27 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. I know, Kate. The only thing in the mainstream media that isn’t a pack of lies is the sports results and the Star couldn’t even get that straight.

    As a matter of fact, it is standard practice to write both articles covering both possible outcomes in advance, to stop an outlet from scrambling in case of an upset.

    This, at least, was almost certainly an honest mistake, if only because the Star had nothing to gain by pretending Serena Williams had won. They print the truth about last night’s sports results because, frankly, nobody gives a damn.

    1. So they write articles for every possible score in a sporting event?
      A base article written as a fill in the blank template might make sense, but they are oddly specific about the details of things that never happened. My guess is they long ago abandoned the idea of getting facts correct before they spin.

  2. Prepackaged Serena worship to go along with Princess (ewwww) Megan Markle worship … that’s all … it’s just prepackaged “celebration” of a woman (who presents as a man) ovvvvv cullller … who flaunts the rules and traditions of tennis. No decorum for this Oaktown native. Mmmm mmm mmm Nahhh.

    1. Serena is, by the way she presents, a very likable person. But truthfully. I find her hard to look at. Mike Tyson-ish. Harsh but true.

      1. Serena’s parents are highly unlikeable racists who gleefully use their daughter’s success as a stick in the eye to … the white man … and the “ white tennis culture”. For that reason, I can never acknowledge their daughter’s success. It’s sad really, because I am no racist … but I am a “reactionary”. Anyone who attempts to shove a narrative down my gullet, gets “resisted” by me. Mr. Williams is a dikk… and he taints everything his daughters do.

        And then for Princess half-black to suddenly claim some long time friendship with Serena is just so much racist PR that it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

    2. “presents as a man”? Serena Williams? I don’t think she’s pretty at all, but she looks like a woman to me. A big, strong woman, but a woman nonetheless.

      I don’t watch women’s tennis at all, so I don’t follow this, but I did notice that Ms. Williams has rather enormous breasts. Since she’s recently had a child, I wonder if they are larger now than before (my wife’s got larger after breastfeeding). I do remember that Babe Zaharias, a top female golfer of the past, commented that trying to swing with large breasts was “like trying to swing with two bags of wet cement on your chest”. I’m impressed that Ms. Williams got to the finals after having a child.

  3. The weird thing is they got the score exactly right, just the wrong way. So it isn’t a pre-written article. I can’t even imagine what could have happened. In the ancient days of wire service, it may have gotten garbled, but this was telecast live.

    P.S. to Happy Infidel, no Serena Williams is NOT a very likable person. Or even a likable person. Ask Sloane Stephens.

    As a black girl whose wish was to play tennis professionally, Stephens idolized Serena growing up. And Serena loved the adulation, saying nice things about Stephens even as she beats Stephens up every match. And here in Stephens’ own words is what happened after she finally beat Serena in Melbourne.

    “She’s not said one word to me, not spoken to me, not said hi, not looked my way, not been in the same room with me since I played her in Australia,” Stephens says emphatically. “And that should tell everyone something, how she went from saying all these nice things about me to unfollowing me on Twitter.”

    Her mom tries to slow her down, but Sloane is insistent. “Like, seriously! People should know. They think she’s so friendly and she’s so this and she’s so that — no, that’s not reality! You don’t unfollow someone on Twitter, delete them off of BlackBerry Messenger. I mean, what for? Why?”

    1. Personally I really like and admire Serena. She’s been a beast on the court for two decades with really no equal. That is until now. I really think this U.S. Open match was her Agassi – Federer moment where in 2005 young Roger dominated Andre in such a way that the writing on the wall became obvious. That U.S. Open final was Agassi’s last match as a pro. I believe Williams and Andreescu will keep talking maybe because there was mutual respect from the very beginning. Has Serena played her last match as a pro? Maybe. But if she continues she now understands her star in waning.

      1. I have observed over the course of my life, that everyone (especially athletes, dancers, and actors/actresses, singers) have about 20 years at the top of their game – maybe 30 years, if they are very lucky. Even Wayne Gretsky – the Great One, retired from the NHL at 38, after 20 years in the league as a player. The fortunate ones have good managers who explain this rule of life to them, encourage them to get into directing/producing, or if a woman, leave for about 10 years in your 40’s, raise a family, and then return as a character, older actor/actress. The British seem to understand this, so you have really great older character actors such as Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith and the men such as John Cleese and the 2 guys in “Quartet”(I forget their names, but not their faces).

  4. Did not see the said “newspaper”, using the term very loosely. It seems as though this is some kind of parody. On the other hand it may be that is was a machine “intelligence” that might have written it on the analytical input from the learned, not unlike global warming.

    Been thinking about the visuals from the media cartel.
    Detected that the prose is that the airhead makes all these stupid proclamation, though he is so good at other things.
    Observed also that the pictures in the papers (Calgary Herald) and on the idiot tube have him smiling from the perspective of superiority. It is as though these are free ads of the airhead to be noticed by the women mostly and by certain men or some such.

    Seems that the media cartel has given up on the real world and now lives strictly in office towers with blinds shut, so as not to disturb the isolated minds.

    It was worthy to watch the young Bianca Andreescu win. She was the definition of cool. The young woman was in full control of herself. Don’t see that in sports today where everybody wants to show how damn mad they are.
    It would seem that Bianca Andreescu will do better than the young woman from Q’bec.

  5. Gee a real dilemma for Trudeau and the Libs, who will want to attach their wagon to a CANADIAN winning the US open and first grand slam.

    Hey Justin define Canadian for me will you?

  6. I would like to be Bianca’s manger for her obvious sponsorship opportunities…She is destined to be on “Wheaties” Etc…(Multi-Bucks).….. That may piss-off Serena & some of the usual American Tennis legends, but her Canadian image is defiantly adaptable for Madison Ave….She is a Grand Champion.

  7. I used to buy and read old, bound library newspaper books. These were usually weekly newspapers that would later be sent out for binding for permenate record. Before microfiche. 1800-1930’s.
    Back before radio, or TV. Just print.
    The quality of the writing was first class. I still remember into the 1970’s a culture of get it right in newspapers, but the rot was setting in. From Franklin and rhe great city papers, before radio, then tv, now internet, there was no, zero, nothing , place to go for the bright and skilled. So newspapers had their pick. Even small three man rural papers could be diamonds, and some tiny paper editors were nationally known for their editorials.
    Today newspapers are Detroit. Losers. Dead or dying. They hire drecks from our dying dreck schools.
    I used to up til the 90″s buy 4-5 papers a day. Then just on Sunday. Now I don’t even check them online, their last big hope.

  8. The Star email, and announcement, is a real puzzler. The time the email was written was 6:03 pm, Saturday September 7. By then, Andreescu either had won, or was about to win. Anyone watching the match would see that Andreescu had the better game. This email reminds me of the media cartel’s election polling.

  9. soooooo does the screen capture become part of the permanent record?
    LOL !!!!!
    o gawd this is hilarious.
    mebbe Serena gonna keep a copy eh?