Art Of The Deal


Inside the machinery of the Trump campaign’s defiance-merchandise machine. Siphoning rage from Twitter pays: Over 55,000 packs of those own-the-libs straws have netted over $823,000. The #Sharpiegate markers have made the campaign $50,000.

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32 Replies to “Art Of The Deal”

  1. LOL that idiot doesn’t understand how the economy works. No, retail sales ie consumption don’t power prosperity. It’s the other way around, and with investment sputtering you can expect a recession and it will certainly happen before people like him learn from 2006-2007.

        1. No, of course not. According to Unnuts, all economy belongs to the state, no state, no economy. It’s so simple, I can’t imagine it not working.

    1. That’s the plan. It’s being engineered so that the economy crashes in two years and all the blame falls on President Warren. Oldest trick in the book.

          1. Hornytoad has nailed it.
            With all of the stupid media and eco-weenie kickback against drinking straws, Trump has just rubbed this in their green faces. ☺ His campaign is selling plastic drinking straws!! Too funny.
            It really is brilliant and makes a mockery of the morons (Catherine, Justine, Andrew…), the usual eco thugs, drama teachers, clothing designers, and socialist morons and layabouts who think that banning drinking straws is going to save the world. Best laugh I’ve had for a while. Five stars for Mr. Trump and his handlers!

          2. Saying that over and over again doesn’t make it so. Doesn’t change that the 2018 midterms happened. Doesn’t make him any less unpopular. He’s just good at manipulating the retards that comprise his base. Case in point…

      1. It’s being engineered to fail before the election so it can all be blamed on Trump and he can be replaced with someone more to the liking of the globalists.

        Controlled demolitions of Main Street are how Wall Street remove “democratically-elected” leaders who have outlived their usefulness.

    2. My employer’s August sales are up 9% over last August’s. And our customers are typically filthy progs like you. Try again.

  2. me post was going to be hardest hit the unDork, and there you are in full stupid flight , and it is you who doesn’t understand the economics of retail economics

    1. Considering that Numpty lives in his mommy’s basement and plays video games all day, should we be surprised that he has no idea of how the real world works?

    1. Andrew

      and you are still a good example of why I didn’t need to check the machinery when I was dealing with a leftist fool like you because I knew were the problem was rite away

  3. It seldom that one gets to hammer the evil person that wired you….Trump will get to harpoon Obama by hitting Joe the gimp every day of 2020…Joe stands for Obama & Obama’s legacy will be on full display.

    1. seriously
      joe IS showing initial preliminary signs of some sort of dementia, like announcing on the campaign trail that
      non-violent criminals should never get prison.
      jeezuz murphy. *thats something an 8 yr old would say*.

      let’s all hope demoncraps pick him . . . . .
      who’s the running mate? maybe a comeback for dan quayle?

      1. Why is that announcement about non-violent criminals driving you people so insane? You better settle down or the incoming Criminal Just Reform train is going to drive you up a wall. We’re just getting started.

  4. Capitalism, if you wish to use that ism, is always in play, even in the most dictatorial of countries. It always has and always will be. The barter system is basic capitalism. When people need or want something they will do end runs around even the most controlled of circumstances. Economics really is not very complicated, the only complications that show up are those designed to screw you out of your money.