC interviewed some Muslim woman who was described as a “hockey fan”. Ya, and isn’t she just so representative of hockey fans across Canada. I was at the gym, do did not have audio, but it is not hard to guess her take on things. CBC just can’t resist giving the finger to those who traditional Canadian culture and viewpoints. “Multi-culti are us” and the CBC is there to relentlessly tell us how we must view things. It is so tiresome and predictable. (Someone correct me if the woman turned out to be some one defending Cherry. If she did, I am pleasantly surprised.)

      2. At what fucking point was all of western Canada not infected by the eastern socialist bullshit? Been everywhere and the disease moves with the socialist advocates. There is no cure for Canada, the US or any other western nation or society. Revelation tells us where we are going, believe it or not. The shit will hit the fan and you can kiss your ass goodbye.

        1. As i don’t expect to be the first person in history to get out of life alive, I’m sure we’ll all be doing some arrivederci ass kissing sooner or later.

          It’s just unfortunate that Canadians have come to inexplicably enjoy living with ass-kissing as a lifestyle.

          Pathetic people really.

          Whiny, entitled cowards.

          In two languages yet.

  6. Blame Enough for All:

    The Hockey Night in Canada brand is owned by the CBC and was exclusively used by CBC Sports through the end of the 2013–14 NHL season. Beginning in the 2014–15 NHL season, the brand is being licensed to Rogers Communications for Sportsnet-produced Saturday NHL broadcasts airing on CBC Television as well as the Rogers-owned City and Sportsnet networks. Rogers had secured exclusive national multimedia rights to NHL games beginning in 2014–15, and sublicensed Saturday night and playoff games to CBC. This sub-license agreement runs through the end of the Rogers deal with the NHL. Further, Sportsnet is a Canadian English-language sports specialty service, a joint venture between CTV, Liberty Media, and Rogers Media.

    You can decide how you spend your hard earned dollars. Nothing speaks louder than how you spend your money.

    Is it time to punish these organizations by ending your subscription and viewership? Or, will you just sit back and take it.

    1. Just Cancelled my Rogers NHL Subscription…did ya get that BART.??
      Can watch THAT on Kodi….free.
      Fk EM….
      Especially Ron the BACKSTABBER No BALLS MClean.

    2. The federal government takes my money and gives it to the CBC. Given the CBC’s proclivity to support all things ‘progressive’ (actually the socialist Liberal party), I interpret this as taxation without representation. How can I seek redress on this?

      1. The CBC is the Enemy of Canadians, particularly Conservatives.

        And there isn’t a sentient Conservative in the country that doesn’t know it.

        Yet zero pushback ever.

        Canadian Conservatives truly are the weakest link.

        The Liberals may be stealing the country with the Canadian Media Party driving the getaway EV, but your Conservatives are serving as lookouts.

        No entity could be as weak and ineffectual as the Conservative Party and still exist if the The Fix wasn’t in. It is.

        So I expect you’re whistling on the redress thing.

  7. This is the drift that one can get from the media cartel:

    They, the cartel, in their insatiable need for being first with whatever they can spin the news and masturbate the brains of useless people are in complete frenzy as to what to do.

    This time they overshot way out in the far field their perceived reach. There is a sense that the cartel knows that they done wrong. Those people, heh, just can’t get out of it now. There is nowhere to go. Those people, heh, know that the population is either in support of Cherry’s comment or is indifferent. Those people, heh, know where to go to get comments they want to put the yoke around those, probably majority, that have not submitted to their propaganda, yet.

    It is credit to Cherry that he stands behind his comments and does not submit and grovel for appearance. He’s got the guts to tell them to go take a hike. A very scarce commodity nowadays.
    For that single reason, even if you don’t agree with his comments, he deserves respect and the media masturbators deserve condemnation.

    This is a major propaganda of the media cartel and right now they are on the losing end. Those people, heh, will visit every mosque, every Hindu temple and every Sikh temple to mine for comments in support of their propaganda.

    It is up to everyone to call bullshit on them including the Muslims, Hindu and Sikhs.

    And that is the way it is.

