China Over Canada, Seems Like a Trudeau Move

All we had to do was act on Chinese steel dumping and we didn’t. That would have stopped the U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel. Despite a year warning, Trudeau and his cabinet didn’t act until the end.

The question is why.

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  1. Why? It’s obvious why. The Liberal Party of Canada is completely controlled by dupes and agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Unrepentant “Ukrainian” Nazi Chrystia Freeland is a willing collaborator with the Chinese oligarchy, whom she sees as the only ones remaining able and willing to destroy Russia militarily, see to it the Russian people perish from the earth, and avenge Hitler and his “Ukrainian” collaborators. Chrystia thinks any enemy of the “Bolsheviks” is a friend of hers.

    Justin thinks…just kidding. Justin doesn’t think.

    Had he been capable of serious thought, he would have realized when he was well off, and never allowed Gerald Butts to goad him into going into doing Beijing’s dirty work.

    1. Hogwash. The Liberal party is controlled by greedy Canadians doing their best to cheat both Americans and Chinese. And by “Canadians”, I mean Canadiens and Maple Leafs. Central Canadian Assholes, may God rot them.

  2. Why?

    Like I said before. Canada and the EU thought President Donald Trump was an orange haired buffoon. They thought he was all talk, they heard it before, there won’t be any action, their fellow globalists in the American Deep State would provide a “calming voice” and prevent any real action, their buddies in the US House and Senate like Corker and McCain would prevent it, Mueller and his Deep State Establishment would overthrow that buffoon, and we would get that easily manipulated Establishment Approved President Pence.

    Guess what? These super smart globalist interconnected elite leaders have been wrong on everything. They will continue to be wrong.

    BTW, Is your Defense Spending at 2% GDP yet? Because that is next on the “Orange Haired Buffoon’s” Checklist.

    Maybe your next government will listen better?

    1. What would be the point in Canada’s case? Even with a budget of two percent of GDP Canada’s sissies and feminists in uniform wouldn’t stand a chance against a real invasion force.

      The real question is whether they would even try very hard. I dare say nobody in his right mind would want to be the last to die for the metric system, French on cereal boxes and overpriced cheese.

      If the day ever comes when Trump decides he’s had enough of having a Chinese satellite state next door, expect most of Canada’s armed forces to desert or surrender to their US counterparts in the first 24 hours, the Chinese-allied government of Canada to effectively cease to function in 48, and US tanks to enter Ottawa without a shot fired in anger.

      1. ‘Tis a grim scenario you paint, but you’re right, I doubt Canada’s liberals are as tough as the Viet Cong or the Taliban, so there’d be no Resistance, no heading for the hills to fight a guerilla war for decades.

        I love your “battle cry”, “for French cereal boxes and overpriced cheese!” To the ramparts ,Men,women, transgendered!

        As long as they execute quite a few politicians in Ottawa,I have no problem with an American invasion.

        1. Can’t see a Republican administration invading a Canada full of left of centre voters.

          But in the unlikely event it happened I wouldn’t be inclined to die on the hill of French cereal boxes and overpriced cheese either.

      2. I read a sailing book several years ago authored by a retired Canadian doctor. He had joined the military in order to gain medical training gratis. Every chapter had whining gripes either about his having to actually serve to obtain the training or about the military in general. An unexamined life, I tell you. The lack of self awareness was remarkable.

      3. “I dare say nobody in his right mind would want to be the last to die for the metric system, French on cereal boxes and overpriced cheese.”

        I’ve spent my last forty years living butted up against Canada’s southern border.

        There’s a lot of Canada that’s well worth fighting and dying for. It’s hard to remember sometimes as you watch your government-class people cheapen everything they touch.

        But, aside from your coasties (just like our coasties), Canadians are a worthy people and Canada is a worthy place. Don’t let your idiots get you down.

        1. Our red areas are not so much coasts as the US but rather Vanocuver, Toronto and Prince Edward Island.

      4. the water.
        your scenario is completely plausible when the yanks really run low on water, which they will do, it is NOT an infinite resource despite evaporation and rain distilling it back to unpolluted state.
        it’s the water, yanks have been after it for a long, long time and when they’re up against the wall called record drought/shortage/excess demand due to the lawns in Nevada etc THEN the masters will be at the door.
        the door to the parliament bldgs.

