23 Replies to “Beto Gone, Big Yawn”

  1. It must be really depressing when you realize that even among democrat socialist Wacos you ate considered lower than an ass hole.

  2. The worst part is that he isn’t the worst of them. I’d still take him over Turmp or Bernie or Warren or Khamala. He’s still a total doosh even Slate and other left of center media called him out as a human strawman for conservatives.

    1. This more than any post previous pretty much says all anyone needs to know about you. Beto is as empty as Justin Trudeau. Beto’s last moment of cultural appropriation was the day he made his utter failure official, his campaign died on Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’

  3. The Democratic Party is much too sophisticated to nominate a “moderately” insane authoritarian poseur, metro-sexual, white male under 70 years of age. Their nominee must be pretty much a full-on socialist / fascist lunatic.

  4. Maybe he is just the smartest one? Cause it is going to be an ugly bloodbath with someone actually calling out the Clinton machine… literal, Vince Foster, multiple “suicides” bloodbath…

    I think the Clinton machine is actually going to go firebombing of Dresden on this one. Crime families do not like being replaced.

    1. So he wouldn’t have to get a real job. Now his father-in-law has told him, “You’ve had your chance and like I told you, you didn’t stand a chance. Now get a respectable job and grow up or get out of of my family.”

  5. The pride of Westmount High, Kamala Harris, is widely expected to be the next to throw in the towel, leaving the senile Joe Biden as the only candidate with any realistic chance of beating President Trump. Beto’s only benefit as a candidate was being able to pass as a white Texan.

    Joe will be rejected, though, not for being obviously senile and completely under the control of his wife but for being a straight white man. Pocahontas it is, with Buttigieg the queer as her running mate—assuming that in desperation the DNC don’t give Hillary another chance—helping to seal the fate of the Democrats at the federal level.

    President Trump is only leaving the White House to take a one-way trip to Arlington cemetery. Thank the God who put him in the White House in the first place for that.

  6. “President Trump is only leaving the White House to take a one-way trip to Arlington cemetery.”

    I’m guessing he will be the first president to be both born and buried in the City of New York. Grant, born in Ohio, is the only one buried there. Teddy Roosevelt was the only other one born there. He is buried in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

  7. The newspaper of record, the Babylon Bee, said that he was quitting to spend more time ….. taking guns from his family. Man that tickled the old funny bone.

    1. Hell yes, I’m taking your AR-15! And your Uzi, and Kalishnikov, and shotgun, and BB gun, and .22!!

      Nobody needs a Red Rider BB gun!!! Hell, you could put an eye out!!

    1. He would have been a perfectly fine Dem in the early ’90s. He should switch simply because the Dems are going to be in power for a long, long time.

  8. I will miss the Latino cosplayer prone to eating magic New Mexico dirt and making practical jokes with his infant’s poop.

  9. Unme – Foff. I think most just scroll past your posts so just save us the time.
    You make no sense whatsoever to the adults!