43 Replies to “Lieberal Elite Collusion”

  1. Surprising exactly nobody, a vote for anyone but the CPC is a vote for putting Gerald Butts back in charge of the government of Canada. No other evidence of this assertion is needed.

    It’s unfortunate, but Max is no Nigel Farage or Preston Manning. I sincerely hope that whatever few votes are drawn to the PPC do not serve to avert a change in government. IMO, the Tories are not perfect, but we are faced with a compelling case for choosing the only harm reduction option available to us.

    1. Not buying your scare tactics. Scheer is no different from the liberal globalists. Voting ppc. Go suck an egg while western Canada readies for separation.

    2. Fully agreed. Vote for anyone but Dairy Queen is a vote for Aladdin, Butts, section 13 remaining on on the books and gun confiscation. Simple as that.

      It sucks, but when one cannot win they at least should make sure the enemy does not win either.

    3. david I see you are smart enough to type, but that appears to be the limit of your smarts. Butts would probably become a tory if the turd lost, and I use Kinsela as an example for this. As to Max, he put a party together in very quick time, so he has some “can do” about him. and as many have pointed out before, scheep is NO different than turd, in fact scheep in not a conservative

    1. Yeah, Andy Coyne, chinless wonder and loyal Katie Telford stooge… Telford has Coyne on speed dial… Coyne, the same prick that wrote about a 16 dollar orange juice signifying the literal end of the country. As for Blackie McTurdholes many scandals, crimes and mendacious governance along with disgraced sociopath Gerry the Butts resigning in scandal, well old Andy isn’t concerned about that in the least… Raj, Coyne a couple of Turdhole lickers on Katie Telfords short leash… Not only is the “debate” rigged so is the whole damn election. I’m just surprised Butts didn’t call in his RCMP goon squad to arrest and detain the photographer like the LIberals do with Media they don’t like, all with the acceptance of Coyne and Raj of course… Western separation now.

      1. “I’m just surprised Butts didn’t call in his RCMP goon squad to arrest and detain the photographer like the LIberals do with Media they don’t like”…

        Add Scheer to that anti-media paranoia…

    2. What Coyne said may be true. If I was a reporter my next thought would be – did Raj meet with the other politicians equivalents to Gerald Butts? Or was it only Trudeau’s right hand man that she met with before the debates. If it was only him then, yeah, it looks bad.

      Did any journalists ask those questions of Raj? If not, why the lack of curiosity? Do Canadians have to rely on foreign journalists again?

      1. This is OUR swamp. We might not be at the level our neighbors to the south are but it’s damn SWAMPY here in Canada. The elite media circle the wagons and as in Coyne’s case give it a ‘Pffft, nothing to see here.’ Our talker here in Calgary had the EXACT same reaction when a caller asked about it. ‘It’s just journalism in action folks, happens all the time.’ Ya well that’s a problem then, NO? Contrast that with Danielle in the morning who said Raj has some explaining to do and with the optics alone she should resign her post as a moderator. The difference is she isn’t a pundit at the CBC. Breckenridge is. He’s one of those SQUISHY conservatives that makes the odd appearance on CBC with the likes of Adler and Coren. So he wasn’t going to take a shot at one of their STARS. They pay well I hear. Swamp creatures, even the tiny ones, understand their role.

      2. “Why the lack of curiosity”… indeed, good question… the Turdhole Media have a need NOT to know… Coynes half baked mockery directed at anyone questioning Raj and Butts motivations is the equivalent of saying “we don’t care what you think of our blatant corruption” hardly a convincing argument from Coyne. Why does Coyne feel the need to defend Raj and Butts in the first place ? I await Raj’s cozy dinner party with Hamish Marshall, right before the debate she will be moderating.

      3. “Did any journalists ask those questions of Raj? If not, why the lack of curiosity? Do Canadians have to rely on foreign journalists again?”

        Canadian journalists are quite noticeably incurious as a breed; a complacent herd all huddled in the same small band of the political spectrum. Sadly, there are just too few Christie Blatchfords at the national level of journalism (though smaller local papers often have surprisingly audacious quill-drivers).

        Having lived in the UK for some time, I got used to the Fleet Street version: not so much a herd as an alcohol-fuelled mob. And over there, you get a good spectrum of comment from right to left, something totally absent in our poor old Dominion.

        A British paper wouldn’t have let a foreign publication (i.e., TIME) do the dirty on a PM who performed blackface in his callow youth; they’d have gleefully done it themselves (I’d love to see how the Daily Mail or similar tabloid would have exploited such antics!).

        Not only that, a swarm of journalists would then have gone after the whole cabinet to uncover youthful peccadilloes.

        1. They remind me of middle management. You know those guys. They’re the ones who never have an original thought in their life. They mindlessly parrot whatever new initiative comes out of HQ. They’re scared to make a decision by themselves so they do everything by committee.

          I remember when I really needed a decision to be made by one of the planners because of time constraints and a growing contamination problem in the feed water.I told my foreman that I had an appointment with the planner to get an answer. As I walked out the door, my foreman joked “make sure you check under the desk, that’s where managers hide when they don’t want to make a decision.”