    Your agent does not regularly watch hockey since the millionaires went on strike. See Cherry every so often without aiming for it though one must admit that he is entertaining most of the time. There was a time that his appearance was something to wait for between the periods. It’s possible that he stayed in the game perhaps longer than he should, though it was the choice of the broadcasters and the audience. If neither wanted him around, he would not be.
    Remember some years ago the audience in Calgary were down on him since he favored certain team in Toronto, the network had less of him in Calgary.

    1. Rogers sudden firing wont absolve them from liability. Cherry will have a good case to sue for wrongful dismissal. He could point to his list of comments over the years that SN found offensive but tolerated. IMHO they will be paying out the rest of his contract and probably a good amount in compensatory damages.

      I suspect that when the NHL broadcast contract comes up for renewal nothing near the 5+ billion will be paid for it. cbc covets HNC. That is evident by the money losing agreement they entered into with SN to be able to broadcast the games and produce them.

      Nobody should be surprised by the statement MacLean released throwing Grapes under the bus. MacLean is a cbc hack through and through. He’s got some serious blow back coming. His brand is damaged.

      1. “Rogers sudden firing wont absolve them from liability.”

        I suspect Rogers know this and will likely pay him his full contract. If they pay you to be controversial and you have a history of being controversial they can’t fire you for being controversial.

  8. What do you expect in a country that comes up with nonsensical things like “we are united by our two languages”? Good God, what nonsense. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” .

  9. It took me over an hour to get to talk to the operator at Shaw Direct to cancel my Sportsnet and she sounded a bit stressed on the phone. I wonder why?

  10. I would drop Rogers from my home tomorrow over this.

    However the only other option I have is Bell. I don’t think for one nano second Bell would have done anything differently so what is the point? I work from home and I need the interweb connection.

    Until these media marketplaces are open, this is what we get. They are bending over and spreading their cheeks to the same post national overlords that liberal voters are.

    As for the NHL, I couldn’t be bothered. If it stopped tomorrow I’m not sure I would even know.

    1. CTV is BELL. Think that CTV breathless social justice warrior visible minority talk heads have anything different to say?
      It’s as equaling annoying as the Corpse. The Corpse is off my dial, CTV is there only for the occasional glimpse at their insanity and propaganda!

    2. Yep, the Liberal Party have created a corrupt monopolized Media system that works on behalf of the Liberal Party and against the interests of all Turdholians. Turdholeland is chalk full of characterless Media ingrates without even a modicum of integrity ( Eunuch Ron MacLean, Fat Rosie Barfton) and they don’t care one wit what you or I or anyone else thinks about them or their agenda, other than their masters in the Liberal Party of course. The Media is helping the Liberal Party tear the country apart… it is deliberate and calculated… #Wexit now.

  11. One of the nice things about cutting the cable cord is that they keep phoning you and asking you to hook back up.
    That’s when you give them an earful.

    And keep asking liberals to explain how anything he said was racist.
    What race did he mention?
    Lots of immigrants to Canada are white.

    1. Would like to see someone make a video showing how often and how many different scenarios that Grapes used “you people”.
      Bet it is in the hundreds.

      The War against Canadians is well underway.
      Will Canadians ever say”enough is enough”!

      Let’s see.

      Two founding peoples:

      Le French. They of the “gun 4 sale, only dropped once” ilk.

      Le English. They of the”let’s run away and stay on bended knee” ilk.

      Will Canadians ever say “enough is enough”?

      Prediction. Not bloody likely.

    2. “Lots of immigrants to Canada are white.” Really? Can you prove that? Got any numbers? The only white immigrants I see are doctors. Perfectly qualified blue collar guys are still waiting. Decades!

    3. Telus tried to add Telus TV to me many times.

      I told them I was not interested. I finally asked the salesperson, would you have a sewer line installed into your home, pumping effluent which is 100% toxic to you and your family?
      Then why would I want your television cable service doing the same thing to me and my family?

      He said I had a good point. I have not heard from them trying to sell me cable in 4 years. I have peace of mind now, just like I desired. Do I miss it…hahaha.

  12. On a somewhat-related note, why is our federal gov’t broadcasting hockey games to Canadians? The US congress does not fund the broadcasting of any of the big 4. Even Democrats would oppose that.

