Back to School

Under the honour system, we invite you to put yourself into the role of a political media critic.

Step 1: Watch this video, created & published by a pro-Democrats organization.

Step 2: Jot down your notes about what you like and dislike about this ad. If you worked for the Republicans, how would you counter it?

Step 3: Watch this critique by someone who you should instantly recognize and see his review of the ad.

Step 4: Add to your notes your thoughts about Step 3 and then copy & paste them all into a comment here on SDA.


88 Replies to “Back to School”

    1. What private industry didn’t personally build … private industry TAX dollars PAID FOR!!!! The notion that “labor” exists absent das kapital is bloody idiotic.

  1. Talk is cheap, this is a cheap video. If a dem wants to convince me that they have changed then they need to change the people in the organisation and not replace them with even more radicals. They also need to recognize that they are responsible for at least half the problems. If you don’t know the problem then you sure as he77 aren’t going to find the solution.


    1. This video “reads” like an advertisement for Command and Control Communism. As if any of these wonnnnn der fullllll images of “the workers” has anything to do with American Values, Democracy, or the US Constitution. The implication is that … the central government … deploys “the workers”. Images? Wonderful … Message? Dangerously deceptive.

    1. Bingo it’s like here they come again trying to brainwash and all I feel is resentment and hatred towards the elitist corrupt leftist socialist globalists wackos and I want their power over anyone and anything completely removed from the world period

      1. The images of white Republican men in suits … vs … a diverrrrrse population of “workers” … simply FEEDS the same old identity politics and divsiveness. Images: twisted and deceptive. Same ol same ol … so much for their “new” message.

  2. Nothing in that video resembles what the current democratic party is.
    The counter argument is a few video clips.
    Title the counter argument “Democrats will say anything to get your vote
    “You didn’t build that”
    “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”
    “It was a YouTube video”
    “Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman”

    1. The (R’s) simply need to play videos of every Democrap “Resister” … from Anifa throwing bike locks into skulls, burning the UC Berkeley Student Union, shrieking harpys disrupting Congressional Hearings, etc. etc. those images ARE the Democrat Socialists of America. By any means possible.

    2. “Nothing in that video resembles what the current democratic party is.”

      Exactly. All that sweet talk about the American worker? The Dems abandoned the American worker a generation ago in favour of identity politics and spending the American workers proffered taxes out of their hard-earned wages on their pet projects. The opportunity to work for success? So their President can say “you didn’t build that.” Yes, Mr. Peterson was right, the video was mostly positive and supportive of true liberal values. But it just ain’t the Democrat party today. To sum up, the video was a pack of lies.

  3. It’s the usual appeal to fear. There are dark forces that seize the wealth and prevent others from succeeding. Wall St vs main street. The rich are squeezing the poor. The usual democrat fare. Unfortunately it can be effective, people like to have an enemy, people are susceptible to envy and jealousy.

    1. I would simply LIST and show pictures of every one of those LEFTIST CEO’s now making an “average of 100x the average workers salary” (including deferred stock bonuses). Zuckerberg, Bezos, 100’s of Google Exec.’s, Tim Cook, That lean-in lady who ruined Yahoo … the list is FAR longer than highly paid (R) Exec.’s

  4. not one mention of the clinton or obama dienasty. sic. so they want change, I wonder if the currrent dnc establishment agrees. lol
    indeed no pictures or even vague reference to of any of the current democrats in power.
    obamas message of “you didn’t build that” is totally refuted in this ad.
    lefties always talk real pretty but when they get into power their actions belie their talk.
    new generation of leaders… michelle and hillary out for 2020? hope so.
    either party could ahve made this ad, only at the very end do we see who did it, so the left has decided to indicate a move back to the center. good luck with that

  5. White people. White people everywhere!

    Am I the only one who noticed that the ad makes a stark move away from the traditional Dem strategy of minority voting block pandering by making a strong visual pitch to Wonder Bread America?

    1. I noted that as well. I cannot critique the Dems, because I know how full of shit they are from top to bottom. I do not believe anything they say nor can they be trusted at all. They are putting lipstick on a pig as I mentioned earlier. If they regain any power at all they will use it exclusively to attack republicans.

      ‘working for the people’ … indeed.

