27 Replies to “Margin Of Fraud”

  1. It would be interesting to know(if possible) where the majority of those votes went to.
    Democrats or Republicans)
    Bets anyone?

  2. Trudeau is working overtime to ensure Illegals & non-registered & dead people & expats, become a prominent voting block in the next election. With the help of the bribed and paid for media, can you say, “rigged”.

    1. Hey, if you don’t want it that way, better start making friends with those immigrants.

      You don’t get to resist.

      1. I’m not going to resist. I’m going to laugh when the moslems start hanging gays, murdering Hindus, and stoning women. I’ve got lots of ammo so I’m reasonably safe from cowards, you and them.

    2. GRM, none of what you said would surprise me.

      Justin can’t win on virtue and Chinese money alone. The “old stock” white liberals are dying off so they must be replaced with people who will vote as they are told.

  3. It’s why socialists everywhere work hard to get rid of death penalties.

    In Canada, you can still vote when you are only jailed.

        1. The article says nothing about the validity of the 58,000 number. It just refers to the number as “weak matches” whatever that word-crafted term means. In my mind the matching of voter registration to citizenship in this day and age should be a no-brainer “fact check” – it’s not rocket science – either a positive or a negative. So even a “weak” match may mean that a more reliable match would still constitute a substantial majority of the initial estimate (nobody’s saying any different, right?) and that indicates a MASSIVE problem and substantiates Trump’s claim of Democrat driven voter fraud. If anything this should serve as the basis for an intensive investigation to uncover the reasons and sources of those matches right down to the community organizers topping off the ballot boxes.

          1. You’re wasting time arguing with a disingenuous racist imbecile who openly despises white people and western civilization. What you see as a problem he sees as a solution while cynically pretending it is not happening.

        2. UnMe: It’s NBC’s fact check barely takes any effort to debunk:

          Trump’s source was the Texas Secretary of State’s office, who along with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) examined DPS data of people who had used a green card or visa to apply for a driver’s license or state ID card in the last five years. The investigators cross-referenced that data with the names of registered voters and names of people who had actually voted. They found 95,000 non-citizens had registered to vote, and of them, 58,000 had voted in one or more elections since 1996.

          So President Trump told the truth, the mainstream media lied and smeared him again, and idiots like you believed them.
          Say Baaaa… baaaaaaa…

          1. JFC read the article. That number is merely *potential non-citizens voting* ie nominated for further examination. In any event, it’s a pretty tiny number.

          2. Yeah tiny, Obamacare passed by 225 votes (for Franken) well within the margin of fraud.

            And that is precisely why unmes want illegals to come and vote.

    1. NBC fact check! LOL what a fn moron you are. Unnamed experts and a confirmation that Trumps numbers are accurate, but admits they haven’t checked the numbers but Trump said it so it mist be wrong. The circular logic of a socialist retard.

  4. The Cockroach that defends voter Fraud deserves to be stripped of Citizenship & deported….. The number is just 1 (ONE) illegal and my vote has been negated….

    The Illegal Aliens that registered to VOTE can NEVER become Citizens…That Self deportation act is higher than any Wall…
    Just make sure the politicians don’t bury the names……Follow the LAW

    1. I agree. I also believe that even one fraudulent vote negates the entire election and it should be redone, and every single voter vetted for citizenship, no exceptions.

  5. Information like this will become the cornerstones on which the southern wall is built. 2020 will be fought on it.

  6. The Republicans in Congress need to introduce legislation IMMEDIATELY … which invalidates the Federal Votes of any State which refuses Federal Audit of their voter rolls. If the IRS can Audit every single 1099 filed and cross referenced, then we can ACCURATELY audit the number of Illegal votes; cast by illegal aliens, multiple voters, dead voters, etc.

    Yeah, the race-baiting left LOVE to whine about voter disenfranchisement … because black folk cannot provide evidence of who they are. Well, it’s MY TURN to charge MY disenfranchisement through Illegal leftist voters.

    A tainted VOTE is NO VOTE at all … its a coronation of a Fascist government.