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    1. Yes, my first thought was whatever was preventing the adults in attendance of physically intervening?
      The media seems fixated on using the term “children”.
      The parents of these “children” are unaware of the behaviour, I truly want to believe that. But it raises the question what motivated the “children” to attack a woman in public?

      1. You don’t inquire into the motivations of the “rescue” mutt imported from the rez that just mauled your son. You shoot it. Then you go to the dog’s “mommy” and ask for HER motivations for buying the damn thing in the first place.

        Shooting these little monsters probably wasn’t necessary right away—they would have scattered at the sound of a warning shot. But the point stands.

        To answer your question: the little savages were just that—savages with poor impulse control. They should be rounded up, neutered, and sent back where they came from.

        Then the people responsible for bringing them here should be asked their motivations for doing so.

    2. Hey there buddy… this video only shows an “apparent assault.” Who are you to make assumptions about the reality of the situation. For all you know this is one of the CBC’s street theatre, “to catch a racist” routines.

    1. Problem is you never will. I will go out on a limb and say it probably wasn’t the Amish.

    1. basic pack behavior for sure, a ‘gang’ in the making. Hope the woman is OK and gets a proper level of assistance. Likely these lil hoods live in the neighborhood.

  1. Monkey see monkey do ….. Kids see violent shit all day long on video games, TV and elsewhere. We are wired to emulate. it’s what we do. Just like monkeys.

  2. At the risk of returning society to the olden days, a light slap upside the head of one of the miscreants would restore peace.
    I know, that would be “wrong.” After all my generation all turned into foul mouthed abusers. Or is it progeny?

    1. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions … but … the attackers all wore hoodies, and they exhibited the same sort of violent behavior that has become common, by a certain “type” of people inside MacDonalds restaurants if someone “disrespects” them. Or, befits a certain “race” of bus passengers who shove 80yo men to their deaths in reaction to being told to stop her antisocial behaviour. The gang behaviour also “fits” a certain type of “refugee” “community” known for this kind of pack violence … esp. toward women. I am only surprised they didn’t attempt to stone her to death with the Rocks they were throwing.

      PS … “children” committing blatant CRIMES such as this deserve NO anonymity.

        1. Ah yes, the “R” button. Installed in all of us shortly after we enter the public school system. Pressing this button clamps our mouths shut and causes us to look up into the sky and whistle. It’s why you see the adults in the background standing around doing nothing… they don’t want anyone to think they are racist. Well, I ripped out that button years ago… I won’t allow anyone that kind of control over me.

          As far as I am concerned, this type of behaviour is right out of some decrepit cesspool shithole like Syria or Iraq… and it can stay there. My preference is to visit parks that are far away from disgusting animals like this, preferably with a gate and a tall wall around the entire community and sky high housing prices.

          1. What’s worse … is that the overwhelming MAJORITY of the whites and Asians in my lillywhite upper, upper, upper middle class enclave … will let you know in NO UNCERTAIN terms how … un-racist they are. How they carrrrrrrre about little brown children. How they treat their Guatemalan maids, and their heespanick gardeners soooooooo lovingly. They’ll tell you how PROUD they were to have Obama as POTUS for 8-years … and how they DESPISE the Orange Cheeto President.

            All tucked safely behind their gated, walled estates … and down the longggg driveways giving way to their pristinely manicured lawns. Patrolled regularly by our private police force watching over the 24,000 residents of our whitebread town. A police patrol that would have been ONSITE at an altercation as depicted above before the fourth drop kick made contact with the victims torso. And the search helicopter would already be airborne… searching for the perps.

    1. Excellent question. According to the article the guy who videoed it said he had earlier intervened and told them to stop throwing stones. Supposedly one of them replied, “You’re not my dad” and that was it. No one attacked him. Why would he then just sit there recording it rather than go to her aid?

    2. Quite likely because it would have required some sort of physical action against the kids, and then he would have been charged with assaulting minors and end up in prison with a life-long record as a child abuser.

