30 Replies to “Here we bloody well go again.”

  1. So less than 10% of the people who spoke before the committee were advocates of free speech.
    Not a surprise. Most people I talk to will cite “hate speech” as very, very bad and don’t really understand what free speech truly means. They also choose “group” rights nonsense over individual rights and clearly don’t even understand what property rights means.

    1. They have been raised by negligent parents. They have been indoctrinated by the public education/indoctrination industry. We will be defeated by ignorance.

  2. It is time for everyone to get a VPN service on your computers so that Big Brother won’t have any idea where you are ‘hating’ from or who you are. I hate from Los Angeles. Sometimes from Switzerland.

    I suggest Express VPN as first choice … it’s fast and runs about 80 bucks US per year. That is small price to pay to avoid a Canadian Liberal Kangaroo court, which is reminiscent of the court in Alice in Wonderland. You cannot win.

    1. I used to think VPN was for hackers, child pornographers, and ANTIFA thugs. Not so sure of that anymore.

  3. Sec 13 was declared unconstitutional.

    If they want to reinstate it they have to use the not withstanding clause. But even then the use of the NWS clause is only effective as long as that government stays in office.

    Its ironic how on one day whatever is unconstitutional is untouchable until it gores one of the liberals protected species. Ergo the charter really does need to be renamed to reflect the intent of the desire of the one that needed that document made law to impose his agenda, hence the new title should be the liberal protected species act.
    Then at least they would be honest about what they really want.

    1. What’s truly unfortunate is just how horrible Canada’s Constitution happens to be.

      A political and legal document for politicians and lawyers only.

      With 25% of the country not signed.

      A document that sets out different classes of Canadians.

      That gives wonderful rights(emphasis on give) in one sentence and takes them away in the next.

      That disadvantaged the English majority in New Brunswick for all time.

      That set up the Great English 401 migration.

      That has allowed the Politicians and the Courts to turn Canada into a Soyboy country without hope of redemption.

      Of course, twas wee little Canucks that have allowed it.

  4. What difference do you think the election will make?

    The fools will vote Trudeau in again with a bigger majority.

    I find it interesting that the same people who say ignore polls that put Bernie ahead think polls that put the Dauphin behind mean anything.

    1. Because the pollsters take their directions from the power elites. The power elites viscerally HATE Trump because he is beyond their control. The power elites also HATE Trudeau (now) … because he has proven to be a very poor puppet. Obama was a superb puppet who read every word off the TelePrompTer diligently. Trudeau now speaks of water boxes and stuff.

  5. “Just you wait until we’re in power and can use this on you.”

    Warning to the snowflakes. But they depend on us to be the kind of good, law abiding citizens that they can’t bring themselves to be.

  6. That section 13 would return to Canadian “Human Rights” legislation was ordained as soon as the votes were counted in 2015. The Justice Committee charade just completed is the cover they are using to justify it.
    (A reminder — Conservative Party of Canada MPs voted in favour of keeping private the testimony of three of the most prominent proponents of free speech in our country).

  7. Reminder that the only truly protected “speech” in the western world (not just Canada) is pornography, grooming children for sex, and propaganda for political cults calling for the violent destruction of western civilization, and the peoples of the west with it.

    Telling the truth? Recall that the Truth is God Himself. Our masters have always had a problem with a God Who condemns them as the abominations they are. Telling the truth is a crime. It always has been.

    That won’t change under the Dairy Queen, mark my words.

    1. The destruction of God (“sky daddy” – for the NME-types) gives license to any and every depravity imaginable. Despite the miracle of our very existence, the Godless worship the golden calf. They worship their own sex organs and everything it commands them to do.

  8. It’s not “Anthony Housefather,” it’s Anthony Horsefeathers. Doesn’t anyone proofread this stuff before it’s published?

  9. Andrew f*cking Scheer will do the same thing as the Liberals. The election is irrelevant.

  10. That I might dislike someone and tell them so is not hate speech. If I criticize some moron who lacks a brain that is not hate speech. When I say that Trudeau is a silver spoon socialist and an intellectual failure, that is not hate speech.

  11. Once again, over to you, Noam Chomsky:

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

    1. Careful quoting Chomsky (although I ‘get’ your point). Chomsky is a 100% Anarchist who says parents should never shout at their children to NOT run into traffic. Chomsky believes your children, and all living beings should be given TOTAL freedom to become what they want to become. No social or political structure whatsoever.

      Chomsky’s ideal world would become a hellish vision of a Mad Max future.

  12. Time for a Charter clause. “Freedom of expression is absolute except in cases of calls to violence, defamation, pornography involving children, and public indecency. All charges under these categories shall be enforced by the courts alone with the option of trial by jury.”

  13. Some quotes that come to mind.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

    “Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.” — Thomas Jefferson

    And finally.

    “Collective rights without individual ones end up in tyranny. Moreover, rights inflation – the tendency to define anything desirable as a right – ends up eroding the legitimacy of a defensible core of rights…The right to freedom of speech is not, as the Marxist tradition maintained, a lapidary bourgeois luxury, but the precondition for having any other rights at all.” Professor Michael Ignatieff

    The irony of the last quote is that it is Ignatieff’s Liberals that would take away our freedoms.

  14. Welcome to the 24/7 fake news cycle where debate is frowned upon in favour of self-assured moral superiority.
    But it’s all about power. Newsflash to real conservatives: if you don’t play the power game, you lose, just ask PMSH.
    The voters are expected to act as they always have, to follow the easy way out and accept a false vision. Where’s our Trump?
    We must care about climate change. We must truck and rail our crude and import it from Saudi Arabia, to set the example.
    Most of all, we must cringe and cower at any smear of racism, misogyny or “appealing to our worst instincts” ignorance.
    Taxes stimulate the economy while cuts benefit only the “rich.” NB – if you believe the Fraser Institute that starts at $40K/yr.
    Is it too big a price to leave the oil in the ground? We have bolder visions to guide us like gender equity and ditching the poor.
    Just as the oblivious ones in the 905 belt. Once again, they will decide it. With no Fox north to compete, I don’t like our chances.
    Why, because conservatives act on principle and lose, while progressives act without principle and win. That’s a tough climb.

  15. Looks good,with truth NOT being a defence in the Human Rights Tribunals,what exactly would be the alleged haters defence?
    Such a wonderful situation,you have no right to speak,you have no defence against anonymous accusers.How dare you have an opinion different from your master?
    Oh right bureaucratic witch trials.
    Funny,we have been here before,always the same people, those who serve no useful function in a productive society,using their petty powers to nobble the creative workers.
    Misery is their stock in trade,the more they share the more “empowered” they feel.

    Why do visions of a functioning guillotine haunt my dreams?

    1. Think of the money saved with no need for rule of law, evidence, trials or any other checks on totalitarian control.

      We will soon be free to think and act according to the socialist ideal person, as Bill Gairdner called them, libertarian socialists, free to act within overlord control, but entitled to a job in spite of their crappy attitude, zero skills and giant nose earing.

      Remember what Bernie Sanders said: everyone is entitled to a “good paying” job, without of course having to do a good job, provided you’re a regular at the party meetings of course.

      1. The same Bernie who NEVER had a good paying job until he was elected at the age of almost 40.

  16. “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” Mark Twain.

  17. But hey, you can legally sodomize a stoned sixteen year old so freedom is on the march anyway.