Coulda Had Max

I said just yesterday after posting this that, “If Scheer doesn’t wake up, there’s going to be another Reform party.”

Rogue Conservative MP Maxime Bernier is making an announcement Thursday at a 1 p.m. ET news conference in Ottawa, sparking discussion over whether he is leaving the party to start his own.
The media advisory says only that he will make a statement and a staffer for the MP refused to divulge any other details.
A Quebec radio station is reporting Bernier is quitting the Conservative Party. The Canadian Press reported last June that Bernier’s supporters started pushing him to quit the Conservatives and start his own party, following his demotion from industry critic.

Nice work, Andrew.

Update: Bernier is leaving the Conservative Party.

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    1. Same…100% Behind Max….the only Politician in this country, Municipal, Provincial or Federal that has the BALLS to tell it like it is.

      Damned straight I will support him.

      1. I heard Liberal reporter Bob Fife on the radio this PM saying it will be good for Scheer as it wll draw away from the CPC all the bigots and racists. So, anyone not agreeing with Liberals are bigots and racsts and of course Scheer supports Liberal policies.

        1. Bob the Fife eh…? Yeah I remember that asshole… he’s that Liberal Party front hole who pretends to be a journalist, right? I haven’t seen old Fifey for awhile now, thought he was on Vacay with his boss Justard, must have fell out of Justards ass just long enough to start calling everyone who doesn’t agree with PM Butts a “rascist” and a “bigot”, ha, ha… good old Bob, somethings never change, what a front hole.

      1. Remember Bernier eviscerated Kelley Leitch in the last leadership battle! He is in it for Max!

        1. Every politician is in it for themselves, the trick is to find someone whose
          goals coincide with the nation. Go Max.

    2. I blame Scheer for this. He resolutely did nothing. No reason to vote CPC with Scheer. Just a Liberal in a blue suit.

      1. He is a Scheer idiot!

        Just think, he was handed the golden platter with turdeau’s head. Yet still with all the BS, corruption, and just plain ole comedy provided on that platter the Scheer idiot managed to do what….? Absolutely nothing, in fact worse than nothing. To have done nothing would have been better, as the Scheer idiot provided credibility to that pile of sh&^ of a PM we have and more fatally, prevented any real opposition from forming.

        Canada is so fu&êd! Perhaps when the US civil war starts it will spread a little northwest and encompass part of canada.

    3. Already signed up and donated a $1,000.00 today so I am putting my money where my mouth is…

      Right after that I emailed the Conservative party of Canada and wrote.

      I just donated a thousand dollars to Mad Max for as far as I am concerned Sheer is is a pice of shit just like (PM No Name) and the lying liberals as well as no longer right Conservatives share the same shit pile..

      Canada and Canadians have had enough.

      Below is what I sent Mad Max:

      I have traveled all over Canada and Canadians are sick and tired of the left media and corrupt political parties.

      Canadians and Canada come first not illegal refugees and refugees brought in to vote Liberal and to become terrorists.

      There is a Raging Fire in the hearts of Canadians…

      For the ones who are in control of the political parties and media are snowflake afraid of smoke alarms.

      I think they turn off the smoke alarms because they know there’s trouble brewing and they see people watching and commenting, which annoys them terribly.

      How dare ordinary Canadians choose to have a different point of view than what the media tells them they should think and every Canadian knows to not voice their opposition to the media and to the Prime Minister (No Name) or they will both vilify them all as a racists.

      In most cases, I think they truly believe that quelling the fire of free speech of Canadians is like treating symptoms that will somehow make the disease go away, like turning off the smoke alarm will somehow put out the fire.

      But we know better, there is a raging fire burning in the hearts of Canadians…

      Mad Max all the way…

      Check out the Poll…

  1. My comment yesterday in a note to my own (rock solid seat) MP –
    Dear Larry –
    Is it true the party is barring Rebel Media from the convention?
    If so, have you all lost your minds?
    Do you think the rise of the Reform Party a couple decades ago was a “once only”?
    Thank you for your time

    And now Bernier too? Gonna be interesting.

    1. This Mad Max thing is more like Bouchard leaving the Mulroney’s CPC and starting the Bloc Quebecois.

  2. Scheer’s attempts to play nice and ‘please our enemies’ will guarantee the CPC official opposition status with only 36% of the vote in the next election. Not enough. Scheer falls short: he is refusing to call out and oppose the CBC. Scheer will not oppose supply management. Scheer will not advocate for cutting/removing INAC, and lastly Scheer will not oppose, strongly enough, thousands of illegal persons entering our country. Maxine, on the other hand, is indeed principled, and in spite of the CBC’s attacks against him, will result in greater good in terms of policy change and discussion for our country. If Canada’s right wing under Scheer is going to lose anyways, at least we will go down with a fight, principled, under Maxine.

    1. Ann Coulter spoke of the Repubs in the US putting up, if not a Uniparty candidate, a good loser candidate. What is it about Conservative politicians that they do not advocate for what they believe in but strive to be accepted by a left wing media? OK Rhetorical question. Trump and Ford show the way. Perhaps someone in Britain may also deal the Not Conservative party a blow too; it is happening in Australia.

      Conservative parties only win when they advocate and implement conservative policies.

    1. PM POS will get at least one more term because the average Canadian wants the government to take care of them from cradle to grave. In fact, in the not too distant future, PM POS will be considered right wing.

    2. This will definitely hand the Turd and his foreign handlers another 4 years, however the Turd was going to win regardless of this turn of events because Scheer just doesn’t have the numbers with all the Conservatives he is alienating… this country doesn’t need two Liberal Party’s but thats what we’ve got with Scheer.

