The Left Eating Their Own

Quillette has been featuring a new series of podcasts that have proved to be quite interesting. The latest is an interview with Meghan Murphy, the Vancouver based feminist writer who has been banned for life from Twitter for the egregious crime of stating that “men are not women”. As discussed on SDA previously, Murphy is quite a piece of work in her own right, publicly quite angry with men for a variety of grievances.

She’s now in trouble with the fascists LGBT activists for daring to want to speak at the Vancouver Public Library. While Murphy doesn’t deserve any support, because of the horrible way she has treated conservatives in the past, the thing is, she’s not wrong on this issue.

26 Replies to “The Left Eating Their Own”

  1. I suspect this is the battle that will lose the war for the degenerate lgbtqxyz mafia. If you basically change society so that there is no such thing as a man and a woman because those are feelings then you take away a huge group of victims. The left can’t lose the feminists. Look at the women’s march/f-blumpf march with the pussy hats. I mean if that kind of thing isn’t acceptable anymore the left will lose a huge amount of power. Plus I don’t think women are really keen to have some dude in the change room with them.

  2. It is funny. Also, the net effect of shielding people from the consequences of their own poor life decisions, is to fill the world with fools. You can say “she’s not wrong” if you want; but do not, under any circumstance, help her.

    The only scalps left, are the other scalp hunters. Have fun surviving the world you helped to create, Murphy.

    1. Sorry Kevin, at firsst (miss)reading I read “but do not, under any ccount circumsize her.

  3. To every scalp hunter and wannabe out there; the day will come when your scalp is claimed, and I will be laughing as you walk to the SSJW (Schutzstaffel justice) grave that you thought you were digging for someone else.

  4. This is a bonfire for which I will gladly and generously transport the wood. Each time a male pretending to be a female wins a race, a lifting contest, scores a goal, or wins a bike race, and takes the victory from legitimate/biological females participating in the event, I will cheer, and laugh, and pop some popcorn.

    This is a schism civil war brewing where I could care less which side wins or takes casualties. In my case, it’s like the Yankees playing the Red Sox. I hope they both lose.

    1. I said the same thing about the Iran-Iraq war at the time — “I don’t care who wins as long as there are lots of casualties”.

  5. Revolutions eat their own loyalists and enforcers. Just ask the baleful specters of Maximilien Robespierre, Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrentiy Beria…

    1. Agreed, but it never seems to deter the next crop of humanity hater revolutionists. You could also include Jean-Paul Marat in your listing. Stabbed to death in his bath by a female.

  6. To Parody and Beyond!

    … Lisa Kreut, who had launched a campaign to defund the Vancouver Rape Relief Center, a women’s shelter, for what activists deemed a transphobic focus on women’s safety.

  7. In a similar self-identifying vain, “black” college lacrosse player Fynn Ajani Arthur was arrested in connection to two incidents on campus where he posted graffiti on a campus dorm and similar graffiti.

    He doesn’t look very black to me, more like the LGBTQ wannabe she-males wanting to be “gorgeous”.

  8. I am gladder every day that there will be no women in heaven, be they actual women or perverts dressed like women. When the Lord returns they will all be cast into hell, to get what they thought they wanted in every orifice from insatiable demons for all eternity.

    The saints will have the privilege in heaven of witnessing this from a safe distance. The delight will come not from some dirty physical thrill (as the saints will be like the angels), but merely from the satisfaction of seeing justice done by the Lord.

  9. It is great sport to watch the left eating its own. I know it is not being charitable to mentally ill people, but many of these belong in mental institutions.

  10. This appears to be one of those times when you pray for an asteroid. Can’t there be a way for -all- of them to lose?

    However there is one thing here that I just love. The spectacle of a radical femminazi arguing facts.

    I’m sure if you go looking you’ll find that like all Lefties, Meghan Murphy’s relationship to facts and evidence is rather elastic. Perhaps even convenient. Depending on the subject, she can be found found circling the truth, ignoring it, or denouncing it with fire and brimstone while she pounds the table.

    Today she’s arguing a simple truth, possibly for the first time in her career. Men are not women. Men can’t become women. They’ll always be men. That’s the truth. I expect she was hoping people would respond to the Truth, capital T, and she would be carried forward on their shoulders to victory.

    But instead, she is receiving the same drubbing that others get when they say the truth.

    Marriage is for one man and one woman. Paper isn’t money. Self defense is necessary. Human life starts at conception. Nations have borders. Men are not the same as women. People should keep what they earn. All of these things are now -forbidden- from being uttered in public. You say any of that on Twitter and they will suspend your account.

    It is rather nice to see the likes of Meghan Murphy learning for the first time in her life, that Truth is not a defense.

  11. Yea… I questioned the prevalence of Trans folks VS reality and was banned as well. .04% of pretty much anyones population and you’d think with the constant press and push from the usual suspects that the figure was actually 35% or something like that.

    That this push has now extended itself to be included in school curriculums & Criminal Law whereby they are activiely pursuing Gender Nuetrality, goes to show how far the fascists (LGBT cabal), have insinuated themselves in now pretty much evey aspect of our Society. (I personally believe our PM is a GAY eunuch with a fascination for pedophilia.)

    But I too shall enjoy seeing Feminists VS LGBTrans. I Am defintely going to watch the Summer Olympics: IN Every discipline. Biological males should win out.
    Let the whinning begin……

  12. I dont know Meaghan Murphy from Murphy Brown or jesus murphy for that matter but if her brain has a flicker of reason in it she must now realize that the folks she thought were her friends are not her friends. And maybe the things she thought were truths universal are not.

    I do defend her right to say what’s on her mind

  13. white males are the source of all societies ills?
    jeezuz murphy. I got white skin, and white hair and whites in my eyes from eschewing heavy drug use.

    Im gonna keep doing my workouts until I can pick up 300 pounds and heave it across the floor,
    simulating my response to some couch potato antifa ‘masked avenger’.

  14. also, regarding the rise of marxism, the 60s were a huge step up with that crowd, the veneer was the
    ‘hard done by hanoi crowd getting bombed daily’ boo hoo hoo. and ALL that anti-war protesting which provided
    an enormous propaganda boost to communism.
    whilst their ‘field agents’ were busy lopping arms of vietnamese kids who just got inoculated for malaria or whatever.

    anyway, the variations and permutations of marxism are legion.
    trotskyism, leninism, maoism, stalinism, marxist-leninists, communist, wtfeverists.

    they cant even agree with each other, their drive to seize power to the exclusion of all else shows the REAL agenda.
    and it will be bloody. very bloody. the worst we have ever witnessed. technology spreading the violence like a stage play cue.

    biblical one might say.