There Goes The Narrative

Things you’ll never see at the CBC;

Survivors of a Colorado school shooting walked out of a vigil for their slain classmate Wednesday night in protest of politicians and other groups using it as a platform for gun control, a local report said.
The students from STEM High School, where two gunmen killed a student and wounded eight others Tuesday, began yelling from the stands that they “wanted to be heard” after two politicians and pro-gun control advocates addressed the crowd, according to the local NBC affiliate, KUSA.
They then stormed out of the vigil after Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Democratic Congressman Jason Crow addressed the crowd, the Denver Post reported.
The kids chanted “Mental health” and hurled expletives at the media, according to the report.

And got an apology.

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  1. Let this be a lesson that if CNN doesn’t stage a “Townhall” with 100% biased gunaphobes … then citizens … even “the children” … may act “unpredictability. This happened to HER once … and SHE flew into a RAGE and angrily fired multiple staffers.

    1. Kenji, I am an old man who has a vested interest and family in America and Canada. When I was young man we had unregistered guns . We did not go and kill our fellow students. What has happened to the morality of our society that prevented civilized kids from committing such atrocities? They can’t all be insane or stupid. I got my first rifle at age twelve and the only thing I ever shot at were targets and game. Jeez, what went wrong? The lack of God in our society? That seems to be the one thing that pops up when discussing the current level of insanity. Now, where can we go from here when God is excluded?

      1. Both nations went down the same stupid path: making it very hard to hospitalize people with serious mental illness problems. Now there are homeless mentally ill people and mentally ill mass murderers everywhere.

      2. OWG. “What went wrong?” Lack of punishment. Execute these people within 12 months of their crime.

      3. You grew up in a world where working-class white boys were not punished by teachers for being boys or fighting back when tormented by girls and their thug “boyfriends.”

        Throw in a lack of fathers in their lives and the real miracle is that white boys don’t lash out a lot more often than they do.

        Most gun homicides are committed by members of ethnic gangs against each other. The only person a white man is ever likely to harm with a gun is himself. (Their ex-wives are rarely available for comment afterwards.)

  2. It wasn’t two gunMEN, it was a 19 year old male Democrat furry, and a younger, mentally ill female that thinks she is male.

    1. Arrrgghhh … a furry. I guess they’re not so cute and lovable as portrayed. But just seriously mentally ill.

  3. Good on these kids for recognizing Political BS grandstanding..!!
    Looks fabulous on both those Democrap (_i_)HOLES

  4. apparently ms reeves the mouthy momsykind promoted kids to stage walkouts:
    “Moms Demand Action’s Laura Reeves heavily politicizes the STEM School Highlands Ranch vigil:
    -Blames NRA
    -Demonizes pro-gun politicians
    -Advocates working to elect Democrats
    -Tells students to register voters, STAGE WALKOUTS (caps mine) . . . .,

    well, what’s the problem ms mouth?

    I beat a bully to death in grade 7. hmmm. nobody called in the mental health support folks when I saw the nazi wannabe’s entourage wandering aimlessly in the same schoolyard, from my parents kitchen window the day after he HUNG HIMSELF after getting pummeled by me the skinny-weakling-favorite-target.

    that’s when I first found out about nuclear deterrence and didnt even know it at the time.

    1. I’m sure his mammy hasn’t been the same since. You did the rest of the world a favour.

      (As for his father, what father?)

      1. yer goddamn right I did AC. I am utterly convinced I took out a budding boss-from-hell, this blonde-haired-blue-eyed brat clearly no qualms about tormenting sumbuddy for fun and entertainment.

        think of it, the HUNDREDS affected over time in the ripple effect of daddy being subjected to the constant low level tormenting by his direct supervisor and NOWHERE to turn in those days.
        and daddy comes home miserable and snaps at the offspring for no apparent reason. etc etc.

        I derailed that outcome with my left fist 20 years before it happened.
        I like to visualize my guardian angel shoving my hand down even harder with each blow.

        Ive never forgotten this event. I can pinpoint where it happened within about 30 or 40 feet to this day, 55 years later.

        no one. NO ONE bugged my ass after that. it took me 30+ years to piece it together, Im in a lecture room @ McMaster University, the topic is the Cold War and the nuclear arms race.
        it clicked.
        jeezuz murphy hb, THIS is EXACTLY what happened with the budding nazi. I cant remember anything else about that lecture I was so taken up with the realization of what is necessary in the face of bullying.

        the beauty of it is exceptionally unique. the FACT one has the *capability* or inflicting unprecedented harm on the opponent, and *clearly* commuuuuunicate one is likewise fully capable psychologically of *carrying out* the counterattack . . . .

        is the VERY REASON you don’t have to !!!!

        migawd migawd migawd. it is truly so exceptionally exceptional. I dont know anywhere else this uniquely ironic situation exists.
        anybody?? where else???

        where ELSE is it true that you have to EQUIP yourself with the capability of a civilization destroying level of violence,
        I dont know. Ive thought about this for 25 years now. came up blank.
        this is the only place. that alone tells us something about the nature of deterrence.

        God Bless the American military !!! the BIGGEST deterrent against violent malicious aggression that has ever existed !!!
        oh look!!! B-52s in the middle east again !!!!

        I wonder if President “fire and fury” had anything to do with this deployment?
        does he know sumptin about how good deterrence is to avoid actual deadly conflict? as opposed to slips of paper a la
        neville chamberland “piece in our time” (check the spelling)

        nuff said.