      1. I’m reminded of that song A Spoonful of Sugar from the movie Mary Poppins (“A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down….”). I suspect that what this attempt to copy the famous Morning in America ad from the Reagan era is trying to accomplish is to get people to buy the “sweetness and light” message and vote Democrat but, once in office, the real meaning will be quickly made evident.

        The “leaders” that are referred to will be typified by Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, whose ideology can be summed up with: “All work is slavery, money is evil, everything should be free, nobody should be allowed to own anything (unless you’re part of our ruling elite).”

        No, thank you.

    2. No you are not. This IS a direct appeal to those who didn’t vote for Hillary. This is the typical socialist wolf looking for sheep again. It will be shown in areas where the demographic appeal is appropriate and not anywhere else. They just can’t help themselves. Divide and conquer.

    3. Yet still full-on DIVISIVE! Blue collar -vs- Suits … Democrat “workers” -vs- Wall Street … all as-IF Wall Street isn’t FULL OF LEFTIST Billionaires. The (R’s) should name them and show aerials of all their estates … Democrat Wall Street FAT CATS who funded HER election

  6. There is something chilling about the degree to which Madison Avenue has perfected the art of persuasion.

    The careful vocabulary, the timely momentary images of victim group members, the exclusion of Democrats from the ranks of the powerful, donors, and other financial manipulators. It is beautifully constructed by any film making standard.

    The appearance at the end of the word “Democrats”, however, would make anyonne who is politically aware laugh out loud.

    Regrettably, the percentage if politically aware voters is alarmingly small.

    1. Ever since the very FIRST political telecast of a Presidential debate … showing a relaxed JFK vs a sweaty, nervous Nixon … Madison Ave. has been in control of public opinion and presenting a warped view of the candidates. Time to FIGHT BACK. BTW … my TV has been SATURATED with very nicely done POSITIVE advertisements encouraging the confirmation of Kavanaugh … very well done … and it’s about time the (R’s) fought back … visually

  7. My earlier remarks notwithstanding, it is a comfort to know that, whatever else one may say about the Red State Silent Majority, they can spot upscale bullshit a mile away.

  8. I see many clips of the fifties era; ironic since Republicans controlled the economy through most of those years. And why FDR and Kennedy? Are these the only icons the Dems have? Thin gruel but some will lap it up like honey. Covetousness is always a sure bet; just ask the Tommy Douglas party, the NDP.

    1. Every single “Public Works” project depicted was PAID FOR by the taxes nicked from hard working citizens. You didn’t build that … without MY $$$.

      In a related story … the Federal Govt. is taking in a RECORD amount $$$ of taxes under the Trump Economy

  9. A video that would have been perfect for Kennedys 2nd run at the Presidency had he lived.

    A Far cry from today. The Democrats have morphd into a Quasi & Blatant MARXIST Org with such Luminaries as as Maxime Waters, Pelosi, Saunders, Occasia (or whatever her name is), exhorting common folk to harrass people out for Dinner and likely paying off the SCUM aka AntiF to raise holy hell.

    The Dems of today have no Fkn Clue as to what D E M O C R A C Y is or means….nor apparently do they seem to care. In Essence the difference between them and Pol Pot…is small indeed.

    1. JFK would be an EXTREMIST right winger … hell … an Alt. Right. “Crazy” if he were alive today.
      He would have “transformed” and “evolved” like Dianne Feinstein has … from a fairly moderate fair-minded Democrat to an EXTREMIST left wing political hack of the “by all means possible” wing of the Democreep Party

  10. I, too, was struck by all of the 1950s imagery. It was almost as if “they” have stolen the past glory and are the problem. Just vote demonrat, for we are the solution. Not giving up my seat on the Trump train.

    1. They have learned from a certain 20th Century German socialist who massively used “the good old days” as “backgrounding”.

  11. If Democrats care so much about America’s working people, why are they insistent about importing millions of illegal as well as legal, uneducated, unskilled and in many cases, uncivilized non-English speaking people who will take down pay scales for low end American workers while they create ghettos that will see very high crime rates and mucho death. Adios Suckers.

    1. Yes the point in the video that makes a point about “follow the rules” can be rebuked and cause heartburn for the Democrats when someone points out that there are rules for entering the US legally that everyone should obey.

    2. If there is one thing the Dems thrive on … its low information voters who vote their shallowest emotions. Hence … the import of people from cultures who know nothing of American values.