      1. God almighty Chrystia Freeland is a smug little yuppie bitc* in that video! She looks like a cast reject from “Sex and the City” and sounds like the vice president of the Justin Trudeau fan club,”we end our e-mails, “hugs”.

        The world is finally waking up to the fact that America is THE BIG DOG in this fight, the rest of us chihuahuas, and we had better negotiate trade deals that are less protectionist and better for America, or they can and will shut us down. Just take every American branch plant out of Canada and slap tariffs on everything the EU produces,watch ’em scream and die,economically.

  3. Soros buys coal. China buys coal. China makes steel. Soros buys junior. junior sells influence. Maybe.

  4. He’s a commie stooge! He likes there basic dictatorship because they can turn their economy around on a dime, at the expense of canadian jobs! He must be smoking fatties all day long!

  5. Allen is going to come along now…and make the case for Trump without even realizing it….

    If Canada makes and exports as much steel as Allan says…..what’s the excuse for moving Chinese steel in the first place?

    1. It probably benefited some Liberal friendly outfit, but there is no excuse for not doing the labeling when the Americans asked. If word on their mishandling the trade file gets out, these guys are toast. I think Scheer and all Conservatives need to make sure this story stays in the news. I associate it also with the G7 screw up — where an earlier article by Brian suggested Canada and the US were very close to a deal . . . and then, our boy screwed up. The current Liberal government is totally incompetent. If there are capable Liberals hiding somewhere, it is time to show up and get rid of the incompetent cabal — Trudeau, Butts, and all those half-wit Ministers.

    2. “If Canada makes and exports as much steel as Allan says…..what’s the excuse for moving Chinese steel in the first place?”

      I’m not even sure what you’re getting at. Theres nothing wrong with Chinese steel coming into canada then going to the USA. The problem is if that steel is being labelled as Canadian steel. If it stays as Chinese steel theres no issue.

        1. “Dumping” is just another word for cheap steel. If people want to buy it, who gives a darn? ……Free markets folks.

          It’s too bad that we don’t make steel in Hamilton or Pittsburgh anymore. But they aren’t competitive prices. Market decides the price.

          1. Unionized $60 an hour wages and 20 coffee breaks a day. Your steel is going to cost too much. Sorry Pittsburgh.

    1. Personally, I am not convinced he is actually dead. Circumstances were much too suspicious. He could be in China right now, calling the shots.

        1. I was born in 1928. Do you have another reason why Mo might not be alive? My friend died last week aged 98.8 yrs. Neither of us smoked or drank.

    2. You beat me to it Ward,,,
      IIRC , Justine repatriated the body here right after he was elected, while Harper’s stance was Strong was persona non grata .
      I have a feeling Trump knew about Justine’s China loyalties for quite a while, and this whole NAFTA smozzle was a setup.
      It outed Justine and his true loyalties re NAFTA vis a vis the TPP.

  6. Why?
    Because of his fundamental separation from reality
    he bet on the totally wrong strategy

    wake up mr T.

  7. Every so often the US elects a president with balls and the backbone to push back.
    The Laurentian elite are always shocked when this happens as it forces them to appreciate a country next door that negates the neccessity of having to fund our defence capability to a realistic level. This also disrupts the smug attitude and the anti-american meme where we sneer at the US with a self inflated pretence as the “nice” people.
    There have been other POTUS that have not taken any truck from the high and mighty.
    L B Johnson
    Now Trump
    We’ve had it pretty good with a neighbour like the US that has by virtue of its success has been to our benefit.
    If the US wasn’t there we’d be spending far in excess of 2% of GDP.

  8. 1) total false flag. It is NOT a problem no matter how much you idiots harp that it is.

    2) the government took further steps to prevent it from happening in March. So yes, they did do something.

    There goes another narrative! Poof!

  9. Chinese imports 0.8 million tons
    Production 15 million tons

    *nobody* in their right mind believes that somehow Canada is a vessel for rebrand Chinese steel. It just doesnt happen.

      1. The difference being, of course, that the Chinese are serious about dominating the world.

        Russia just wants acknowledgement of the right of the historic Russian nation to continue to exist, and to secure a future for its children that doesn’t involve being lab rats for some champagne socialist’s social engineering experiment.