  5. It was also a good education for the students to see that since most politicians were ambulance chasers before sinking into politics it was natural for them to use the tragedy as a platform.

  6. Have they started the Covington treatment on any of them yet? They asked that one guy for no closeups; they know the doxxings are coming. They know all the college applications are going to start being rejected…

    Too bad they didn’t knock any of the speakers to the floor and kick them when they were down on the way out…

  7. Two 18 year old young men attacked and subdued the gunman and one of them was killed.
    It’s no wonder the students are not willing to be part of a political stunt and wish instead to honour their fellow students.

  8. Guns do not kill people.

    People kill people.

    They use guns, knives, explosives, sharp instruments, blunt instruments, motor vehicles (on purpose), water (forced drowning), poison liquids, poison gas, and an endless number of other ways not even including devices made for this purpose like the noose and guillotines.

    Are we never going to start asking the questions about the mental, social, economic, political, religious, racial, etc. reasons why we still insist on constantly killing each other?

    But then, there is no political influence (interference?) or money if people suddenly stopped killing each other.

      1. Of school murders yes. I am writing a history of American mass murder. So far, more than 400 incidents and more than 6000 dead. The weapon used in more than half of those deaths? Aircraft and not just on 9/11.

  9. The Altering of the Deal

    Trump Tells NRA, ‘The Left is Coming for Your Guns’ As He’s Been Quietly Taking Your Guns All Along


    As politicians and anti-gun rights activists continuously chant, “we don’t want to take your guns,” behind the scenes — in only a year — politicians have been working overtime to limit your right to bear arms.

    What Trump’s speech to the NRA on Friday proves is the incredibly short memory of his support base. Have they all forgotten that Trump recently made one of the most damning attacks on the Second Amendment of any president yet?

    In case you are one of those folks, in February of 2018, after the tragic shooting in Parkland, FL, President Donald Trump took to national television to betray his oath to the Constitution and his supporters and famously said, “take the guns first, go through due process second.”

    If you doubt this assertion of Trump attacking the 2nd Amendment, simply realize that just as some gun rights groups flip-flop on protecting the right to keep and bear arms from federal encroachment, so has Trump. Not only has he ramped up federal gun control enforcement, but he has unilaterally implemented new federal gun control in the form of a bump stock ban.

    Trump Administration Ramps up Enforcement of Federal Gun Laws

    ATF enforcement of federal gun laws under Trump increased at roughly the same trajectory as it did during the last three years of Obama’s second term. In other words, the NRA-backed, GOP protector of the Second Amendment was no better than the Democratic Party gun-grabber, and continued to ramp up enforcement of federal gun control.

    Some might argue it would have been worse if Hillary Clinton had won. And they might say, “At least Trump hasn’t signed any new gun control into law.” (Not that he didn’t advocate for it i.e. the bump stock ban and “strengthened” background checks.) But if you support the Second Amendment, isn’t it a problem that the president who’s supposed to be the good guy continues to ratchet up enforcement of existing unconstitutional federal laws?

    A true supporter of the right to keep and bear arms would do better.

    During the last two years of the Obama administration, there were more than 50 bills directly pushing back against federal gun control introduced in 22 states. During the two state legislative sessions since the Trump administration took over, the number of bills dropped by more than half and the number of states nearly did too.

    Not only that, the bills that were filed after Trump took office didn’t go anywhere. Governors signed five bills into law taking on federal gun control during the last two Obama years. Since then — zero. And during the two legislative sessions since the GOP took full control of D.C., only three bills to nullify federal gun control even got a committee hearing.

    If you didn’t know better, you’d think there weren’t any more threats the right to keep and bear arms. And yet the federal gun control acts of 1934, 1968 and 1986, along with other various laws violating the Second Amendment, remain on the books. And they’re still being enforced by the feds just as aggressively as they were when Obama was president.

  10. “A true supporter of the right to keep and bear arms would do better.”

    Like your best bud Hillary?

    You’re going to run down Trump for . . . this? When the alternatives to Trump are all so very very bad?

    You’re either very short-sighted, or actively dishonest.

    1. The lesser evil is still evil…

      Jer 17:5  Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. 

      Pro 4:27  Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil. 

  11. The public treasury cannot afford to hospitalize the mentally ill, there’s too damned many of them. 25% or so of all Americans (and probably pretty close to the same amount of Canadians) are receiving treatment, counseling or prescription psychoactive drugs in order to function with some semblance of normalcy. I’m tired of hearing that old chestnut, “ever since we closed the mental hospitals and put them all out on the street…” We can’t afford it. I would suggest that 25-35% of the population is incapable of functioning in modern society, they’re either mentally ill or too stupid and the too stupid ones mostly deteriorate into mental illness over time. But, as my lawyer suggests, “the stupid ones are probably happy, without a care in the world”.

    1. The people that mental hospitals were built to keep away from the rest of us can be helped nowadays with appropriate medication. Even most paraphilias (sexual deviance) cam be treated by castration.

      The problem is that people who aren’t fixable have taken over our institutions. Sociopaths are the psychiatrist’s despair. There’s no cure for what our masters have, unless you count euthanasia.

    2. It’s called “somme”. Read ‘Brave New World’, review ‘THX1138’, etc. Drugging the populace to gain and maintain control is not a new idea.

    3. Not everyone receiving treatment is a public safety problem. But the cost of hospitals is about the same as mental patients kept in, and treated in prisons and jails. It saved no money. Drawing chalk marks isn’t cheap, either.