50 Replies to ““I don’t feel no ways tired””

      1. Bingo!

        But then, Canadians are no better. Look what we got for a prime minister, a George Soros paid for dummy.

  1. Hillary was famous for it……how she got away with a put on black accent I’ll never know

    1. At least you won’t have to worry about shagging her brains out!! Who knows, she might come away smarter from the experience!
      I know, I know, I’ll see myself out!

    2. She strikes me as being the kind of sex partner who complains through the whole event. No thanks. Not NEARLY attractive-enough for that annoyance.

    3. To be honest – not even with yours……

      Besides, that blackcent is so phony, I bet she’d fake it.

    4. I would not touch her with a stolen dick. Sex with commies is always unrewarding and never exclusive.

    1. Exactly.

      Obama used to do the same thing. He would put on some sort of shuck and jive accent. He learned that from Hillary.

    2. Exactly! Talk about your cultural appropriation! Well … if you call the fraudulent “Reverandism-speak” of The uh Rehvvverand Al Sharptongue … a “culture”. And did you notice how EVERY SINGLE ONE of the DNC candidates and stooges all lined-up to support reparations.

      Here’s my thought about “reparations”. Each and every descendant of American Slaves should thank their lucky stars their ancestors were shipped to America. So if they feel the need for $$ reparations… then we should also “repair” their geographical misplacement … and ship them all back to the African nation of their ancestral origin. Then EVERYTHING would be “repaired”.

  2. This is just another stunt for her to get more clicks and another day of the story being about herself. It’s working for now, but she’ll soon have to show she’s got something in her hand.

    The president used a similar tactic to dominate the news cycle, but it turns out he has a Trump hand.

    1. Exactly! All the “what if” voters for Trump … have been shown just how truly conservative a businessman he is. And just how desperately our country needed a BUSINESSMAN to get control of our failing politicized bureaucracies.

      Trump has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Well, what do you “expect” from a man who was UNIVERSALLY mocked and derided throughout his entire candidacy and beyond. But the thing about a businessman … is that to be successful, you have to weather all manner of storms of negativity to get your business done. Especially an … ewwwww … “Developer”. A word which has become a pejorative in our contemporary lexicon. Trump (and his voters) have unleashed a sea change in the presidential mold … and the long line of losers who await “their turn” at ruining our country.

  3. I’m perplexed as to why I keep reading where by guys express a desire to have sex with this creature.
    Why ?
    She’s shallow, she’s conniving, she’s a rent seeker and given the chance will throw you under her bus and back over you repeatedly just to be sure.
    She’s not pretty and is losing what looks she possesses quickly and she hungers for power in the worst possible way.
    Aside all those negatives, why would a conservative male want to f**k that then get up and run as soon as the deed is done?

    One would be better served by using his hand.

    The world is full of nice conservative women.

    ‘The girl by the swimming pool lookin’ for a new fool’ … Bob Dylan / 1965

    1. AC, some guys are just too lazy to masturbate. So people like Justin Trudeau get conceived.

    2. It’s because we like the idea of ignoring her intellect and completely objectifying her body because it at once drives leftists and feminists mad while also making them jealous. Reducing her influence to the lowest common denominator, in this case sex, is a satisfying form of mockery. So that’s the reason plus she has a nice rack.

    3. She’s a “bone rack”, boy. It would be a bruising experience, in more ways than one.

    4. Exactly. Hard to figure. Something about a ten foot pole might be in order. Andy above has it.

      She is a flamer and will shortly burn out, or, if not, there is big trouble on the horizon.

    5. Debating Marx’s views on dialectical materialism is not required while having sex. It’s not even recommended.

  4. I know and work with plenty of black people…that would never say something like that

    How racist can you get..thinking that’s some kind of black accent….when it’s just low class black trash accent

  5. If you act stupid , look stupid you may as well sound stupid . In Canada she would be a shoe in for Dumbo’s cabinet .

  6. All she needs is handlers like Obama’s, learn to be as deceitful as he is in hiding his agenda, and she’s POTUS material. She is a darling of the culturally dominant institutional left and if she can better hide her openly naive and ignorant views, she will do well in the dystopian hell that lies ahead. Electorates that vote for Obama or the Spawn cannot disappoint further so virtually nothing is beneath them.

  7. I’m still waiting for my nachos.

    No telling when this green revolution will come along.

  8. Verbal Black Face. Why aren’t the Democrats pilloried for it they way they hold others to a similar standard?

  9. Kinda brings to mind the “supposed” quote from Ted Turner about his marriage to Jane Fonda (something about instead of marrying Jane he should have just bought a pound of cold liver and had sex with it)!