    3. Too early to predict. Scheer might steal a good portion of Quebec, and I could see Ford supporters in Ontario and westerners who have watched the QC/ON dairy cartel strong-arm our leaders for decades, liking what Max is saying too.
      I’m pretty sure most Conservative voters don’t really like Scheer, but the party elected him so that’s who they’re stuck with. But now there’ll be a real option. ‘Maxit’ might be just what the party needed.
      IMO, the best overall move would be for the Conservative caucus to Wake TFU and ditch Scheerdeau NOW, and replace him with Mad Max. Anybody think any MP at the Halifax Convention this week would have the cojones to call for a leadership review vote???

    4. I think Prime Minister Trudeau was always going to have a second term – there are enough ignorant people in Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and BC to vote for him.

      1. As the great Winston Churchill said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
        No more applicable than to those who let the MSM form their political opinions for them, which is sadly a majority of Canadians.

      2. You left out Alberta, Sask and Manitoba ; )

        I am French Canadian and live outside the GTA and I voted Conservative last election but the next I shall vote for Mad Max.

    5. …then again maybe the center-left vote will get split between the Turd and that other bucket of warm spit.

  3. If Bernier splits the Reform from the Progressive Mulroney party we had better be prepared for another four year term of Justin and the Gang.

    We should go with western separation but have no leader to act as our version of Moses, who was ably depicted in that long ago classic by the gun nut Charlton Heston, whose later movie,”Omega Man” depicted about where we’re headed these days.

    Ar least Scheer has opened the eyes of many Conservatives to the fact that the political cabal in Ottawa is more important to these guys than serving the people of Canada.

    Four more f***ing years of Trudeau! Give me strength oh gracious Allah.

      1. Perhaps having the Turd acting as leader was the plan all along, just look at the Conservatives last election… no one will convince me that the Cons wanted to win that election, they stood down to make way for the imbecile.

        1. Yup. Many fled like rats from the sinking ship. But they knew women, gays, metrosexuals, wimps, public servants, young people and retards were going to vote for the name. I kept hearing ‘Harper has to go’ a lot more than ‘POS is not ready.’


    Agreed, forge your own way to limiting government, not just its growth, do away with tariffs for big dairy that has already put us in the crosshairs of Trump protectionism. Bernier wants to get rid of corporate welfare with no bailouts for Bombardier and the like.

    A Quebec MP is throwing Quebec to the wolves. I’m impressed, Mr Bernier. Politically speaking the CPC does not need Quebec.

    But, he also made disloyal comments for his own aggrandizement to his discredit.

    I understand he is speaking his mind right now, and by and large I agree with Mr Bernier that Liberal lite is a guarantee of failure.

    …..OTOH …. I’m reminded of Capt Kirk’s dying words: “oh my.”

    I was about to say he needs to work on his tone and delivery. Now he just blew up the place by leaving the party.

    Never mind. What an idiot. Who thought this guy was a leader and egad, a team player?

    Conservative Cannibalism in real time. Sigh. I for one support the one party state. All hail the Grit overlords.

    Au revoir Mr Bernier. I hope I still get to cash out at 65.

    1. Who thought Scheer was a leader? He has turned off half the party, the driven ones that turn out to work elections. He made no attempt to molify Mad Max supproters, just told them to shut up and trust him, not the plan, because there isn’t one other than follow the Liberals. Scheer’s strategy was, is, and will be, to wait for Trudeau to lose, which was not going to happen this coming election.

  5. Great. Two conservative parties splitting 50% of the conservative vote and Justin Time wins another election. I don’t know what God Justin is praying to but I could use a name.

    1. This will publicly separate the real Conservatives from the CINO’s. An absolutely vital step we must take if we hope to have any future in this country. I wonder how many MP’s will jump ship? Bravo, Mr. Bernier, you have now proven your true conservative credentials to me.


  6. “Justin Time wins another election”

    Repeat – It was going to happen anyway. Scheer is absolutely hopeless.

    He’s said he’s organizing a new party.

    1. Sheer couldn’t organize a birthday party at the Ritz Carlton (where they do all the work).

  7. You can’t really blame Max. In my opinion, Scheer did indeed win the leadership under false pretenses, aided by the dairy cartel buying what I call fake memberships. They did not speak for the conservatives. Max’s leadership was highjacked. He was my only choice.
    He indicates that he may be creating another party to serve conservative values. I am so in.

    Go Max!!!

        1. What troubled me from the start with Scheer was when he drank from a carton of milk after winning the leadership, with that dimply grin on his face, confirming to me that he had not really played a fair game. I’m sure that did not sit well with Max either. They have not gotten a dime out of me since then.

        2. It’s a cartel, do you not care for the poor…

          Breaking the dairy cartel will help the poor and all Canadians.

          Next cell phone providers…

          Do it Max

  8. Looks like once again the fatally compromised libertarians calling themselves Conservatives will split apart. That’s the problem when principles conflict with politicos clustered on either side of the mushy and mindless “middle” of the continuum. The real problem is that after giving the Liberals another term or two, the results will be the groundhog day of two parties of fatally compromised libertarians calling themselves Conservatives with one on the “right” and the other less so, eventually reuniting.

    1. I am not getting into the libertarian/conservative argument agan. That was resolved. Libertarians support Conservatives because both want the same thing. Any philosophcal discussions about motives are details or little import; libertarians support conservatives.

