Why is it so difficult for some Brits to respect Democracy?

The Brexit drama in Britain is fascinating. It has exposed many on the Left and the Elitist Right as having no interest in respecting the will of the people. Lest anyone forget, a legally binding referendum was held on June 23, 2016 and a majority of voters decided that Britain should leave the EU. There has been no hint that the voting was improper. It was always known that a simple majority of 50% + 1 was sufficient to trigger Brexit. So why is there any dispute now of Britain departing the EU?

As those of us on this side of the Atlantic have learned over our lifetimes, Leftists don’t often respect democracy. So many of them have the hearts of totalitarian thugs and believe that anyone who disagrees with their vision of utopia is misguided, mentally ill, or evil, so the votes of such people don’t really count.

The attitudes of the Elitist Right is something that this blogger had dismissed as not so common up until this point. How very wrong yours truly has been. It seems clear that such people really do believe that they are better, smarter, and wiser than you and me. This “democracy” thing is a nice illusion for the unwashed but we, the noble elites, know what is best for our country and shall impose our enlightened will on the nation.

Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad is a popular English vlogger. In this newly published video, he is clearly passionate and, as such, lets more than a few expletives fly but respect his passion and enjoy!

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  1. The British Empire has always practiced the Fabian system. That is that economic issues are the domain of Business… The House of Commons just divide the leftover Crumbs among the Piss-ants…..

    The People (common) of GB thought they had a voice in EU commerce issues…NOPE! trillions of investment at risk….The Queen will rule!

    Read PM Lee of Singapore’s book… He explains Canada & your Fabian…. YES!.you also got IT

    1. Glad to see the Inbred Brits getting a dose of the FOOKING mess they gave us, glad the USA threw them out in 1776 but they are back as evidenced by their interference in the election of President Trump.

      1. There is NO such thing as socialism
        – it’s just a phony story to justify tyranny
        – socialist tyrants ALWAYS make poverty worse
        – the phony story about ‘helping the poor’ never actually works
        – all tyrants seek to grab all the power and money
        – and subjugate the citizenry
        – and that’s what socialists do all day every day
        – examples: Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, Laos, Bolivia, Nicaragua, etc.
        – examples: Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, Portland, Chicago, etc.

        1. – And the really funny (?) thing about the rightist elites is, they’re all not-so-closet socialists. “Just put US in charge – we’ll soon set this right! After all, we’re so much smarter than all you proles – we’ll bring-in the government you NEED although you’re much too thick to realize it, and then everything will be just fine – trust us!!!”

          – And what’s funny about that? – why, that would be what the revolutionaries always do to their elites once they seize power!

          “Oh, we’re MUCH too smart to let it come to THAT!” “Yeah, that’s what all the other elites said too, may they rest in peace…”

          1. well unmebot, the vote is now 2 to 1 against you. so you LOSE this vote eh?

            did somebody drop you on yer head when you were a baby?

            I got tractors in the captcha.
            I wonder if the millenials know what a tractor is.

  2. Pity the cradle of Western Law and Civilization wants a fkcuing do-over because they won’t follow the dictates of The People. GOPe=Tories=the ruling elite. The ruling elite need a bloody trip to the guillotine.

    Best that Britain is taken OUT of the EU by whatever NON-democratic device is available to Queen and BJ … before … the Queen is gone, and Prince -Climate Change- Charles shoves a bloody Camilla tampon into BREXiT.


    I’m rooting for the 52% to make it happen. I’m rooting for BJ to get BREXIT done

  3. The elitists, left and right alike, have never cared to respect the will of the people—to be left in peace to enjoy the fruits of their labour and worship the God of Israel in peace—in any corner of the world. They wanted a restoration of the Roman Empire, where they were free to amuse themselves buggering little children and watching wild animals eat Christians alive, having made preaching the Gospel a capital crime.

    They occasionally talked about worker and peasant revolutions that would rid the country of parasites, but all they really had in mind was goading riffraff into murdering people who had gotten too rich to completely control (and giving the masters a cut of the loot).

    We are witnessing in the US and UK the first real worker and peasant revolt in modern history. The elites know that if it is successful, they have no future even as slaves—hence the remarkable impressions they are performing of cornered rats.

