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    1. Odd hand written note by Manifort (2015) was introduced at his trial…..Suggests the FBI had offered him a job

  1. I was surprised to see UN flags on US remains…Who was the A-HOLE that allowed that … The reamains were from the Chosin Reservoir during the retreat from invading Chinese troops into North Korea…They died knowing that the UN had betrayed them… Truman had promised the Military that if China entered the WAR he would authorize Nukes to be used on China, he refused to honor that commitment….They had to be evacuated and reinserted into the Southern Peninsula and fight north again…..A war of betrayal


    1. They fought under the UN flag and the ceasefire is a UN one if I recall correctly. Seems the proper protocol to me.

      1. Joe,
        The place & battle were picked for the same reason that Trump had negotiated with Kim… RETURN AMERICANS The idea that we don’t know the names of those lost in that battle is nonsense… We just have to determine (ID) who is who…..

        The UN played a role in Korea BUT they are like hemorrhoids….Why did they put a UN flag on Americans ?… If Canada wants the remains of Canadians they also know where to look…. Did Canadians fight in UN battle dress and under the UN Flag? I don’t think that flag existed aT that time

        1. slap shot
          I am very familiar with the Korean war. Are you sure the Koreans would return just Americans? The US department in Hawaii that examines veterans remains said they might not all be Americans. In the past non human bones had also been returned.

  2. Tried and hung a store bought grey colored wasp bag in the backyard. It seems to do the trick. The wasps seeking a home, move on, if they think a hive is established. The featured tool is genius in video.

    Note to abtrapper if you have time: do check my reply to your comment re: coyote trapping @ Reference: July 31 under “How many Deaths is Walt Disney Responsible for Worldwide” @ 2:02 am (Aug 3) second to last comment. ( I’d link you if I could but I shamefully don’t know how. Need a tutor. Last attempts were mixed- up. Long story. )

    1. Try this:
      Find your comment.
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  3. SLJustine is a solely unrenewable Liberal.

    The big money is flowing to natural gas.


    “Chris Selley: In the war over carbon pricing, the Trudeau Liberals’ soul is at stake” (NP)


    “TransCanada sheds renewable energy portfolio as pipeline giants seek to cut debt loads”

    “CALGARY — Canada’s pipeline giants are gradually trimming their stakes in renewable energy assets, reversing a bullish trend among midstream operators amid soaring valuations for clean energy developments.

    On Thursday, TransCanada Corp. announced it would sell its Cartier wind facilities in Quebec to Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. for $630 million, entirely wiping away the firm’s wind and solar portfolio, following another $540-million sale last October in which it offloaded several solar facilities.

    TransCanada and rival Enbridge Inc. have been reducing their stakes in various renewable energy developments in recent months to reduce their debt load, taking advantage of private equity firms and pension funds’ rising interest in the sector.”

    ““Most recently, the trend has been for companies to shed non-core assets” in order to redeploy capital into more traditional assets such as natural gas pipelines, …”


  4. Mao* Stlong Lepolt.

    You wan # 3?

    MAGA is #1.

    “China just lost its ranking as the world’s number two stock market.”


    “China Dethroned by Japan as World’s Second-Biggest Stock Market”

    ” Nation surrenders No. 2 ranking taken from Japan in late 2014

    Shanghai stock gauge one of world’s worst performers this year”


    *Stupid Liberal Justine’s favourite dictator.

  5. The guy in the video states, “How can this change in behavior in the remaining (wasp) populaion be explained?”
    i would suggest that it has to do with the wasps employing an ‘innate instinct for survival’ for its own group. Every creature on the planet shares the instinct except for current members of the Liberal party of Canada.

  6. For the past few days, John Batchelor has been travelling through Azerbaijan, reporting from places such the cities of Baku and Ganja. One thing that he always mentions is that the economy in that country is booming, largely because of the oil and gas industry. Petrochemical facilities are being built all over the place and investment money keeps rolling in.

    He’s also pointed out that Azerbaijan has largely eradicated all trace of its former Soviet affiliation except for a few landmarks. The people there knew very well the “benefits” of socialism and communism and no longer want any part of it.

    Meanwhile, the dipsy doodle federal government of (post-national, sharia-compliant, gender-balanced, carbon-neutral Soros vassal) Canada would like to drag the proletariat back to the times before the Stone Age with a boot stamping on its face forever…..

    Hello, Azerbaijan? How’d you like to buy a country…. cheap?

  7. Votez conservateur.

    “The resurgence of the conservative movement, however, reminds us that Quebecers never closed themselves off to the option of voting conservative.”


    “Philip Cross: Quebec’s conservatives are taking back a province that was once theirs

    The dissipation of Quebec’s separatist movement is leading to a realignment of voting patterns, with many outside Montreal finding their way back to conservative parties”

    “Léger also found that Quebecers identify with conservative values such as tradition, family, entrepreneurship and living outside of cities more than people in the rest of Canada. It is not surprising to see these voters returning to the conservative fold. However, Legault’s election is not a sure thing. As Mario Dumont recently noted, Quebec has a habit of developing cold feet for transformative change at the last minute, as with the 1995 sovereignty referendum and recent provincial elections when the ADQ and CAQ led in the polls as voters wanted to keep their options open. The resurgence of the conservative movement, however, reminds us that Quebecers never closed themselves off to the option of voting conservative.”



    “Conservatives can ‘win anywhere,’ Scheer says in welcoming Richard Martel

    Martel won Monday’s byelection in the Quebec riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, flipping the seat previously held by Liberal Denis Lemieux.”



    You really cannot make up a story like this, because it sounds just so unbelievable. I am in Germany on business and did not see the place overrun with refugees as on my last trip. So I made some inquiries. To my complete astonishment, the German government is actually giving refugees three weeks paid vacations INCLUDING airfare BACK to the very countries that claim they are fleeing because it is unsafe.


    1. “BACK to the very countries that claim they are fleeing because it is unsafe.”

      Where’s the first place “refugees” go after approval? Back to the shithole country they fled. To get mom and dad for those knee replacements and other surgery.

    2. I came here to post the same article, but you beat me to it! If this is true, how come Merkel hasn’t been ousted?

  9. Reading the comments of the video apparently wasp lives matter. No problem as long as they’re at least 100 feet from my residence.

  10. Mohammed is a murderous cannibal and a murderous cross-dresser.

    “… the men who attacked a Shi’ite mosque in Afghanistan on Friday were dressed in women’s clothing.”

    “Suicide bombing at mosque in Afghanistan kills at least 29

    Officials say the men who attacked a Shi’ite mosque in Afghanistan on Friday were dressed in women’s clothing.”


  11. just saw another OD sprawled out on the sidewalk.
    that’d be what, 4 or 5 in the last year as compared to ZERO in the previous 65 years.
    jist sayin’ . . . . .

    today’s skill testing question:
    why are drug dealers so ready to kill their customers?