      But Scheer hasn’t shown he is conservative in any intent or idea; he simply wants to win government and get the comy chairs. He is a Uniparty member.

      1. ” Libertarians support Conservatives because both want the same thing.”

        No they don’t. Libertarians want freedom, conservatives want to indulge their tribe.

        1. They both want limited government but that concept is beyond you; so go indulge your tribe.

          Right you’re all alone in your tribal delusion, but company is available, just keep trolling.

          1. No they don’t. Conservatives want ‘limited government’ until it’s time to put immigrants and drug dealers in jail and taxes on imports.

    2. No…

      Never and No to reunification of Conservative Party and Mad Max Party…

      Reform tried and got swallowed up and put aside for the lefty middle…

      The Conservative Party can die just as the Liberal will…

      They both have fucked Canada and Canadians long enough…

      They are both corrupted…

  9. This is perhaps a feel good moment for Maxime and those who support him (I like some of what he has to say, economically), but this will probably put the right in the wilderness for the next 9 years, just like the Reform/Canadian Alliance days. It’s just the nature of our electoral system plus math.

    1. Sorry Tim, but if you take care to look a little closer, you will see true Conservatives have been in the wilderness since about the beginning of Harper’s majority.

      That’s how I see it, anyways.

      1. CO, church is were they have been. Tory, good thumper, Cheers also a good thumper. Harper was able to do politics without religious over tones, and I respected him for that, but I had a few policy concerns about his time in office. I run into SCC (so called cons) quite often, and mostly it’s their religious beliefs that stand in the way of true conservatisms. Also, it is the religious elements of these SCC’s that drive centrists and and moderate liberals away from voting for tories when their lib leaders are idiots.

        1. Harper’s political approach was based upon Australian PM Tony Abbot’s approach of gradualism, of using the state to favour his supporters, The Battlers in Ozzieland, The Hockey Families in Canada. While this was cautious but moderately successful electoral politics, it didn’t change the fundamental problem of the state being wielded for poltiical ends. Why this is a problem is that this is exactly what the left also wants and it, too, will wield the power of the state for its own purposes.

          The only solution to this problem is to reduce the role of the state in society. That is a Conservative AND Libertarian goal. Also, reducing the role of the state in public life reduces the opportunity of corruption, of direct personal bribes, of political bribery of the voters and of corporate cronyism.

          Here endeth the second lesson.

          1. 20% of Canadian workers suckle at one of the three government tits. Reducing that parasitical percentage will take a biblical cull.

    2. You have no faith…

      I believe Mad Max may actually win a majority…

      Canadians are done with


      They have all added debt and nothing much more…

      Turn the page

      It’s blank well let’s dream big…

      Max can win it all in 2019…

  10. Bernier has now become Lucien Bouchard 2.0.

    He and the very few who will follow him want to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

    Those who support such wrongheadedness are little different than the never-trump conservatives in the US.

    1. And you my friend are a John McCain believer. Placing your bets on a nag simply because you like the name does not mean it will cross the finish line.

      1. I don’t like the CPC establishment, they are liberals in disguise. Filthy sell outs, or vendu’s in that colloquial other official language. They only want power. The country be damned. I doubt that even they know what to do with it when it falls in their laps. They are communists, for lack of a better word. Pink, pinker & full on RED. Whata choice, eh?
        When A. Scheer drank a carton of milk at his acceptance speech, he looked like the political azzwhole he really is. If it takes another term of S4B, so beit to get rid of that vendu & a shake out of the so called conservative Party. They did not learn a thing from the last election(s). If the CPC dies in the interim, sobeit as well. Personally, all politics is local. Mine being Alberta, I aim to rip up the tracks just to piss off that bunch of commies running central Canader & f$ck with BC. Your country model is broke. Might have to ditch the AB provincial hybrid doing so, because they’re tainted with central Canader politics as well. Interesting times, eh?
        Take that rainbow, “I stand on un-ceded tribal ground”, apologize for even standing there in front of people & shove it. And shut the border down. Then we’ll talk.
        Jordan Peterson: “Don’t apologize & don’t back down”.

        1. Apparently I’m part of the cpc establishment. I voted for Maxime and I philosophically am very similar to him. Politics is the art of the possible. And it’s a team sport.

          Apparently you are interested in neither.

          1. ” Politics is the art of the possible.”

            Actually it’s the art of changing what’s possible. The CPC is simply useless and likely harmful. It’s been a disaster. Bernier has done the right thing.

      2. Trumps policies are to the left / centre of the gop yet you support him (as I do).

        The cpc establishment which I guess I am a part of (as Tom Cotten is part of the gop establishment) is closer to trump than Maxime. Yet you support Maxime – please explain your contradiction.

        1. Scheer is neither close nor far to Trump. Trump is NOT establishment, Scheer wants to be accepted by the establishement. Thus he offers no distnguishing policies from Trudeau, who hasn’t actually ennunciated any, but clearly is opposed to oil and resource development and Ontario manufacturing.

          My goodness, Scheer even concedes the ideology of global warming policies.

          Scheer is a nice guy and at another time might even be OK; but this is a time where change is required, not more of the same

    2. The perfect is always the enemy of the good, has always been.

      No, Bernier doesn’t want perfection, he would have been satisfied with something resembling a policy different from the Liberals, maybe no carbon tax for example, ol development perhaps. Doesn’t matter what Scheer says he says, he cowers before the Liberals and the liberal media.

    3. Your tears are delicious. I so do look forward to the endless river of sorrow and butthurt to come from Conpartisans.

      It’s over; you sucked. The Canadian Right had more going for it when it was ‘split’ in the ’90s than when it was united (destroyed). All you really accomplished is PM Trudeau.

