43 Replies to “Impeachment: Will they or won’t they?”

  1. How DARE Amash speak the unvarnished truth and put principle ahead of tribe!

    [Forced indignation intensifies]

    1. Amash hates Trump because Trump is unabashedly pro-Israel, while Amash is Palestinian and loves the Palis and the Arabs. Amash is a psuedo-libertarian who is using the BS Mueller report to justify the impeachment of Trump. It is an obvious Red Herring.

  2. Every week it is the same song;
    “This time we got him. For sure.Orange man BAD.”
    The very definition of insanity,hell even CNN viewers are turning away in disgust.
    President Trump is glorious, in the way Trump Derangement syndrome causes the fools and bandits of the United UniParty to self expose.
    As the border fiasco plays out,yes Trump is playing it, more RINO’s and Democrats expose themselves as Anti American in every way possible.
    Now Justin Amash is correct,Trump is impeachable,of course every President is.
    But how many parasites are going to commit political suicide to attempt impeachment without cover?

    Trolling does not cover this,Trump is chumming the water, begging for the Crazies to bite.

    1. How DARE his family make rational business decisions!

      [Forced indignation further intensifies]

    2. Trump’s China trade tariffs policy is threatening poor Justin’s family business. No wonder why he is upset with the big orange meanie. The price of the cheap garden and hand tools they imported is going up. Notice he is not upset with President Xi, whose reneging of the trade agreement negotiations precipitated President Donald Trump’s application of higher tariffs on the Amash Family hand and garden tool imports? Nope, only OrangeManBad!

      Once a China US trade agreement is reached, PDT will remove the tariffs just like he removed the Aluminum and Steel Tariffs on Canada last week. Then Justin’s Family Business can get back to normal, and send us more cheap hand tools.

      In the mean time Congressman Justin will just use his public position to smear the President of the United States because Donald Trump’s Campaign Promise is hurting the Amash Family business while it helps Justin’s Michigan constituents.

      1. “only OrangeManBad!”

        Yes he is the one imposing import taxes, not Xi.

        “Once a China US trade agreement is reached, PDT will remove the tariffs just like he removed the Aluminum and Steel Tariffs on Canada last week. Then Justin’s Family Business can get back to normal, and send us more cheap hand tools.”

        Damn straight. I’ll be damned if I’m paying two dollars more for a trowel so some klug in Backwater, IndianiaNowhere can survive.

        1. Does the DNC affiliated PAC pay you by the hour? Or by the posting?

          I hope they are paying you a premium rate, because your posts are unusually high quality for a Democrat Party Troll. They are usually punctuated and spelled correctly, and minimize the profanity. They are sometimes even humorous.

        2. hay unDork, are you ever going to grow up. When you do, you may start to realize how uninformed you are on a broad range of topics. Trump is using “tariffs” as political leverage, a move kilton, boosh and O’Butthole were too stupid to use. As to rising prices, my guess is you only have to worry about rubber gloves, that you use for safe sex!!!!

        3. Ha! UnDork with a garden trowel in his hand. If Scotland Yard saw such a thing, they’d be banning all Garden Tools. Oh wait! The uncivilized Muslim invaders have already caused that to to happen.

  3. He left a spoon in a cup while drinking his (hot?) beverage! Glasses or no glasses there is the risk of non-trival eye damage somewhere in that move. What was the video about again?

  4. His family’s company is allegedly dependent on its Chinese investments, and he’s been accused of passing off his made-in-China imports as “Made in Michigan.”

    They’re all hogs fighting for their space at the trough.

    1. Clearly there’s no greater crime than making rational business decisions! BURN THE HERETIC

  5. No, because Trump is the best thing the Democrats have going for them and the top ones and basically all of the ones that aren’t AOC-level nuts know it. Hell, Pelosi has Trump to thank for getting her job back. Now he’s going to hand the White House and quite possibly the senate over too. All without even repealing Obamacare, and completing the ruination of not only the GOP but the entire American political right.

        1. … and then “elected” a fossilized old (really, old and dying) woman to hold the gavel in her trembling bony hands. She sits, confused, rocking back and forth, while anti-Semite Muslim Terrorists seize control of her Party. She looks so confused …

          A squandered “victory”

  6. There isn’t anyone in the Democrat Party that has actual evidence of President Donald Trump committing an impeachable offense. Oh for sure the Democrats don’t like him, but that’s not impeachable.
    They may reach the threshold for such a vote within The House, but when it arrives at The Senate, and thinking people actually take a look at the “evidence” that’s been delivered … they’re going to find themselves at least 16 votes short, probably more than 16 after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court reads the charges out, and then gives his advice on such matters.