        China’s GDP is comparable by now to that of the United States. Russia should be the richest country in Europe; as it is, its economy is smaller than Canada’s. Which nation is likely to be a genuine threat to the west?

        1. Not that I agree with Alla on anything but Russia is a vile shithole filled with sociopaths who worship their tyrants and lick their boots for a mere promise to subjugate others. Also increasingly islamic.

        1. Yeah you’ve been googling yourself too much and it is scrambling your (alleged) brains.

        2. So if it is not that hard to find with a “wee bit of googling” why don’t you just provide a few links for us?

        3. “Really not hard to find with a wee bit of googling.”

          An observation, if you will. Time and time again I encounter posters in blogs like these (both on the left and right) who assert something then insist that the evidence is “not hard to find with a wee bit of googling”.

          I am not sure where you might have learned to debate, but here’s the thing: the onus is on YOU to demonstrate the validity of YOUR opinion, not on me.

    1. Except for the fact that it does happen. Perhaps you think that chinese steel is somehow converted into quebec cheese, but the rest of us can clearly see the trail from the steel through to the liberal account and into the US.

      It is a classic dumping and kickback scheme, it is why the liberals are so upset about it and why the US is targetting it.

      After all, if the liberals have nothing to hide why are they so secretive about it and so upset about it?

      1. “ut the rest of us can clearly see the trail from the steel through to the liberal account and into the US.”

        You just can’t provide any evidence.

        There is nothing wrong with ‘dumping’. It’s nothing but good for us.

  10. Brian asks, “Question is why?”. I think we know why, Trudeau admires, he told those adoring women so, the way China gets things done and governs itself.

  11. Bongo sr was a commie sympathizer from way back. He travelled to both Russia and china in the 40’s and china again in the 60’s.
    He knew Mao and praised him in the HoC knowing full well Mao’s human rights record.
    He claimed Chou En Lai was the most impressive world leader he’d ever met and he visited Tiananmen square with his kids shortly after the chicoms opened fire on their own citizens. Saying nothing about it at the time he was however willing to use his prestige as a former Canadian PM to help the chicoms regain credibility in the eyes of the world.
    He played a dupe not unlike Walter Duranty for Stalin.
    So, you wonder why bongo admires the chicoms?
    The Americans barred entry to the old man for a number of years. They knew what he was.
    Trump has been briefed on all this. He played along with the fool bongo utilizing him like a sock puppet. Now he’s kicked him and Canada to the curb.
    Yeah were in good hands with our trade team…a journalist and part time drama teacher.

  12. the ‘basic dictatorship’ quip will rightly dog him forever.
    proof how go^&^%#mn STOOOPID TURDoo v 2.0 is, he couldnt keep his flap shut about his true allegiances.
    I got what I wanted, legalized pot. now to do a ‘harper’ on him.

  13. “The question is why”

    Because it’s stupid and asinine. There is no good reason Canada should acquiesce to and indulge in Trump’s economic illiteracy. That cheap Chinese steel is nothing but good for Canada. MOAR

    Also, there is no guarantee that Turmp doesn’t find another excuse to play Trade Warrior with Canada. It’s his fantasy, we’re just props.

  14. Why? Trump had warned other players. Australia, Brazil and South Korea have completed trade agreements with the U.S. and are exempt from tariffs.  Japan is close to signing a similar trade agreement. The EU is also looking at putting in place “trade restrictions that copy Trump’s “ in July to keep all that steel that was being dumped on the USA from being dumped on the EU.

    When the USA slapped the tariffs on, Trudeau could have said “We’ll fix the problem”. Instead he took a hostile tone and announced counter tariffs & then leaked a phone call with Trump to CNN spinning a fake story line to make Trump look bad.

    Trudeau & Freeland want this trade war. They are owned by the globalists and the globalists want to take Trump down cuz he’s a threat to the political establishment that’s in bed with the globalists.

    1. Lots of the countries that complained about what Trump was doing where just pissed off. They thought they were going to be able to screw over the American people forever!

  15. also, the tradition of crappy chirese steel began during mao’s ‘great leap forward’ when the peasants melted down their tools, cookware etc in home ‘smelters’ where it cooled, hardened and was full of carbon. aka extremely brittle and about as useless as slag. but they all signaled compliance with the great helmsman!!

  16. Meh, maybe that’s what Canadians get for acting like smug assholes; you don’t even know what your own government is doing.