  11. A “conservative” has been made an insulting word by the neo-Marxists. As well, nothing but negativity about libertarianism as well.
    Small government, free markets, personal liberty and so on are quite foreign terms to many Canadians, especially those employed by one of the levels of government and within that group especially educators.
    Canadians want the government to fix things, make things better, make us safe, hold our hands in the morning, tuck us in at night.
    Independent people need to keep their head down and play it cool and even fake it. Don’t waste energy or call attention to yourself.
    I’ve decided to stop sending the odd polite email of objection to policies or legislation. They probably put you on a watch list for disagreeing even though you’re respectful and thankful of their time.
    Don’t fight the tide because the vast majority think the government IS the Answer.
    Group Think is well-established.

    1. “I’ve decided to stop sending the odd polite email of objection to policies or legislation. They probably put you on a watch list for disagreeing even though you’re respectful and thankful of their time.”

      Yeah, you can’t be too careful these days. I was gonna write my local MP today about Mr Max, then thought better of it. These snakes will go to no end to make life miserable for holding POV different from theirs. As one poster wrote lately: “They’re surprised & supportive that you have a POV. They’re even more surprised when you have one different from theirs.”

  12. For reasons that I can’t describe,I sense we could be looking at a Canadian version of Trump. Hope to God I’m right.

    1. Trump’s policies are to the left of the GOP and the conservative movement in America. Bernier’s are to the right of the CPC.

          1. Bord Guld…ME, I am his evidence. F**k boy, I talk to a lot of people, and most SCC are lefty a$$holes

        1. I must admit, I am getting tired of being called FAR-RIGHT because I want lower taxes and an end to illegal immigration and corruption in its many flavors.

      1. See my earlier commment. Trump’s major policy is to end established policies such as illegal immigration, crony capitalism and corruption. This upturns the cosy applecart of the business of government.

        1. “Trump’s major policy is to end established policies such as illegal immigration, crony capitalism and corruption.”

          During which time he has only engendered more crony capitalism and corruption (ethanol subsidies, forced purchases of nuclear and coal power).

  13. Thank you Max for helping Justin Turdeau. First rule of politics: get elected. You didn’t need to appeal to your base, you needed to appeal to the Canadians in the centre who voted for Turdeau last time.
    Oops, Justin and the Liberals are laughing.
    Four to eight more years of Liberal rule. Aaarrrrgggghhhh.

    1. I call BS on that. Harper had a majority & all we heard from the Herd was ” Look out for the 64%”.
      Them being the LPOC/NDP/Greens, they virtually ran a majority .gov for their own interests while Harper was in office.
      The place is dysfunctional & needs to be burnt down.

      1. Yep, call BS, but you still have to get elected to enact legislation.

        The Liberals are masters at lying to get elected. Turdeau learned that from his daddy; remember PET ridiculing Stanfield saying the Liberals would never bring in wage and price controls? Remember PET saying he wouldn;t raise gasolinw taxes like Clark proposed? He then got elected and raised taxes even higher! There are lots of examples of Liberal lies.
        Rachel Notley’s NDP lied during the campaign (by omission); no mention of carbon tax, and they accused the PCs of mismanaging the economy with their massive deficits. The result = Wild Rose and PC split the vote and NDP got in. Now the provincial debt will be five times higher than under the PCs, with no plan to balance it until 2023, when the debt will be close to 100 billion!
        With 49% of the PC leadership vote, Max had an excellent chance to get a lot of what he wanted. Now he will have none, cause his new party will again split the vote. This lesson was most recently learned in Alberta.

        Donald Trump ran for the Republicans, but his strategy was to appeal not just to the Republican base, but to appeal to the large numbers of disaffected voters in the center of the US who were tired of being ignored by “progressive” Democratic politicians. With Ford winning in Ontario Max was in excellent position to get a lot of what he wanted. Now its down the toilet.

  14. Your parties are owned by Davos and the Bilderbergs. Just like the Democrats and Republicans South of the Border. President Trump, of course, is NOT owned by them. But he only got elected because he was able and willing to fund his own campaign. Is Mr. Bernier able and willing to do that? Even in the smaller Canadian market? If not, then he and his party will go nowhere.

    The major parties in Western governments are nothing more than opposite ends of the same steaming turds. Their end goals are the same – One World Government, which is the utopia for Davos and the Bilderbergs. The only differences are how quickly they want to get there, and who gets to slop at the government trough while enroute.

    1. The right in Canada don’t see the globalist agenda as a problem. As if Trump is the ‘protectionist” for standing up to the globalists vultures who are picking the USA clean to the bone. People don’t know any better. They get feed crap by the globalist owned

      From what I see elsewhere, nations of western heritage are going nationalist-populist vs. one world-order globalist. It will take a while for Canada to get there.

      Google: Australia Leadership Crisis: Aussie Dollar Tumbles After PM Turnbull Loses Cabinet Support To Populist Leader

      Meanwhile for me, a choice between a left leaning globalist or a right leaning globalist is NO choice. Take a page out of the play book on other democracies of western heritage. Throw the globalists out.

        1. Hey Front Hole, globalists are the farthest thing from libertarians anyone can imagine. Christ you are dense.

  15. Max should join the Libertarian Party and see how many of his followers go along. As it stands, they can’t seem to beat the Communists but with Max, who knows!