          That who Canadian journalists remind me of – middle management. Boring, fearful, unoriginal, scared to offend their buddies or the Liberals. The big prize for Canadian journalists is a political appointment. The only scoop they will ever get are the Baskin-Robbins or Haggen-Dazs variety. Besides the “scoops” fed to them by Liberal HQ, of course. A couple of exceptions but people who go against the grain are rare in Canadian media.

  2. The debates are looking like a complete farce. Journalists are not unbiased, and most are on the political left. Where is representation for the right -leaning views among debate moderators. This is pretty blatant manipulation. Can we complain to Elections Canada?

  3. Yeah, who hasn’t printed a sign and posted it on a door and staged a photo to prove or further their narrative?

  4. If Scheer and the Conservatives won’t complain, demand her resignation, or boycott the event then who cares?

  5. Scheer should refuse to take a question from raj. Ask her to explain her dinner date with butts.

    Play some hardball.

  6. Five female moderators — sounds like the title of a bad Danish sex movie.

    Isn’t there a male urinalist in the great white north capable of asking a few questions?

    Guess not.

    But from what I dimly recall of high school, aren’t there usually six cheerleaders? Oh right, Liz May.

    Shift to the left. Not to the right.

    Stand up, sit down,

    Tax all night.

    1. Five liberal female moderators, I am not sure that the woman from the Sun is not a liberal.

    2. “Isn’t there a male urinalist in the great white north capable of asking a few questions?”

      They belong to Rebel Media and are being routinely harassed by Police, latest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mIloyMuIsU&lc=z22yjhag4t30xx2og04t1aokgdbpo5l4yvf12cjm12jebk0h00410.1570217547918680
      “But do you have an accreditation?”
      “Who taught you a word with so many syllables officer?”

      When not harassed they are being assaulted by police while other police deny the assault that happened right in front of their eyes has actually happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOUp8BHtv3Y

      Banana Republik with Poutine.

      1. And now The Rebel’s been barred from attending the debate. Not to participate, just to attend (and report). I guess it’s that last part that’s hard for the Lieberals to handle.

  7. The fact is that every debate is rigged for the imbecile Blackie McTurdhole, just like his staged press conferences. Blackie McTurdhole is an actor of sorts, a terrible actor of course, but Turdholes act requires multiple supporting actors in order to prop up the facade… Raj is one of those supporting actors… Turdhole only interacts with Liberal Party approved Media, he doesn’t answer questions because the Liberal Party approved Media don’t ask him questions, instead they invite the Turdhole to recite Butt’s inane scripts and talking points which the Media swallow whole, the toughest follow up question (invitation) Blackface ever gets is an invitation to blather the same shit talking points but this time do it in the french talk. Butts is simply going over the script he wrote for Raj to follow, nothing new, they’ve got an idiot to elect.

  8. Any political event in Canada involving the Liberal paid for media is corrupted as they have not disclosed that they, as opposed to their fully-disclosed Unifor apparatchiks, are in the tank for the Liberals, and with some, for the NDP and Greens. Any Conservative participant must realize that they alone are under fire from not only the other candidates but primarily from the media from where the “moderators” were picked. The picture with the media woman and Butt-plug should surprise no one as that’s the way it’s done in Canada. It’s an example of a business lunch among colleagues. Butts will feed the Spawn questions and soundbite responses otherwise he would have to be wired for the debate. We have no major media that “covers” politics. We only have a media that participates in politics with varying degrees of subtlety.

  9. Watch and learn team Hitlery and CNN amateurs. This is how it is done Banana Republik style. You even get a free dinner out of that.

    1. It’s the same team. My brother went South to work the Obama campaign and now works the Trudeau campaign.

    This abomination of a nation has one last chance, and all the morons are going to re-elect this dummy and his co-conspirators. I am almost tempted to vote for Blackie McBlackface just to get the divorce proceedings underway.

  11. I’m not one of them.

    You know what? I shan’t bother voting this time.

    Nor again, until each polling station is being monitored by a member of the US Marine Corps, during an election to select the provisional Canadian government that will negotiate north American unification.

      1. You mean a gay Chinese transvestite marine?

        I wouldn’t mind joining the US if the Federal government was subordinate to the states as originally intended – a union of independent countries with minimal central government.. Alberta being ruled out of Washington, New York, LA, and Chicago is scarier than being ruled out of Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

  12. A debate?
    It’s not a debate, it’s a platform to expound talking points while the opponents talk over each other.
    If it was a debate the format would be as follows.
    The moderator would be someone with a background in hearing arguments most likely a judge and one from outside the country. Under no circumstances would a media rep or politician be allowed anywhere near the moderator from the day it was announced they would be chairing the debate till after closing arguments.
    The subject of the debate would be a specific issue and there would be two sides that the candidates could choose to be on to argue pro or con. No general subject topics would be allowed and Roberts Rules of Proceedure would be strictly enforced. If an audience was allowed to be present it would be restricted to polite applause and any disruption by an audience member would result in expulsion.
    If any audience member that was disruptive was found to be associated to one of the candidates campaign that debate participant would forfeit the debate.
    That would be a debate.
    The current arrangement that is referred to as a debate is not even close.

  13. During the debate will anyone ask Raj or Trudeau to explain why she was meeting with the disgraced Gerald Butts?