32 Replies to “Has B.C. Become a Breeding Ground for Future Antifa Members”

  1. Well there goes Trudeau’s narrative that members of gangs come from poverty. Perhaps Ralphie can fund really expensive basketball courts. I never bought the argument that poverty has led to all this crime. When I was a kid in Canada, there was lots of poor families and the crime rate was a lot lower than it is today.

  2. Many of them are likely like Prinz Dummkopf: born into privilege, raised with a minimum of discipline (if any), never had to earn their keep, and possessing a sense of entitlement. I suspect that many are completely bored out of their minds with their pampered lives and joined Antifa in order to get some excitement.

    1. Parents are also likely too busy “doing their own thing” to take any notice of what the kids are up to. The nanny tried to tell them but they just found a new nanny instead.

  3. We need manadatory military service…2 yrs min.

    And no, you wont get paid 5000/month – you’ll get the clothes we tell you to wear, you’ll eat the food we give you (damned good food if memory recalls) to eat and a small monthly stipend. Male and Female. No exceptions. Once completed – you will have the choice to remain in grade, or leave & receive a good sized credit (70%), towards a STEM program of your choice.

    This of course after the military is “strained” to remove the Social Justice BS its currently infected with.

    We’ve needed that since Prince dumkopf’s daddy was PM.
    Some Big time Tough love.

    1. I agree, BUT, can you just imagine the outrage from our betters in the media? Not to mention the lefty progs in this confederation. I for one would like to see exactly of which you speak… never happen in forever.

    2. Taking lazy entitled psychpaths and giving them military training turns them into fit, confident, disciplined psychopaths who know how to use weapons and fight as an organized group. Is that really a good idea?

      1. A worse idea is using the military to babysit the wastrels that their families failed to raise and the schools failed to educate, when the military has its own role to play, and they have less than a tenth of the personnel they should have to do that.

  4. Surrey, essentially, is Little India, as is NorDelhi (North Delta). It IS the demographic.

    For the typical Indian family, Little Adesh, Deepak or Jagdesh, is their PRINCE, and treated/spoiled accordingly as entitled Little knobs. These are their traditions. Until they get married off, they don’t work, and live the life of faux opulence, until reality hits.

    1. You described much of the Mill Woods area of Edmonton. That part of town originally was a WASP yuppie community, but, over the years, south Asians moved into large portions of it.

      During the 1990s, it was a good place for a drive-by shooting. It seemed that one occurred there at least once a month.

  5. Before ANTIFA there was the Weather Underground whose most prominent member Bill Ayers was a bored trust fund baby not to mention his trusty sidekick Bernadine Dohrn who was born into a solid upper middle class family in Michigan.
    The difference of course is that back in the sixties community leaders and law enforcement didn’t get all squishy and mealy mouthed branding the WU as a terrorist organization.
    Interesting to note that Weather Underground were barking about white privilege not unlike what we’re witnessing today.
    Same sh**…different day.

  6. Antifa is more a post modern, quasi political, terrorist organization, attacking random or selected groups while the Surrey gangs are more engaged in the underground drug economy and related crime and violence mostly directed at competing or straying members. The economic backgrounds of the losers attracted to each gang may be similar but the nature of the two are different.

  7. Communist Facists without a clue. I believe that is the perfect description. Sounds a lot like a ton of people in southern B.C.

    1. Drug dealing gang members are anything but communists. I would agree with your characterization if applied to the concentrations of greens of the lower mainland and Victoria, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, etc.

      1. Drug dealing gang members are NOT Antifa. Drug dealing gang members are the purest form of capitalist, they just sell a dangerous product. Antifa are spoiled rich kids with too much time on their hands, Anarchists, facists, and other assorted hooligans, that just enjoy raising Cain. One would be right wing (dope dealers), and Antifa would be left wing (Antifa). Antifa is a raving band of Communist and Fascist hooligans, and should be characterised as Domestic Terrorists when wearing a mask at a demonstration.

  8. Growing up in Surrey, it always had this criminal culture among the youth. The only thing different now, perhaps, is the scale or the family wealth at their disposal. I remember attending high school and Asians all drove expensive upper end cars while the white kids had the family car or 200 dollar crapboxes. This is all speculation and observation, of course.

  9. … or to emulate the gangster lifestyle flashed by other teens on social media

    Says it all … right there. Wiggers.

  10. I did business in BC for a very long time. First worked there in 1966, it was socialist paradise then and they still think it is. They really do add an increased level of stupid to the already maximum that Canada has managed to achieve. I guess the Chinese feel right at home with the quasi dictatorship that the provincial government would like to achieve.

  11. Not really following the connection made to Antifa here … doubt that there are many or even any Indo-Canadian youth in Antifa.

    I don’t see Antifa as a gang, it’s more likely an extension of political activity that a larger group might engage in, then Antifa is the result of some of them bitching to each other that “not enough is being done.”

    That was never a problem with Hitler or Stalin or Mao of course, enough was always being done.

    1. Antifa is just street level enforcement for the state. We know this because the law is never vociferously applied against their actions.

  12. “What’s the difference between an Antifa member from a wealthy family and a B.C. gang member from a wealthy home?”

    The BC gang member drives a Lexus SUV.

  13. Gangs work for a profit. I can at least relate to people who understand money even if their moral standards are under par.
    The masked cowards are amoral turds. The authorities should cull them like they’re infected with airborne Ebola.

  14. Why are we even referring to them as gang members? They are merely turd worlders doing what turd worlders do and bringing turd world norms with them. It is absolutely pathological that someone like Ary Azez is put in a position to make things better. Removing him and those like from Canada would make things better. It is insane that we’re looking at him and those like him and behave as if the problem they create was as much their problem as ours. Them being in Canada is our problem and the solution is obvious.