    1. Apparently the LP offered but Max wasn’t interested. Probably too attached to his asinine attacks on immigration.

  16. Scheer’s #1 job was to hold the CPC party together. To keep the peace between the two wings – Reform and PC, libertarian and conservative, west and east. Obviously, he has failed. He’s not a strong leader. It might be in everyone’s interest to have a quick leadership convention or some other venue to repair the rift. There’s still over a year before the scheduled election.

    1. Lincoln tried to hold the union together too. Sometimes it is the actions of others – Maxime in this case – that are not the fault of the leader.

      1. Max represented about half of the party in the leadership convention. It was Scheer’s job to consolidate the party. He failed. It’s on him. Scheer should step down because the CPC needs -deserves- a leader strong enough to keep the right united. I’m sure there’s someone who can do a much better job than Scheer – Ambose, Wall, someone.

        1. Baloney. Maxime refused to be a part of the team. There are members of caucus just as conservative/libertarian as he is. Let’s see how many join him. I’m betting no one will

          1. The fate of the party is more important than one person. It’s not just Max who sees Scheer’s weakness. He is out of touch with a large part of the CPC base. Scheer should step down for the ģood of the party. The party cannot win if it’s not united.

            To do nothing is going into the next election knowing your leader is a Dion or Ignatieff. Ignoring the obvious is unwise.

          2. With or without Bernier, Scheer was leading us to another loss. Better to start a new conservative movement now, rather than wait another five years. Why vote Liberal light? We already have Trudeau. We don’t need another one with a different name.

          3. “There are members of caucus just as conservative/libertarian as he is. Let’s see how many join him. I’m betting no one will”

            I’m betting you’re right …..on the last part. But if they are truly conservative/libertarian, and they stick with Scheer, then they have no principles.

          4. gord, cheers is f**king failure. I e-mailed the CPC yesterday and told them he needs to step down, and I ain’t the only one doing that
            Cheers won a “rigged” contest, he needs to step down, period. Butt then you are a proven dimwit were politics is concerned.

          5. In that case they will make a mistake. The wheel of History is turning and nobody will remember Scheer.

          6. “Maxime refused to be a part of the team.”

            And rightly so. The team sucked. Scheer has had over a year and a half to impress me, and has largely failed. The CPC has had 15 years to do the same and largely failed.

            The point of free markets is to let companies that don’t work die. The CPC does not work.

            This wouldn’t have even happened if Scheer had a half-decent platform. Bernier put it so well: “Scheer always likes to talk about his positive conservative vision, but no one knows what it is.”

      2. Exactly, with which do you credit the leader then? His speaking skills? Can’t say I recall hearing anything of note or promise. His negotiating skills? Nothing comes to mind in the slightest. His contributions to Canada? Can’t think of a single thing. He served as speaker of the house which requires a spineless, non threatening, and easy going demeanor in order to win votes for the job. No one ever said he was a mover and a shaker. Or a doer. Or a man of high intellect, industry, innovation or philosophy. He comes to the table with absolutely nothing, save for a rigged election win and a high five approval from the denizens of Versailles.

    2. “Scheer’s #1 job was to hold the CPC party together. ”

      To have no appreciation of the history of the Reform Party means Scheer is a total idiot. The Conservative Party is a coalition and one group can’t pile on other coalition members without consequences. The Conservatives can save this by holding a convention vote and sending Scheer packing but won’t for lack of balls.

      1. Right. The CPC is a coalition of Libertarians and Social Conservatives. These can live quite happily together, the Libertarians supporting the Socials in the quest for the end of immoral policies on the basis of their right to do so, which is constantly shut down by the establishment. On other issues, Libertarians and Conservatives have congruent views.

        However, an establishment leader like Scheer cannot simultaneously tell the Socials to shut up and reject the Libertarians.

  17. Thank you Maxime. Hurry up and get things rolling…I look forward to donating to an actual conservative party in canada.

  18. To those losing heart: there is a God, and His ways are not ours.

    The destruction of the Andrew Scheer “Conservative” party will make room for a new party led by Doug Ford to take power within a decade at most.

    In the meantime, it will be Justin Trudeau who, in Canada, will take the blame for the financial crisis that Trump’s enemies on Wall Street plan to engineer after the Blue Wave fails to materialize (nothing else has worked, and blowing up banks helped see off George W. Bush), destroying Canada’s housing sector and banking system as collateral damage.

    It’ll be fun watching him try to charm his way out of trouble when the Muslim “refugees'” welfare cheques start to bounce. Just make sure your house is paid off and you don’t have more money in the bank than you can afford to lose.

  19. The finest characteristics that conservatives have compared to the left is that they are never afraid of free thought and they abhor group think.

    Unfortunately this is also a liability when the practical realities of politics come into play.

    You cannot ignore the damage that is done when the left is charge.

    The problem now is that Bernier’s new party has a huge hill to climb and if he is unsuccessful then we get more of Trudeau.

    As for Scheer, man am I disappointed. I really thought he was better.

    Bernier is going to have to fly like a missile. He better work like a dog 16 hours a day between now and the election, just like Trump did. Remember those 11PM rallies? Trump played to win and Bernier better do the same otherwise he is just wasting everyone’s time.

    1. “The finest characteristics that conservatives have compared to the left is that they are never afraid of free thought and they abhor group think.”

      Sorry, I really do wish I could enthusiastically agree with that sentiment… but no. Sadly, I have interacted with more than a few of my ‘fellow conservatives’ who are apparently terrified of free thought and are absolutely bunkered in a defensive groupthink position. Depressing as all hell to witness, actually.

      There are NO absolutes, especially when it comes to people.