  12. Surprised the video didn’t remind everyone that Obama is responsible for the economy, jobs and other success that have cured under Pres. Trumps direction.

  13. This ad represents a Democratic party that hasn’t existed for a very long time….. the shots of Kennedy, Johnson, et. al….. it’s from a bygone era. I do hope that there are at least some liberals who still think like this because eventually the Dems are going to be back in power and you can either have them or the progressives – the adults or the children. And the children do a lot of damage (see, Trudeau, Justin).

    1. In 1964 Lyndon Johnson ran his infamous Daisy ad which implied that his opponent Barry Goldwater would start a nuclear war. Johnson for his part greatly escalated American involvement in South Vietnam. At his peak, Johnson has 550,000 troops in country. Yet while Johnson was content to send American soldiers back in body bags, he was totally unwilling to fight the war to win. In the end 50,000 better men than Johnson died in war Johnson was unwilling to either prosecute or withdraw from.

      Johnson was the most disastrous United States president of the previous century. The American voters made a mistake in 1964.

      1. David, bay of Tonkin and USS Liberty, both false flag operations. Tonkin was successful, USS Liberty was a failure, thank god. As the dick (Johnson) had fighter bombers in the air to hit Egypt, with nukes!!!

  14. I might also add …. The democrats will say and do anything for power. I don’t believe for a minute that they are being genuine with this propaganda clip. They have put lipstick on a pig and we all see through it. The Dems are the party that will lead America to tyranny and chaos. Watch for it. It’s coming. They are violent, they are evil and they are stupid. I mean stupid in the true sense of the word.

  15. 2020 – Trump should run with Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. That would shut the Democrats right up – totally. And if the Democrats tried a Clarence Thomas lynching, the party might suffer permanently.

    1. I have been pleased to see so much of Clarence Thomas’s strident and powerful rebuke of the FALSE attacks on his character. I could hear his high tech lynching speech over and over. Textbook … absolutely textbook

  16. The ad needs to be answered by real Democrat action over the last 10 years. All the apple pie video and words are outright lies to Americans. Republicans must respond in kind. Show the truth.

  17. The overall message I got from the video:
    “Make America Great Again”

    But very weak on details.
    “… everyone must play by the same rules…”. Agreed, but is this coming from the same party that welcomes illegal immigrants? Thats a rather huge contradiction, no? Still, it is a very small step to reforming the Democratic Party back to classical liberalism.

  18. My thoughts after seeing the ad alone,

    This could easily be a Trump Campaign Ad.
    After eight long, stumbling bumbling, and grinding years of Obamanomics and Obamacare, we are FINALLY seeing economic growth, rising wages, record stock market prices. The only change in the last ten, or even thirty years has been President Donald Trump and his America First Policies. Not Uniparty Republican-Democrat Donors First Policies, like Open Borders, Amnesty, Corporate Welfare, and Globalization First.
    PDT is the one bringing back manufacturing jobs and fighting for fair trade agreements.
    PDT is pushing for American Energy Independence using Fracking, and *gasp* American Coal.
    PDT has been the one person highlighting the double standard of justice (more like Just-Us) between the politicians and the normal people.
    PDT is the one supporting the troops and the cops unlike the Democrat Antifans, BLM, and CodePinko.
    No where in the ad do they mention the important Democrat policies of fighting against White Male Christian Privilege, for Transgender normalization, and shutting up Evil Conservatives. And of course, “Impeach Forty Five!!!”

    Notice how they never uttered the word Democrat until the last few seconds?

    1. That would make a great commercial for trump him criticizing the vid while it’s playing and calling out the demonrats and it would be seen by the majority of everyone in the planet if respoken in every language so not only to defeat the left in America but throughout the whole world.

      Also if Trump is ever awarded the Nobel Prize I hope he turns it down and says “When they gave it to Oboma the prize became a plastic toy in a cracker jacks box”

      No thanks…

  19. Pfffttt…I see Dems still touting their supposed civil rights bona fides. What a crock! I guess they’d like us all to forget about President Dwight Eisenhower ordering the 101st Airborne to Little Rock Arkansas to allow black children to attend school after Democrat Governor Orval E. Faubus decided he wasn’t going to obey a federal court order to integrate.
    Did I mention Democrat Senator and ex Klansman Robert Byrd’s attempt to filibuster the ’64 Civil Rights Act?
    Perhaps another day.

