15 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. Yep – that’s my opinion. We used to think these people were loony tunes and locked them up for their own protection. We were likely right. With something like 40% of guys in dresses eventually killing themselves, the big clues are right in front of our faces. Also the – “look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, I cut my nuts off but I’m normal” – is a cry for help.

  2. The left needs victims. We are running out of real victims.
    So the left will make some. Whatever it takes.

    Right now they are victims of an patriarchal system that imposes binary genders.

    In 10 years they will be victims of a system that discouraged them from seeking the truth, again the fault of the white males.

    Whatever it takes, whatever it takes. The left knows no bounds, and indeed it has no bounds.
    We’ve found this out multiple times in the past century. We are going to find it out again.

  3. I have long been of the opinion that transgenders suffered from a mental aberration, however caused. Attempting to correct this perceived gender imbalance through destructive, irreversible surgery is so wrong, I don’t have words for it.

    1. He told you exactly how it was caused. He was buggered by his pervert uncle.

      Faggotry is a plague. Its sufferers are incurable, and must needs be destroyed like rabid dogs before they harm a child.

      At least rabid dogs don’t demand respect.

  4. What Calgary68 said. Plus, when applied to/forced on children, it’s straight-up abuse.

    When the mind denies the physical reality, we call that insanity. This should be no different, and the mind should be what’s treated, because altering reality to conform to insanity is itself insane. It will always hurt more people than it helps, if it helps any.

    1. The only, and I mean the only, theory of transgenderism that makes a lick of medical sense to me is that something happens in utero where the developing brain’s hormone receptors get ‘flipped’ to expect the opposite sex hormones to what the fetus actually is. I.e. the developing female brain gets ‘primed’ to expect testosterone instead of estrogen. Then when the brain gets the ‘wrong’ sex hormone from the body, the brain can’t easily cope with it. Gender dysphoria results.

      Is it true? IDK. Any other theory sounds like psychobabble and nonsense. This should at least be testable, somehow. Perhaps even (dun-dun-DUNNN!) screenable someday (oh won’t the abortion industry have a field day with that!).

    2. ?
      did you just define leftism?
      that ideology that flies in the face of humahn nature?
      (well, sorta, they do have the ‘greed’ part right, except *their* form of ‘greed’ isnt so much
      as ‘whut can I carve out and keep for myself after werkin my fingers to the bone’ as
      ‘how can I stay home in self administered poverty and game the cystem to get all those FREEBIES from the state’?)

  5. saw a xhexim with a huge beard and pink high heels on main street this week, does that count?
    fckin nutso. it’s all goin fcukin nutso . . . . .

    1. http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
      Ok, check this dude out, you may have to scroll back, it’s dated 03.14
      (meaning March 14), titled “In For Quik-y)
      As I type, he/she/trans/confused/whatever is the first you see.
      Now that/it is confused.

  6. See https://papers.ssrn.com/abstract=2629445 for the evidence that LGBT is caused by childhood sexual abuse. LGBTs report childhood sexual abuse at rates 2x-8x the rate of the general population, and report mental health problems, suicide, and assistance abuse problems at similar rates to heterosexual victims. Maybe abusers pick children who are doing to grow up LGBT (the preferred explanation among the easily cowed professionals), but that would mean that abusers can easily identify the kids who are going to be LGBT later, and prefer accusing them. Unfortunately, conservatives are so terrified of being called homophobic, that most have bought the I was born that way lie

  7. I hope Mr. Shupe sends a letter of apology to his Pittsburgh therapist, if he hasn’t already.

  8. As I have said before, he helped tip the boulder at the top of the hill. Nothing he/she/xer says now is going to stop gravity and balance the boulder back at the summit.

    The damage is done. No way back.