    1. “why is our federal gov’t broadcasting hockey games to Canadians?”

      Bread and Circuses. That’s why.
      You can bet your ass the government in Venezuela is still funding Pro soccer games and broadcasting them over the radio. Mexico too.

  13. The thing that disturbs me most about this is not Don Cherry himself. He’s been a bombastic ass all his career. I don’t even agree with what he said. Plenty of people don’t wear a poppy and that doesn’t mean anything as far as I am concerned. What bothers me is that this cancel culture exists. They now say things like “You can have your free speech but you also have to live with the consequences.” If the consequences for free speech mean you lose your livelihood, and therefore your home, friends, family and the right to be seen on social media, then you no longer have free speech. If Don Cherry can be cancelled like this, who is next? That is what really bugs me.

    1. Justin Burch,
      “You can have your free speech but you also have to live with the consequences.” If the consequences for free speech mean you lose your livelihood, and therefore your home, friends, family and the right to be seen on social media, then you no longer have free speech.”

      That is just silly…. ALL speech has consequences, free speech just means the Government can’t punish you…The idea that you can say anything you want without consequence could get you killed if all you have is a nasty attitude and you are facing someone with a Gun having a bad day….Don’t be stupid

      All these SJW will have consequences because nobody will hire them if their behavior is not reasonable, and they will find that Social media is forever… Nobody gets a free kick, or punch,,


    2. “If the consequences for free speech mean you lose your livelihood, and therefore your home, friends, family and the right to be seen on social media, then you no longer have free speech”

      You don’t understand how free speech works. Free speech simply means you get to say what you want without legal consequences or extrajudicial use of force, not that people have to have relations with you.

  14. I’d cut Rogers, Sportsnet and all if I still had anything to do with them.
    Rarely went to an NHL games and then only if it were free, but not anymore. Will not even go to other events at the NHL team owned arena ( Senators and Canadian Tire Center). I know I might miss some good concerts, but the crowd isn’t worth it.

    Stuck with Bell for a while. Though every chance I get I make them give me the new specials. Got to get internet, phone and TV from somewhere, and the third party sellers cannot meet my needs.

  15. Ron MacLean’s grovel fest of an apology was an embarrassment. He is a cowardly, detestable failure as a human being and is totally beneath contempt. MacLean seemed to forget that Don Cherry carried him on his back for years as he cravenly threw him under the bus. MacLean also overlooked the fact that Cherry went to bat for him big time years ago when his own job was on the line. I can only hope that, if ever put in MacLean’s position, I would act differently and display some courage. If not, I would undoubtedly hate myself for the rest of my days.

  16. I cancelled the channel, I want nothing to do with that vile venue. I cannot take anymore of the media fabricated outrage, why are we allowing corrupt organizations like MSM to set public policy and force us to surrender to their vile hateful anti-Canadian ethos? I am not tolerating the corrupt media anymore, I am so done with those vultures and maggots. The left hate anything remotely Canadian, Cherry is one of the few public personas that would actually support Canadian values and once again the left got rid of him and what the rest of us stand for.

  17. The Canadian Liberal Party has used immigration for partisan political purposes for decades and surprise!

    Suddenly Canada is full with people that seemingly hate Canada, what is, what it stands for and most of all, the people who reside there.

    With proper encouragement by those who hate light-hued vintage Canadians the most(that would be your Canadian Lugenpresse), don’t be surprised if some day soon not just your words and ideas are verboten.

    Just how many Indians would like to see vintage Canadians moved to a reservation?
    Or how many blacks like to see white guy get his comeuppance?
    Or muslims wanting taqiya?
    Or milennials cheering boomer euthanasia?

    If it is anything like all the women supporting a little misandry after all that misogyny(and it is), then you can easily see where this is headed.

    White guy hunger games.

    Hold onto your guns
    and run rabbit run!

    1. marc in calgary

      Exactly. The show is taped. Apparently after doing the show not a word was said in the studio. Presumably an editor was present and approved. They go to air in all time zones over 3 games and then go ballistic when the shit hits the fan?

      SN and Rogers are going to be sued. Successfully. And yes free speech comes with consequences but so does dismissal without cause.