    1. Read up on Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table. They heavily infiltrated the US and Canada during the WW2. Can’t get rid of them. US Historian Carroll Quigley wrote a good book on this, The Anglo-American Establishment. It’s a free download online.

  4. People with an agenda care little for things that get in the way of their agenda and ideology. The will of the people is just an inconvenience.

    1. Yep. We’re just a speed bump.

      … I hope the kind of speed bump that tears out their oil pan and transmission!

  5. “Why is it so difficult for some Brits to respect Democracy?”

    They are voting their pocketbooks. The remainders think that their personal fortunes and futures are better served by staying in the EU. Whether it is because they are afraid of the changes when Britain becomes independent, or they are financially tied to a EU corporation, they want to stay in the Union. There are trillions of pounds in business that will change after Brexit. The remainders think they may be on the wrong side of the business.

  6. “absolute power corrupts absolutely”

    I disagree it’s the holder (individual or group) of the power that decides wether they chose corruption or not.

    Dr Hicks video below

    Quiggin Report Podcast

    Does Power Corrupt?

    Lord Acton said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” but is this accurate? Abuses of social and political power are the ones we worry about the most.

    Dr. Hicks, on twitter @SRChicks or visit http://StephenHicks.org


    1. “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      That’s true. But it’s not absolutely true.

  7. If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let you do it. Watching Brexit unfold has been fascinating though. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Pro Brexit voters are dumb, ignorant, racist rubes who were tricked by scammers is now the official line by every party pretty much.

  8. The Elites generally are smarter and wiser than you and the heaving masses. For instance, the Brexit referendum was not legally binding. You can’t even get basics right. ‘The people’ usually get it wrong; the Brexit referendum was an exception to this rule and even that was very close.

    The reason we have so many problem is because our elite isn’t elitist enough. They are not nearly as wise and learned as they should be. This is no good reason to let the idiot masses decide anything. That’s how you get Venezuela. We need more elitism. We must all be elitists.

    1. LOL some valid points, except that any enlightened autocrat would put you in a landfill as a priority.
      It is really cute when subhumans expect to be the boot not the neck …

    2. And where, pray, do you expect to find this wise and learned elite?

      I submit to you that if you can’t find them among the masses, you won’t find them anywhere. We have learned, by heart, from the mistakes of our masters which our masters insist on repeating no matter how much we protest—because we are the ones who pay for them, every time.

    3. Rubbish. The best and the brightest don’t go into “government”. And the elites (A certain former PM for ex.) were quite convinced that BREXIT would NEVER pass … so he gleefully put it to the vote. Not too bright … and now that PM has RUINED the Tory party. Best and brightest my ass. At best, they know the mechanisms of Govt. (and we plebes don’t). But in my experience, the twits who go into government are not the least bit smarter, or better educated than the average small business owner.

    4. When elites tell you other elites are the problem which they will solve with their version of elitist power, you just replace one tyrant for another, seeking to impose their will on the people, not for their good, unless you think your “good” automatically coincides with elitist power grabbing, trough slurping and their personal wealth and perks of power.

      Only the market can fix totalitarians like Google (plus anti-trust laws), and only voters can fix political totalitarians.

    5. All parties said they would abide by the Brexit referendum result, then they reneged. How democratic of them.
      Elites are generally stupider than the heaving masses so are forced to use political power to get past their will.
      Either way, elites’ so-called greater intelligence or even moral fibre does not give legitimacy to override the will of the people.
      Parliament has no such right either, but I repeat myself.
      The Brexit yes vote got a recent greater percentage of the vote than any parties in general elections so what is your point?
      Notwithstanding your lame attempts at humour, irony or sarcasm, your insipid remarks remain, as usual, insipid.

  9. Agree. Democracy is the problem not the solution. I’m from Alberta. Ten years of post-Ralph Klein democracy culminated with the NDP. Federally we have Justin.
    Democracy is horrible.

    Nations will always be ruled by elites…we just need better ones and I doubt we can vote our way out of it.

    I saw a t-shirt slogan once. “The solution to 1917 is 1973”. It rings truer everyday.

