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    1. Yeah, I still remember when SNL was a legendary force for attacking and ridiculing ‘the establishment’.

      Now, they are nothing more than sellouts, shills and propagandists working for ‘the new establishment’.

      Indeed, what a difference a generation makes.

  1. Nobody ever really denied that Michael Jackson was a pervert till it started eating into the value of his back catalog.

    They just didn’t give a damn.

    The worst they did was have a good laugh at Jackson’s expense. Ha ha! Oh Michael! Don’t ever change!

    The awful truth is that it’s damn near impossible for someone who isn’t a pervert or a harlot to get far in Hollywood.

    1. Far too many coinciding agenda’s between the Libs and the Dems….and I’m not at all surprised either. Marks comments are as applicable to Canada as they are to the US

      1. Yes, I agree. Marc is always right on. It’s as if all the Commies of the Planet have united and are all singing from the same song sheet called the Red Book. It’s enough to be sick on.

        Coincidentally, I was just going to reply to you on the other thread at 11:52 “I want a New Country”. I agree with your comments there. We, in the West, must separate ourselves from those greedy Federals in Ottawa – we’ve not had a country for a long time.

        (Sorry you lost so much and all that you did with Trudeauth la # 1.
        That evil man made me suffer too, back in the day. I had to start all over. To re-tell the story is to re-live it. Once was enough – here at SDA – I wouldn’t want to bore everyone)

        PS The snow has mostly disappeared in SW Calgary. Yay!

  2. CPC = Cheating Party of Canada

    Nor can Scheer argue that his party’s legacy of cheating around elections is ancient history. Great balls of fire, these guys have already accused each other of cheating, not once but twice in the very leadership process that the former speaker of the House just won.

    In the first go around, then leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary accused unnamed candidates of mass voter fraud. Then the Bernier camp accused O’Leary of vote buying involving Tamil Canadians. The rules said that new memberships had to be paid for by personal cheque or personal credit card. Turns out that candidates were cheating right and left and the Party had to admit it. In fact, 1,351 memberships were fraudulently purchased through two IP addresses through the Conservative Party website. All those were thrown out, but the Party wouldn’t say who the culprits were.

    Now supporters of Maxime Bernier have raised another dark spectre for the Cheating Party of Canada. Did they fudge their own count of the ballots that elected Scheer? The question being raised is fairly basic. How could there be a 7,466 vote discrepancy between the ballots cast and the final number announced at last weekend’s finale to the leadership? And how did those ballots get counted, precisely? Whatever the answers, the number of rogue votes was more than enough to change the result.

    The CPC says that 141,362 votes were counted but the so-called “strikeout” list that each candidate receives showed a different number — 133,896. Bernier has a legitimate beef. Did someone stuff the ballot box and change the outcome, and if so, who? Why were there nearly 7,500 more ballots in the box than the Party announced? And what does the CPC intend to do about if affidavits are filed this week outlining voter cheating?

    Party brass have risen up in choir boy unison to insist that all was on the up and up. They say 3,000 people voted in polling stations outside Toronto and weren’t entered into the party’s database. The party also says that there is a digital image of every ballot cast, and that a recount on that basis would confirm Scheer’s victory.

    Have you ever photo-shopped a snapshot? Let’s just say digital images aren’t necessarily the last word in reality. But that’s all that is available for a recount, if one were ever to be ordered. That’s because party director Dustin van Vogt ordered that all ballots be destroyed immediately after the vote was taken and the results announced. The Globe and Mail reported that this decisive measure was taken without informing scrutineers. Bernier supporters say this is very bad practise indeed.

    In a party that has never seen an electoral process it doesn’t want to fiddle, this has all the hallmarks of wiping the fingerprints off the murder weapon, and all too much like deja vu all over again..


  3. Conservative forum posters take note, a practice has been detected where suspicious facebook friend requests appear, with the likely explanation that somebody is using the fake profile to get access to your friend list and things that only friends can see on facebook.

    I can’t say that I use facebook very much, my account exists mainly because I service a weather forum online through that platform. I am not a facebook friend collector and so I tend to notice friend requests. In the past year I have had three from profiles that represent themselves as attractive younger women. If I click on these profiles to get more information (like how did they come to the odd decision of requesting a facebook friend status?) the profiles seem blank and artificial, like some guy in an intel operation might make up. There is no indication of location or real world contacts, just a handful of equally phoney looking “friends” and interest groups that turn out not to exist.