  20. Let us look at the bright side. Maxine will not be afraid to call out Justin on his weaknesses — and there are many. Another 4 years of Justin, and the Liberals will be dead — this time forever. Liberals have a complete stooge at the helm (and quite a few others in major portfolios). That can not be ignored forever. Their globalist ideology is severely hurting Canada.

      1. The Liberal party will never be “killed off” completely,they might have to change the name,as the Progressive Conservatives and CCF did, but they will always be with us. The cabal that runs this country needs the facade of a democracy to keep the peasants sedated,and that requires at least two Parties. It’s too bad we don’t just have one Party as someone suggested here, and call them by their colors, the Red division of the Libcons or the blue division. Just to placate the radical Left, we can also have green and orange divisions.

        By that method we can have the continuity we nervous Canucks crave. Who was that philosopher that said a democracy would only last 200 years? We’re a bit short here but well on the way.

    1. Stephen Harper, a much savvier leader than any of the baker’s dozen who sought to replace him, hoped to bury the Liberal Party of Canada, but he came to realize that it would take even more than he was able to do to drive a stake through its black, corrupted heart. Liberals control almost every media outlet in the country except the Sun newspapers and The Rebel (who have been disinvited from the Convention because they aren’t “nice”). It does seem to be a case of trying to please your enemies in the hopes that they will see what a nice guy you are and not cut you nine ways when they get the chance.

      1. If the majority of the Conservative MPs had cajounes they would push Joe Who Two out and call a leadership race for 6 months from now. Perhaps Harper could be convinced to run!

    2. Excellent point, Linda! Bernier has absolutely nothing to loose by hosing down Trudeau.
      He’ll get media coverage, and take away TV face time from Scheer. You remember the old print maxim ( pun intended) ‘If it bleeds
      it leads’.

  21. Sounds like the Conservative Party is working hard to ensure Justin manages to win the next election. If there are two conservative parties, the Liberals win.

    1. And if there are two Liberal parties, the Liberals win, and right now we have two Liberal parties — Scheer’s and Trudeau’s. Thanks, but no thanks.

      1. “…right now we have two Liberal parties — Scheer’s and Trudeau’s…”

        Exactly, LindaL. And the only difference between turdo la doo and scheer the steer is the length of time it will take to get Canada to shithole status….a few years at most.

    2. Let Bernier take Quebec from the Grits. The CPC does not need Quebec seats to win.

      This could work out, eh Unmind?

      1. Let them laugh. Fools that they are have not exactly noticed that thrir own leader is an idiot. They will change their tune when Bernier starts going after Trudeau — someone has to. Bernier is the only leader speaking up for nationalism and a strong economy. Trudeau is an emperor with no clothes and Bernier will point that out. Canadians may start to listen. Bernier is a much more formidable opposition than Scheer and things on many fronts are nearing a crisis point.

        1. All very well said.

          It will be interesting to see if Scheer now tries to be the leader he should have been from the start. I can only imagine it would be both comical and embarrassing to witness.

          Interesting times, as they say.

          1. Now that’s a 5 star comment. Unfortunately Sheer is in that most useless place in the political spectrum, The Red Tory. He’s too far left to take on the Liberals.

        2. Yes bloody Scheer didn’t even have the balls or wit to go after Boy Wonder. Doesn’t have what it takes.

  22. The downside: x more years of the vacuous child as PM.

    The upside: at least I will have someone I can vote for.

  23. The split in this comments section is a good read of Bernier’s appeal. Personally, I wish the key ideas he has been spouting lately had more appeal but they don’t currently. That sentiment seems to be reflected by the split in this feed and you guys are the most likely audience for Max. This wouldn’t stop me from supporting Max if I thought he had the solid long-term approach to pull off these economic policies and he would be as strong on social issues as Joe Who Two. But he doesn’t strike me as a pro-lifer.

    Might have been better for the deplorable sector of the Canadian electorate, folks like me, if Shiny Pony had had the cajounes to bring in proportional representation. At least we’d elect enough to have some bargaining power.

    This is long-term bad folks. As a veteran of the winning side of the Reform — Progressive Conservative split the last thing I want to see is Shiny riding his Unicorn Pony in the PMs office 15 years from now — but that’s what may happen.

    With the genie out of the bottle you must decide in which trench to plant your flag. Frankly, I’d like to see a greater push for more responsibility taken at the Provincial level.

    Joe Who Two

    1. Actually a strong majority of Canadians support reducing immigration. Supply management, properly explained would be a huge boon for support. Basically all you have to do is lay out that every family in Canada is paying 3 times as much as we should for milk, butter, chicken, eggs etc to fund millionaire farmers lifestyles AND now we’re taking a hit on trade because of it. Who gives a crap about 1200 dairy farmers and how OUTRAGEOUS is it that they have such influence in this country. Unbelievable.

      1. “a strong majority of Canadians support reducing immigration.”

        No they don’t, and it doesn’t matter if they do. More people favor reducing immigration now than any time since the mid ’90s. Thankfully, the people were ignored then and they should be ignored now as well. Time to import prosperity.

    2. I don’t know Bernier’s position on abortion, but he won’t muzzle the pro-lifers, like Scheer does.

    3. I’m going to hold my nose and vote CPC in the hopes of either party getting a minority. As far as Max I’ll wait and see what he does and instead focus on kicking the cursed NDP out of Alberta! I’m ready to full on support a Western Sepratist party at this point.