      1. Dirtman, absolutely. Touch a “chee-ild” these days and your life is essentially over, think arrest,disgrace, Court appearances,huge legal Bills, ostracization,and having to move to somewhere far way to get on with the rest of your miserable life.
        Any adult that is going to step into a situation like this had better have deep pockets,a damned good lawyer,and preferably a deceased victim of the kids assault on the ground as evidence. Or wear a hoody or balaclava so your face doesn’t show and get the hell outta there pronto before you can be identified.

  3. Any eagle feathers? Just askin’……for a friend….

    10 pages of CAPTCHA…..including the slow fade….my bank doesn’t put me thu this crap ffs

    1. Same thought, based on the city. Might be a different tribe though, watching videos of their cousins in UK and France and emulating their heroes from abroad.

  4. If and when the little shit rats are identified, nothing will be done and we all know why. Wait for the call from the usual parasites for more funding in order to provide more activities for the neighborhood future gangsters.

  5. Never call the police, think of the police as muslims as they will always side with the filthy creatures of Islam. Everyone is on their own now.

    1. give it time and they will BE all muslims.
      sharia law it will be, if ‘unofficially’.
      ‘police discretion’. HA !!!

      police are NOT your friend.
      think of them as mob enforcers until the muslim label is in full effect.

  6. There’s something hinky there. These boys were all acting as though hitting and kicking an adult woman are normal acts. This is a normality for them. The back story is the important one, and I don’t think we’re going to get that part.

  7. I hope the dude who recorded it is an invalid because otherwise, he is a useless POS that should be charged with aiding and abetting. As for the parents of the little turds, they are very lucky it wasn’t my wife because retribution and justice would be served on them.

    This is the new “progressive and tolerant” Canada, heading straight to shithole status. We are a pathetic nation.

    1. Yeah, and you would intervene and smack the little shits. Then you’d be charged with about 15 counts of assaulting a minor and be off to jail for a few years, and when you got out you’d have a life-long record as a child abuser and not be allowed anywhere children are present.

      I can’t blame him for not getting involved, given the reality of our insane laws.

    2. I have been involved in 2 street fights (mind you in my late 20’s) with grown men. Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality was so right – you must Solar, Instep, Nose and Groin (SING). Works like a charm every time. I also would have no problem doing it to young boys. I will not start the fight, by “by Gum” I certainly will stop it.

  8. The “man” who recorded this, did nothing… That is what our political overlords want.

  9. Before you all make assumptions about the guy that filmed the attack, give your heads a shake!!!! You do not know who he is, perhaps a disabled senior so cut him some slack. The fact that one of the “little darlings” told him “You’re not my dad!” says a lot about the situation. We have raised three generations that have been spoon-fed the mantra that they live in a country where they are entitled and have human rights. No one has instilled in these generations that the entitlement and rights that they are so quick to claim has ever explained that these have to be earned. The rights and entitlements have been developed and granted by the society that we have created. Developed and granted, not something that you inherit because of your birth. We are all at fault for allowing some “youth” to think that they have rights before they have contributed and displayed their worth to the society that they are a member of. The “you’re not my dad” quote is a fine example of how far the pendulum has swung and how far we as a society have descended.

  10. The victim is wearing a long white garment so the lady is either East Indian or Muslim and I can guess who the punk attackers were.
    My son lived on the west side of the city until recently but became fed up with the whole situation there and moved out of Saskatoon.

    1. Someone who knows how severely he would be punished for “assaulting” the little bastards and would rather not have his life destroyed for intervening.

