19 Replies to “Where do you predict the UK will be on January 1, 2021?”

  1. The UK will be largely dark at night as the solar panels will be off, and the wind blows only one third of the time.

    In 2022 the birth rate will start increasing dramatically.

    1. Not only will it be dark, but it’ll be gunless, knifeless, and spoonless. Oh, and Sadiq Khan will be PM or would his title be Imam of Britainistan?

      1. It won’t be long before only chopsticks are allowed, and flimsy chopsticks at that. Isn’t that where they came from? That the deplorables were not allowed any kind of weapon?

    2. The very FIRST baby born on Jan. 1, 2021 in the U.K. … will be named Mohammed. As will the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th …

  2. Maybe not by 2021 but I will predict that it will be a poverty stricken musim backwater where freedom does not exist. Much like Canada will be.

    1. At least we Brits can console ourselves that Sweden got there first and the French and Germans will probably pip us to the post too.

      But then there’s Nigel Farage. Our saviour?

  3. The Domino Theory, which initiated US involvement in Viet Nam, is alive and well.

    Different part of the world, different threat – but already thriving more than the original concept.

  4. May’s deal with the EU allowed the EU to continue over fishing in UK waters. Essentially much like the Liberals did in Canada with NFLD. The Liberals traded off inshore fishing rights around NFLD off for sweet heart deals for Ontario and Quebec. Basically illegal now for Newfies to fish their own waters without permission. NFLD made a big mistake joining Canada. Smallwood the PM of NFLD, had the ballots burnt immediately after the vote so there could be no recounts.

  5. Probably lost off the African coast, blaming global warming for the change in climate.

  6. England will be fine, Scotland and Ireland still upset!!! But Nigel Farage will have become their new Churchill and lead the boys out of the Darkness of the Progressive EU!

  7. And a new Dick Turpin and the Highway Men will rise up , threatening anyone who proposes Sharia Law!
    The people will free themselves much like the Canadians did in October 2019! HA!

  8. BREXIT is one thing, a definite win for Boris. But like the CBC, he needs to step up and kill the BBC, or anything he accomplishes will be undone.

    The BBC will campaign to rejoin the EU, and eventually people will stop paying attention and it will happen.

    The Donald needs to step up and just say it out loud: “ANY COUNTRY WITH A STATE BROADCASTER, IS NOT FREE”.

  9. https://campaigntoabolishthebbc.blogspot.com/2018/08/state-broadcaster-or-public-sector.html

    Any country that has a state broadcaster, is a police state. Simple as that.
    Canada, is not a free country.
    Australia, is not a free country.
    UK, is not a free country.

    Single pay health, state broadcaster are the only two necessary and sufficient preconditions for tyranny. That is why they want those two so much. Whether the citizens are armed or disarmed is irrelevant after those two.

  10. This Theresa May person is an excellent example, of exactly why, everyone should be willing to drop any and all political parties, without complaint or notice or warning.

    There has to be a core set of principles, that you and your MP agree on. Maybe only one thing, maybe five things. But the second one of those core things is betrayed, compromised, even delayed, you head for the door. Accept no excuses, accept no compromise, tolerate very little delay. You can forgive failure, because that at least means they tried to end the CBC, or do BREXIT, or whatever. But if they go away for 2, 3, 4 years, and no progress is made, or even any mention of what you want accomplished?

    That is on you, not them.

    FYI, the BREXITeers who stayed in May’s cabinet till this week? Maybe think about replacing those guys with someone who actually means what they say.

    1. Kevin

      Politicians routinely lie. Especially federal ones – of all political stripes.

      Max is experiencing what happens when you abandon your promises. His hard core insiders have seen enough and are leaving.

      In a first world democratic society it’s voters one way of striking back at mendacious political types.

  11. When I watched Theresa May crying, all I could think of was the line from “A League of Their Own” said by the Tom Hanks character – “Crying?, Crying? There is no crying in baseball!” I also thought the same thing when Alison Redford resigned and was crying in her speech – this is why women should not be leaders unless they are Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II or Golda Meir.

  12. Nothing will be different.

    The law (currently being debated) that makes criticizing Islam a hate crime will be in effect; more mosques will have been built and Muslim immigration to Britain will continue unabated.

    The relentless Islamization of Britain will continue. All else is just noise.