    1. See also ‘Argentina’. That country screams out for a Pinochet more than any other. Wish China would invade.

  10. There is a good economic and general case to be made for Brexit. Bojo ain’t making it and neither are most Brexiteers. Bojo in particular seems out to vindicate every negative caricature of himself.

  11. It’s not unprecedented that Parliament does not reflect the will of the people. It’s happened before, most famously and notoriously in the Seventeenth Century with the Rump Parliament 1640-1653. It was brought to a crashing end by Oliver Cromwell and one of the greatest short speeches ever given in the English language.

    It’s worth reading again, as it seems outstandingly germane for the current times. Every word he speaks rings with fury and indignation.

  12. Boris has flushed out the turncoats with his threat to crash out during prorogation. Its only a matter of time until an election and he will be returned with members who will have no choice but to follow his lead. He’s playing chess while Corbyn plays tiddly winks.

  13. // respect his passion and enjoy! //
    He was a UKip candidate. Part of his “passion” may be owing to that experience:

    But Sargon definitely didn’t help. Indeed, he may have driven the final nail into UKIP’s coffin. Over the course of his brief campaign, Sargon managed to embarrass himself and his party so thoroughly that neither may ever recover.
    He began his candidacy by doubling down on a rape joke directed at a Member of Parliament, and spent much of his time answering questions about the joke and other horrific comments he’d made in the past — including a pretty creepy take on pedophilia (“it depends on the child”).
    Also, he got milkshaked, and at one campaign stop he was pelted with fish.

    But it wasn’t just Sargon who was constantly getting asked questions about his rape joke and other awful statements; other UKIP candidates spent so much time dealing with the Sargon issue that a top party official told the Guardian yesterday that she thought
    Ukip’s EU campaign has been overshadowed by Sargon of Akkad’s disgusting comments and rape jokes and things he has said in the past. That’s very much marred Ukip’s reputation.

    1. Sargon was targeted by the lefty hate mob of the in internet. Sine when is i a shame to be milk-shaked; badge of honour I’d say. As to the collapse of UKIP, that was due to Frarage’s Brexit Party.

      You must be ditzy, Dizzy, to read the Guardian. That explains your complete confusion about reality.

    2. UKIP got what it deserved for making one bad decision after the other but even I’m shocked they’d be dumb enough to nom a wildly overrated internet pseudo-intellectual like this guy. I can see why Farage left! That and Farage was unhappy with the xenophobes taking over.

    1. That is interesting indeed. Queen Elizabeth likely would accept Johnson’s advice; I am not sure where anyone else in the royal family would fall.

      The only play to stop this, is if Johnson commits suicide by two bullets to the back of the head…

      Where is Hillary right now?

  14. In 2008, the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty. This did not please the Beautiful People in Ireland and the rest of the EU. Therefore they had another vote, and *SURPRISE* — the second time the Lisbon Treaty was ratified.

    This is what the remainers want to do in the UK.

  15. That question on the video is not mere hyperbole. Indeed the battle lines are being drawn. Are you pro Europe or pro Britain?
    And the proof that is indeed the battle line in in the picture. On the left side the only flag to be seen is the EU flag. On the right side you see the Union Jack and even the English flag.
    Of course the “Remainders” have no regard for the will of the British people. They want Britain to be ruled by fiats of self anointed bureaucrats in Brussels.

  16. There is an interesting tradition where during the opening of a parliamentary session, the door is slammed on the Black Rod, leaving him or her outside the House, to signify the House of Commons’ independence of the Sovereign.

    Now this parliament slams the door on the electorate to signify their independence of the citizen.

    This cannot end well for parliament and by extension the integrity of democracy in GB.

  17. A topical and most prescient read written by Hans Hermann Hoppe:
    “Democracy – The God that Failed”

  18. yer basic brit is a g*^$&$^#mn communist.
    why did karl write his books in the London library? right at home !!!
    more evidence: the spymaster scandal during the cold war:
    philby, burgess et al. ALL communists. all of them. drawn from a vast pool of communists.
    the rest are a bunch of elitist aristocrats sucking at lizzie’s teat.