7 Replies to “Why the Woke Ignoramuses are Scared of The Joker”

    1. That and the bathtub.

      Powerful performance by Joaquin Phoenix drowns out the political pulp.
      Reminds one of ‘King of Comedy – (Jerry Lewis/ Robert Deniro)’

  1. Smart fellow, and he’s no doubt got things right, but I don’t have the time….or maybe it’s patience.

    He’s a bit like a baseball game: the best way to watch it is on Canada a.m. the next morning.

  2. This is a good explanation of why I’ve been hearing “controversies” about this movie pop up here and there but never really paid attention because, well, I do not need to be told what is important..

    Also, I am, like Kate, tired of being told by pollsters and politicos that “this”, whatever this is, is what concerns Canadians the most; are most concerned about; think, etc. The latest, conveniently for our Dear Leader, is The Environment, which is apparently more important to Canadians than taxation or corruption.

    1. “The latest, conveniently for our Dear Leader, is The Environment…”. There is no question that is true for the Spawn’s puppet master. I don’t know if there is any way of knowing what his biggest concern is other than being re-elected and sitting in Daddy’s chair. You would have to catch him when he isn’t acting.

  3. I don’t know….. Art can affect people in negative ways and can inspire lunatics or malevolent people. Obviously, it’s not the fault of the filmmakers if someone murders people and uses this movie as an excuse but I think it’s entirely reasonable to consider whether a movie with a psychopath as the anti-hero – a psychopath who is one of the most recognizably evil villain archetypes in 20th century pop culture – might inspire other psychopaths, especially when it has already happened once with this specific character.

    This incel stuff is the stupid woke culture, SJW nonsense but back when conservatives weren’t so stupid and truly cared about the preservation and growth of art and culture, we would have pondered the consequences of such art. Now we either have the libertarians screeching about how nothing matters and everyone should be able to do whatever they want and the American-style conservatives who somehow think ignorance of art and culture is a virtue.

  4. Nahhhh …

    I like the good old fashioned reason for lunatics to commit murder … to impress Jodie Foster. Which now is the exclusive purview of female murderers.