  20. The biggest problem I see with this add is: The Democrats aren’t the one’s that produced it. I can make an advertisement saying anything I want to believe about the Democratic party and what I think they should stand for, but what do the Democrats say about themselves?

    It would be a relief to think that Democrats have regained their senses and actually want any of the things proposed in the video, but that is not what happened.

  21. Please don’t click link in step #1, why give them, Democrat PAC’s any hits on their video !

    Jordan plays the video in his youtube, link in step #3, you can watch it there with out crediting the Dem PAC.

  22. Very good commercial but full of B.S. on today’s Dems who are proposing socialism. As for the .01%? You mean Zukerberg, Bezos, Soros etc? Probably paid for this slick ad. And in end, yes Washington is corrupt and has sold out the middle class. Thus Trump!

  23. The anti-democrats’ goal is to keep it from a vote on the Senate floor so some of their Senators can duck a no vote.

    So they want it to die in Committee, with Jeff the flake currently in the way of that.

    Now “allegedly GOP” Senator Murkowski still wants an “FBI investigation.”

    Neither should be Republicans ever again, in fact stricken from party rolls, in they enable this DeMarxist stunt.

    “We are now in a place where it’s not about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh is qualified,” Murkowski said in an interview on Monday night. “It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed.”

    Asked Tuesday about whether an FBI inquiry into the decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh should occur — a repeated demand by Democratic lawmakers — Murkowski replied, “It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn’t it?”

    And it would be nice if we believed Judge Kavanagh? Allow me to be succinct: She.Is.An.Idiot; and a useful one at that.

    Beyond disgusting spectacle. Republicans have been played, with enough useful idiots to grease fascism past liberty.

  24. C’mon, Jordan, the video is only as positive as it is because they’re pandering to soft conservatives in swing states, nothing more.

  25. The view from here is that the add is a pure propaganda.
    If you were living in the communist run countries, you could watch this kind of propaganda of never, never land in the movies they made.
    The USA was once the one hope that many nations looked up to when they were under diktat of any kind. Then Democrats made sure that they pay lip service and do otherwise.
    It would seem that current president is on the right track, though it remains to be seen how will he end his time.
    The democrats had the congress for 8 years, they had the presidency for 8 years, is it possible that they discovered the ideas shown just now?
    The former president has done his damned best to screw the American worker, not unlike the airhead in Ottawa.
    The former president spent 8 – 9 trillion dollars he did not have to pretend that he could fix everything, not unlike the current airhead in Ottawa.
    The former president destroyed the evolution of equality and stoked the fire of racism, not unlike the current airhead in Ottawa.

    The sentimental journey of the add is impressive, it is too bad that it’s only intent is to be impressive.
    There is no evidence in the congress that the Democrats want anything else then the destruction of democracy, not that the republicans are that far behind.
    They have no patience for people having free speech, to free enterprise, to be left alone by the busybodies in their service. They have to change things for no other reason than to get into the history books to show how heroic they were.

    Heh, there is more to say, though there is not enough room in the Word to write all of it.

  26. Couldn’t watch more than 30 sec before feeling sooooo violated.

    I’ll quote a real old fashioned lefty to blow holes thru the fake narrative

    Trump’s Greatest Allies Are the Liberal Elites

    “””The liberal elites, who bear significant responsibility for the death of our democracy, now hold themselves up as the saviors of the republic. They have embarked, despite their own corruption and their complicity in neoliberalism and the crimes of empire, on a self-righteous moral crusade to topple Donald Trump. It is quite a show. They attack Trump’s “lies,” denounce executive orders such as his travel ban as un-American, and blame Trump’s election on Russia or FBI Director James Comey rather than the failed neoliberal policies they themselves advanced.

    The liberal class, ranging from Hollywood and the Democratic leadership to The New York Times and CNN, refuses to acknowledge that it sold the Democratic Party to corporate bidders; collaborated in the evisceration of our civil liberties… orchestrate the job-killing North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.”””

    Chris Hedges

    More and more like the Walk-aways see the establishment Dems as the hypocrites they are.
    I look forward to the Marxists in the Dem ranks a la Ocasio eviscerating the establishment Dems good.