  24. There are a great many nice leaders in the world. All forgettable. Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Spain et al, had people in suits who won leadership. Proving that contests are no measure of character or competence. All these countries that took leadership as some sort of pageant, are now battling for their lives. Invasive immigration, unrestrained accumulation of debt, weakened societies, and now disease are the rewards for apathy and indifference. Better to hold to your principles, and build for tomorrow, than to endorse a milquetoast leader who will only embolden the decay. Joe Clark gave us more Trudeau. Stanfield gave us more Trudeau. A weak alternative is no alternative.

    1. @ 2:33 Indiana Jane

      “Invasive immigration, unrestrained accumulation of debt, weakened societies, and now disease are the rewards for apathy and indifference. Better to hold to your principles, and build for tomorrow, than to endorse a milquetoast leader who will only embolden the decay.”

      Yes, well put, thanks, hopefully it is not too late. Better late than never, but better never late. It is the Government debt that we ought to fear and the thugs who mount these debts. Ones who bully their way into Government, unlawfully jail people and unlawfully confiscate Canadians’ savings, homes and belongings… like Europe circa 1939 to 1945.

  25. The Conservatives gave the Pool Boy’s daddy two gifts, Stanfield and Clark. Pool Boy only gets one gift, Scheer.

    Indiana Jane – I was typing while your comment came out – I really didn’t copy your idea.

  26. Kate: “If Scheer doesn’t wake up, there’s going to be another Reform party.”

    Exactly what I was thinking this morning. Then I went online, and …

  27. I was not going to vote this coming election as I felt that there wasn’t any vote worthy party.
    I supported Max and I will vote for Max’s team.

  28. Scheer is a milquetoast. He lost my vote when he kissed Trudeau’s ass over the tariff’s. He just proved to me that he was part of the Family Compact/Chateau Clique that has ruled this country since before Confederation. They are all in the same room, just standing in opposite corners trying to convince us they are different.

    1. His support for Trudeau and Trudeau’s flawed policies is what turned me off. He should be yelling from the rafters about the Liberal trade screw up and Freeland’s incompetence. A wasted opportunity, and now it is too late. The only way to defeat the Liberals would be a groundswell of support for Bernier. Canadians would need to wake up, however.

      1. from Wikipedia. “The Family Compact[2][3] is the term used by historians for a small closed group of men who exercised most of the political, economic and judicial power in Upper Canada (modern Ontario) from the 1810s to the 1840s. It was the Upper Canadian equivalent of the Château Clique in Lower Canada. It was noted for its “maintenance of the status” quo and opposition to democracy.”
        Nothing has changed.

  29. Andy is smiling like the guy who wandered into an MS-13 house party and thinks being nice to them will be enough to win their friendship. Meanwhile he puts down everyone who raised him throughout his life in order to fit in. Scheer has no street cred, abilities, or charisma. It’s like watching a doltish heir take over the family business.

  30. Don’t buy the line that we don’t have enough time to replace Scheer. Brown was replaced in Ontario with Ford with only months to spare and Ford won handily. Granted, their was a cloud over Brown at the time that made his ousting easier. However, there was NO reason that Bernier couldn’t do the same, and every indication that he could. Call for a snap leadership vote at the convention, but I fear it is now its too late. Sigh.

    1. Brown got knifed via external means (the CTV report). Scheer’s too damn nice for the media to go for his jugular like that. They know he can’t win and won’t win and that it’s far better for the Liberals to have a spineless loser leading the Conservatives than not. Give the voters a choice between genuine Liberal (Trudeau) and Liberal-lite (Scheer) and they’ll vote for the genuine article.

      I said when Trudeau was elected that we were likely stuck with him for 8+ years no matter who the Conservative leader was, and that whomever succeeded Harper was likely doomed to an extended stay on the opposition bench. It didn’t stop me from hoping that someone with a spine would still take on the job. Instead we got go-along-to-get-along Scheer, whose great claim to fame was that he’d been the take-no-position referee for four years.

      Scheer would lose against a paperclip. That said, a party split will ensure Liberal hegemony for another decade or longer, just like it did last time. So. Bah. The country’s fooked anyway.

  31. Bernie Sheer. What a gift to the opponents he is. Despises his supposed base and hates any media type that doesn’t, like the Rebel.
    What this means is he will receive media tongue baths and revel in their light, sweet touch. Until The next election ramps up, then he will be a racist bigot again.

  32. I hope the election is this fall so we can get this over with before the party splits. Get Scheer out after we lose and Bernier can come back in. Then we can start a russian collusion probe against Trudeau to try and get him out.

    1. It would have to be a George Soros / Muslim Brotherhood / UN collusion investigation. Trudeau would never have been elected without the cabal of globalists behind him.

      1. Actually that only exists in your fevered imagination. Trudeau won because Harper ran a terrible campaign he should not have even been running in. End of story.

  33. Ah yes.. the same Bernier who voted with the separatists in 95′ is now opining about principals. He’s an opportunist.

  34. I’m not sure how practical this idea would be but I wonder if it would be possible for the CPC to have a two leader, power sharing system. It’s obvious if you study the history of the conservative movement in Canada that it is plagued with the same problem over and over again. Principled conservatives (libertarian, reform, western protest movements, populists) butting heads with central Canadian finger-to-the-wind PCs. Finding a way permanently bridge that gap would be beneficial.

    Besides, it would also protect the party from scandals that take down a leader just before an election. One co-leader takes over until the second spot is filled.

    1. Second bonus: only one CPC co-leader needs to be bilingual. Too many good conservatives are excluded because they only speak English.

  35. It’s almost like the leader of the CPC crossed the floor today. Maybe Lil Castro has a cushy cabinet job in mind for Mr. Wimpy next year.

