34 Replies to “Senior Economic Advisor For Bernie2020”

  1. Printing more currency is dollar for dollar theft from present holders of currency. Marxists fully understand and think it’s okay.

    1. I’d like to see you explain that to the bankers, who issue the vast majority of the money in circulation.

      If you did, and it amused them to answer you honestly, they’d laugh and say:

      “We know. That’s how these concentrations of capital. We print the money needed to buy out small firms who one day might pose a threat to bigger ones.

      “One fine day you or your children will wake up in a socialist commonwealth where nobody will own anything of value—except us bankers, of course.

      “And who do you think bankrolls all those Marxists anyway?”

      1. You should be aware that banks can’t issue currency, only the Canadian government in our case. The primary cause of inflation is always an increase in the money supply, the next one is excess government taxes.

  2. The carpenter can run out of nails.
    The stadium can run out of beer.
    The airline can run of out fuel.
    But you’re right. The USA can print dollars forever.

    One the one side there is Switzerland with negative interests to keep people from buying their precious dollars. On the other side there is Venezuela where money is stored, not in a wallet, but in a wheelbarrow.

  3. So where was Stephanie in 1935?

    Bill Aberhart could have used her help explaining to Bay Street why it was a good idea to print money and give it to people who actually needed it, to end the depression Bay Street had started.

    …but who am I kidding? Nobody who actually deserves a break will get any of that Fed-confetti.

    They’ll just get to pay for the free stuff of the riff-raff—by being fiddled out of their pensions and whatever savings they were crazy enough to leave in the bank. And being forced to mail the keys of the family home to the bank for the bank to sell to slumlord “investors”—for real money of course.

    1. I know where my developer grandfather was in 1935. He took all of his capital out of Canada and invested in L.A. real estate vs. Calgary. His heritage apt building and home in Calgary survived the downtown flood with minor damage.

  4. I would think an airline would quickly go broke if they issued unlimited Frequent Flyer miles.

  5. ?
    she trying out as TURD 1.0’s replacement min of ‘finesse’?

    hey byatch, I got a great idea gonna solve ALL the world’s money problems,
    all that recycled paper? hell in fact ALL future paper production goes into printing your MONEY.
    non stop, indefinitely.
    we’s all Trillionaires now.

    is homer simpson gonna be bernie’s running mate?

  6. hold on, hold on, I got it.
    she’s lOOkin’ fer a nobel prize !!!

    oh fcuk we are so fcukin’ pooched.
    seriously folks, that damned end times ‘perfect storm’ is another step closer.
    catastrophes of all sorts. health crises, political, ECONOMIC, environmental, ‘wars and rumours of wars’, pathogens *deliberately* released from the labs, moral relativism, rogue states, you name it. sumptin fer everybody.

    I can sense it.

  7. … But though we had plenty of money there was nothing our money could buy.
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said, “If you don’t work, you die.”

    1. Perhaps she influenced Robert Mugabe …..and I have a hundred TRILLION dollar bill from Zimbabwe. When they were issued, you could be two eggs with one!

    1. What? You think anybody who works for a living will get free money?

      That was the Social Credit program. Our betters put a stop to that. For our own good, obviously.

      1. Im old enough to remember real couette (sp).
        his economic policies and explanations resembled that old ‘find the missing dollar’ joke.
        and yes, he was all for handing out X dollars to every friggin household.
        not. one. word. about *where to go from there*.
        in the dying days of social credit, it was discovered he had looted the party’s bank account for his own expenses.
        yep. social credit. everything ‘on credit’.
        I dug into ms kelton twit acct. good grief, talk about ‘people believe what they want to believe’.

  8. “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” ~Vladimir I. Lenin

  9. A roll of toilet paper in Venezuela is $2,600,000 bolivars. I’m sure once they achieve real communismâ„¢ the costs will come down.

    1. LOL. Why even bother producing toilet paper? It would be much cheaper and easier to just use all those otherwise useless $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 Bolivar notes.

      1. Yep the bolivar is cheaper than toilet paper. Nothing to do with socialism. It’s because of greedy capitalists and stuff like that.

        1. And speculators, don’t forget that speculators they are ever present when commies try to reinvent the wheel and get rectangles.

  10. Yay. Finally, the proverbial free lunch has been uncovered. And by an economist no less!

    We can all quit working like a bunch of suckers and just let the government print money to give away. I’ll have $100,000,000 for starters please. Quickly though…before it’s only worth a snickers bar. Did Mrs. Kelton receive her formal training from Amway I wonder?


  11. This MMT sounds like pigs can fly because there is nobody that will stop them.
    Yeah, just like somebody said, economy is not a science, though scientologist know how to fool the plebeians. Just check with the AGW scientologists,

  12. MMT is not Karl Marx inspired. It is Groucho Marx inspired. The Marx brothers were said to be excellent bridge players. I’m pretty sure they cheated just because
    it was an additional challenge.