  18. I was always 50-50 with Don and he pissed me off quite a bit but he 100% supported Canadian kids playing hockey and Canadian veterans.
    What has Blackie McBlackface done for either? Jughead Singh? Liz May? Scheer? Max? What have all the equally outraged useless eaters done for either?
    He’ll get little to no support from pro hockey players.
    Face the fact that if you don’t toe the line in this brave new world they will attack you and punish you and its not a one-time punishment. It goes on for all your days.
    Know that they’re your permanent enemies.

  19. For the uninitiated and the trolls that still drop in from time to time here, what did you expect! When the Liberals and the NDP came out with their mantra of diversity and coupled that with the natural compassion that is inherent in Canadians, then advocated that we must be acceptant, tolerant, and understanding of the new immigrants and their cultural differences I ventured that this policy would only lead to submission. Well here we are. Can’t call FGM ‘barbaric’, can’t have pork products in schools, must allow education curriculum to be secondary to some religions, special allowances for some but not for generational Canadians, inch by inch we have abdicated our customs and country. The last bastion of Canada has just been run off the cliff. The sacking of Cherry is the true end of Freedom of Speech. Those people that found his statement to be offensive are the vanguard of what is in store for the rest of us. Anything and everything we do can now be equated to being offensive to someone’s perception and as such we have submitted. In the long run it didn’t take long less than two generations. If we try to take back the Canada that once was known for it’s compassion we may find that it will be a long, expensive and quite possibly bloody road.

  20. I went to the Remenberence Day service in Saskatoon, thought to be the largest indoor service in the country, deliberately to scan the crowd for ‘inclusive’ representation. There were some black and brown faces, but not nearly representative of their proportion of the population. One group who did though were those who appeared to be Philapino. Thank you for attending. Notably most absent were 1st Nations, except for those in official delegations. Also notable, when the wreath laying began, and the organizations named as their turn came up, was the absence of any lgbtq2docious group.

  21. Been with Fido for 21 years straight – 2 accounts – that will now end as of the end of my current contract – about 4 months. Will be writing them in explicit detail as to why I am ending my relationship with them.

  22. Not frightened of what people will say if You mentioned reading a Breitbart article by a Conservative radio talk show host? Then have a 7 minute read.
    I do not agree America as the “Great Experiment’ will fade away after POTUS # 45. I do believe there will be a significant change in The U.S.A. borders and Canada well before the end of this Century.

    I also believe in Evolution towards Civilization of the “deplorables or mob” as the selected Employees of the Civilization start to believe it is because of their Bureaucracy Club of Privilege life has dramatically improved over the incredible advantages of Industrialized Society. ___ There are more Individuals in North America and China and for awhile in Europe and some areas Asia; who live lives of comfort Equal and/or Better than all Ruling Class prior to the Twentieth Century.

    Why was the Twentieth Century the Century of destruction and annihilation of so many People?

    Think about this and refection will bring to the forefront there are now more People Living than have lived.

    It is too many uncivilized and dominated People(s) for sustainable existence of all. Especially if the Ordinary, Average Individuals expect to spend Their somewhat expanded time, but still not very long existence living better than the Ruling Classes only One Century before this Century. The solution is underway.

    There still remains intelligent and dedicated Individuals living comfortable Lives within the present tenuous existence of World Wide reach-outs. Individuals who are aware the Politicized Upper Echelons of World Wide reach-out Instituations are Selfish and Ignorant minions of many ‘Rulling Classes’.

    Some ‘Ruling Classes’ enamoured with their dominating role either because of self-satisfaction of suffering and surviving the Absolute Need for Self-interest to have risen to such heights in the obvious – existence of Competition which is the guiding principle of existence -.

    Some how and some way the intelligent and dedicated individuals in the – Not Part – of ‘Politicized Upper Echelons of World Wide reach-out’ have picked away at the threads of understanding and provided information on what is probably a solution for sustainable existence. Remember the ‘prime imperative’ remains Competition or the evolution of and towards Civilization will steadily collapse and completely return into the aggressive and tribal domination of a Tribal Culture of Primates as arrested in development for Two Hundred Thousand Years OR 10,000 Generations.

