35 Replies to “Even the Red Star Agrees on Groping…..”

    1. Well actually, they still have their credibility with the hive dwellers. And they are not about to lose that by burying this story. Hive dwellers LUVS them some Big Government. And who better to give them that than Justin? Just like some of the “feminists” who would have loved to have been raped by Slick.

  1. I remember, in the first Godfather movie, when Michael (played by Al Pacino) asked the following question to Tom Hagen (played by Robert Duvall), concerning the relationship of the New York City newspapers to his famiiy’s organized crime gang: “We have newspaper reporters on our payroll, don’t we?”.

    Brian Lilley is too optimistic. The corrupt federal Liberals have too many crony-friends at CBC News, CTV News and the Globe and Mail. The corrupt Ottawa press corps will remain silent. The rotten fix is in.

    1. I agree on all counts. The MSM will not hound him about a reported, if unproven in a court, incident but relentless front page stuff for months for any conservative alleged to have committed some sexual or other impropriety.

    2. David Murrell,
      In the “Godfather” movie, after checking with Tom Hagen,
      Michael Corleone wanted to feed the Press a story much to the chagrin of his brother, Sonny…

      He said to Sonny: ” It’s not personal Sonny. It’s strictly business….”

      Time to drain the swampy PRESS in Canada too, as well as the politicians, we can’t afford them! It’s strictly business!

  2. The much bigger story is behind the fact that Justin was forced to resign from his drama teaching job. I don’t think the media will work very hard to give Canadians the truth.

    1. One day—the day the US Marines raise Old Glory over Parliament Hill—the media will enlighten us.

      The mainstream media only expose the crimes of globalists who have been stripped of their power with no chance of ever getting it back, and whose favour is no longer worth keeping. They only got serious about reporting on the crimes of communism after the Berlin Wall came down. It was okay to report on it then because it no longer mattered, and the media had to pretend it hadn’t been carrying water for the Soviet Union for 70 years.

      Justin Trudeau will die in prison. He will be buried without ceremony in an unmarked grave. And when Canada is Great At Last, nobody in his right mind will admit to having ever supported him.

    2. Absolutely. Something not quite right there. Problem is, I think many Liberals are quite comfortable with hypocrisy. It’s in their genes.

    3. If I may speculate, Mainstream Media on a Conservative style: Possibly the handsome young son of the legendary Pierre Trudeau, while teaching drama to high school students, some of them very attractive young people of both sexes, and the flirtatious young things caused Justin to lose control as many in that situation have done before and……………………………..!!!???

  3. Rich people pay off crimes with money? Of course they do, only the poor peon has to pay with time in jail.

  4. Trump only said he would grab pussy, maybe he did do it but we have no evidence , all we have is a ” locker room style” conversation between two men.

    But that was enough for tens of millions of people to hate him enough that they wish someone would assassinate him.

    We have evidence Trudeau did grab or grope, he did not only talk about it in private, he did it, he did grope or grab a woman,

    we know he did it because Trudeau back then said that had he known she was a journalist he would not have been so forward or so audacious ( can t remember which word he used ).

    But no one is marching in the streets demanding trudeau be assassinated.

    Why are most people THAT stupid???

    not that I want them to demand that, but why are people so damn stupid that they are outraged out of their mind about a non event, while they refuse to even blink an eye about a REAL event that REALLY happened

    most humans are freakin stupid

    by most I mean about 80% of liberals are stupid, and about 30% of conservatives are stupid.

      1. If we had a real leader Trudeau would be out. But instead we have Scheer the John mctumour lose with honor of Canada.

    1. CF it’s all just liberals trying anything they can….
      Trump was grabbing something….trash in this country marched in pink hats…..that didn’t work
      …on to Russia Russia…..that fell apart
      now it’s the children…..that’s already starting to fall apart
      Dems told Maxine to STFU…..now her fall back position is she’s in hiding because of death threats…..that was her setup from the get go
      Good thing is….most people are over it and don’t pay any attention to them any more

      …is anything going to come of Trudeau’s groping?…..I don’t put a lot of faith in it

    2. The Trump locker room recording was unearthed after he was nominated, when the MSM went through his record with a fine tooth comb.
      If that is the worst thing they found, and about the only thing they found, I’d say that given his reputation, he had led a clean life, in so far as forcing his attention on anyone, in contrast to oh so many prog heroes.

  5. Problem with all this is that we’ve given Trump a free pass because he seems to be capable of delivering political change that is sought, whether that turns out to be the case or not remains an open question, and I realize that not as many people here as on U.S. websites of similar bent have chosen to support Trump … but for those who have, how can we then turn around and say a grope from JT is the end of his political career? I would want to hear a lot more about the context and how the young lady reporter felt about it, our civilization pretty much advanced along the lines of powerful men groping attractive women (so they tell me, I am neither of these).

    1. peter O’Tool, free pass, WTF are you wanking off about? Trump did nothing, the Turd did something and then excussed himself by saying he would have acted differently if he had known she worked for a national paper. Try keeping the fvck up!

    2. Did you not read the fuking editorial.? She actually penned it. Jesus Christ he’s a fuking Giant Hypocrite, Like All Lieberals!

    3. How about the fact he is a groper and an incompetent pm..his leadership abilities are dictatorial, and “he will never be ready”

    4. Trump is not out there claiming to be a feminist and a protector of women. Trump apologized for his remarks and humbly indicated he is not a perfect person. In Trudeau’s case I am more offended by his phoniness then by the decades old groping.

  6. Most everyone of either gender (M/F) that have ever had a few too many have likely regretted groping someone at some point in their lives but in the modern world where careers are automatically destroyed over it, whether a pattern or one time only, it seems to hinge on whether someone of power over another was the groper that determines guilt worthy of imposed penance. As for the so called media in Canada, the Spawn will get a free ride as long as they don’t have in their sights a better candidate for “their party”.

    1. It likely wouldn’t even be a story but Trudeau himself made such a big drama production about his zero tolerance for any past impropriety for any elected Liberal including himself.

  7. Why couldn’t this have happened 4 years ago? Guy Giorno should have found this! This last for years could have been prevented.

    1. James – No it wouldn’t because half the women in Canada fantesize about being groped by Trudeau. If the same percentage of women voted for him as men, he would never have become PM.

  8. If there is a hell, the MSM – who almost entirely back PM Adulterer like Indians back welfare – are all going there where their own special circle awaits them … so they can be made to eat their own shit. They have gone from a noble profession to a sinister collection of truth hiding, fact fuking sell-outs.

  9. The mainstream media will take Justin to task for this. The kid gloves, however, will not come off BUT they will NOT be warmed as per usual.