    That Congress is continuing to flog impeachment, is laughable. It shows more than anything, their detachment from the Main Street Americans who continue to support him, thankful that they’re working, paying less in taxes each year, and building America.

    1. “paying less in taxes each year, and building America.”

      They’re actually paying more with the tariffs, and the US is going bankrupt faster than ever. Also, those Main Street Americans are the ones that voted en masse for the Dems in 2018.

      1. Fuck off liar…

        “Going bankrupt” isn’t a thing. Either one is bankrupt, or one is not bankrupt.

        Outside of actual world war, the US debt has never risen quicker than the first few years of the imbecile Obama’s administration when it almost doubled. Additionally, remember that the asshole’s “ObamaCare” was ruled a tax, costing millions of Main Street people additional thousand’s / year for not complying with the Democrat’s idiocy.

        Tariffs are not tax, nobody “has to” pay them if they choose to not purchase items with tariffs.
        The same cannot be said for regular taxes. There’s no choice in the matter if one is to not starve to death.
        Taxes that are mandatory, have been lowered in most states, and federally, and including the ObamaCare tax for not buying a service. A tax on nothing!

        1. “Tariffs are not tax, nobody “has to” pay them if they choose to not purchase items with tariffs.”

          Since supply chains cross many many borders to make many many goods, you will be paying them. In the US, you were paying more for anything made out of aluminum and steel. Like you know ALMOST EVERYTHING

          ““Going bankrupt” isn’t a thing. Either one is bankrupt, or one is not bankrupt.”

          I’m amazed that you have the courage to put such a statement online. “Falling to death’ isn’t a thing. Either one is splatted on the ground or standing upright”

          1. Hey Chicom lover:

            I have a feeling that one day, we will see the truth of China’s strength, and I guarantee that you will not like it.

  7. Don’t know what’s more tiresome – the 93rd “Trump is going down now…” song, or the 82nd “new investigation will put Hillary behind bars” headline.

    Wake me when they’re both dead.

    1. so AS, you think amash and unDork are one and the same??? Amash is stupid, butt not THAT stupid!!!

  8. They won’t. They don’t have the votes, and it will only encourage white men to turn out in droves in 2020.

    With the Russia collusion hoax safely debunked, their only realistic chance to remove Trump is for their allies in Beijing and at the Fed to engineer a financial crisis that can be blamed on Trump.

  9. Amash says, “Impeachment, which is a special form of indictment, does not even require probable cause that a crime (e.g., obstruction of justice) has been committed; it simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct.”

    I guess Congressman Amash missed that part of the Constitution that requires “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”?

    The only “crime” Donald Trump committed was beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election. The Establishment Republicans, Washington DC denizens, and the Democrats will never forgive him for that offence. In their eyes, such a victory has humiliated not only Hillary Clinton, but every one in the globalist Democrat-Republican Uniparty.

    An outsider must not be permitted to intrude into their private fiefdom of Washington DC. There are trillions of dollars at stake; the Establishment believes that all that money belongs only to them. That President Trump dares to break up their personal enrichment schemes is to them, unforgivable! PDT is attacking the open borders, unfair trade agreements, entrenched government bureaucrats, and networks of nonprofit organizations leaching on the US Taxpayers. PDT is threatening their wealth and their livelihoods.

    That is unforgivable.

    For that, Trump must be Impeached!

      1. You mean like erasing subpoenaed emails? Bleachbit. IT goons busting up equipment?
        Yep. Those actions are de facto Obstruction of Justice … yet SHE walks free. When not stumbling and fainting.

      2. Yes, but obstruction of justice in the absence of REAL crime is another matter. No crime, no obstruction.

    1. “High Crimes and Misdemeanours” isn’t defined anywhere in the US Constitution. Impeachment is a political process, not a legal one; the House and Senate could impeach a President for eating a ham sandwich if they so chose. The only constraints are political. They’d get turfed out of office if they tried on a farcical premise, which is why they haven’t pulled the trigger so far. Even if they had the votes in the Senate, there’d be a massive civil war within the Democrats between the truly TDS-unhinged and the cooler heads who understand successfully impeaching the President on a sham would devastate the party for a generation.

  10. Cannot impeach without a 2/3 vote in the Senate. Will not happen. Dems and Unme are so dumb they have no clue how their own government even works.