I, For One, Welcome Our Self-Driving Overlords

Baby, you can drive my car…

Banks have been warned of an imminent threat that their cash machines could be mass-hacked by cyber criminals.


In a confidential alert on Friday, America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation told international banks that criminals are plotting a concerted global malware attack on cash machines in the next few days.


The FBI issued a warning about a highly choreographed fraud scheme known as an ATM “jackpotting”, in which crooks hack a bank or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to take out millions in just a few minutes.

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  1. Frankly, I think it’s impressive that the Interac network has proven this resistant to penetration for this long.

    It would be an interesting comparison, the amount of money lost to random muggings for cash combined with actual bank heists to this kind of cyberfraud. Higher or lower?

    1. The cops certainly pay more attention to the random muggings than they do the cyberfraud and, as a result, they probably have a better arrest record. Someone listed my house for rent on kijiji for a ridiculously low price so we had people showing up on our doorstep at all hours of the day for a week. An officer came out to interview us, but I don’t think they even tried to find an IP address (though the perp probably used a VPN) let alone a more serious cyber-search. As a result, I think that cyberfraud is and will be far more prevalent than random muggings. The scary thing is when the crook gets enough personal info they can commit some pretty serious identity theft crimes that take months, sometimes years, to unravel.

  2. Well, the link in the “article” above doesn’t work, but perhaps this one is the same story:


    Tara Seals US/North America News Reporter, Infosecurity Magazine

    The FBI is warning that potential ATM attacks, similar to those in Taiwan and Thailand that caused ATMs to dispense millions, could happen in the US.

    The FBI said in a recent bulletin that it was “monitoring emerging reports indicating that well-resourced and organized malicious cyber-actors have intentions to target the US financial sector.” Now, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the threat could be linked to malicious software used by the Russian gang known as Buhtrap, known for stealing money thorugh fraudulent wire transfers. Sources said that the group has been testing ATM hacking techniques on Russian banks, and will soon look to try them out on financial institutions in other countries.

    The first such attack on an ATM system was reported in the Taiwanese capital Taipei in July, after 22 thieves made off with $2.6 million from ATMs around the country by causing them to spit out cash. Criminals from eastern Europe and Russia are said by police to have used malware to infiltrate cash machines run by First Commercial Bank. Three suspects were eventually arrested in Taipei and north-east Taiwan, with around half the money recovered.

    A similar attack was reported at the Government Savings Bank in Thailand the following month. There, the Ripper malware was used in a sophisticated campaign to steal 12 million baht (£265,400) from ATMs in Thailand. Ripper targets three major global ATM manufacturers, and is unusual in that it interacts with the targeted machine via a specially crafted bank card featuring an EMV chip which acts as an authentication method.

    Looks like it doesn’t hit individual accounts but is a generic system attack. IF real.

  3. we know how the next democrat will win the next election in the USA ; hackers will change voting results.

  4. Peeling back the layers a bit. This scheme needs malware installed on the back end for this to work. Specially encoded cards then trigger the malware to start spitting out the money.

  5. global malware attack? I seriously hope they do. maybe, juuuuuust maybe it will create a fcuking speed bump in the rush to put
    E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G online.
    wasn’t it the dubya republitards who were gung ho about electronic voting? see? it werked !!!
    (also helped when it was a republitard sympathetic organization supplying the machines) google it.

    CIBC just this year tore out the teller stations in 2 of their branches closest to my place.