    The starting point for sustainable existence must be defined by expectations of a finite number of Individuals to be involved and benefit of the learning & availbalilty of resources & provision of mutually beneficial competition of Individuals with Human Rights & Resposibilities. My understanding the Goal for a starting point is Three Billion Individuals __ 3,000,000,000.

    The path to such a reduction is well underway inside the Industrialized Countries of the World. Birth Rates within the Industrialized Countries are less than the Death Rates. A situation which happened even though the Miraculous Extension of Ordinary, Average Individuals lifetimes have extended from Fifty Years of existence to Eighty Years of Existence during a period of a dominating Culture existing within the “Great Experiment”.

    The spread of this experience into ‘Not Part’ of the Industrialized Countries is fitfully but underway with the Miracle of Birth Control for Ordinary, Average Women & acceptance, when not affected by the Dogma of ‘Upper Echelons of World Wide reach-out, Ordinary Average Men. The Miraculous Extension of Ordinary, Average Individuals lifetimes will steadily bring the Goal of Three Billion Individuals as the follow-through of Elderly Ordinary, Average Individuals Care is extended well beyond the Need for many Children.

    The steady advance in the number of Industrialized Countries will provide a superlative class of Intelligent, Dedicated Individuals who recognize the “Great Experiment” of Sovereign ordinary, average citizens is the best and actually only path forward for Human Rights of The Individual as the Miracle(s) technology become increasingly revealed.

    1. Nah, too much FREE welfare, FREE health care, FREE housing being thrown at them in Canada, by our welfare state! That’s why all the immigrants come here, the most lax standards in the world. Let one in, and let chain migration look after the rest! That’s why you see so many of the old country East Indian’s grams and gramps (as an example), hobbling around, cant speak English, but hey, let’s get them to the hospital quick for all that free health care. No qualifications necessary!

      Is it any wonder that nationally, our health care system is an abysmal mess, when immigrants jump the queue, imported from other countries, but havent paid a gawddamned dime into the system! Oh but hey, guess that’s so RACISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to even say or suggest!

      On that, There is no argument about what Cherry said, so instead, they attack another clause, ‘you people’.

  23. Well, there’s one saving grace. As others have noted, there will be absolutely no need for that pathetic simp of a Ron MacLean anymore. Don carried that tit and provided him with his putz job for years.

  24. Now it’s time to go after Maclean for nodding along with Don and giving him the thumbs up. If this is the game they want to play I say scorched earth policy.

    Every misspoken word by Rosemary Barton or any of these apologists need to be met with howls of hurt feelings.

    1. “Any word from our fearless leader, Andrew Scheer”… I hear he quietly queefed and then begged the Turdhole Media for forgiveness and acceptance. Remember when Canadians were known as fighters… ? Now they’re just a bunch of faggy Peeairs… sad.

  25. Post Millennial website reports that the premier of Quebec celebrated the firing of Cherry. He also called Cherry a clown.

    1. When the K-bec Nordiques moved to Colorado the arena was called the Pepsi Center and Cherry said something like well that figures and laughed. The pepsi prolly hasn’t forgotten.

  26. Radio poll on the Wet Coast this am and 67% of the call-ins agreed that what Cherry said was offensive. These must be approximately the same 67% that voted for the combination of Libs/DIPS/ and Greenies that have made Canada the laughing stock of the G-20. But for the rest of us there may be hope.

    The canary in the coal mine has stopped singing.

    1. Sweden’s booming.

      Just not like you think.

      Wondering what the Swedish word for schadenfreude is?


  27. I was never a fan of MacLean. There was something about him that made my spidey senses go off. He was just so SOY. Beta to the max. The kind that years down the road you hear they’re involved in some real creepy behavior and everybody’s shocked. And I’m that guy that goes, NOPE not surprised at all. Don Cherry will walk away from this with his head held high, comforted by the support he’s getting. But Ron MacLean has to carry on knowing a large segment of the hockey community, not the pussies in the media, have disdain for him.

  28. Personally I am done tolerating so called minorities If your here legally in Canada you are a Canadian ACT like it.You people as Cherry says have cried wolf one to many times for me and many others.

    1. The problem is, our PM has declared that there is no Canadian culture. New comers probably believe that and have no idea that there are Canadian customs and values they should be embracing. Cherry’s comment may have not their attention– and that would be a good thing. But the media response has undermined any potential gains for Canadian values.