      1. God, I love it when cowards self identify!

  11. The problem is the number of kids involved, for starters (there’s at least four, and others may have been ready to join in, I couldn’t really tell from the video).  They may be children, but if you’re a lone adult trying to intervene — a tactically unwise idea — you’re going to be surrounded and probably badly injured unless you have specialized training (which most of us don’t).  At bare minimum, you’d need two adults (to cover each other’s backs), both armed with blunt objects or more tactical gear such as a telescoping baton, plus the willingness to use said objects to inflict real bodily harm.  Since most adults aren’t disinhibited enough to actually cause another person serious injury, the kids would carry the day, and they know it.  In addition, carrying any such gear is illegal in Canada (the police would classify them as “concealed weapons,” and you just went from “bystander attempting to defend someone” to “defending yourself against criminal charges in a court of law to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars plus the real possibility of extended prison time”).  The sad fact is that videoing the altercation is probably the only legal thing the bystander could do, and probably the only one that wouldn’t get him/her sent to the hospital (although even that’s not guaranteed — the woman was also videoing the kids and got beaten for her troubles).

    Now a group of adults, acting in concert, that would’ve been different, but we don’t encourage vigilante actions, either.  TPTB have really done a yeoman’s job over the last few generations of criminalizing and closing off every possible avenue of assistance and self-help that used to be available to citizens under the common law, and have substituted “call 911” for all of them.  As Captain Capitalism is fond of saying, “Enjoy the decline.”

    1. Antifa are carrying and using Bear repellent pepper spray. I suggest that become standard issue in Sask.

  12. Crowds and gangs, even of flies, yield a disproportionate power. It is an atavistic response for most: when you are in one, you’re suddenly a tough guy.
    This is where the coward flourishes. We see it with Antifa shit-eaters. We see it with unions on strike. We see it with neo-Marxists, with real Nazi’s, with any group worked up to a froth.
    The only way to deal with gangs of cowards is by force with the infliction of severe corporal punishment on every single member. First as a group, then as an individual.
    Thus endeth the lesson.

    1. Cowards are also much more dangerous than any honourable person, because they’ll engage in behaviour that other people would consider repugnant.  There’s a reason why cowards are often described as “sneaky” or “under-handed.”  If you know (or suspect) someone’s a coward, you shouldn’t turn your back on them, but if they’re part of a group, you probably won’t have a choice, and there’s the opening they were waiting for.

      If you’re a loner, it’s always tactically stupid to engage a group unless you have some overwhelming advantage, and virtually all such advantages have been declared illegal in Canada.

  13. in the back of my mind, like a training exercise almost, I remind myself if I EVER wind up in such a situation
    esp in my senior years, I will NOT cower.
    what I will do instead is target one of them, get ahold of their fcukin face a GOUGE THEIR GODDAMN EYES OUT.
    all under the category ‘take as many of them with you as you can’.

    in all honesty, seriously SDA, I have for instance, in some ways a higher tolerance for pain.
    I have been doing these mental reminders for a rather long time now, some, oh, about 18 years.
    I want it to be a reflex. the BEST kind, literally a fraction of a second before the intention forms in my mind.

    like a predator in the water on land, they succeed by focusing on a single target ignoring the rest.
    I have actually done this in a small way already and it WORKED.
    as far as the goddamn ‘children’ label, BULLSHYT. what about the hitler yout’ and the allied casualties they caused? hmmmm?

    the world is getting very ugly. fewer and fewer refuges against the onslaught of refugEEs.

  14. and about the cops?
    I just banged out the umpteenth OIPRD complaint to the effect I am truly and completely convince, *based on actual experience* if I DARE put up ANY sort of meaningful retaliatory defensive response, they WILL blame it all on me again.
    that was last week. I just finished another one related to the previous.
    and have a 3rd one further up the pipeline.

    about 3 yrs ago I had a ‘memba ob da blag commuuuuunidy’ standing in front of my place with a goddamn doberman screaming at me
    “I know where you live” local shytcops dismissed it as an “animal control issue”.
    the animal control people rightly told me they had NOTHING to do with it.


    mark my words. be skeptical and very suspicious of their motives and true nature.