  27. “Everyone votes their dreams, not their reality” I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. Particulaly not if you’re one of the people whose dreams and reality have been destroyed by progressive politics. That’s where democrats are vulnerable. You counter the pretty dream with the gritty reality of progressive policies.

    Progressive respect for the working class (progressive dream). Deplorables, disrespect for flyover country, regulations and taxes destroying small businesses and industries (progressive reality). In fact, snobbish behaviour and general mocking of working people and traditional families by progressives is a rich vein to tap.

    Universal equality (progressive dream). Relentless identity politics, evils of whiteness, toxic masulinity, cultural appropriation (progressive reality).

    Attacking big business (prog dream). Bailouts and kickbacks (prog reality). Also Democratis opposition to the tax breaks that helped workers
    Respect for soldiers and police (prog dream). Bengazi failure and antifa attacking police. Praise of antifa by prog politicians (reality)

    Great social programs (dream). Longtime progressive states up to their eyeballs in debt, poverty, homelessness and crime (reality). Highlight people who lost health insurance due to rising premiums.

    Throw in Berkley riots, Title IX injustice, harassment of conservatives, congressmen being shot during baseball and other acts of progressive violence to show the trend of accelerated radicalism.

    1. If Republicans want to capture a larger share of middle class, suburban white women then focus on the unfair way their sons are being treated by the left. These women love their kids and are very protective. Highlight the systemic discrimination, harassment and punishment in universities. Young men and boys are also being discriminated against in career opportunities. They are called toxic and blamed for all ills, past and present. Lack of due process and other basic legal protections is being promoted by the left for all men in the metoo movement. Gently and carefully explain the unfairness and I think it’ll sway moms with sons to reconsider their vote.

      Ditto for Asain parents. Their children are also being discriminated against due to progressive politics.

  28. Democrats have a deep respect for the working schmuck — during elections. The rest of the time they hide in their urban enclaves so as not to have to deal with deplorables.

  29. Here are some of my thoughts…

    At least Peterson proved here that he is not a partisan. In light of the Kavanaugh circus, I nearly gagged at the film’s claims of valuing fairness and equality near the end. Peterson, of all people, should have been disturbed about the absolute denial of the left’s core beliefs… race/gender baiting, social engineering, anti-free speech, globalism and anti-Americanism… just for starters. He never once used the wholly accurate term ‘hypocrite’ to describe any part of it. As a partisan myself, I thought his critique was weak, ignorant of the Dems repeated despicably destructive behavior and thus somewhat pandering.

    No doubt this video was not endorsed by any elected Democrat, it directly contradicts EVERYTHING they have both stood for and campaigned for. You could do hours of video just of the MSM itself assaulting and mocking the many ‘conservative’ virtues pushed in this video.

    This film would NEVER be used by the DNC for the reasons mentioned above. This film depicts most everything that leftards love to hate. For every dumbed-down, squishy independent this video fooled into supporting the DNC, it would disillusion just as many Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez supporters.

    To me, Peterson absolutely missed the context of the big picture on this one.

    1. The video does not have much resemblance to the current Democratic Party, but I think it was Peterson’s intention to complement them when they move in the correct direction, and criticize them when they move in the wrong direction.

      The Democrats will have to change their policies or get sucked into a downward spiral of increasing irrelevance. Identity politics may go over great among liberal arts undergraduates, but provides scant comfort to adults working for a living.

    2. Would only point out that Peterson is commenting on the impressions of segments of the propaganda not the intent.
      Could be wrong though.

      1. KM, Lev, I get what both of you are saying.

        But, this video was not produced by the DNC itself and in no way reflects the truth of the direction they are heading. In fact, it falsely asserts that the Dems are heading in the EXACTLY OPPOSITE DIRECTION to the undeniably EVIL SOCIALIST path they are ACTUALLY ON. Peterson should have at least touched on that critical and UNDENIABLE FACT.

        No matter the context that video is approached from, how can anyone politically aware NOT be flabbergasted by the level of blatant hypocrisy and disconnect from current reality that it contains?

        1. “….how can anyone politically aware NOT be flabbergasted by the level of blatant hypocrisy and disconnect from current reality that it contains?”

          But most people are NOT politically aware,and that is why these things often work so well.This is a slickly produced piece of massive propaganda,I just hope the GOP is up to producing a rebuttal of the same quality.