      1. Linda L… its not only new comers that believe dictatorial Liberal Party edicts. I meet Turdholians everyday that ask me for my Government issued hyphen… when I say I don’t recognize the hyphen and that I am Canadian they laugh and say, “no really, whats your ancestry”… I try to explain that I have never voted Liberal party so I don’t follow Liberal Party dictates and that they are confusing Liberal Party dictates with reality…. they laugh and say, “no really, whats your hyphen.” Peeairs country is as pathetic as one can imagine. #Wexit.

  29. As I eluded to on an earlier thread, if Don Cherry was caught trying to control the outcome of a game to favor friends, then put on black-face and groped Ron MacLean, would he have kept his job too, then?

  30. I dunno, but I’ve thought — for 40+ years, now — that hockey (NHL-style) is pretty much over. The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 52 years. It ain’t as good as it once was — that much is clear. It’s moved to basketball and –from time to time, very slightly, — to baseball.

    All of which, by the way, are Canadian inventions.

    Yet, the Bay Street crowd still rent the high-priced boxes and the caverns underneath in what is now called “Scotiabank Centre”. Why? Subsidizing failure must be some sort of addiction, so far as I can tell.

    Don Cherry is of a generation for whom success means everything, even at the expense of laying down one’s own life.

    As a matter of principle and beyond, I happen to love my country and its legacy, and I would gladly flight to preserve its honour and dignity.

    Don’s contract with Sportsnet must have been so expensive that not even Rogers could have afforded it. So , they offed him, on the flimsiest excuse.

    Hope he joins Rebel Media and makes this a grand show!

    1. “Yet, the Bay Street crowd still rent the high-priced boxes and the caverns underneath in what is now called “Scotiabank Centre”. Why? Subsidizing failure must be some sort of addiction, so far as I can tell.”

      It’s a tax write-off.

      In true bureaucratic style the initial outlay is forgotten. It’s just passed on to the consumer of their products or services.

      As long as everybody plays establishment game, it’s a free ride. My point is they’re making out just fine and don’t give a shit.

      Our capital formation and productivity growth are at rock bottom right now. The well oiled ones are oblivious of the future.

      Except for votes in four years, and parasitic greased palms well oiled and manicured.

      But what happens in between is of little consequence, because they’ve finally got us on our backs, powerless.

      But they’re well ensconsed, screw the west, dare them to separate.

      In today’s international populism movement, that seems a risky approach. Not if nobody knows about it; enter CBC.

      Luckily it has plenty of “those people” available to bring Don Cherry down from Coach’s corner, along with its ratings.

      Unlike the triggered ones too weakened by outrage to change channels, most Canadians find that well within their capability.

      Many believe as do I that when one disagrees with another’s opinion is when our commitment to free speech is truly tested.

      Meanwhile, Don on the Rebel. A capital idea!

      1. Say, mate (and I know you’re from SW Ontario), I misspelled “fight” as “flight” My apologies, quite apart from which, you are correct.

        1. Didn’t even notice the typo; didn’t change my agreement with your sentiment.
          Originally from SW Ontario, but now living on the far left coast, aka Vancouver Island.

    1. TORONTO — The owners of the Toronto Blue Jays have bought SkyDome – for $25 million.

      Rogers buys SkyDome for $25 million

      The 50,000-seat domed stadium opened in 1989 with a price tag of $600 million, mostly funded by taxpayers. Rogers Communications announced the purchase from U.S.-based Sportsco International in a news release Monday.

      “The purchase of SkyDome is an opportunity for us to acquire a tremendous asset at an extremely attractive price, but more importantly, we will now have significantly better control over our product and the fan experience,” said Paul Godfrey, president and CEO of the Jays.

      The sale is expected to close in December 2004.

  31. oh, and the utter LAST of the last straws with ted’s comm corp was the time I called with a beef about their service. er, ‘service’.
    didjagetitinWRITING came the response.
    I gotta ‘get it in writing’ when dealing with rogers???????
    here’s a sol’n ted: gofcukyerself

    1. What you mean we stooped importing them by planeloads? When did that happen?
      Or have we fired out PM?

    2. Learn the difference between racism and bigotry, idiot. Insisting “you people” practice traditional Canadian culture is BIGOTRY.
      Mr. Cherry was fired for undermining Multiculturalism, not for disparaging people of a different race.
      Did you flunk out before graduating Grade 13?