    I’ve been told this is a standard procedure of leftist groups trying to infiltrate conservative or alt-right groups seeking information and screen captures. I would imagine it’s sophisticated enough to send men a female profile and vice versa. Everyone take note, if you get a facebook friend request that doesn’t seem legit, don’t fall for it in the hope that you’ll have some sort of future pleasure from it. You will be more likely to get a future knock on the door from some spooks.

    Maybe you already knew this. I suspected it anyway, so in each case I have clicked on the “ignore request” option.

    A news story on Global TV today confirmed that pro-vaccine organizations use this practice to infiltrate on-line anti-vaxxer forums. This is not my issue, I think on balance I am pro-vaccine not anti-vax, but since the issue is moot for me at my age, I have given it zero consideration. But if they use the technique, think who else might use it. You might have noticed that the anti-racist folks have numerous intrusive reports on facebook and other forum activities of their chosen adversaries (again, not me, I am more of a sensible immigration guy than a no immigration guy, who still wonders if it was sensible for his own parents to have emigrated to here). But some of these reports include material that the posters no doubt thought was behind a firewall. Some of their forum members may turn out to be informants rather than the gung-ho alt-right keyboard warriors that they make themselves out to be.

    The same could be true anywhere on line. Trust but verify sort of a thing.

  4. The National Parole Board, in its infinite wisdom, has place a transsexual woman pedophile in a half-way house — this despite the fact that she/he (it?) is found by the board to be such that she (it?) can still seriously reoffend:

    Needless to say, the welfare of this esteemed transsexual counts more than that of innocent little girls. These are the values of our criminal justice system.

  5. Grand Duke Justin is burning jet fuel again. He is flying to Montreal for the Islamophobic Greek Independence Day celebrations. It marks the defeat of the peace loving Islamic Ottoman Empire. Perhaps little Justin can dress in a traditional Greek outfit.

  6. PM Theresa May could be out as PM in the next few days. Cabinet Revolt has gone public. The old Absinthe souse is done. The Crazy Cat Ladies cats have turned on her. The British Spring has arrived. 63% of Brits voted that they wanted out of the EU and Crazy May instead of being a Con and doing as the people say, has turned out to be a Globalist Crazy Liberal. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-23/uk-coup-erupts-theresa-may-cabinet-revolt-plotting-her-imminent-overthrow

    1. “63% of Brits voted that they wanted out of the EU”

      It was a much smaller margin unfortunately and also unfortunately if a 2nd referendum were held independence would likely lose.

    1. I saw a YouTube video showing a dog all excited and wagging its tail when a cop came into the back yard. He killed it. Sick. Being a cop means you are willing to take certain normal risks.

    2. ahem.
      cops are NOT your friend.
      they just havent gotten around to pissing on your shoes and shitting on your head yet. and shooting your black lab.

      cops are NOT your friend and never will be again.
      they WILL charge YOU if you are lucky, er. ‘lucky’ enough to wrest that handgun from the violent intruder.
      look it up.
      apparently ‘any weapon handy to defend yerself, yer loved ones, and everything you own’ does NOT include the firearm
      they brought with them to rob and possibly murder all the witnesses.
      except the dog.
      that one they leave for the COPS to shoot.

      the fact the charges were dropped PROVES the cops are utterly disinterested in justice, but are driven by agenda and selfish motive to lay charges charges charges to bolster their odds of career advancement. and when THAT happens,
      what is the effect on the ‘cop culture’? hmmmm? yep, more of the same !!!!!

  7. Keep up SDA Nation!

    There’s good homophobia and bad homophobia

    Via Instapundit (contains link to Roger Kimball)

    ROGER KIMBALL: On the “radical intersectionalist poet” Titania McGrath.“How woke is Titania McGrath? This woke: ‘We need to distinguish between bad homophobia and good homophobia. Bad homophobia is when a Christian bakery refuses to make a cake with a gay slogan. Good homophobia is when children are prevented from learning about gay rights in the name of Allah.’”


  8. The U.S. Department of Justice has just released a letter summarizing Mueller’s report, and it essentially says that Trump’s campaign team did not conspire with the Russians during the U.S. election, and that there is no evidence that Trump engaged in obstruction of justice.

    1. It is almost as if Sheer has been slowly growing a tiny testicle. Let’s hope the trend continues.