  15. We are all born savages. The longer the proper conditioning of a child is delayed the harder it is to civilize it. The kids in that video are probably going to have to suffer much more serious violence themselves before there may be any hope of saving them. Odds are when they get it it will be too much, too late.

  16. This has been going on for years. Where have you all been. Me the wife and 4 kids came out of a HBC store in a mall in Redmonton about 40 years ago.
    About 8-10 males and females had a youth down and were pouring the boots into him, he was trying to save his head. These were 16-20 year olds.
    The girls were as bad as the males. I put our bags in the back, grabbed my tire iron and told the wife to get in the SUV and lock the doors.
    And I went after them with the tire iron. I called them on, and said I wanted to see what they had. I called them every curse word and low down POS I could lay my tongue to and they backed down and slunk off.
    I helped the young man up and stayed with him until they left sight. Later my wife said I was a very foolish man. I was 30 years old and could handle myself then.
    But maybe she was right, if they would have had a gun or knife I would have been in trouble. One guy put up his fist and I said come on, you’ll put out your hand and pull back a stump. Cowards gutless cowards. After that I always carried a pick axe handle in the city. Baseball bats are for pussies, they can break, never seen a pick axe handle break.

    1. . . . if they would have had a gun or knife I would have been in trouble.

      Yes, and they much more frequently have those today than they did decades ago.

      It’s always been going on, yes, but even the RCMP and city cops I’ve known have said that teenagers today aren’t like the ones even a decade ago.  I believe that.  What was once rare and shocking has become almost commonplace — a sign of civilizational end-stage decadence, IMNSHO.

      We are reaping what we’ve sown.

    2. I’ve been in a situation or two myself. I carry a 2″ piece of hardwood dowling under the seat of both of my pickups. I’ve had it out twice both times on road ragers. Nothing happens when you step out and your ready to go.

      Back when I was a colt I boxed. When you get ready for a fight you naturally have a plan. The plan goes south the moment you get hit hard, I don’t care who you are.

      The best strategy when things are going wrong is to use your head. The goofballs aren’t using theirs so you better engage your brain or bad things are going to happen.

      On a funnier note when I was growing up a buddy of mine started learning Kung Fu. He was visiting some Kung Fu master(?) and after a bit time he thought he was pretty good so he asked Kung Fu if he was ready if somebody jumped him with a knife. Kung Foo’s reply, (a Chinese accent works good here) ” Kung Foo no good fo dat, you need gun.”

  17. If these kids belong to a specific racial or ethnic group, there needs to be a public condemnation that has the ethnic community taking responsibility for the behavior of the kids. Parents should be sued and held accountable. Enough of this molly-coddling of blacks and Muslims. If people are “racist”, perhaps there is a reason. If these kids are Canadian, they need to be told that Canadians do not behave like animals.

  18. I noticed that lack of fearlessness while I was teaching. I had students who thought they could do whatever they wanted and they often did. The administrators, all of them spineless, did nothing after I complained about their behaviour.

    The students were, after all, “customers” and the “customer” was always right. Besides, when one is close to retirement or bucking for promotion, why invite hassle by holding the “customers” accountable for their actions?

    Why anyone would want to go into teaching nowadays is beyond me.

    1. Let’s see. Beat the crap out of them. Yes that could stop it, but there will be consequences. You will be immediately charged and then convicted. The RCMP are not your friend. How long do you wish to spend in prison? Your lawyers will cost your life’s savings. Here in Canada the victim becomes the perpetrator if the victim refuses the perpetrator.

  19. Now that I know more.

    The woman being attacked was native.
    As this was an attack on a native woman I fully expect the PM to condemn this attack in the strongest terms. I also expect the minister of indigenous affairs to be front and center demanding the perps be brought to justice cause #MMIW.
    My suspicion is that doing so would deconstruct more than one liberal narrative as I also suspect the perps are not white teenage boys.

    1. “The woman being attacked was native”
      Obviously I was mistaken when I stated above that I thought the woman was East Indian or from an Islamic nation.