          1. Yes don, but I was specifically referring to Peterson, himself. Indeed, many people out there are politically ignorant, and I know this propaganda piece is for them. And to be clear, I am not enjoying criticizing Peterson’s ‘positive take’ on this BS message, he is a man I greatly respect.

            Anyways, I don’t believe this video will ever see the light of mainstream media because it would be far too upsetting to the Dem base. They might just as well name this propaganda piece… “Why the DNC shares the values of Donald Trump and his deplorables”.

            Here is the angle I am coming from. If an independant supporter of radical Islam put out a similar fluffy video saying that Islam now loves Jews, gays, Western Society and Christians, would you expect Peterson to summarize that too with…’I’m happy to see signs that they are now headed in the right direction.’… ?!?! I surely hope not.

  30. Am I the only one that found if it were not for them mentioning the Democratic party – I would have actually thought it was a Republican ad ?
    Because the Republicans DO;
    – Support blue collar,
    – Support soldiers
    – ‘Follow rules’ (ex. Immigration LAWS)
    – Promote capitalism (people who BUILD things locally or federally)
    – Support FREEDOM

  31. The biggest problem is the very working people and values championed in this video are the people and values that the Democrats abandoned decades ago.

  32. All working together toward common goals doesn’t quite mesh with slice and dice grievance mongering. Democrats are about power, not about elevating working class. Democrats abandoned the working class, not protected it, and were it not for racism, sexism, classism, anti-religion, there’d be nothing left of Democrat party that thrives on dissension and works best as opposition, resistance, and obstructionists. They’re fantastic organizers for riots.

  33. The video is brilliant propaganda and will will be seen by about 300 million Americans. The good prof’s rebuttal so far has about 5000 viewers.
    Yes,it’s bs, but very effective bs, and when you think of the audience they are targetting, it’s a spot on appeal to their emotions. The Left are damned good at some of the things they do,and this video was a good example of that. We can sneer and smear all we want, but I have yet to see anything from the Right as effective.

    I was sent the CPC video ad a few days ago presenting Andrew Scheer, it was dull, weak and ineffectual. The guys who made that Andy Scheer video need to study THIS Democrat video for a lesson in effective advertising.

    1. How will 300 million see this. It’s a 4 minute video not a 30 or 60 second commercial. There aren’t 300 million voters by the way and at least half who vote won’t but this tripe. Virtually every image they used has been exactly what the Democrats have been insulting for the past 20 years. They’re running scared and know that the majority of white working class voters are voting Republican. They learned this in the last election and know they won’t win again without duping enough guilty white fools into voting for their candidates.

  34. Under penalty of prison Hillary was told to not destroy evidence which prompted her and her staff to take actual ballpeen hammers to their computers and phones.

    I got your “Same Rules ” right here.

    Otherwise this sounds like a political add in Venezuela 15 years ago.

  35. White nuclear family and American flags? I thought democrats hated those things, at least, many of them decry such things.
    Positive pictures of the military? Again, I’m experiencing real dissonance.
    Working class people? You mean “the basket of deplorables”, “the dregs of society”?
    Return things to the way they were? I thought “America was never great”?
    This video has more holes in it than a target on Free Bullet Day at the pistol range.

  36. This could be part of a Trump NEW party add with him talking over the false narrative… He would win both Democrat & Republican blue collar and go up the middle…..Draining the Swamp includes the slime on both sides….Old senile Senators sent HOME

  37. Peterson was a lot more charitable than I was, tell you that much. The DemocRats hate and fear the middle class, they hate and fear the working class even more. I took the video as somebody finally growing a brain at DemCentral and realizing if they don’t get the Unions back they’re screwed.

    When I look at the video, one thing keeps rolling through my mind: people spend TWICE as much on tax every year as they do on food AND clothing. Twice. As. Much.

    So that’s how much the DemocRats care about The Working Man.

    Really, all that video did was anger me. I hate it when they lie like that.

    1. It angered me as well. As Lev said, this ad was blatant propaganda. It was under their administrations that the various negatives mentioned occurred.

