23 Replies to “If You Build It”

  1. Entitlement has become so ingrained in our nations that rights and responsibilities are no longer considered or even thought about.

    The right to use a washroom and the responsibility to leave it better than you found it by wiping a counter or tap after washing is a foreign concept. Just like those illegals(irregulars) who are crossing our borders under the blessing of the LPC.

  2. Shareholders who originally bought this stock in a progressive coffee company are now invested in North america’s largest homeless shelter and drug den thanks to their gutless ceo. Investors take note.

  3. As long as I can remember, Starbucks has been a major force in normalizing PC’ness and the entire stew of social justices and race/gender baiting that goes along with it. Many certainly predicted this exact outcome, I think the fallout looks very good on Starbucks. Oblivious fools.

    Maybe the only sadness I have over this is that it is an exceptional metaphor for the stupidity of wanting ‘open borders’, but this ‘proof of concept’ will not dawn on a single bloody leftard, anywhere.

  4. I’m quite certain a homonym could have been employed here.

    You know they build Starbucks without floor drains. So, when it comes time to hose down the rest rooms, all they will be able to do is smear it about with ineffective Eco-cleaner.

    Yep, it’s a perfect storm. Starbuck’s disease will debut momentarily.

    We’ll call it Starpox

  5. And this is why I loved the very German idea of paying to use the toilet. It’s a service being provided and the small cost ensured a nice, clean place to poop in peace. Canada’s WASP culture, from sin taxes to the idea that no one poops in public, is a real pain in the butt.

    1. Perhaps 20 years or so ago the law makers in the US made pay toilets illegal.
      From a point of view of the gotta go, it sounds as a good idea, if you don’t have the change.
      The thing is that in North America there is no shortage of toilet to go to in time of gotta go.

      The toilets along the autobahn while pay, are not necessarily the cleanest in the world.

      Any place in Calgary has cleaner even luxurious toilets except perhaps Chinese restaurants though they are still cleaner than the European standards.

      1. Lev, I do believe it was more like 50 years ago, perhaps even more. I can recall the public library in Aurora, Illinois had a 10 cent stall and a free stall as well. Urinals were all free for the men. I recall a popular bathroom scrawl.

        “Here I sit all broken hearted
        Paid a nickel to sh#t
        and only farted…..”

        On a related note, in Mexico it is common for the bathrooms (especially in parks) to be free but there is a small fee for toilet paper. The women mostly paid. The men, not so much.

        Starbucks in the cities will regret this move. It won’t make much difference in the ‘burbs.

  6. Whatever the hysterical threats emanating from them in the long run saying “yes” to a leftist is always more expensive than saying “no”.

  7. I prefer my morning joe without a dose of SJW-ism … esp. if that dose is administered via a dirty needle

  8. Let’s analyze this.

    The corporate heads and “human resources” paper pushers live in a never, never land of nothingness.

    They of course can’t imagine that there would be things going on in the toilets when they are open to every one.

    There used to be public toilets in every city around down town. Hmm …. wonder why there are none now.

    Those people have no clue.

    A few years ago they installed those stainless steel stand alone self cleaning toilet perhaps more than one along the Bow river pathway in Calgary. Today it is mostly a decoration, it is locked up.

    The cost of the thing is @ $ 250,000 more or less.

    Well, its not their money, if they need more they just get the working stiff to pay for it.

  9. Just a small price to pay to appease the Cult of Political Correctness.

    I love it when hipster sensibilities collide with the realities of street vermin and why most other places run them off…

  10. This will last about as long as it takes Starbucks’ quarterly earnings to miss. Then they’ll “revise” the policy so it effectively prohibits non-customers from using the washrooms. Probably this whole mess is a stalling tactic while the corporate war room figures out how to eliminate the bringers of filth without targeting actual/potential customers.

    In Europe they often have pay-as-you-go public washrooms. I didn’t like the policy when I first saw it, but it’s got to be better than this. The money often pays for a guard to monitor the washroom for illegal activity, etc..

  11. What seems to be the problem here? To me, this is merely another case of “just deserts”, like when Karma the Frog visited Chipotle…

  12. Welcome to the jungle. I hope it’s all you thought it would be.

    Really, they thought they’d get unicorns. Instead they got homeless drug addicts, with all the mental health and violence issues associated with them.

    I couldn’t be happier.

  13. At a very recent visit to Starbucks, I discovered that they now demand your name and email to use their “free” WiFi. Then almost immediately started getting Coffee SPAM from them.

    I now own a very nice 16 ounce stainless steel thermos and a $10 / month T-Mobile hot-spot account. I fill the thermos at home before heading out. As I’d been dropping about $30 / month on Starbucks for “coffee and connection”, I’m now about $20 / month ahead. Plus, I can use it anywhere. In the car, in a park, Even in Starbucks now, it would seem… What are they going to do? Violate policy and throw me out for not buying something?…

  14. “A Starbucks employee reportedly found syringes, drug baggies and blood all over the walls in the bathroom.”

    If they don’t deal with these problems quickly we will soon be reading that a middle class lady customer taking small child to bathroom comes upon street prostitute servicing john . That should be enough to cure some customers of any future desire to patronize the store.

  15. Leaving a steamer in the wash closet is awesome. I hope it was a Mas Grande Mierda topped with a nice swirl.

  16. Starbucks made an error — a big one. I am pretty sure they realize that at this point. Let us hope they can fix it before the whole chain goes belly-up.