      1. I thought that I’d just add that if the greater preponderance of new immigrants who aren’t adopting traditional Canadian culture
        just happen to be of a different race than Mr. Cherry, it’s more indicative of racist immigration policy on the part of the government than of Mr. Cherry’s own preferences.

      1. It’s like the spaz attack over the kneeling athletes in the US. Yeah it’s slightly annoying and douchey but holy crap you would have thought someone drew a Muhammad cartoon in Mecca the way US conservaderps lost their collective minds. I think the tendency of cops to murder people rates a bit higher on the priorities list.

  32. Just realized that the same unme’s who want to destroy the traditions that our country holds dear are the same asshole who complain when an amber alert disrupts their pathetic lives. The same assholes on Twitter are the first to complain about the alert even though a life might be in danger. I’ve been bolted awake from a few alerts recently and promptly went back to sleep after reading that it involved someone far away. No big deal. But, I guess I’m just an “OK boomer” to the fuukards like unme.

    They are so self absorbed (like the fuuktard unme and Allan S) that they don’t realize that there is something bigger than them, than their existence – which quite often is basically mundane like many of our lives. They also don’t understand that maybe their life is just about ‘being’, not being an asshole about everything they think is an affront to them. I’ll wear that “OK boomer” badge proudly as I know I’m more intelligent and aware of all those around me and I am not such a fool to follow the latest trend to think I’m cool/with it or whatever the latest term is.

    1. “They are so self absorbed (…) that they don’t realize that there is something bigger than them,”

      That’s just part of the package when one is a savage. They’re simply unable to relate to anything beyond their primitive instincts.

      1. Pretty close, Colonialista. Unme, like a few others here is a Libertine. Libertines think the have the market on Liberty cornered.
        Libertine ideology, like extreme Liberal ideology, is a culture that emphasizes individual liberty to the point of narcissism.
        The importance of the community, if of any import at all, is only valued in how it advances the Libertine’s wants and desires.

        1. He acts as a Libertine who pretends to be a Libertarian. But he really is just a hater of Western World because Western World reminds him about his inferiority. That is why he wants it destroyed.

        2. I don’t want to destroy all traditions just some. Also, it’s hilarious that you’re talking about traditions holding the country together one minute and separatism the next. El Oh El

          “a culture that emphasizes individual liberty to the point of narcissism.”

          WTF does that even mean?

          “Western World because Western World reminds him about his inferiority”

          You sure are good at stringing terms together you have no understanding of.

          1. “WTF does that even mean?”

            I might try to explain it to you if I thought there was a bottom to your ignorance.
            However, I don’t see any percentage in trying with so little hope of success.

          2. “You sure are good at stringing terms together you have no understanding of.”

            I was talking to an adult who I respect. Don’t interrupt, not every conversation needs to be dumbed down to your level.

          3. “I was talking to an adult who I respect.”

            One uppity piece of trailer trash communicating with another. Quaint.

  33. He didn’t speak the truth. He cast baseless aspersions at immigrants

    “This is what it’s come to: a cynical political strategy devised to create permanent Liberal voting blocks through the wholesale importation of immigrants is now undermining one of the few truly Canadian traditions we all share: the wearing of a poppy”

    Much like you are doing. Protip: if you don’t want immigrants to support your enemies, don’t be their enemies.

    You don’t get to say no to immigration btw. It’s a fact.

  34. The biggest annoyance with this started today. All the headlines are now how Cherry “stepped down” when the very interview and history clearly indicate otherwise.

    Why are they changing the narrative to be clearly not what happened?

    This is like the opposite of “brownface”.

  35. Anyone that agrees with Cherry’s firing thank you.You have finally crossed the line we will not put up with a good man like Cherry being insulted and ridiculed.You have finally pushed us to far

  36. Just caught the tail-end of Don Cherry on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

    Great stuff

    Hoping to see ytube video soon.