  36. I see all the apparatchiks are crawling out of the woodwork to denounce and disavow. Go to hell, you don’t represent anything but cowardice and failure.

  37. Sheer won’t give interviews to the Rebel but he’ll give interviews to the CBC.

    PC pressure caused the Rebel to drop Faith Goldie on account of her appearing in a Alt –right podcast. But at no time did Goldie support far right ideology and acts of violence. The same can not be said about the CBC.
    “””We may all be troubled by the offensively violent aspects of anti-fascist tactics, but until someone can come up with a program that actually diminishes organized fascism in the real world, they should think twice before conflating the problem with those who are trying to solve it.”””

    In another apologetic article where a Quebec nationalist’s head is bashed open, the CBC calls Antifa “left wing activists” and gives Antifa a platform to justify its use of violence & label free speech supporters as alt right fascists.
    “””On that point, both the Montreal and the Quebec City Antifa militants agree that, under some circumstances, physical violence is necessary. “Fascism needs to be eradicated with fists,” the Quebec City activist said.”””

    Instead of designating Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization, the PM empowers them to act as his goon squad and the CBC cheers them on. And I don’t hear Sheer taking the PM and CBC to task.

  38. Would I rather have Max than Joe Two as leader? You bet. Would I like to see an already over-compensated, pampered, spoiled twit, moron and fool re-elected?
    Le Dauphin has yet had another gift just handed to him. Like everything in his life, he has gotten something scot-free.

    I purposefully watched the CBC coverage of this event and the “reporters” were absolutely giddy. I have no doubt that champagne is being popped in the “news” room even as we write this.

    The only good thing that I can think coming out of this is that perhaps after Joe Two has his a$$ handed to him in the next election, we can get somebody good as a leader. Or, failing that, it will lead to a free and independent West!

    1. “Or, failing that, it will lead to a free and independent West!”

      You should be working on that now, as a matter of course. Playing central Canader footsie is a loser’s game.

      It’s only 1800 miles to Valdez, Alaska from McMurray & two days shorter to Shanghai from Burnaby. Run pipe around BC, they already think they are a separate country, wrt Alberta/Canada. Seattle doesn’t like us. Fine, shut KM-Seattle spur down. The Russians are shipping there at a loss from Vladivostok, to make a point.

  39. Two things operate in Bernier’s favour — We are living in volatile times, and Trudeau is exceptionally stupid. Once someone is aggressively pointing out his weaknesses his popularity will plummet. I think Max is in a strong position. History does not always predict how things will unfold. Trump’s election seemed to surprise everyone. Max is a fighter.

  40. Watch the media now give Max all the free coverage they can muster knowing how this will help their Spawn.

    1. Read Bernier’s speech. He touches on hot-button issues that Canadians care about. He comes across as principled, rather than extreme. He will do well, but he will need some good candidates (perhaps some who have dropped politics for now) — and he will need fair media coverage. That could be tricky.

    2. The media supports the guy who most reflects central canadian media’s politics. To me, it looks like they’re backing Scheer. He’s an acceptable, inoffensive, harmless conservative. Red tory, big government, no strong convictions or principles, willing to betray his base to please them…

      The media also heavily backed Ignatieff and failed miserably. The media has its own agenda and they are not a good reflection of voter’s intentions.

      1. To the rabidly leftist media, even Scheer is considered a right wing loonie so no, they will give press to Max to draw support from Scheer to clinch it. They are astute enough to realize that the enemy of my enemy can be a temporary friend and the knowledge that Max will be in no position of threatening the Spawn until or if the CPC disintegrates as it did as the PCs after Mulroney / Kim Campbell.

    3. If the media give lots of free time to Max, they are dumb AF.

      Look at what lots of free airtime for Donald Trump did to the liberals in the US.

      No if they are intelligent they will try to smother him and his cradle. The last thing they want to give the voters is a choice.

  41. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
    The swamp is vast, and the state is deep, and JT is neck deep in it.
    They want to triple Canada’s population in a short time.
    Andrew scheer won’t stop that!

  42. Max has nothing to lose. Scheer and the Conservatives do . The Country does as well.
    The media will be all over this like flies on manure and Shiny will get shinier as we approach the 2019 election.

    Mad Max couldn’t have given the Trudeau cabal any better assurance of another term in Office.

    Why am I thinking of Lucien Bouchard?

    1. It’s ludicrous to think that the PCs under Sche(m)er have any chance whatsoever against Trudles in the next general election, or that they would make any meaningful change. (Did the insiders bring reform to the US Republican Party or did an outsider?) If, by a miracle, the PCs did get in, the Laurentian elite would lead him by the nose, that is, when he wasn’t involved in corrupt political maneuvers.

      It’s time to think longer-term and how to get a government that will bring real change. The only way is to have a new party that will be a choice for conservative voters. They would bring in many disgruntled voters who are fed up with the so-called conservative party and at the very least scare a good number of sitting conservative MPs into being more conservative.

      There has to be competition for the incumbents to have any incentive to change.

    2. Who cares? Scheer at best was a placeholder, and that’s generous. Trudeau simply isn’t as bad as you guys like to pretend.

      Bernier creates a real political opening, a new axis.

      1. Not as bad as people pretend?

        No one is pretending. Justin really is a douchebag, a liar, a groper, a traitor (in the loosest sense of the word – he would have had to have owed Canada his allegiance but his heart belongs to China), a moron, a communist, a racial/ethnic huckster, an incompetent maroon, a deviant, a pervert …

        Should I go on?