  38. Lies, democrats lie and continue to lie. They are the party of slavery, they are the party that destroyed cities like Detroit, Chicago to name a few. They are the party that double speaks, promises everything and deliveries less. THey are hypocrites that will stoop to the lowest of levels to remain or be in power. They speak of the “other” wealthy of course and demonize them all the while amassing fortunes of the backs of the middle class (read the Clintons).

    Then ends justify the means id the democratic ethos, sounds alot like the Canadian Liberial Party.

  39. “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”
    Republican President Abe Lincoln
    Why are today’s republicans so shy to state these self evident truths while letting democrats spread their bs without challenge.

  40. The equation most useful to deconstruct the Left is expressed in magnitudes of opposites. Simply imagine the exact opposite of the Utopia the Left claims to champion and you’ll find the sinister end goal.

  41. “Blowing up the deficit.” Typical of the inherent dishonesty of the Democratic Party, which saturates this piece. We all know who blew up the deficit, by lie to us anyway. Maybe some voters are sufficiently uneducated to believe it.

  42. My thoughts on the propaganda video. Not in any particular order.

    The video only shows Republicans as the “bad” political group (obviously because it’s a Democrat production) even though Democrats have voted for or enacted many laws favouring their rich friends — just like the Republicans have done.

    Democrats, actually, over the terms of the most recent republican presidents and even during their presidencies have worked to inhibit American excellence through growing social programs that promote dependency on the government and by demonizing all businesses. They have caused many of the financial problems the US has faced over the past 20 years in the financial sector. They’ve also had a big hand in destroying the industrial portion of the economy that this video uses to show American successes.

    As usual, it’s just words with fancy images as no actual plan is stated. Very typical of liberal/socialist propaganda. They don’t have a plan other than to take more money from those bad rich guys – which surprisingly they support as much as the republicans.

    Finally….it’s interesting to see the key imagery focusing on white people. It’s very apparent they are losing white voters in droves and are finally realizing this. They bit the hand that fed them too often. They’re going to be in big trouble in the coming election.

    I thought Mr. Petersen’s synopsis was very good and insightful.

  43. The pictures were disproportionately white to the current norm, no rainbow flags, no groups of kids one white one black one Asian,one Mexican . No tent cities or reality either.
    This is directed at the American heartland only

  44. I picked up on the “CEO made 30x the average worker … now makes 300x.”

    This is a symptom of globalization. Today’s CEO is the top of a global organization and the worker is no longer an American above the Chinese and Mexicans but among them. Americans went up a little. CEOs went up more and Chinese went up astronomically.

    This is mostly a good development but an uncomfortable one. If you want to stop it or at least slow it so people have more time to adjust, you’ll want to slow the growth of trade with third-world nations, retain trade with equals and encourage domestic innovation. Now who is offering a positive program to meet those goals?

  45. Sorry Robert, I didn’t follow your suggested exercise.

    But I’m pleased to note that the GOP already has what I think is a good response. And surprisingly, they got it out ahead of time.

    Remember “The Left in 2018: Unhinged”? See:

    Rather than giving a thorough (but unwatched) deconstruction of the lies and distortions in the saccharine “Future Majority” ad, it strikes quickly and at a visceral level. And it’s instantly recognizable as the true views and behaviours of the left.

    As an alternative, the FM ad could be remade with a more accurate narrative. For example:

    Cop: “And I hope your business is a big success…as long as you run it exactly the way we tell you.”

    Parrot Person 1: “The way we tell you.”

    Parrot Person 2: “The way WE tell you.”

    Cop: “And if your political opinions are different from ours, we’ll shut you down!”

    Parrot Person 3: “Shut you down!”

    Parrot Person 4: “SHUT. YOU. DOWN.”

  46. I mostly agreed with Peterson. The most important comment he made was his observation that Democrats share in the blame of what has gone wrong.

    It is 10 years since the great recession. Obama was in the Whitehouse for the 1st eight. It is only in the past two that things have gotten better for working class Americans.

    As for a level playing field where everyone plays by the same rules, I know of a lot of businesses that went under after 2008. The Democrats stepped in and saved banks and General Motors. So how is that fair. The same people who unfairly saved them don’t get to blame the unnamed “they” for creating an unlevel playing field.

    The people making this film are not in control of the Democratic party. If the Dems win, the aspersions expressed in this film is not how the Dems will Govern. Their overriding governing principle will be the politics of identity. The Kavanaugh fiasco speaks far more loudly than this film!