44 Replies to “Saint Greta gets her own mural in SF”

  1. About halfway through this CNN article they refer to “CNN affiliate CBC.”

    Not that anyone didn’t suspect a connection.

    1. Why drag Vladimir Putin into it? He is a sensible man, not a climate crazy, and only kills people who need killing.

  2. Boy, is she ugly. Nothing symbolizes more the end of Sweden: 40 years ago they had ABBA , now this underdeveloped little potato faced creep. As Trump said of Huffington, she is unattractive both inside and out.

    1. “Boy, is she ugly.”

      Being of the Nordic type myself, I have al;ways loved the look of Swedish women – blond hair, big smile, and ample bosom. Why wasn’t this one pulled out of the litter and bounced off the barn door? Have the parents been investigated for child abuse? Something ain’t right.

      1. Haha haha ha!

        My Great grandmother Yerda, who was always quick with a joke, would agree with you.

        And what of this muralist of losers? He paints some weirdo comedian who offed himself in (likely) an auto erotica asphyxiation blunder … and then some random teen poster-child of the greatest FRAUD ever perpetrated on mankind. Just more street debris in the unlivable city of San Franfreako.

        And, no … I’ll NEVER see the mural, as I permanently stopped visiting San Fransicko after they started imposing a 15% surcharge on every restaurant meal to pay for health Insurance for busboys and hostesses.

    1. Or defusing car bombs and emptying the grenade amnesty box back in her homeland, the Scandinavian colony of the Third World.

  3. Here’s a thought experiment.

    Let’s suppose some “street artist” decides to “modify” said mural to add a small moustache and add the caption “big smile” to the side.
    Would anyone figure out the punch line?
    Or would they get it after they where herded onto the freight cars?

  4. Margaret Atwood, the greatest author since William Shakespeare, (HEAVY SARC)proclaims Greta ThingBorg, who reminds me of “Lost Children of the Corn”. Attwood wants her elevated to “Joan of Arc of the Environment.”
    Greta now sits on the right hand of Gaia. Greta gets to roll Spliffs and Gaggers for the Deity herself. When the famines come Greta will be hitched to a plow in a Mad Max World. I pray for the day when our world descends into a Mad Max dystopian underworld. Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Cats Of War. Ha Ha Ha. Margaret At Wood. Ha Ha Ha.

    1. “Attwood wants her elevated to “Joan of Arc of the Environment.” ”

      Seems reasonable to me. J. of Arc had religious “visions”, people believed her and she lead them into battle after which she was burned at the stake.
      Darling Greta has “visions” of that invisible gas C02, people believe her, and she leads them on protest parades after which she will be…

      same same

  5. I look forward to the day decent people are permitted to break Greta’s ugly mug up with hammers and sell the rubble as cheap souvenirs of the liberation of California.

  6. Cut her some slack. Think about how hard it must be to be a homely teen girl who can not relate to anything but the negative. Lonely for certain. She’ll take her own life somewhere in the future. The world will shrug and she will be forgotten.

    1. “Cut her some slack.”

      No way.
      Greta is a foot soldier of the Left. This is war with real casualties all around. People are dying because of Gang Green’s policies.
      Whatever happens to Greta is on THEM for using child soldiers.

      1. Greta is an example of why God invented the Jailhouse Love Doll, so no man would have to breed a Greta. That and Beer. God’s gifts to men. But we also have brown paper bags. In Greta’s case a guy would need lots of the beer and 2 paper bags. One for her and one for you. Ha Ha Ha.
        A what the hell a good rooster services them all, even the deformed scabby assed ones. Ha Ha Ha.

        1. That’s 3 bags, one for her, one for you, if hers comes off and one by the door, in case someone comes in!

  7. In the same City that declared the NRA as Domestic Terrorists and retracted their idiotic declaration yes let her gaze down i upon Sewer City and their Gay Pride Day parades

  8. It strikes me that the progressive green scammers have learned from the moslem fanatics. Send out retards to carry bombs, either verbal or explosive.

    1. Apparently there is a great deal of material lying around on the streets of San Francisco to capture the brown highlights

  9. “We’re pretty much at the beginning of our extinction, so if we don’t do anything right now, it’s going to be too late,” he said.
    Yeah ok ya f**king idiot, no wonder the Swedish Retard is half-pretending to be scared shitless.
    All the Sky-Is-Falling losers need to be gathered up and flown to Ellesmere Island along with all the ISIS f**kers.

  10. Good point, HB.

    Furthermore, the propellant in many pressurized spray cans is nothing less than LPG (liquified petroleum gas) or propane. LPG is self-pressurizing, converting from liquid to gas as vapour is released. It also expands 270 times in volume when changing to vapour.

    So all those thousands of spray cans used were releasing considerable amounts of a petroleum gas into the atmosphere, but if you asked the ‘artist’ they’d likely be unaware – and then forced to defend it as being “for the greater good.”

  11. The CBS story talks about her “Mona Lisa smile”. Huh? That’s a scowl, not a smile. They’re so twisted around that they can’t even accurately report facial expressions.

  12. Yep, and scientists would agree:
    Autism spectrum disorder: Michael Fitzgerald professor of child and adolescent psychiatry. (Cut/paste Wikipedia)
    In his 2004 published anthology Autism and creativity, he classified Hitler as an “autistic psychopath”. Autistic psychopathy is a term that the Austrian physician Hans Asperger had coined in 1944 in order to label the clinical picture that was later named after him: Asperger syndrome, which has nothing to do with psychopathy in the sense of an antisocial personality disorder. Fitzgerald appraised many of Hitler’s publicly known traits as autistic, particularly his various obsessions, his lifeless gaze, his social awkwardness, his lack of personal friendships, and his tendency toward monologue-like speeches, which, according to Fitzgerald, resulted from an inability to have real conversations.